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Series 21 of Casualty ran between 23 September 2006 and 4 August 2007.


Main characters

Recurring characters

  • Jack Dedman as Louis Fairhead (until episode 16)
  • Gerald Kyd as Sean Maddox (episodes 5 – 10)
  • Frances Cuka as Mrs Bassey (from episode 15)
  • Julia St John as Sarah Evans (from episode 16)
  • Sian Webber as DCI Jordan (from episode 16)
  • Grahame Fox as Gavin Cook (from episode 16)


Episode Series Episode Centric character Original airdate
543 1 "Different Worlds - Part One" Charlie 23 September 2006
Charlie, Guppy, Abs and Comfort head to Cambodia to help out Duffy. When a young boy asks for help with his sick father, it sparks a chain of events that put Guppy's surgical skills to the test and prompt Charlie to raise suspicions about the clinic's surgeon, Mike. Meanwhile, back in England, Maggie and Harry are learning to work with a new doctor on exchange from Cambodia. When a young man is brought in, suffering from an overdose, a call from Cambodia forces Harry to make a decision that will have fatal consequences. As tensions run high in Holby, things take a turn for the worse when a bus full of schoolchildren crashes and topples over.

Note: Guest appearance of Lisa "Duffy" Duffin (Cathy Shipton).

544 2 "Different Worlds - Part Two" Charlie 24 September 2006
The ward is in chaos in the wake of the school bus accident and tensions are running high between Harry and the new doctor, Somnang. Meanwhile, even under traumatic circumstances, Kelsey is determined to play Cupid when she spots an opportunity between the bus driver and a friendly neighbour. Over in Cambodia, Abs and Comfort help with a difficult birth, and Charlie's suspicions are confirmed when he phones Sam to check up on Mike's background. Duffy is upset that he went behind her back, but things with Mike are not entirely what they seem. After all becomes clear, Charlie reveals his feelings for Maggie to Duffy - unaware that, back in Holby, Maggie's relationship with Somnang has taken an unexpected direction.

Note: Guest appearance of Lisa "Duffy" Duffin (Cathy Shipton).

545 3 "Waste of Space" Harry 30 September 2006
Nathan is continuing to worry about his future and becomes distressed when he cuts himself. Selena convinces him to take a blood test and he is glad to have her on his side, but what will his results say? Harry turns detective when a woman is brought in following a suspected overdose. Events lead him to suspect her GP of acting inappropriately. Meanwhile,Ellen is on a mission to convert the others to her health kick. An aggravated Kelsey decides a practical joke is the best way to get back at her, but her actions end up having unexpected consequences for Alice. New paramedics Dixie and Cyd arrive and Josh is unimpressed by their laid-back attitude. When Dixie criticises Josh's management, he decides to break the two of them up.

Note: First appearances of Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon (Jane Hazlegrove) and Cynthia "Cyd" Pyke (Joanne King).

