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Series 22 is the twenty-second series of Casualty. It aired from 8 September 2007 to 9 August 2008. The series contains 48 episodes.

Following the tragic death of Selena Donovan at the end of the previous series, the staff of Holby City's ED find themselves thrown back into the thick of the action. With Corporate Mangager Nathan Spencer (Ben Price) struggling to cope with looking after Angel and new Executive Director Marilyn Fox (Caroline Langrishe) determined to ring in the changes it looks as if the first casualty will be Nathan himself.

Series 22 saw the arrival of many new characters to the team which included F2s Ruth Winters (Georgia Taylor) and Toby De Silva (Matthew Needham), consultants Adam Trueman (Tristan Gemmill) and Zoe Hanna (Sunetra Sarker), porter Big Mac (Charles Dale), receptionist Noel Garcia (Tony Marshall), paramedics Snezana Lalovic (Ivana Basic) and Curtis Cooper (Abdul Salis) and staff nurse Jessica Harrison (Gillian Kearney).

Dramatic changes in series 22 included the departures of many beloved characters such as the long serving Josh Griffiths (Ian Bleasdale) and Harry Harper (Simon MacCorkindale). As the series drew to a close, it became apparent that yet another loved character was due to leave as Maggie Coldwell (Susan Cookson) quit Holby following a vicious court case.


Main characters

Recurring characters

  • Julia St John as Sarah Evans
  • Frances Cuka as Mrs Bassey
  • Sian Webber as DCI Jordan
  • Grahame Fox as Gavin Cook
  • Caroline Langrishe as Marilyn Fox (from episode 4)
  • Peter England as Terence "T.C" Cockleton (episodes 4 - 14)
  • Sudha Bhuchar as Devika (episodes 4 – 10)
  • Rebekka Choudhury as Sajani (episodes 4 – 10)
  • Gregory Foreman as Louis Fairhead (from episode 13)
  • Cherie Lunghi as Camille Windsor (episodes 14 – 48)
  • Robyn Addison as Joanne Coldwell (episodes 2244)
  • Richard Dillane as Sean Anderson (from episode 27)
  • Sarah-Jane Potts as Ellie Merrick (from episode 30)
  • Andrew Newton-Lee as Stacey Merrick (from episode 30)
  • Miffy Englefield as Amelia Anderson (from episode 34)
  • Danny Emes as Lucas Anderson (from episode 34)
  • Paul Fox as Simon Tanner (episodes 39 – 48)
  • Louisa Clein as Holly Spellman (episodes 44 – 48)


Episode Series Episode Centric character Original airdate
591 1 "My First Day" Toby 8 September 2007
New F2s Toby De Silva and Ruth Winters arrive for their first shift in the Emergency Department. Toby makes several initial mistakes, and is sent out with Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon and Cyd Pyke, when a bomb on a bus explodes on a busy main road. Toby questions his decision to become a doctor and almost quits, when he saves the life of a young diabetic girl caught up in the explosion.

Note: First appearances of Ruth Winters (Georgia Taylor) and Toby De Silva (Matthew Needham).

592 2 "Charlie's Anniversary" Charlie 9 September 2007
Charlie is increasingly disillusioned as the staff celebrate his thirty fifth year in nursing. Connie Beauchamp takes temporary control of the ED, in the absence of a Clinical Lead. As the casualties from the explosion are brought in, an unattended bag causes a mass evacuation of the department, and Charlie single handedly apprehends the Animal Rights activist behind the bombing.
593 3 "Meltdown" Nathan 15 September 2007
Selena and Nathan's baby is recovering in the ED, Angel, has been off the ventilator for the past day. Meanwhile a young mother breaks into a house in order to get her baby but the grandmother confronts her on her escape and she suffers a head injury as the mother escapes. The mother is pursued by the father and when she hides, the baby starts screaming she covers his mouth and nose to keep him quiet and hides him in a cement mixer. She then beats the father after he tries to tackle her, he is rendered unconscious. Meanwhile new consultant, Adam Trueman is out for a run when he sees the young mother about to commit suicide off the bridge. He successfully manages to talk her out of it by telling her how she would regret it. Meanwhile the daughter of one of Guppy's patients who died is desperate to speak to him but he gives her the cold shoulder and demands that Alice deals with it, much to Charlie's disgust. Nathan baby's heart keeps stopping so she is put back onto the ventilator, in order to take the strain off of the premature babys heart. The doctors suggest taking her off the machine after all of her organs are failing after getting an e coli infection. Guppy makes a serious mistake after missing treatment steps in a boys dislocated ankle, while Ruth had told him what had to be done previously. The psychotic mother escapes after Guppy confronts the grieving daughter. The witness to the attempted suicide that Adam attended turns out to be a reporter trying to get an inside scoop by using Adam. Guppy hands in his hospital pass saying that he is unfit to practice.

