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Series 1 is the first series of Casualty and aired between 6 September and 27 December 1986. It contained 15 episodes, and featured the arrival of the original main characters.

In the series, major events included a toxic gas outbreak, Duffy being raped, Baz and Charlie beginning their affair, Megan being diagnosed with cancer, Duffy's arrest and the night shift closing. Patients admitted included an athlete with a boil on his bottom, an alcoholic tramp infested with fleas, a restaurateur with a missing finger in the strawberry sundae, two Madonna wannabes with a dodgy DIY piercing and a woman dressed as Spiderwoman.


The series featured 10 main characters and cast members, who remained on the show for the whole series. Two cast members, Clive King and Julia Watson, departed in the series finale, although the latter later returned to the show. Of the original cast, only Derek Thompson is currently still on the show.

Main characters

Recurring characters


Episode No. Series No. Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original airdate
1 1 "Gas" Frank W. Smith Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwin 6 September 1986
2 2 "Hide and Seek" Frank W. Smith Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwin 13 September 1986
3 3 "Night Runners" Antonia Bird Matthew Bardsley 20 September 1986
4 4 "Jump Start" Antonia Bird Susan Wilkins 27 September 1986
5 5 "Blood Brothers" Antonia Bird Wally Daly 4 October 1986
6 6 "High Noon" Frank W. Smith Ray Brennan 11 October 1986
7 7 "Professionals" Frank W. Smith Susan Wilkins 18 October 1986
8 8 "Crazies" Renny Rye Matthew Bardsley 25 October 1986
9 9 "Moonlight Becomes You..." Renny Rye Ray Brennan 8 November 1986
10 10 "Teeny Poppers" Renny Rye Janey Pregar 15 November 1986
11 11 "Drunk" Jan Sargent Lise Mayer 22 November 1986
12 12 "Quiet" Michael Brayshaw Roy Mitchell 6 December 1986
13 13 "No Future" Jan Sargent Paul Unwin and Jeremy Brock 13 December 1986
14 14 "Survival" Michael Brayshaw Wally Daly 20 December 1986
15 15 "Closure" Jan Sargent Paul Unwin and Jeremy Brock 27 December 1986
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