546 4 "Heads Together" Selena 1 October 2006
Selena and Nathan are back together, but she wants to keep it from her colleagues. Nathan tries to undermine Harry by offering him a position which he would share with Selena. This plan backfires when it brings the friends closer together, which makes Nathan jealous. Meanwhile, a new no-smoking policy on hospital premises for staff puts Kelsey in a bad mood. She cheers up when Alice has an idea for a staff game. Elsewhere, the rota for the paramedics has been changed behind Josh's back so that Dixie and Cyd are back in a team together. Josh is unimpressed by the effort to undermine him and partners Cyd with himself. Over the course of the day the relationship between Dixie and Josh improves, and this gives Cyd and Greg a chance to talk as well.
547 5 "Sons and Lovers" Comfort 14 October 2006
When a woman and her baby are brought into the emergency department, the subject of child abuse is raised, leading to a tragic revelation involving the baby's older brother.
548 6 "Angels and Demons" Abs 21 October 2006
A child with burns is brought to Holby and Comfort, who suspects the girl has been abused, is accused of drinking by Sean after he smells whisky on her. Meanwhile, Kelsey, Ellen and Alice get into serious trouble, Nathan is left frustrated when he hears his department may be closed down and Tess and Harry treat a boy whose symptoms have been neglected by his parents.
549 7 "What You See is What You Get" Tess 28 October 2006
Two men from the Health Authority are visiting the hospital today and Nathan is feeling the pressure. It is a chaotic day and the team is keen to impress. Maggie walks in on Selena and Nathan kissing. Selena tries to explain but Maggie is angry and thinks that Nathan is favouring Selena because of their relationship. The atmosphere between the pair is tense and when they treat a patient together it doesn't help the situation. Meanwhile, Comfort gets dressed up for her date with Sean, but doesn't realise that he is taking her on a picnic. Things get off to an awkward start but the pair soon share a passionate kiss.
550 8 "Born To Be Wild" Josh 4 November 2006
Josh is due to attend an awards ceremony to mark his 20 years of service. But when a string of events makes him question society's values, his decision whether or not to collect his much-deserved award hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, Comfort is blissfully happy after spending the night with Sean but her joy is short-lived when she overhears a private phone call. Elsewhere, Guppy attempts to impress Cyd but ends up pretending that it is his birthday as an excuse to ask her to the pub, and Kelsey suggests that Alice should try to make Guppy jealous to get his attention.
551 9 "To Be a Parent" Selena 11 November 2006
Selena decides to carry out a major accident exercise in a bid to prove that Holby is better than St James's ED, thus preventing the department's closure. But when she rubs people up the wrong way, her plan results in chaos.
552 10 "It's Now or Never" Comfort 18 November 2006
Sean calls an ambulance when he discovers a lorry full of illegal immigrants. Comfort and Josh respond to the call. When Sean hurts his hand whilst helping and needs to go to hospital, Josh sees this as a perfect opportunity for Sean and Comfort to patch things up. Comfort realises she has made a huge mistake and rushes to catch him before he leaves.

Note: Final appearance of Comfort Jones (Martina Laird).

553 11 "All Through the Night" Harry 25 November 2006
Ellen has a brainwave to draw the public's attention to the closure of Holby ED, as the hospital drama continues. She ropes in Kelsey and Alice and they all jump into the City's water fountain in white t-shirts, causing a media frenzy. They are interviewed by a local reporter. However, the stunt results in an unexpected consequence for Ellen. Meanwhile, Harry decides to express an interest in the position at St James. With the Trust insisting that if he accepts the job he mustn't resist the closure of Holby ED, he has to decide where his loyalties lie. Elsewhere, Josh is hard on himself when he makes a mistake with a patient.
554 12 "No Place Like..." Josh 2 December 2006
A homeless woman called Jackie (Quirke) is admitted to the ED. However, she walks out, despite being told that she has gangrene in her foot and will lose it if she leaves. Jackie returns to the streets and goes to an internet café when, suddenly, a car crashes into it at high speed. Jackie and a young man are trapped in the rubble and Maggie, Charlie and Josh are faced with an agonising decision - whether to amputate Jackie's leg at the scene or risk both patients dying.
555 13 "The Edge of Fear" Selena 9 December 2006
Selena is due to appear on television to speak to the Holby MP. Nathan tells her to ask the MP why the current Emergency Department should remain open when they could have a bigger, better ED at St James's. However, his plan is foiled when Selena is quarantined when a patient called Martin - played by guest star Joe McGann - is admitted to the hospital with radiation burns and Harry takes her place on the show
556 14 "In Good Faith" Harry 16 December 2006
Holby MP Steven attends the opening of the new leisure centre where he becomes involved in a tussle with an angry constituent and accidentally falls down the stairs. Steven is rushed to A&E, where he is treated by Harry, but his condition worsens and he dies.
557 15 "Killing Me Softly" Josh 23 December 2006
It's Christmas Eve and tensions are running high on the busiest day of the year at Holby.
558 16 "Silent Night" Josh 24 December 2006
Josh is found badly injured in the back of an ambulance. The outcome looks bleak and, although the team battle to save him, his life is left hanging in the balance.

Note: Death of Ellen Zitek (Georgina Bouzova).

559 17 "The Sunny Side of the Street - Part One" Josh 30 December 2006
As the staff try to come to terms with the aftermath of Josh's actions, an accident involving a vanload of prisoners and a crowd of residents protesting against a brothel ensures the staff have their hands full.

Note: Temporary departure of Josh Griffiths (Ian Bleasdale).