Note: First appearance of Adam Trueman (Tristan Gemmill), return of Jeff Collier (Matt Bardock) and final appearance of Cynthia "Cyd" Pyke (Joanne King).

594 4 "No End of Blame" Josh 22 September 2007
Somebody from the department has been talking to the press about the departments affairs during the bombing that happened in episodes 1 and 2. Harry Harper makes a statement on the news about the news report, defending the department. Meanwhile while driving to the music studio a man spills his coffee over his legs while driving causing him to crash his car. It transpires that his daughter, Susie, was in the boot of the van and was seriously injured in the accident. New receptionist T.C fools Nadia pretending to be a priest when Tess catches him out and gives him a final warning on his first day. Marilyn Fox is dealing with the inquiry and while she interviews Nathan, he blames Charlie for the events and brings up the incident where Charlie prescribed a patient medicine which caused her to have an anaphylactic shock. Alice then confronts Adam about how the press found the information to which he confesses to but Tess covers for him. Guppy confides in Harry about his drug use to which Harry tries to assure Guppy that he can seek help. Susie crashes from an allergic reaction to the medicine, Adam successfully does a surgical airway and then she is transported up to theatre. The trust requests for Nathan Spencer to resign due to the outcome of the inquiry.

Note: First appearance of Marilyn Fox (Caroline Langrishe).

595 5 "Sliding Doors" Guppy 29 September 2007
While Guppy awaits a train into Holby a young boy gets his arm stuck in a grate on the railway line, with a train approaching his only option is to break the boys arm and pull him free to save his life. Once in the hospital the mother threatens to sue Guppy about how he broke her sons arm. Guppy then fails to manoeuvre the bone into position to allow the blood to flow so Kelsey and Maggie are forced to intervene. Meanwhile an elderly lady from the train is brought in and Toby is assigned to deal with her. After attempting to treat her with Adam's guidance, he once again fails to successfully remove blood from her artery therefore Ruth decides to step in. The mother slaps Nathan after he tells her to take her domestic home with her, Nathan calls the police on her and gets her removed from the department even though her boy is deteriorating in recess for some reason that Guppy can't seem to work out. Guppy then successfully comes to the conclusion that he is a hemophiliac and that the bruises are a symptom and not from his mother or bullies. The boys brain bleed needs a bore hole operation, the surgeons are busy and Maggie attempts her first ever bore hole with Guppy's guidance as Adam is out on a date and not available to come in. Guppy takes over from Maggie after one failed attempt and tells her she can't continue with her shaky hands. Josh's friends from the previous season, Davika and her daughter, are back for plastic surgery, Charlie comes across as implying that they shouldn't be in the country and won't pay Josh back which infuriates Josh. Guppy decides that he will still leave the ED even after having a successful day. Harry returns as the new Consultant manager much to everyone's, especially Nathan's, shock.

Note: Final appearance of Guppy Sandhu (Elyes Gabel).

