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Series 18 of Holby City aired between 13 October 2015 and 4 October 2016. This series comprised 52 episodes.


Main characters

Recurring characters

  • Jenny Howe as Alexandra Morrell
  • Ben Hull as Derwood Thompson
  • Angela Wynter as Ina Effanga (until episode 27)
  • Macey Chipping as Evie Fletcher
  • Julia Deakin as Carole Copeland
  • Simona Zivkovska as Carmel Ryland (until episode 28)
  • Mark Healy as Robbie Medcalf
  • Carli Norris as Fran Reynolds (until episode 11)
  • Sarah Ridgeay as Nicole Brady (until episode 6)
  • Oliver Walker as Sean Brady (until episode 6)
  • Jody Latham as Jed Martinez (until episode 6)
  • Jackson Allison as William Winters (episodes 15)
  • Jamie Nichols as Lee Cannon (from episode 5)
  • Keith Barron as Hugh Musgrove (episodes 7 – 42)
  • Darcey Burke as Emma Naylor-Maconie (from episode 11)
  • Clinton Blake as Austin Shreve (episodes 1331)
  • Andrew Scarborough as Marcus Dunn (episodes 17 – 30)
  • Jules Robertson as Jason Haynes (from episode 18)
  • Elizabeth Cadwallader as Alison Jones (episodes 18 – 35)
  • Geoffrey Lumb as Alan Coalville (episodes 18 – 26)
  • Rupert Frazer as Dennis Hopkins-Clarke (episodes 22 – 27)
  • Lorna Brown as Naomi Palmer (episodes 30 – 39)
  • Kai O'Loughlin as Mikey Fletcher (episodes 30 – 52)
  • Jack Hawkins as Alex Lambert (from episode 32)
  • Marc Elliott as Isaac Mayfield (from episode 37)
  • Marko Leht as Soloman Cazacu (from episode 38)
  • Jocelyn Jee Esien as Mel Watson (episodes 4046)
  • Nic Jackman as Cameron Dunn (from episode 44)
  • Jonathan McGuinness as Tristan Wood (from episode 45)
  • Lloyd Everitt as Jez Andrews (from episode 47)
  • Kaisa Hammarlund as Inga Olsen (from episode 48)


Episode No. Series No. Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original airdate
788 1 "The Sticky Mess of Being" Eddy Marshall Kate Verghese 13 October 2015
1801MoWilliam.png Mo's surgical skills and emotional resilience are pushed to their limits by a reunion with her surrogate son William and old friend Sorcia, who require her help. Jesse shadows Sacha for a day to learn the role a surgeon plays on Keller, but Guy is quick to question his motives. Plus, Cara tries to track down the mystery hero who saved an octagenarian patient from drowning, even if it risks the wrath of Raf.
789 2 "Cover Up" Eddy Marshall Joe Ainsworth 20 October 2015
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Cara gets a shock when her husband's lover Nicole is admitted in labour and is compelled to take drastic action when Nicole's husband Sean realises he is not the father of the baby. In the aftermath of his hostage ordeal, Guy wants to avoid the stress of surgery but finds himself has to deal with a comically morbid patient who needs his expertise, while Mo focuses on caring for her surrogate son William.
790 3 "Calling Time" Richard Platt Nessah Muthy and Julia Gilbert 27 October 2015
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Gangster Sean returns to the hospital looking for his missing wife, forcing Cara to turn to Jed for help, but her lies ultimately places Raf in danger. Sacha's confidence is knocked when new boy Jesse seems to be one step ahead of him, while Mo is forced to face the reality that she will have to give William back soon, and overcompensates professionally by giving a patient false hope about their incurable medical condition.
791 4 "What It Takes" Richard Platt Michelle Lipton 3 November 2015
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Arthur worries he has ruined his career and irreparably damaged his relationship with Morven as he returns to work, and it quickly becomes clear he will have to acknowledge a few painful truths if he is to earn his place back in AAU. Meanwhile, Ollie's interference leads Mo to believe she is being taken advantage of by Zosia, and Guy must overcome his crisis of confidence as he tries to save the life of a boy with a critical neurological condition.
792 5 "Left Behind " David Innes Edwards Rebecca Wojciechowski 10 November 2015
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png The day Mo is due to hand William back to his father arrives, and despite losing her position as the youngster's chief care-giver, she seems remarkably upbeat. However, when Brett faces a sudden medical setback, the cracks begin to show in Mo's ambivalence, and she decides cannot possibly part with her surrogate son. Meanwhile, Sacha is perturbed when Patsy Brassvine, one of the interviewers assessing him for the position of consultant, interferes with his care of a patient, and Serena's mind is diverted from her ex-husband's forthcoming wedding as she tends to a fellow doctor who has been admitted with a toy soldier wedged in his arm.