560 18 "The Sunny Side of the Street - Part Two" Guppy 31 December 2006
Prostitutes and punters make a desperate bid to escape as fire rages at the brothel. While staff at the hospital are alerted to the incident, Guppy provides back-up at the scene and treats an injured man inside the burning building following Maggie's instructions over the phone.
561 19 "Fish Out of Water" Greg 6 January 2007
The gang decide to get away from all the recent tragedy, but their seaside trip goes horribly wrong. Nathan's mother causes havoc for her son, with unexpected results for Selena.
562 20 "Stormy Weather" Harry 13 January 2007
Harry acts on Maggie's advice that he needs to be more personable if he wants to succeed in his election campaign when he comforts a distressed Alice - but Nathan sees an opportunity he can't resist. Meanwhile, he waits impatiently for Selena's answer to his proposal.
563 21 "The Personal Touch" Kelsey 20 January 2007
Harry is suspended by Nathan, after he persuades Alice to make a formal complaint. Abs has an emotional day. Kelsey is forced into taking desperate measures, leading to a nasty surprise.
564 22 "Countdown" Kelsey 27 January 2007
Greg tells Cyd how much he wants the duty officer job - Josh's job. But he has a bitter pill to swallow when Dixie walks in and announces that she has been offered it. Meanwhile, Nathan tells Kelsey that he won't tell anyone she is moonlighting as a prostitute if she keeps quiet about his visit to the brothel. Selena later praises him for making a tough call by suspending Harry for sexual harassment. Elsewhere, Sam finds Alice crying in the staff room. She tells him that everyone hates her because she is the one who made the complaint about Harry.
565 23 "The Silence of Friends" Selena 3 February 2007
Kelsey agonises over whether to tell Selena the truth about Nathan as their wedding approaches.
566 24 "No Return" Harry 10 February 2007
Can Harry win enough votes at the election to save his department from closure? A young woman's real identity causes trouble in the ED.
567 25 "The Miracle on Harry's Last Shift" Harry 17 February 2007
Alice has made a big sign for reception, announcing the saving of the department, as the popular hospital drama continues. Dixie and new paramedic Jeff cope with a difficult drunk in a fight on the street, and Jeff proves his prowess as a paramedic. Meanwhile, Harry and Selena deal with a pensioner brought in by Jeff, but they fail to save his life and Harry is distraught. Later, Nathan decides he needs to apologise to Harry. He goes up to his office and, through the blinds, sees Selena and Harry in a passionate embrace.

Note: First appearance of Jeff Collier (Matt Bardock) and temporary departure of Harry Harper (Simon MacCorkindale).

568 26 "The Killing Floor" Nadia 24 February 2007
Posh new nurse, Nadia, works her first shift and triggers a war with Kelsey. Selena feels Harry's absence and Nathan puts the mockers on her new love prospect. A trio of mountaineers attempt to keep a dark secret.

Note: First appearance of Nadia Talianos (Daphne Alexander).

569 27 "Combat Indicators - Part One" Greg 3 March 2007
Dixie is jealous that Cyd is spending so much time with Greg. Meanwhile, new Army consultant Lt Col Andrea Petersen arrives and quickly riles Selena by being rude to an overweight patient having a heart attack. Later, Andrea tells Dixie that she's keen to do a shift with the paramedics. Elsewhere, Nadia persuades Guppy to give a patient a suppository for her. Andrea is angry when she finds him carrying out a nurse's procedure and Kelsey is made to do it instead.
570 28 "Combat Indicators - Part Two" Cyd 7 March 2007
Kelsey takes it upon herself to tell the whole department about Cyd catching Greg and Andrea in the ambulance together. Embarrased about the whole situation, Greg tells Andrea that they should keep quiet about their relationship. Jeff and Dixie arrive at a farm where the farmer has discovered an unexploded WWII bomb. They head into the field to find three badly injured children and realise they need a doctor - leaving Cyd and Greg to bring Andrea to the scene. A reporter who was taking photos in a nearby churchyard when the bomb went off is admitted to the hospital and asks Kelsey to persuade Nathan to let him report on the aftermath of the bomb. However when Derek realises that the reporter plans to ditch Kelsey for Nadia, he encourages Kelsey to find a way of getting Nadia out of the picture.
571 29 "Sweet Charity" Nathan 10 March 2007
Sam, Alice, Guppy, Kelsey and other staff members attempt various fundraising schemes for Comic Relief, much to Nathan's annoyance and he bans any further fundraising. Angus Deayton is at the hospital to have a splinter removed from his finger. Sam blackmails him into helping them with an auction for Comic Relief. Nathan then changes his mind after speaking to a former nurse at the hospital and supports the staff's attempts to raise money

Note: Guest appearance of Megan Roach (Brenda Fricker).

