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Scarlett Conway is an nurse who worked in the Emergency Department of Holby City Hospital from 2011 to 2012.

Time in the Emergency Department (2011-12)

For Scarlett, arriving in the ED was an eye-opening experience as it was the first time she'd witnessed real poverty, violence, or abuse. But that was why she entered the profession - a desire to test herself. Scarlett was unsure whether she would make a good nurse and also quickly discovered that her striking good looks could sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help in the ED.

Scarlett’s urge to do something useful with her life was undermined by a lack of faith in her own abilities, but as her competence in treating patients grew, so did her self-confidence. She also embarked on a romance with fellow nurse Lloyd, learnt to stick up for herself and also taught Lloyd that it was ok to lighten up occasionally!

Her interactions with Lloyd and his family exposed Scarlett to a world beyond her sheltered upbringing and she gradually began engaging with the wider community. This had tragic repercussions during the Holby riots when, swept up in the emotions of the night, Scarlett threw a brick at some police officers after hearing one make a potentially racist remark. Scarlett hit a young police woman, causing her to be a prime target for a Molotov cocktail. When Lloyd confronted her with the consequences of her actions Scarlett was devastated and left Lloyd and the ED behind to turn herself in.