596 6 "Core Values" Harry 6 October 2007
With Harry's first day back in the ED under his new duties, he is quick to work with helping Toby out with his cases. Harry is ordered to fire Nathan by his superiors, much to Harry's outrage due to his recent losses. Meanwhile during an Army training exercise with live ammo, a medic is hit from behind with a bullet. Nathan slips on spilled coffee banging his head. While Harry is treating Nathan he tells him that he no longer has a job with which Nathan takes in his stride. The soldier collapses after his superior officer tampers with the machines. Ruth forgets to take a simple pregnancy test on a patient and when it looks like this will have repercussions on her when it turns out that she is pregnant, Ruth blames the mistake on Nadia. The soldier later dies after Adam and Maggie try to operate on him. It transpires that the superior is responsible for the shooting, after he was caught stealing and selling army equipment.

Note: Final appearance of Nathan Spencer (Ben Price).

597 7 "Inappropriate Behaviour" Ruth 13 October 2007
Harry introduces a new policy in which they will only take in emergency patients and everyone else will be turned elsewhere. After a drunken night out a woman is raped in a taxi by the driver. The taxi is then involved in a serious RTA after the woman attacks the driver. They plough into a lorry. Harry attends the RTA as the doctor. Ruth tries to hand Toby a drunk patient but Nadia forces her to treat him, it transpires that the patient is Ruth's dad, a drunk/violent man. Adam is forced to restrain Dianne's husband after he attacks the cab driver by ripping the intubation tube from his throat after finding out that he raped his wife. Ruth swaps her blood for her dads blood so that he can pass the blood alcohol test. They agree to go out for coffee together after her shift but her dad has done a runner, Ruth then finds out that the card he claims he wrote for her years ago was bought outside the hospital, he was just using Ruth for his own personal gain.
598 8 "My Aim Is True" Abs 20 October 2007
Harry is quickly sending patients out of the ED while dealing with the new policy. Much to Abs' disgust as he thinks he's not putting the patients first. Ruth does her 2nd intubation after Adam suggests she takes over from Toby after he struggles to do it. Adam and Toby successfully fix the light after the electrician is purposely not fixing it in order to waste time while earning money. Adam then shows Toby how to do an intubation, on a dead woman. Much to Alice's disgust, Tess comes storming in and Adam tells Toby not to apologise as it's a teaching hospital. Harry then comes through and tells Adam that the coroners office will have a field day. Adam then tells Harry that the reason behind this is that he doesn’t want Toby to fail again. Meanwhile at a wedding a jealous sister poisons the bride, groom and her father with raw chicken. Abs then confronts Harry after a patient he sent home comes back to the ED, this time in resus. Toby successfully does his first intubation thanks to Adam's persistence. Josh offers to marry Davika so that she can have a visa, she does not accept this idea as she does not want to be a burden. Harry decides that he will but a hold on the new policy, but cuts will have to be made in equipment or staff redundancies.
599 9 "As One Door Closes..." Josh 27 October 2007
Josh finds out that Laura Merryman is too mentally unwell to appear in court after stabbing him last season. Harry installs a new Blood gas machine but requires a huge form being filled out each time and each form earns the department money. After being continuously bullied and threatened with a knife on an estate by a group of youths, Matty takes matters into his own hands and strikes back with a knife causing serious harm to the adolescent. Josh has severe flashbacks between this stabbing and his own which makes it difficult for him to work or concentrate. Josh suffers a major panic attack in the ambulance forcing Dixie to call for another unit to take the patient. Toby makes yet another mistake after not log rolling the patient to find the other knife wound, also he has too much faith in the machine and gives the patient too much saline for his hemoglobin levels. Harry orders that no one uses the blood gas machine as it transpires it is giving false readings. Matty tries to run away with his parents to Poland after footage of him initiating the stabbing is found on his phone. As they are driving away they stop after Matty starts to hemorrhage. Adam has been making a blog online and is giving overviews of all the staff names along with nicknames. Marilyn decides that they only need 1 band 8 nurse so either Charlie or Tess needs to go and be replaced with a band 5 nurse to save £1,500. For revenge on Adam's prank Kelsey goes to let down his tyres, she assumes he has the fanciest car, it turns out that instead of his she has flattened Marilyn's.
600 10 "Finding the Words" Josh 3 November 2007
As Adam is telling the family that they could not save their son Toby bursts out laughing and is reprimanded by Adam and sent out on an observation with the paramedics. Davika is leaving for India much to Josh's disappointment as he really loves her. Meanwhile a family are walking through the woods when a car careers off the road through a field, runs down the mother and crushes the granddad into a tractor all the while with the young daughter staring on. It turns out that the driver was a drug mule and a package leaked into his stomach causing him to crash and subsequently die. The grandfather is in a very bad way and Toby tells him that he will probably die as the pressure of the tractor is keeping him alive, he later passes away and Toby faces his demons and tells the family while trying to keep his nerve. Ruth humiliates Adam as when he is trying to tell a woman her brother has died she wears a red nose trying to embarrass him, Adam asks why and she replies that if he doesn't take the blog down she will start acting like her nickname. Harry tries really hard to avoid Charlie or Tess being made redundant but is left with no choice but to let one of them go by Christmas. Josh decides that he will try and pursue this love life with Devika and jumps on the next plane to India.