572 30 "A World Elsewhere" Cyd 17 March 2007
Greg is still trying to get back together with Cyd but she is unimpressed. Elsewhere, Nadia shows off her Kylie concert tickets and Kelsey is desperate to go. However, Nadia invites Abs instead. He says he's too busy working, so she determines to get his shift changed.
573 31 "Stitch" Stitch 18 March 2007
Mystery man Stitch turns up at a casino where Nathan is losing a lot of money and drinking heavily. When Stitch spots a croupier at the blackjack table running a 'top-hatting' scam with a shifty looking man he drags her outside and orders her to end the scam. Later, the croupier meets the shady character in the underground car park, and just as Stitch goes into the car park to check on her, the man slashes her across the face. Stitch spots Nathan close by and demands his help. Nathan is impressed with Stitch's handiwork and learns that he's a consultant. At the hospital, tension mounts when Stitch tries to take over as Selena tends to the croupier. He pressures Selena and Guppy to treat what he thinks is a tracheal bronchial injury but Selena thinks it's something else. And when the power fails Selena is unable to prove that she's right. That night, Stitch tells Selena he's looking forward to working with her - as he leaves the hospital with a sexy nurse.

Note: First appearance of Theo "Stitch" Lambert (Peter O'Brien).

574 32 "Life's Too Short" Stitch 24 March 2007
Maverick new consultant Stitch makes a dramatic impact on ED, but not everyone is impressed. Sam's eyes are opened on a paramedic shift when he dashes to the aid of two ladies in distress.
575 33 "Day One" Stitch 31 March 2007
On an evening in a bar, Stitch treats everyone to a drink and encourages Guppy to get on and do his surgery training. Meanwhile, Cyd and Greg are acting all lovey-dovey, much to Dixie's annoyance, and Nadia is surprised to realise that Stitch is playing footsie with her under the table.
576 34 "Lost in the Rough" Selena 7 April 2007
Stitch ignores Nadia after their night of passion, but they are forced to work together when two war veterans, Tom and Reg, arrive in the emergency department. When Stitch invites Nadia up to the office for a bit of fun, Nadia can't resist. When Tom learns that his old friend Reg doesn't have long to live, he feels obliged to honour his friend's wish - to let him die with dignity. Nadia leaves Tom alone with Reg as she heads up to Stitch's office. Tess arrives in Resus to find that Tom has tampered with Reg's life-support equipment and leaves Guppy in charge while she goes for help. Tess bursts in to Stitch's office - and as they leave for Resus, Nadia crawls out from under the desk. When the medics fail to save Reg, Tess demands to know where Nadia was and she confesses that she was with Stitch in his office - but he denies they were together. Meanwhile, Dixie struggles with her feelings for Cyd, when Cyd asks for time off to go camping with Greg. And Selena discovers she's pregnant - but is the baby Harry's or Nathan's?
577 35 "Lush" Guppy 21 April 2007
Dixie's feelings for Cyd are becoming more obvious, especially to Jeff. Meanwhile, Maggie is still trying to persuade Selena that she must face her situation head on and, elsewhere, Charlie worries that Stitch is a bad influence on Guppy.
578 36 "Aliens" Josh 28 April 2007
Josh is forced to go back to medicine when there is a medical emergency on a plane with a suspected terrorist. Elsewhere, Selena tells Nathan she is pregnant and they come to a decision. Meanwhile, Tess and Abs's odd behaviour is noticed by Sam.

Note: Return of Josh Griffiths (Ian Bleasdale).

