Sandra Mute (died 3 October 1987) was a paramedic for the Holby Ambulance Service from 1986 to 1987. Mute gradually became close to her paramedic partner Andrew Ponting who was married and eventually they started an affair.

Time with the Ambulance Service (1986-87)

By early November 1986, Mute and Ponting had spent the night together but she had to remind him that he was married. (CAS: "Moonlight Becomes You") On a wet November night, she attended a call out to woman who had been attacked on her way to work, it turned out to be Duffy. (CAS: "Drunk") Mute comforted Duffy who was badly shaken. A week later, Mute dumped Ponting, choosing to go on holiday to Wales with a jockey instead. (CAS: "Quiet") On her return, Mute had a heated discussion with Ponting after his wife discovered a note in his lunchbox and left him. Mute denied writing the note and said she felt guilty dating a married man. (CAS: "No Future")

On the 3rd October, Ponting celebrated his birthday. He told Mute that he loved her, but she said she couldn't break up his marriage. During their shift, they picked up a suicidal medical student called Miles, who had threatened to jump from the top of a building. As he was being driven to Holby City Hospital, a drunk man already in the ambulance stabbed Mute in the stomach, flung open the rear door and escaped. In Mute’s panic, she pulled out the knife. Ponting got Miles to drive the ambulance to Holby A&E as he cradled Mute. The team battle to save her but she died. Ponting is devastated. (CAS: "Cry for Help")


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