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Series 1 was the first series of Casualty and aired between 6 September and 27 December 1986.






Episode Original airdate
1 1 "Gas" 6 September 1986
A gas explosion at the docks causes a rush of casualties choking on the fumes, but can an antidote be found in time? Characters Charlie Fairhead, Ewart Plimmer, Megan Roach, Lisa "Duffy" Duffin, Andrew Ponting, Sandra Mute, Clive King, Baz Samuels and Kuba Trzcinski are introduced. Guest starring Graham Cole.
2 2 "Hide and Seek" 13 September 1986
An hysterical woman who threatens to kill a baby tests Baz's patience and ability to the limit. 
3 3 "Night Runners" 20 September 1986
A policeman is stabbed at a local football fixture, but is the situation as simple as it seems? A Christian Scientist's beliefs puts her life at a risk. 
4 4 "Jump Start" 27 September 1986

The night-shift are faced with a motorway pile-up, bleeding Madonna wanna-bees, and a drunk Fleet Street journalist.

Guest starring Alfred Molina, Stella Gonet, Vas Blackwood, Maggie McCarthy and Michael Garner.

5 5 "Blood Brothers" 4 October 1986
A desperate runaway is in need of help, and prejudices are challenged when a gay haemophiliac arrives with a cut hand. Baz's long term future at Casualty looks doubtful. 
6 6 "High Noon" 11 October 1986
A law student refuses to accept a diagnosis of Epilepsy, whilst Duffy organises a protest against the planned Casualty service cuts. 
7 7 "Professionals" 18 October 1986
A terrified woman is brought in who has been raped and badly beaten. It does not take the staff very long to discover who the culprit is, but confronting him is fraught with difficulties. 
8 8 "Crazies" 25 October 1986
When Holby's taxi drivers are attacked, Megan worries for the safety of her driver husband. Ewart grows concerned about the safety of his staff. 
9 9 "Moonlight Becomes You" 8 November 1986
When a patient comes into Casualty from an old people's home, a chain of events begins which culminates in a kidnapping. Guest starring Perry Fenwick.
10 10 "Teeny Poppers" 15 November 1986
Trouble is afoot for Ewart when a young Asian youth dies in Casualty and his family threaten the unit with legal action. Megan is brought in for treatment. 
11 11 "Drunk" 22 November 1986
Rumours of a Royal Visit to Casualty cause havoc. Baz and Charlie fight for the life of a half-drowned boy, but their joy at saving him is overshadowed when one of their own is brought in by ambulance. 
12 12 "Quiet" 6 December 1986
Casualty is besieged by all manners of cases, including the victor of a boxing match and an addict who has taken an overdose. A recuperating Megan proves a valuable confidant for Duffy. 
13 13 "No Future" 13 December 1986
A dramatic siege on Megan's estate threatens the life of a child, but the perpetrator is found to be neither terrorist nor madman. 
14 14 "Survival" 20 December 1986
The staff is sympathetic when Arthur, who suffers from a heart condition, expresses a desire to end his misery. Baz makes a decision about her pregnancy. 
15 15 "Closure" 27 December 1986
There is little in the way of Christmas cheer, as the department faces the threat of imminent closure. Morale plummets, inspiring Charlie to organise an impromptu pantomime. Clive King and Baz Samuels depart. 
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