793 6 "Beneath the Cover" David Innes Edwards Lindsay Williams 17 November 2015
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Cara's marriage is thrown into sharp focus when her husband's mistress asks for help. Meanwhile, Dom struggles to keep his emotions in check when a challenging patient catches his attention, and Mo is confronted with the aftermath of a disastrous date.
794 7 "A Delicate Truth" Louise Hooper Katie Douglas 24 November 2015
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Ollie refuses to be belittled by the formidable Jac Naylor as she makes her return to Darwin. Meanwhile, Morven clings to her professionality when faced with an elderly couple's emotional case, and Dom feels conflicted as he begins to develop feelings for a patient.
795 8 "In Which We Serve" Louise Hooper Ed Sellek 1 December 2015
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Arthur and Morven struggle to rekindle their friendship after clashing over patient care, while Dom is distracted by a patient that he has fallen for and struggles to concentrate on the case of a nun who has lost her voice. Meanwhile, Zosia's confidence that she can impress Jac takes a knock when she sees a question mark against her name on a board in Jac's office.
796 9 "Skin and Blister" James Larkin Joe Ainsworth and Kate Verghese 8 December 2015
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Jesse is forced to relive tragic events from the past when he treats the seriously ill sister of a former patient, while Jac's brusque manner puts her at odds with Fran, who questions her decision to discharge a patient without undergoing the operation she believes he needs. Cara hits it off with a flirtatious patient, leading to Fletch and Raf encouraging him to ask her out in a bid to cheer her up.
797 10 "Bad Blood, Fake Snow" James Larkin Nick Fisher 15 December 2015
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Fran escalates her campaign against Jac, with disastrous consequences, and the AAU team lack festive cheer but Serena finds a way to restore some Christmas goodwill. Meanwhile, Dominic's keen to buy the perfect Christmas present for Lee. However, a shocking revelation leaves him reeling.
798 11 "Blue Christmas" Karl Neilson Julia Gilbert 22 December 2015
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Troubled nurse Fran returns to Holby and is determined to get Jac's full attention, with near tragic consequences. Meanwhile, Sacha proves his worth when he finds himself treating the man who bullied him at school. Elsewhere, Christmas romance is in the air when Arthur sets Morven's heart aflutter, and Ollie steals a kiss from Zosia.
799 12 "Beginnings" Karl Neilson Andy Bayliss 29 December 2015
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Serena's in a melancholy mood, having resigned herself to yet another lonely New Year's Eve, but fate has other ideas. Ric Griffin is back with a bang, but the Holby team have moved on in his absence and he struggles to find his place back in the hospital. Meanwhile, Mo continues with her plan to have a baby by herself, until Mr T steps in with a shocking proposal.
800 13 "Young Hearts, Run Free" Matthew Evans Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope 5 January 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png While battling for a research grant at an outdoor pursuit centre, Arthur is pushed to the limit as he tries to win Morven's affections. Meanwhile, Zosia is torn when she is offered a research internship in Edinburgh, but time is running out for Ollie to be honest about his feelings for her.
801 14 "The Hope That Kills" Jennie Darnell Patrick Homes 12 January 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Essie allows her personal life to affect her work when she has to deal with a case involving an adopted son donating his kidney to his birth mother. Guy's career goes from strength to strength, but at a cost, while Morven suggests to Arthur that they keep their new relationship a secret, although things don't quite go to plan.
802 15 "Sins of Our Fathers" Jennie Darnell Kit Lambert 19 January 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Hanssen pits Jac against Guy in the race for funding, but has Jac got what it takes to win? Determined to be exceptional, Arthur's ambition drives him to a new but strangely familiar path. Meanwhile, Sacha lies to protect Essie's feelings, and is unprepared when the truth is finally revealed.
803 16 "Kiss and Tell" Claire Winyard Jeff Povey 26 January 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png When Arthur returns to Keller, Morven's dad places him in a compromising situation, and he is torn between doing the right thing for his girlfriend or his patients. Meanwhile, as Mo waits to see if she is pregnant, her true feelings for Mr T are pulled into sharp focus. Elsewhere, memories of Serena's mother are stirred when an old neighbour arrives at the Acute Assessment Unit.
804 17 "Serenity" Claire Winyard Michelle Lipton 2 February 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png When an Army medic arrives on Darwin, tensions run high for Guy and Ollie. Meanwhile, Serena battles a difficult decision after the discovery of a family secret, and Dom lands himself in hot water when he tries to keep a secret from Ric. Can Dom keep his cool as the pressure rises, or will the truth out?
