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Series 15 is the fifteenth series of Casualty. It aired from 16 September 2000 to 28 April 2001.



Episode Series Episode Centric character Original airdate
285 1 "Phoenix" Charlie 16 September 2000
Charlie, recovering from his pulmonary embolism meets a young mother and her baby, Phoenix. When the mother tries to commit suicide, Charlie springs into action, doing just what he knows best.

Note: Return of Spencer and first appearance of Colette Kierney.

286 2 "Accidents Happen" Charlie 23 September 2000
Charlie returns to work as new nurse Colette starts work and it proves to be tough.
287 3 "Getting to Know You" Charlie 30 September 2000
It is another busy day as a young girl who drinks heavily causes a car crash as Baz plans to move to Canada.
288 4 "Too Tight to Mention" Charlie 7 October 2000
The press have got wind that a nurse is HIV+ as the journalist involved gets checked in as a patient.
289 5 "Choked - Part One" Charlie 14 October 2000
The press have found out about Adam – He's HIV positive. Can the staff convince the public there's nothing to fear, or is it curtains for Adam's career as an A&E Nurse?
290 6 "Choked - Part Two" Charlie 15 October 2000
Josh has been caught in a mudslide and Adam decides to make a statement to the press. Deciding to quit, Adam and Reuben get married and drive off to the sound of salsa. Meanwhile, Leona is back in the department.

Note: Final appearances of Adam Osman and Reuben Hurst

291 7 "Travelling Light" Charlie 21 October 2000
The ED sees the arrival of asylum seekers who get support from Max as Louis is brought into work again.
292 8 "Sympathy for the Devil" Josh 22 October 2000
For Josh, Fin, Penny and Mel, it is a busy shift as they transport patients to the ED.
293 9 "No More Mr Nice Guy" Josh 28 October 2000
Patrick spends a day with paramedics Josh and Fin. Deliberately winding them up, Patrick is not the most popular of passengers
294 10 "States of Shock" Max 4 November 2000
Duffy's husband Andrew is due to return to work at Holby as Fin learns that Mel is affraid of dogs.
295 11 "Marking Time" Charlie 11 November 2000
Fin and Mel are in the ED observing how things work as Duffy celebrates her birthday.
296 12 "Starting Over" Charlie 18 November 2000
Andrew Bower , Duffy's husband has returned to the department following Broadway General's closure. Can Duffy pull herself together and be able to work amicably with Andrew or are the couple heading for a fall?
297 13 "If You Go Down to the Wards Today" Charlie 25 November 2000
The "Well Teddy Clinic" has the full support of directorate manager Dan Robinson but Holly's enthusiasm fails to rub off on the rest of her colleagues.The project gets more backing, however, when Patrick and Max notice the young attractive teacher Laura with the children. Schoolgirl Michelle follows Patrick around adoringly and even names her Teddy bear after him. Nurses Chloe and Barney both have interviews for the E-grade nursing position. Chloe is dreading the interview while Barney appears to be taking it all in his stride. Charlie is reluctantly arranging a flight to take Louis over to Toronto to join Baz. Duffy seems in better spirits now that her husband has settled into the department but can't understand why she is feeling so tired all the time. Colette cringes with embarrassment when one of her ex-boyfriends, Declan accompanies his wife Ashley into Casualty. Ashley had cosmetic surgery which has become infected.
298 14 "Coming Clean" Josh 2 December 2000
Duffy isn't feeling well as Barney isn't too pleased about working with Spencer.
299 15 "Chinese Whispers" Penny 9 December 2000
Andrew deals with a family when a mother is admitted but believes the father to be dead but he is still alive as Barney tries to apologise to Chloe over Spencer.
300 16 "A Turn of the Scrooge" Charlie 16 December 2000
Arriving for work after spending the night in jail, Barney has some explaining to do as an elderly gentleman has a change of heart at Christmas.
301 17 "Merry Christmas Dr Spiller" Charlie 23 December 2000
Holly has taken Patrick to a Christmas meal but is met with snide remarks and sarcasm from the ever moody registrar. On the way back to the department for their shifts, Patrick's car breaks down in the snow and the two medics are forced to seek shelter in a disused barn where more than a few secrets are going to be told.
302 18 "Epiphany" Charlie 30 December 2000
Barney and Spencer must put aside their differences to rescue a patient from danger. While Max over steps the mark in his treatment of a drug addict.
303 19 "On the Edge" Charlie 6 January 2001
Josh and Penny are down at the sports centre running a stall with help from Chantelle as Charlie plans to fight for custody over Louis.
304 20 "Girl Power" Duffy 13 January 2001
Andrew is worried that they're too old for a baby but Dully disagrees. When Chantelle's estranged father Jerry is hit by a cat she and Penny reach a decision about seeking out their natural fathers. Holly is still puzzled about the identity of her secret admirer. Casualty gets a full taste of girl power when a Spice Girls tribute band rush into A&E after "Baby Spice" is electrocuted by a faulty microphone. Things hot-up when "Posh Spice" tests positive for a pregnancy test and reveals that manager Leslie is the father, leaving "Ginger Spice" horrified because he's secretly been seeing her too.
305 21 "Heart of Gold" Holly 20 January 2001
Patrick and Spencer are taken hostage by an ex-navy officer who doesn't want his daughter to see one of Spencer's old shipmates. Will Holly be able to figure out Patrick's coded message and save them before it's too late?
306 22 "Better Safe Than Sorry" Charlie 27 January 2001
It is a busy shift but things aren't helped by the concern that patients have contracted Legionnaire's as another patient's smoking causes trouble.
307 23 "Something From the Heart" Charlie 2 February 2001
It is a busy shift for the staff as they deal with casualties from an explosion at the hotel which include an MP who has spoken out against the NHS.
308 24 "Big Mistake" Charlie 3 February 2001
Josh and Penny have a situation on their hands when a man threatens to jump of a building if his already dead brother dies as Charlie learns how much the custody battle will cost him.
309 25 "Ambulance Chaser" Josh 10 February 2001
Josh, Fin, Barney and Tom have only one thing in mind – they must transfer a critical burns patient to another hospital before he dies of his injuries. Little do they expect a teenager to try to flag them down on their way...
310 26 "Scent of the Roses" Charlie 17 February 2001
Charlie attends a court hearing and learns that fathers are rarely granted custody in cases like this as the department prepares to a major incident exercise.
311 27 "Breaking Point" Charlie 24 February 2001
The department is overstretched as Duffy recovers upstairs from her miscarriage scare and a meeting with Dan doesn't help Charlie's mood.
312 28 "Lost and Found" Charlie 3 March 2001
New student nurse Anna Paul starts work as Charlie has closed the department to all new patients causing trouble for Fin as Holly suspects one of her patients is her stalker.