Note: Final appearance of Josh Griffiths (Ian Bleasdale).

601 11 "A House Divided" Harry 10 November 2007
After a late night out Toby and Kelsey are feeling the effects of their hangovers. A drug addict who is going to an appointment to sort her life out leaves her son, William, at his grandma's house. Unbeknownst to her her ex-boyfriend, Steve, is in the grandmothers house trying to see their son. He is cooking meth when he accidentally knocks over the pan, blowing up the house. Harry offers Tess a transfer to outpatients and tells both her and Charlie that they have to find the blogger by the end of the day and terminate the site. They corner Adam in a room and tell him that they won't name him, he doesn't own up and tells them that he would never confuse them with 'they're', like the blogger has. Toby cheers Kelsey up with a bacon roll after she was kicked to the floor in cubicles. Adam drops Toby in about being the blogger as he is the only staff member that has been in every single day that the blog was written. He fully denies these claims. Tension rises between Charlie and Tess over who is going to be transferred. As William begins to crash the fire alarm in the department goes off causing an evacuation of the hospital. Steve gets aggressive and attacks Toby and then starts kicking off in resus and shouting at his ex and grandma. Tess, Charlie and Abs are forced to lock him in the other resus and barricade the door with a trolley while waiting for security. Greg has successfully got the post as a rapid response member.
602 12 "Strangers When We Met" Adam 17 November 2007
Greg is struggling with his rapid response training because he is failing to stick to the protocol. While out on his first solo call he comes across a malicious call where a young lad is riding on top of cars. As he drives away from the scene it turns out the lad has gone onto the rapid response car's roof. When Greg brakes he goes flying off injuring himself. Ruth is sent out on an observation shift with Greg after excelling with treating the patients. Ruth then mistakenly gives the patient the wrong medicine causing him to fit. When Adam calls Ruth into his office she is ready to come clean about the incident until he congratulates her and tells her that she will be a consultant very soon. Rod's, Greg's superior officer's, daughter is found having an asthma attack on top of scaffolding. Greg tries his best to save her but his efforts are in vain when she later passes away. He then snaps at Dixie and storms out of the ambulance depot.
603 13 "How Soon Is Now" Charlie 24 November 2007
With Ruth struggling to treat her patient she asks Adam to step in and with a little prompt she reaches the correct course of action. The patient is then stabbed by his brother in resus and dies from his new injuries. The police turn up and begin to interview all of the staff. Charlie turns up late for work after dropping Louis off at school. Harry tells him that he is not in a position to ask for favours after he asks for their meeting to be rescheduled. After smoking in the school store room, Louis and his friends accidentally set fire to the school. With resus closed because the police are examining the crime scene from earlier, Harry decides to upgrade HTC into the temporary resus. With the help of Big Mac, Toby manages to successfully unmask the true culprit behind toxicshark.com, T.C. Toby is forgiven of the false accusations and allowed to do proper doctoring duties instead of cleaning and laundry. After a gas canister explodes in the storeroom the teachers begin to evacuate. As they are trying to escape they are greeted by a fire door with a chain around it, forcing them to turn back to look for a different route out. Greg is first on the scene and despite Dixie's orders he enters the burning building, saving a whole classroom full of pupils. After hearing more screaming from inside the building, Greg ventures back in to find a girl impaled by a plank of wood. While treating her he begins to succumb to the smoke and he is then saved by the fire brigade. Charlie starts to think that the worst has happened to Louis after there has been no sighting of him leaving the building. Charlie finds out that Louis is safe as he skipped school after starting the fire, leaving every other pupil in the path of the impending fire. Adam calls Alice 'squeak' one too many times and she finally tells him her true feelings, about how he is being insensitive to both staff and patients. T.C. and Kelsey are put on punishment duties after Kelsey helps T.C. set up a prank to apologise for his recent blogging which causes Harry to have to lay down the law.