805 18 "A Partnership, Literally" Sue Dunderdale Andy Bayliss 9 February 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png A figure from Dominic's past makes an unwelcome return with traumatic consequences, and the death of Serena's sister sets off a chain of events that brings an unexpected visitor to Holby. Meanwhile, Zosia is out of her depth when she becomes over-involved in the personal life of her patient, Major Bernie Wolfe.
806 19 "All That Glitters" Sue Dunderdale Sue Mooney 16 February 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Dom returns to work after being cleared by the police, but he is shocked to find that Lee still has the power to hurt him. Meanwhile, Morven makes a life-changing decision as her father's condition deteriorates. Mo needs to take her plans for solo parenthood to the next stage, but she is distracted when she helps a patient.
807 20 "All Fall Down" Dermot Boyd Patrick Homes 23 February 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Arthur's dream of becoming a live donor for Morven's father receives a damaging setback. Meanwhile, Serena must decide if she's going to fully accept Jason into her family or not. And it's Bernie's first day as a civilian doctor, but will she be able to leave the army rules behind?
808 21 "One Under" Dermot Boyd Kate Verghese 1 March 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Arthur goes into battle for a young patient who was hit by a train, but buries his head in the sand over his own health. Meanwhile, a hungover Adele gets more than she bargains for when she becomes Guy Self's nurse for the day. Elsewhere, Morven arranges a charity auction and Fletch sells Raf to the highest bidder.
809 22 "On the Ropes" Louise Hooper Julia Gilbert 8 March 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Ric battles to stay in control when operating on his old school teacher, while a feisty young patient reminds him of his former self. Meanwhile, Mo is left reeling after finding out she didn't get the Consultant's job and realises that it's gone to an old acquaintance of Jac's. Elsewhere, Serena is in love with Robbie, but feels nervous about introducing him to her family.
810 23 "Where We Belong" Louise Hooper Katie Douglas 15 March 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Bernie is forced to question what she wants when her future at Holby is put in doubt, while Ollie and Zosia's world is blown apart when a former flame of his turns up. Elsewhwere, Cara wants to keep her personal and professional lives separate when it comes to her living arrangements, but soon realises the errors of her ways.
811 24 "Who You Are" Jamie Annett Patrick Homes 22 March 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png A life-changing birthday gift leaves Morven reeling as she struggles to cope when Austin is admitted to AAU, while Mo and Sir Dennis clash over a patient. Still suffering from the aftermath of the attack, Ric has an emotional outburst on the ward, leaving him grateful for Jesse's help.
812 25 "A Friend in Need" Jamie Annett Rebecca Wojciechowski 29 March 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Arthur receives some shattering news during his engagement party, and Adele makes a startling decision when an old friend is re-admitted to Darwin. Meanwhile, complications arise when Cara finally makes a move on Raf.
813 26 "Handle with Care" David Innes Edwards Tony Higgins 5 April 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png When Jason arrives on AAU with his seriously ill carer Alan, Serena's personal involvement affects her professional judgement. In the aftermath of the news that Arthur's cancer has progressed, Dominic is overly protective of his friend. But acting out of character proves counter productive. And keen to impress on her first day on Darwin, Cara has to manoeuvre herself though a personality clash and a song-based initiation test.
814 27 "Dark Night of the Soul" David Innes Edwards Michelle Lipton 12 April 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png In the aftermath of his mother's death, Jesse reappraises his relationship with his grieving father and makes a life-changing decision. When Mo's mother, Ina, is admitted with end stage heart failure, Mo clashes with Sir Dennis over her treatment. Meanwhile, Ric takes the case of a patient with an injury to a delicate part of his anatomy very seriously, but a shared interest in poker and boxing help the medic to find his own funny bone.
815 28 "Prioritise the Heart" Steve Brett Julia Gilbert 19 April 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png When Bernie finds herself working alongside an old army colleague, she's forced to confront the secrets of the past and face the truth behind her sudden exit from the army. Meanwhile, Serena has to make a stark choice between her own future happiness and her responsibility to Jason. Elsewhere, Mr T is frustrated to discover that no-one takes him seriously, but can he find his voice and prove them wrong?
816 29 "Out of Sight Out of Mind" Steve Brett Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope 26 April 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Arthur rallies when Morven's dad, Austin, is admitted in need of an immediate liver transplant. Meanwhile, Zosia persuades a terminal patient to be a guinea pig for Jac's new stent prototype, and when Bernie is served with divorce papers, she realises her ex is going for the jugular.
