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Series 12 is the twelfth series of Casualty. It began airing on 11 September 1997 and finished on 28 February 1998.



Episode Centric character Original airdate
201 1 "Give My Love to Esme" Charlie 11 September 1997
The staff receive news Matt and Jude have married. Jack is now engaged to Jayne but overreacts when new nurse Tina Seabrook makes an unfortunate comment about a man who deliberately fell off a ladder to get into hospital, having been told he would have to wait years for an appointment for his arthritis. Josh and Liz try to get Ian and Esme, a couple who are having a baby to the hospital, but end up having to deliver the baby in the back of an ambulance. Ian goes to see his parents but is offended by his mother, who feels the fact he and Esme are unmarried reflects badly on his father, a vicar. Young black couple Jason and Lou are arguing about her desire to join the police, who Jason sees as institutionally racist. After they part ways, Jason sees someone park a van in the car park at a shopping centre. A bomb in the van goes off, causing many casualties. Charlie worries about Baz, who was shopping on her day off, and is relieved when Penny tells him she was at the scene helping with the wounded. An elderly man removes glass imbedded in his wife's stomach and she dies of internal bleeding. Lou seems to have minor injuries but in hospital a scan shows she has a bleed on the brain which leaves her in a coma; Jason tells the police what he saw. Ian has been left trapped in rubble and when a second bomb is discovered Baz and Josh amputate his foot to get him out.

Note: 75 minute episode. First appearance of Elliot Matthews, George Woodman, Mark Grace, Tina Seabrook, Amy Howard and Sunny Sunderland.

202 2 "Private Lives" Charlie 13 September 1997
203 3 "Nearest and Dearest" Charlie 20 September 1997
204 4 "What Friends Are For" Charlie 27 September 1997
205 5 "The Things We Do For Love" Kate 4 October 1997
206 6 "Counting the Cost" Kate 11 October 1997
207 7 "Always on My Mind" Charlie 18 October 1997
208 8 "Finders Keepers" Charlie 25 October 1997
209 9 "Whatever It Takes" Charlie 1 November 1997
Kate has been charged but has kept it from her family and co-workers. A teenage girl is out with her son when he is snatched by an older woman, after which she falls down an embankment. The other woman is forced to accompany them to the hospital where she tells Jack the girl had the boy as a surrogate for her and her husband then refused to hand him over. Jack blasts her and tells Charlie, who has just found out from Elliot that their statements conflict, that Jayne has walked out on him despite being pregnant. The girl reveals she was already pregnant when the couple approached her and the would-be mother is forced to accept she has no claim on the boy. A man turns up with a cut head after his wife hit him with an iron; he tried to take a coupon worth £500 off her, afraid she would waste it. He eventually suggests they spend the night in a posh hotel. Engaged couple Tom and Helen have gone to the funfair with Tom's mentally disabled brother Peter. Peter suffers a minor injury falling off a roundabout and they try to take him to hospital. Tom is distracted and crashes into a parked car. Josh and Liz are driving past on another shout and Liz insists on being dropped off and staying with the casualties until Penny arrives with back-up. Tom dies of his injuries and Peter is left blinded by glass in his eyes. Helen is left with the prospect of caring for him alone indefinitely and tells Liz she should have left them.

Note: First appearance of Penny Hutchens.

210 10 "A Taste of Freedom" Charlie 8 November 1997
Kate's arrest makes the papers and she tells the rest of the staff that it's true. Elliot offers her counselling but she refuses and tells Charlie that she stole things for the thrill. A woman obsessed with healthy eating and exercise alienates her husband and daughter before collapsing and vomiting. It turns out she has an aneurysm. Richard convinces her to have surgery and her husband tells her when she gets out of hospital things will have to change. A caterer is looking after his elderly wheelchair-bound father, who is trying to ruin his relationship with a market gardener. While the girlfriend is in the house, the father deliberately tips himself out of his wheelchair and blames her. Kate sees him get out of his wheelchair and tells the son, and the couple walk out on him. Afterwards, the father arrests. As both Baz and Jack throw a birthday surprise for Charlie, Kate tells him she's leaving immediately and walks out of the hospital.

Note: Final appearance of Kate Wilson.