Note: First appearance of MacKenzie "Big Mac" Chalker (Charles Dale).

604 14 "Inheritance" Charlie 1 December 2007
Charlie is still struggling to cope with Louis and while trying to ensure he doesn't skip school again he ends up missing yet another HR meeting. The board decides that the blog T.C. made was out of order and to terminate his contract within the department. Charlie gives him a second chance but revokes this after T.C. is caught selling goods on hospital premises. Meanwhile a GP is brought into the hospital after collapsing, Toby calls her partner without consent and the doctor is forced to tell him she is hiv +ve. As her partner goes to leave her son blocks him and punches him in the face, sharing blood, possibly infecting him. Toby's mum, Professor Windsor, visits the hospital for a lecture and to check up on Toby but witnesses him having a very bad day after a patient refuses to let him treat them. Louis gets expelled from school and Charlie goes to pick him up but he is not there, when he checks there house he finds a large bundle of money hidden in a shoebox. Tension rises between Dixie and Greg after Greg has to deal with a solo call to treat a security guard and no ambulance comes for over an hour. The patient later dies causing Greg to begin to lose faith in his job.
605 15 "Behind Closed Doors" Maggie 8 December 2007
Toby is struggling to cope with the job and writes a resignation letter addressed to Harry. While Mac is mopping the floor he carelessly leaves wet patches around, one of which Adam slips on. Big Mac then once again goes on about how he can't clean it because of his back and how he can not push patients over 15 stone. Maggie desperately pleads to Toby that he is making a mistake but Toby tells her to stop interfering. A majorly obese man collapses in his house and is brought in via ambulance. Adam makes his feelings over the patient known to Harry and tells him that they should stop treating overweight patients who are just killing themselves anyway. Meanwhile in an out of the way farm a man slips into a machine and mutilates his foot, Ruth decides to use this as her chance to impress Marilyn in order to rotate over to surgery. Yet Adam decides to let Toby deal with him much to Ruth's disgust as he is resigning so has no real benefit for him. Louis ransacks Charlie's Locker after he takes his phone to punish him. Tensions come to head in resus as Harry and Adam fight after a death to find ways to blame each other for who was the cause of the man's death. Louis then storms in to argue with Charlie to get his phone back. Maggie loses her temper and tells everyone to sort it out. She then forcibly removes Louis from the hospital for lying to her. She then tries to assure Toby to stay after he succeeds in doing a textbook manoeuvre. After he decides to withdraw his resignation he decides to skip out on the pub and sleep in the on call room after moving out of his parents' house, as he begins to undress he finds Ruth already sleeping there as there is still a loud party outside her house. As Toby falls asleep on the chair Ruth asks him if everyone hates her but he doesn't hear her and her cries for help one again go on unnoticed.
606 16 "Snowball" Tess 15 December 2007
Harry has a difficult decision to make as the board want a decision of whether Charlie or Tess will be made redundant, he tells the pair that voluntary redundancy of one of them would be the favourable option. During a peaceful protest by blocking a minor road with bins to stop cars from speeding, an elderly protester suffers an angina attack. Greg goes to respond when he is blocked from getting there by an arrogant gentlemen, the man then punches Greg in the face. Dixie warns him that they will be having words after the shift. Kelsey starts to spread more rumours that Ruth and Toby slept together. Maggie tells Ruth that Toby will do Resus today in order to boost his confidence much to her dismay. Louis's school calls once again which forces Charlie to miss even more time of work even though it's the day that Harry will decide who will be redundant. It transpires that Louis was caught smoking Cannabis. Maggie offers Toby her spare room for him to stay in. Tess then approaches Harry and tells him that she volunteers to be made redundant.
607 17 "(What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?" Charlie 22 December 2007
It's Tess' last day before she will be made redundant, While Charlie and Tess drop Louis off at a friends house they witness a woman being dragged under a car. Meanwhile an overweight woman comes in to the hospital with stomach pains when it turns out that she has lost her baby. Toby realises that she may be cheating on her husband, Charlie tells him to tread carefully. After the woman phone's Charlie she tells him where she hid the baby, Charlie gets a lift from Dixie and Jeff and they find the baby, freezing cold. Jeff places the baby inside his top as Charlie says it's the best way to warm it up. As they make their way back Charlie gets out the ambulance after seeing Louis, who didn't turn up at his friends house, walking down the street. As he follows Louis he comes across the car from earlier that ran down the woman. The man then hits Charlie after the police give chase. The team give Tess a send off and they arrange a trip for her to go see her son, Sam. After Toby's patient, the woman with the baby, crashes he preforms a solo cardiac shock. After Maggie congratulates him, he snogs Maggie under the mistletoe. Charlie suspects that something more may be going on between the two doctors. After Charlie tells the man who dragged the woman under the car that she died, Charlie punches the patient after he makes remarks about her, the patient retaliates injuring Charlie. Harry asks for Charlie's resignation, to which Charlie accepts in order to let Tess keep her job and to spend more time with Louis.