579 37 "Close Encounters" Tess 5 May 2007
After being pressured by Nathan to abort their baby, Selena tends to young mum Coleen who's at the hospital after slipping on a toy at home. When Coleen's sons Stan and Archie start misbehaving, Nathan is forced to look after them. Later, Nathan tells Selena that maybe they should have a baby. Will Selena decide to keep it after all? When Sam fails to turn up for work and Alice admits to Tess that she told him that Tess and Abs were an item, Tess angrily informs Alice that this could seriously affect Sam's bi-polar condition. When Greg and Alice find Sam's flat empty but his medication left behind, a frantic Tess flees the hospital to find him. A man named Steve ends up at the hospital after crashing his car in a rage over his daughter Lucy's boyfriend Matt. When Matt arrives at the hospital with mild injuries, Tess stitches him up and sends him on his way. But when he's rushed back in with a brain injury and dies, Steve makes a shock revelation.
580 38 "A Long Way From Home" Tess 19 May 2007
Tess is terrified about Sam's wellbeing - he's been missing for a week with no sign. She enlists Abs's help and, together, they scour the city for him. Meanwhile, Alice has also been worried about Sam's disappearance, so much so that Kelsey begins to work out her true feelings for him. Elsewhere, at the site of an accident, Greg makes the heroic decision to enter a pit full of junk and save a trapped boy. However, in doing so, he defies Dixie's orders and puts himself in immense danger.

Note: Final appearance of Sam Bateman (Luke Bailey)

581 39 "The Apostate" Nathan 26 May 2007
Dixie is upset when Cyd confronts her about recommending Greg for a transfer and considers resigning herself. Nathan's attempts to talk Selena out of having an abortion are thwarted by a leaking sluice pipe and his day takes a turn for the worse when he makes a shocking discovery about Stitch. Jane Hazlegrove and Ben Price star.
582 40 "Communion" Nathan 2 June 2007
Nathan is furious to learn Stitch fabricated his employment history and redoubles his efforts to get the consultant out of Holby, but his machinations backfire. A window cleaner's life hangs in the balance after an accident. The staff plans a party to celebrate Tess's 20 years in nursing, and Josh suffers flashbacks when he treats a stabbing victim.
583 41 "Brass in Pocket" Tess 9 June 2007
Tess and Nadia reluctantly make their way to the party together, only to be confronted by the sight of a burning man in the road. Old demons resurface when Nadia tries to comfort the victim's traumatised son, while a prank on Nathan takes a dramatic turn as the celebration gets under way.
584 42 "Entropy" Selena 16 June 2007
A binman is crushed by his lorry after rescuing a baby discarded with the rubbish, and a teenager is admitted with a post-partum haemorrhage - much to her mother's disbelief. Selena's past catches up with her and begins to affect her work as she and Nathan find themselves the subject of gossip, while Stitch plays Cupid for Guppy.
585 43 "It Never Rains..." Abs 23 June 2007
A depressed Guppy is forced to make a tough decision on an emergency rescue and grows increasingly despondent when he makes a mistake that puts a patient's life in danger. Stitch calls the disillusioned medic to his office and places temptation in his path by revealing he uses cocaine to cope with the stress of work. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to persuade a bouncer to seek help after learning he is self-harming.
586 44 "Lie to Me" Dixie 30 June 2007
Cyd is bitten by a venomous snake inadvertently transported from Peru, prompting Dixie to finally declare her true feelings as the team fight to save their colleague's life. Stitch is furious to discover Guppy stole his drugs and performed an operation while under the influence, and an escaped prisoner is confronted by his daughter.
587 45 "The Fires Within" Stitch 14 July 2007
Nadia catches Stitch gambling on the Internet and the maverick consultant's distraction from his duties puts a patient's life at risk. Dixie's confession of love for Cyd leads to a tense atmosphere between them, while Josh grows concerned Maggie wants more than friendship. Tess tells Abs she feels too old to enter the dance contest.
588 46 "Walking the Line" Guppy 21 July 2007
Guppy takes heroin by mistake after stealing what he thought was cocaine from a patient's pocket. Kelsey tries to chat up an attractive man needing treatment, but Nadia is the one who ends up with his phone number, and Josh threatens to report Dixie for turning up late to an incident.
589 47 "Seize the Day" Stitch 28 July 2007
Guppy's dependence on drugs deepens after an attempted suicide brings back memories of his father's death, while Stitch's callous attitude toward the patient's husband infuriates Maggie. Harry visits the department and offers assistance to a grateful Selena, who is moved to make a confession.

Note: Return of Harry Harper (Simon MacCorkindale).

590 48 "To Love You So" Selena 4 August 2007
Guppy's addiction to cocaine causes him to make a potentially fatal error, but a guilt-racked Stitch takes the blame. Maggie urges Selena to tell Harry how she feels about him as he tours the hospital with a government minister, and a gun-toting patient puts lives in danger.

Note: Death of Selena Donovan (Elizabeth Carling) and final appearance of Theo "Stitch" Lambert (Peter O'Brien).

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