817 30 "The Coward's Way" Karl Neilson Kate Verghese 3 May 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Bernie is shocked when her estranged husband turns up at work and she battles to keep her adultery a secret. Meanwhile, new nurse Naomi Palmer makes an instant impression on Fletch, and the two hit it off - much to Raf's disapproval. Elsewhere, a fragile Zosia struggles to keep her emotions at bay as she deals with Arthur's cancer.
818 31 "It Tolls for Thee" Karl Neilson Joe Ainsworth 10 May 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Arthur and Morven celebrate their love for each other on a day neither will forget. Meanwhile, Mo listens to her head instead of her heart, leading to a last minute dash to the airport, but is she too late? Elsewhere, Serena is devastated when her actions have terrible consequences for the hospital.
819 32 "Running Out" Matthew Evans Wendy Granditer 17 May 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Zosia oversteps the mark and accuses a patient of a media leak, leaving Oliver with an unwelcome dilemma. As his suspicions spiral out of control, Zosia makes a gut-wrenching decision. Dominic faces his fears when he encounters someone with a painful past, and Serena returns to find Bernie helping out on AAU. However, her gratitude is short-lived when she discovers the real reason for the surgeon's presence on the ward.
820 33 "When I Grow Up" Matthew Evans Martin Jameson 24 May 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Arthur is determined to prove his worth in the face of Hanssen's ambitions, but he struggles to keep his personal and professional lives separate, leaving him forced to make a tough decision. Oliver sees a chance to get back together with Zosia, but ends up in need of Cara's support when he pushes things too far. Raf comes to see Naomi in a new light, and makes a personal sacrifice.
821 34 "The Sky Is Falling" Paulette Randall Andy Bayliss 31 May 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Zosia is forced to make a tough choice between Arthur and her career, and Dom's loyalty is tested by a familiar face. Meanwhile, Bernie struggles to find her place on the Acute Assessment Unit when an overbearing Serena insists she knows best. Will Jason become a casualty of their spat?
822 35 "I'll Walk You Home" Paulette Randall Andy Bayliss 7 June 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Arthur and Morven make a decision about their future, Dom battles with his guilt over letting down a friend and Zosia questions where her loyalties lie.
823 36 "Missing You Already" Nigel Douglas Joe Ainsworth 16 June 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png A major train accident keeps the staff at Holby busy, as an influx of casualties arrives on the wards. While resources are stretched to their limit, Dom treats the disaster as a perfect opportunity to avoid his personal problems and escape into `work mode'. Bernie's husband turns her children against her as divorce proceedings continue, and as Zosia bottles up her grief, Ollie offers her a friendly shoulder to cry on - despite their break-up.
824 37 "The Lone Ranger" Nigel Douglas Atiha Sen Gupta and Katie Douglas 23 June 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Jac prepares to launch the new Digby Stent in a wave of publicity - only to discover someone has stolen the patent for the device. Hanssen tries to handle the setback with diplomacy - but can Jac be as cautious and forgiving? Dom is determined to be the best doctor he can - which proves easier said than done when a new registrar makes his life difficult - and Fletch tries to apologise to Naomi for standing her up on her birthday.
825 38 "Another Day in Paradise - Part One" Jennie Darnell Nick Fisher 28 June 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Dominic finds a unique way to grieve the loss of his best friend, while Raf and Fletch are at loggerheads when Raf reveals how he really feels about Naomi. Meanwhile, Ollie is under the cosh when Jac leaves him with a list of jobs to do before a major operation.
826 39 "Another Day in Paradise - Part Two" Jennie Darnell Nick Fisher 5 July 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Jac is forced to rely on Ollie when an allergic reaction prevents her from operating, while Raf and Fletch's friendship is tested when they work alongside Naomi. Essie goes full speed ahead with her plans to get pregnant, but Sacha struggles to cope with the pressure of the situation.
827 40 "Children of Men" Karl Neilson Ed Sellek 12 July 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Mo finds coping with her pregnancy increasingly difficult with only Hanssen to confide in, and struggles with a big choice regarding her future. Already snowed under with a packed and understaffed AAU, Fletch finds himself treating a drug addict who makes light of his situation - and when Mikey strikes a bond with the patient, Fletch gets more than he has bargained for. Isaac resolves to impress Ric, but finds his confidence knocked when treating a loudmouthed teenager.
828 41 "A Perfect Life" Karl Neilson Julia Gilbert 19 July 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png A troubled patient pays a return visit to Holby, but then goes missing from the ward. Essie resolves to find her wayward charge, but the search places her own life in jeopardy, and when Sacha realises she is missing from a family night out, a tragedy begins to unfold before his very eyes. Meanwhile, Serena struggles to manage the new trauma unit in light of Bernie's absence, and new doctor Jasmine Burrows makes a very good impression on Ollie as she bursts onto Darwin for her first shift.
