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Series 1 is the first series of Casualty and aired between 6 September and 27 December 1986. It contained 15 episodes, and featured the arrival of the first set of main characters.



Episode Original airdate
1 1 "Gas" 6 September 1986
A gas explosion at the docks causes a rush of casualties choking on the fumes, but can an antidote be found in time?

Note: First appearance of Charlie Fairhead, Ewart Plimmer, Megan Roach], Lisa "Duffy" Duffin, Andrew Ponting, Sandra Mute, Clive King, Baz Samuels and Kuba Trzcinski

962 2 "Hide and Seek" 30 August 2015
Charlie lies in Resus, his cardiogram showing little signs of life. Rita convinces Connie to give up on Charlie, but Connie is determined to save her friend. Just as Charlie is about to go for his operation, Dylan persuades Connie to let his patient have life-saving surgery first. However, complications in the surgery room lead to a longer wait than expected - but after a long, lengthy battle Charlie's life is successfully saved. The gang violence gets out of hand when two more casualties are admitted after being stabbed by OJ, the gang leader. It's up to Jacob to institute emergency protocol and save the ED but with the violence getting out of hand, he is forced to take action. After a heart-to-heart with Duffy, Louise reconsiders a nursing career again. Zoe and Max kiss, but he refuses to forgive her for her unfaithfulness.

Note: Guest appearance of Lisa Duffin (Cathy Shipton)

963 3 "Objectum Sexual" 5 September 2015
Louise's nursing career begins, and nerves begin to get the better of her in Resus, forcing Zoe to ask her to leave. A man is crushed under a ceiling when a condemned building being demolished is stopped by a woman who claims to be in a relationship with the building. Later in the ED, Cal discovers she has Objectum Sexuality, and it isn't long before she falls in love with the hospital. Honey is left hungover following her night with Ethan, before telling a patient they aren't in a relationship. Iain has an assault charge lodged against him when a traffic warden falls to the floor after attempting to clamp the Ambulance on private land.
964 4 "Cradle to the Grave" 19 September 2015
Alicia Munroe, a new F2 junior doctor, is teamed up with Lily for her first shift in the ED. Her first case is a mother-to-be who crashes her car escaping a man who she hit over the head with a candlestick. When in the ED secrets soon unfold as the man appears to be her social worker for depression as well as the daughter's father and the mother fakes her name. With help from Jacob, the trio manage to persuade the mother to get help. Dylan returns to work following his temporary departure and teams up with Lofty to treat a terminally ill cancer patient. But Dylan soon finds himself losing it with Lofty again when he disregards the patient's wishes and phones for a relative to visit. After later realising that Lofty asked for the patient's dog to spend its final few hours with the patient, Dylan confides in Lofty. Honey and Ethan break up, prompting Honey to set up a new business elsewhere. Jacob is rejected by Connie after asking her out on a date.

Note: First appearance of Alicia Munroe (Chelsea Halfpenny) and final appearance of Honey Wright (Chelsee Healey)

965 5 "Belief" 26 September 2015
When a Muslim smashes a bottle of acid on a table seated with a room full of racist supporters, the perpetrator is also soon brought into the ED after coming off his motorcycle. With the racists and the perpetrators in the ED, it isn't long before innocent lives are being put in danger, particularly when Jacob puts his life on the line to save Connie but is shot after convincing one of the perpetrator's to hand over a gun. Connie fights to save Jacob's life, while armed police officers also enter the building, adding to the chaos and Alicia successfully performs a risky procedure on a patient amidst the crossfire.
966 6 "All the Single Ladies" 3 October 2015
Iain and Dixie have a night of mayhem at a paramedics training course. Dixie tries to take her mind off things as the anniversary of Jeff's death approaches. Dylan and Lofty treat a patient that believes she is unlucky and has had very major injury's over the past few months and is having troubles in a custody battle. Lily continues to be mean to Alicia as they are both trying to help a man in the ED. Rita is running out of beds and is very stressed whilst Zoe begins trying to speak to Max again.
967 7 "Rules of Attraction" 10 October 2015
Lily struggles to hide her emotions when she receives a phone call from her mother who reveals her father has died. Dixie is left heartbroken when she discovers she's been rejected by the board to be eligible for adopting. Iain and Rita get a moment to themselves when Iain sustains minor injuries as a platform collapses at a warehouse onto an office, trapping a male underneath. Later in the ED Ethan discovers he has heavy metal poisoning as a result of smashing up household electronics. Dylan and Lofty continue to bond as they help a woman speak out about her domestic abuse. Cal befriends a young woman, Ruby, after she saves him from a collapsing crate, but just before he can take her out on a date Taylor returns unexpectedly.

