Scott "Rocker" Rosher is a paramedic who currently works for the HART team.

In October 2015, Dixie and Iain visited HART to take part in a training exercise. Whilst observing with Jess and his boss Michael, Rocker initiated a control which locked all of the exits which just increased the difficulty of the activity for them. After the exercise was complete, Rocker was paired up with Iain to a call out to a building under renovation with a partially collapsing roof. Iain quickly grew sick of him, and Rocker even gave Iain the nickname "cupcake".

In February 2016, he stepped in as a temporary replacement for Dixie to assist Iain for one day. Iain was displeased to see him again, and he was still using his old nickname for him. They attended the scene of an incident at a nearby funfair, and returned later in the day when an autistic girl had climbed atop the Ferris wheel. At the end of the day, Rocker discovered that Iain had called Michael at HART to get Rocker placed elsewhere, and assumed it was because he was flirting with Rita.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jack Daw portrayed Rocker for two episodes of series 30.

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