829 42 "From Bournemouth with Love" Graeme Harper Ailsa Macaulay 26 July 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Ollie is contacted about a job in Pakistan, and when he clashes with Guy on another case, and Mo refuses to take his side, he begins to ask some serious questions about his place - and his future - at Holby. Morven braces herself for her first day back at work following Arthur's death, and her confidence receives a knock when one of her old patients turns up on the ward. Meanwhile, Essie urges Dom not to let his past experiences hold him back after he receives an invitation to a formal ball from Isaac.
830 43 "Back in the Ring" Edward Dick Jeff Povey 2 August 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Still grieving for Arthur, Ric questions his surgical skill, when he faces losing another young man. Oliver realises he needs to move on from his relationship with Zosia, when he treats a patient with a malfunctioning mechanical heart. Meanwhile, Jason observes the ward, and Serena finds herself not only clashing with Bernie, but under scrutiny from her nephew.
831 44 "Indefensible" Steve Brett Kate Verghese and Nick Fisher 4 August 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Bernie's wayward son Cameron arrives at the hospital, forcing his mother to face some home truths about her parenting skills - and when he asks her to lie for him about a serious car accident, she finds it harder than ever to refuse. Sacha and Essie clash over a patient, although it soon becomes clear that the root of their disagreement is personal as they struggle to put the events of the pharmacy siege behind them, and Morven confides in Jasmine when she treats a difficult patient.
832 45 "Little Acorns" Steve Brett Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope 23 August 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Guy must face his past when an unexpected patient arrives at the hospital. Meanwhile, Fletch struggles with single parenthood as his work and home lives collide, and Ric makes a new enemy as he campaigns for the deputy CEO role.
833 46 "Fractured" Tracey Rooney Rebecca Wojciechowski 25 August 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Jac returns from a break to find Guy's mother on the ward in need of urgent treatment. She is impressed with Jasmine, who shows a keen interest in the medicine - but that turns sour when she discovers the truth about the junior doctor. Serena is excited about going on holiday with her daughter but discovers she is needed on AAU, while Essie and Sacha worry that in trying for a baby they have lost some of their sparkle.
834 47 "Protect and Serve" Steve Brett Joe Ainsworth 30 August 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Fletch struggles to treat a patient under police escort, but when they make a desperate dash to escape, Bernie and Serena rush to deal with an unfolding tragedy and a personal crisis of their own. Meanwhile, a troubled Morven seeks solace in charity work at a homeless shelter. However, the respite doesn't last long when Jasmine and Bernie's son, Cameron, encourage her to join them on a night out with Jez and Iain, from the hospital's Casualty Department.
835 48 "Brave New World " Tracey Rooney Katie Douglas 6 September 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Sacha's birthday celebrations do not go according to plan, while Mo's delight at Mr T's return is short-lived. Serena tries to cover her confused feelings for Bernie.
836 49 "Say a Little Prayer" Jamie Annett Sian Evans 13 September 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Fletch is in the grip of a creeping paralysis after losing feeling in his feet, but Raf struggles to make the diagnosis that will save his life. In the dark about Ollie's relationship with Jasmine, Zosia begins to think about the possibility of a reconciliation and a happily engaged patient and her partner present a vision of what might have been for Sacha and Essie.
837 50 "Emotionally Yours" Jamie Annett Chris Murray 20 September 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Dom is knocked for six by a shocking discovery about Isaac's relationship with his former mentor, and Ric is dispatched by Hanssen to deal with the estranged wife of the local MP. Jasmine is keen to impress Jac professionally and make a connection with her half-sister personally - but will Jac's public acknowledgement of their relationship bring them together or drive them further apart?
838 51 "Life in the Freezer" Daikin Marsh Michelle Lipton 27 September 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Mr Thompson's sister is brought in for treatment, and soon grows suspicious that Mo is not being entirely truthful with her brother about the baby. Bernie is forced to assess her true feelings after Hanssen offers her the chance of a secondment in Ukraine - leading her to make a dramatic decision. Dom gets the chance to move in with Isaac, but when he struggles to tell Zosia he is moving out of their flat, he puts their friendship at risk.
839 52 "Snakes and Ladders " Daikin Marsh Michelle Lipton 4 October 2016
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Fletch takes his first steps after his accident and Mo's attempts to befriend Inga in light of her new role as best man prove futile when she repeatedly says the wrong thing. Dom puts his own success to one side to help make Isaac look good, but they both wind up in trouble.
840 53 "[[]]" TBA TBA TBA
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