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Series 1 is the first series of Casualty and aired between 6 September and 27 December 1986. It contained 15 episodes, and featured the arrival of the original main characters.

In the series, major events included a toxic gas outbreak, Duffy being raped, Baz and Charlie beginning their affair, Megan being diagnosed with cancer, Duffy's arrest and the night shift closing. Patients admitted included an athlete with a boil on his bottom, an alcoholic tramp infested with fleas, a restaurateur with a missing finger in the strawberry sundae, two Madonna wannabes with a dodgy DIY piercing and a woman dressed as Spiderwoman.


The series featured 10 main characters and cast members, who remained on the show for the whole series. Two cast members, Clive King and Julia Watson, departed in the series finale, although the latter later returned to the show. Of the original cast, only Derek Thompson and Cathy Shipton are currently still on the show. Thompson has featured in all 32 series to date, whereas Shipton has made numerous departures, returns and guest appearances.

Main characters

Recurring/Guest characters

  • Nigel Anthony as Ted Roach (episodes 6-8, 10-11, 14-15)


Episode Centric character[1] Original airdate
1 1 "Gas" Ewart 6 September 1986
Ewart Plimmer has six months to prove Holby's a going concern and panic sets in when Dr Baz Samuels arrives late for work. Kuba Trzcinski turns detective after a dock land tragedy and Megan Roach reprimands Nurse Clive King for drinking on the job. Charlie Fairhead has words with Ambulance Man Andrew Ponting over his attitude to the job and there's a tragedy in the toilets, when a young woman with a stolen baby, locks herself in.

Note: First appearance of Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson), Ewart Plimmer (Bernard Gallagher), Megan Roach (Brenda Fricker), Lisa "Duffy" Duffin (Cathy Shipton), Andrew Ponting (Robert Pugh), Sandra Mute (Lisa Bowerman), Clive King (George Harris), Baz Samuels (Julia Watson), Susie Mercier (Debbie Roza) and Kuba Trzcinski (Christopher Rozycki)

2 2 "Hide and Seek" Ewart 13 September 1986
Clive King has to try and find out why two step sisters are unhappy after one of them is badly injured. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that the injured sister felt unloved by her stepfather and Clive tries to make him aware of the problem. A spot check by the DHSS sends ripples through the department and Ewart upsets his wife by cancelling a dinner engagement.
3 3 "Night Runners" Ewart 20 September 1986
A football match results in a policeman being stabbed and uncovers an aggressive father's not all he seems, when his son's the suspect. Charlie's at odds with Baz and the DHSS, as Megan rallies support from the staff for a Christian Scientist who refuses to be operated on, with startling results and Duffy prepares for her driving test.
4 4 "Jump Start" Ewart 27 September 1986
A troublesome reporter and a head injury case put the staff under pressure. Kuba turns on Clive for drinking on the job and a motorway pile up causes the death of two people. A woman with a guilty secret breaks her silence and the police break into her home to find her aged father dead.
5 5 "Blood Brothers" Ewart 4 October 1986
The troublesome reporter's causing more problems and Clive joins the AA after admitting his drink problem. A registrar, accuses a mother of being irresponsible when her little girl is found to be drunk and a pet ferret causes mayhem in the department. A Good Samaritan becomes a victim and a surgeon ignores a haemophilia man's plea and gives him a blood transfusion. Ewart tries to change Baz's mind about leaving.
6 6 "High Noon" Ewart 11 October 1986
A union meeting over the state of the National Health's closure scheme and Duffy's stand against porno films are just two problems the staff are faced with. Ewart's been kicked out of his home and Megan's being evasive about her health. A law student won't admit he's an epileptic and a young woman involved in a traffic accident, doesn't know she's seven months pregnant. Duffy's demonstration outside the cinema leads to several embers of the staff being involved in scuffles with the police.
7 7 "Professionals" Ewart 18 October 1986
Charlie and Baz are an item and the staff have to deal with a battered wife, who fears for her young son. Rose Sherman meets her match when she tries to deceive Ewart over the cleaning contract and Megan confides in him about having to have an operation. An old woman with lice and a man with an ulcer are admitted and the night shift ends with a punch-up and Duffy getting thumped in the mouth.
8 8 "Crazies" Ewart 25 October 1986
A crazed woman's attacking mini-cab drivers and Megan's husband, Ted, picks her up and he nearly becomes her next victim. Charlie and Baz argue over private health care, as Rose Sherman finds she can't bribe Ewart. Nurse Trish tells Duffy she's emigrating for better conditions and a safer life after being attacked. Megan finally tells Ted about her operation and Duffy prepares for her driving test.
9 9 "Moonlight Becomes You" Ewart 8 November 1986
Andrew and Sandra are having an affair and Duffy failed her driving test. An old man collapses and his friends are determined to be with him until the end. A drunk driver hampers an ambulance taking a car crash victim to Holby but the staff discover he's been fatally shot. A boil on a bum, brings a cocky young man down to size by Baz and Duffy and Ewart's distraught when his daughter becomes a patient.
10 10 "Teeny Poppers" Ewart 15 November 1986
Megan's smuggled back into casualty as she awaits her operation and Charlie and Baz are getting serious. When three teenagers break into a house and experiment with alcohol and drugs, tragedy strikes and Baz faces the wroth of the dead youth's relatives. A man dressed as Spiderman and a suicidal woman tax the staff and Ewart's thrown into turmoil with the sudden arrival of her daughter.
11 11 "Drunk" Ewart 22 November 1986
Charlie and Baz are still an item and Megan has her operation. A proposed Royal visit is playing havoc with Ewart's budget and a young lad's found unconscious in a school's swimming pool and a race against time starts to save his life. Duffy's late for work again and as Charlie fumes, he's unaware she's become the latest rape victim.
12 12 "Quiet" Ewart 6 December 1986
A local boxing match ends in tragedy when the winning boxer's found unconscious afterwards and becomes Baz's patient. Charlie teases Andy's extra martial liaison with Sandra and Duffy confides in Megan about her rape ordeal. Ewart's on hand to attend to a breach birth and Susie gets pestered by a drunk man. A wounded policeman and a drug addict are attended to, as the brain damaged boxer has to be transferred to another hospital for a scan.
13 13 "No Future" Ewart 13 December 1986
Megan's awoken by a disturbance in a neighbour's garden and becomes a mediator for the police, to end the siege. Andy and Sandra are at odds as they bring a crash victim in with a suspected heart attack, but dies before the police can interview him. Ewart's suspicions of the woman's well founded, for when the police search the car, they find drugs and a search for her, is mounted. All's now well between Charlie and Baz.
14 14 "Survival" Ewart 20 December 1986
Ewart's wife wants a reconciliation and Baz returns to work amid rumours, she's had an abortion, causing Charlie to fly off the handle. The staff have to deal with an old man's wishes to die, as a young man seeks reassurance on getting married. A bombshell's dropped on the future of Holby and the staff toast a decision to fight for it's survival at the end of their shift.
15 15 "Closure" Ewart 27 December 1986
Ewart's got the backing of the staff, as he fights the department over the closure of Holby and a meeting's held at Megan's house to determine there strategy. Kuba saves a man being attacked by a another man, wielding a baseball bat and a suspected case of Lasser Fever, closes the casualty department down until the patient's transferred to an isolation unit. Charlie throws a party to cheer everyone up and next day a demonstration to make the public aware of the closure, is held outside the hospital.

Note: Final appearance of Clive King and Baz Samuels


  1. In this series, cast list likely remained in same order and as Ewart was cast first due to importance, all episodes in this series are Ewart centric.

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