Note: Guest appearance of Taylor Ashbie (Sarah Jayne Dunn)

968 8 "Flutterby" 17 October 2015
969 9 "One Shot" 24 October 2015




Episode Original airdate
1 1 "Gas" 6 September 1986
A gas explosion at the docks causes a rush of casualties choking on the fumes, but can an antidote be found in time? Characters Charlie Fairhead, Ewart Plimmer, Megan Roach, Lisa "Duffy" Duffin, Andrew Ponting, Sandra Mute, Clive King, Baz Samuels and Kuba Trzcinski are introduced. Guest starring Graham Cole.
2 2 "Hide and Seek" 13 September 1986
An hysterical woman who threatens to kill a baby tests Baz's patience and ability to the limit. 
3 3 "Night Runners" 20 September 1986
A policeman is stabbed at a local football fixture, but is the situation as simple as it seems? A Christian Scientist's beliefs puts her life at a risk. 
4 4 "Jump Start" 27 September 1986

The night-shift are faced with a motorway pile-up, bleeding Madonna wanna-bees, and a drunk Fleet Street journalist.

Guest starring Alfred Molina, Stella Gonet, Vas Blackwood, Maggie McCarthy and Michael Garner.

5 5 "Blood Brothers" 4 October 1986
A desperate runaway is in need of help, and prejudices are challenged when a gay haemophiliac arrives with a cut hand. Baz's long term future at Casualty looks doubtful. 
6 6 "High Noon" 11 October 1986
A law student refuses to accept a diagnosis of Epilepsy, whilst Duffy organises a protest against the planned Casualty service cuts. 
7 7 "Professionals" 18 October 1986
A terrified woman is brought in who has been raped and badly beaten. It does not take the staff very long to discover who the culprit is, but confronting him is fraught with difficulties. 
8 8 "Crazies" 25 October 1986
When Holby's taxi drivers are attacked, Megan worries for the safety of her driver husband. Ewart grows concerned about the safety of his staff. 
9 9 "Moonlight Becomes You" 8 November 1986
When a patient comes into Casualty from an old people's home, a chain of events begins which culminates in a kidnapping. Guest starring Perry Fenwick.
10 10 "Teeny Poppers" 15 November 1986
Trouble is afoot for Ewart when a young Asian youth dies in Casualty and his family threaten the unit with legal action. Megan is brought in for treatment. 
11 11 "Drunk" 22 November 1986
Rumours of a Royal Visit to Casualty cause havoc. Baz and Charlie fight for the life of a half-drowned boy, but their joy at saving him is overshadowed when one of their own is brought in by ambulance. 
12 12 "Quiet" 6 December 1986
Casualty is besieged by all manners of cases, including the victor of a boxing match and an addict who has taken an overdose. A recuperating Megan proves a valuable confidant for Duffy. 
13 13 "No Future" 13 December 1986
A dramatic siege on Megan's estate threatens the life of a child, but the perpetrator is found to be neither terrorist nor madman. 
14 14 "Survival" 20 December 1986
The staff is sympathetic when Arthur, who suffers from a heart condition, expresses a desire to end his misery. Baz makes a decision about her pregnancy. 
15 15 "Closure" 27 December 1986
There is little in the way of Christmas cheer, as the department faces the threat of imminent closure. Morale plummets, inspiring Charlie to organise an impromptu pantomime. Clive King and Baz Samuels depart. 
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