Note: First appearance of Anna Paul (Zita Sattar).

313 29 "Kindness of Strangers" Josh 10 March 2001
Amy informs Duffy that today is her last day after what happened with Milo as Holly becomes more scared with the stalker situation.

Note: Final appearance of Amy Howard.

314 30 "Only You" Holly 17 March 2001
Tom has finally achieved his goal. He's got Holly alone with him in his house. Can Dan figure out the truth behind Holly's mysterious stalker and save her before it's too late?
315 31 "Allied Forces" Charlie 24 March 2001
Jack Vincent starts work in the department as the new receptionist as Holly returns to work, determined to shake off the incident with Tom.

Note: First appearance of Jack Vincent (Will Mellor).

316 32 "Heroes and Villains" Josh 31 March 2001
Penny has a surprise visitor in the form of her half brother Luke as Duffy works her last shift before taking maternity leave.
317 33 "The Long Road Home" Chloe 7 April 2001
Penny goes to visit her father's farm along with Fin but her father doesn't want to know as Chloe and Barney attend a wrestling match only for Chloe to be trapped during a fire.
318 34 "Mix and Match" Charlie 14 April 2001
After spending time getting to know her father, Penny is thinking about leaving to be with him as Chloe and Barney are praised for helping Louisa during the fire.
319 35 "Breaking the Spell - Part One" Charlie 21 April 2001
Tom has been released on conditional bail and makes a beeline for A&E. When Holly hears her car alarm going off, she goes outside to investigate – discovering that the glass has been smashed and Tom is right behind her...
320 36 "Breaking the Spell - Part Two" Charlie 28 April 2001
Tom has kidnapped Holly and is holding her in a disused area of the hospital. Elsewhere Patrick, Dan and Spencer work together to save Holly but Andrew proves to be the biggest casualty of the night...

Note: Final appearances of Tom Harvey, Andrew Bower, Barney Woolfe, Penny Hutchens, Melanie Dyson, Dan Robinson and Holly Miles.

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