211 11 "Bad Company" Charlie 15 November 1997
A teenage boy goes to a hostel looking for a young woman, but she insists she doesn't know him. A friend of hers convinces her they should drive the boy to the station, but an argument results in the boy taking control of the car and crashing it on the motorway. The friend is killed and the woman admits the boy is her younger brother, who was taken into care when their father died. A vicar turns away a beggar, unaware he is a friend of his estranged daughter, who he hasn't seen since an argument eight years previous. During an altercation, the daughter is accidentally stabbed. Her mother tracked her down in secret and has been in contact with her; she has been married and has a son. The daughter dies from an undiagnosed head injury shortly after reconciling with her father, and her parents agree to look after her son. A clown, Tony, is brought in after a minor fall but suffers bleeding from a gastric ulcer, with Jack haranguing the Resus team. He tells his friend Claud that he has got a job at a circus and wants to dissolve their partnership, believing no-one wants clowns for children's parties anymore. Sam convinces Claud he can manage without Tony. Liz tells Josh she has resigned. Elliot tells Jack he has been accused of falsifying reports and damaging morale. Jack blames Charlie but Baz tells him she made the complaint. At the end of the shift, Jack tells the staff he is resigning, effective immediately, intending to track down Jayne and their child. He advises Richard to be honest about his condition.

Note: Final appearance of Jack Hathaway.

212 12 "Moving On" Charlie 22 November 1997
A woman and her young son try to leave her volatile husband but he catches them in the act and attacks her. The son calls an ambulance but when Josh and Liz turn up he takes them all hostage with a knife and later traps them in a lift, but flees when Josh calls the police. He later turns up at the hospital and threatens her again but Liz talks him round and he is arrested. Liz ducks out of her farewell party but later returns to say a private farewell to Josh. An elderly woman who had an asthma attack makes up stories about a son to cover up her empty life. She gets chatting to the man in the next bed, who later suffers a stroke and is found dead in the toilet, inspiring her to live her life. Elliot tries to get Baz to postpone her holiday since Jack is no longer around to cover but she refuses. Charlie explains his reasons for supporting Jack but Baz is upset he didn't trust her and tells him she doesn't want him coming on the holiday. At the end of the shift, Charlie returns home to find Baz and Louis have left without him.

Note: Final appearance of Liz Harker.

213 13 "Power of Persuasion" Richard 29 November 1997
Senior Staff Nurse Eve Montgomery arrives to run the department as holiday cover for Charlie. She has to deal with a number of calamities, including a budgerigar getting loose. The bird was brought in by an elderly woman who Richard discovers has contracted psittacosis from her aviary; Tina convinces her to get herself and the birds treated. A pregnant woman tries to keep peace between her husband and daughter then suffers cramps and has a miscarriage. The husband treats the daughter badly; she is not his and since he and his wife have been together they have had five miscarriages. The wife wants to stop trying but is afraid he will leave her; he eventually agrees what they have is enough. A young runner is being trained by his older brother but collapses breathless. Penny realise he is hypo but he is not diabetic. Hypodermics are found in his bag and his brother assumes he is taking drugs again. In fact, feeling pressured by the fact his brother gave up a running career to look after him, he is taking insulin to improve his performance. Sunny finds him collapsed in the toilet after taking another injection; tension between Richard and George nearly derails his treatment but Eve smooths things over. The brother reveals he was never good enough to be a star and the youngster decides to give up running. At the end of the shift, Elliot suggests Eve apply for the vacant sister's post, horrifying Mark and Sam who have clashed with her throughout the day.

Note: First appearance of Eve Montgomery.

214 14 "Out of Control" Josh 6 December 1997
215 15 "Love's Labour" Charlie 13 December 1997
216 16 "Facing Up" Charlie 20 December 1997
217 17 "The Golden Hour" Charlie 27 December 1997
Note: 75 minute episode.
218 18 "An Eye for an Eye" Charlie 3 January 1998
219 19 "Loco Parentis" Charlie 10 January 1998
220 20 "Degrees of Separation" Charlie 17 January 1998
221 21 "Secrets" Charlie 24 January 1998
222 22 "Love Me Tender" Charlie 31 January 1998
223 23 "Taking Sides" Charlie 7 February 1998
224 24 "We Can Be Heroes" Charlie 14 February 1998
225 25 "Everlasting Love - Part 1" Charlie 21 February 1998
226 26 "Everlasting Love - Part 2" Charlie 28 February 1998
Note: Final appearance of Baz Hayes, Elliot Matthews and Richard McCaig.
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