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Selena Donovan (died 4 August 2007) was an associate specialist doctor who worked in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital from 2003 to 2007. She initially joined the ED in 2003 for around six weeks to provide support to the staff. She returned just under 18 months later, this time as a permanent staff member and associate specialist. She worked there until her death in August 2007.

Time in the emergency department (2003-07)

Selena had a brief stay on Holby, her debut episode being S17 E25, when she arrives in the department to carry out new drug trials. When Selena gets the go ahead from upstairs, Harry is pleased, but Charlie has reservations and thinks it will be disruptive. In S17 E27, whilst Harry and Selena were out to dinner, Harry’s wife Beth dies in a car accident. Harry blames himself as Beth was giving Tally a driving lesson, which he had promised to do. In S17 E28, the team are giving Selena the cold shoulder as she was with Harry the night his wife dies. In S17 E29, Selena’s trials are raising controversy again. When she fails to check a patient’s medical history, Harry’s forced to reprimand her. But it’s clear he’s not just angry about that – she confronts him and tells him their personal life shouldn’t interfere with their professional life. In S17 E30, Selena bids farewell to Harry as it’s her last day. As she leaves her number and kisses him on the lips, Tally catches them and runs off hysterically in to Lara’s arms.

In S21 E47, Selena was fatally shot in the back of the neck by a deranged patient whilst pregnant with her and Nathan Spencer's daughter who was later called Angel. She died too, in S22 E03. In S22 E04, a picture of Selena is shown in Harry's flat.

Behind the scenes

Elizabeth Carling portrayed Selena Donovan in Casualty from 2003 until 2007. Originally she appeared for six episodes for series 17 in 2003, before returning over a year later in 2004 as a regular character in series 19.