Note: Temporary departure of Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson).

608 18 "Take a Cup of Kindness Yet" Abs 29 December 2007
With the year drawing to an end Kelsey, Abs and Harry's daughter go to the Paradise club to end the year in style. Meanwhile a boy, Dean, with mental issues brandishes a gun in his mother while wearing his dads old army clothes. Meanwhile new doctor, Zoe Hannah's car runs out of petrol and she goes to a nearby farm house looking for fuel when she comes across the mother that has been shot. Meanwhile a girl that has been brought in after a car accident is clear of spinal injuries by Ruth, the girl later tries to stand up to go tot the toilet but collapses and can not feel her legs. Meanwhile at the Paradise club Dean has managed to gain entry, looking for his target. As the nurses and Big Mac pop open a bottle of champagne at midnight, Tess storms in sending them all back to work. Kelsey and Abs, first on scene, give a young girl a tracheotomy with a straw much to Dixie and Jeff's praise. Abs follows Dean upstairs to try and treat him when he aims the gun at Abs. Back in the hospital, Ruth lies to Tess about what happened to the patient and blames what happened on Nadia and that she never said to discharge the patient or remove the collar.

Note: First appearance of Zoe Hanna (Sunetra Sarker).

609 19 "For Auld Lang Syne" Abs 30 December 2007
After Abs suffers a gun shot wound after trying to calm down Dean, Tess begins to prepare the department for the impending rush of patients from the shooting. Marilyn is forced to scrub up and is given all of the gruesome task from Tess. Dean is shot by the police and is rushed into resus, where he crashes yet still dies even after she preforms a tracheotomy. Tess treats Abs and tells him that the trust can not be held responsible and will not let Abs help out. He disregards Tess' orders and gets Dean's mum to open up and to tell the police that it was Dean who shot her. Adam's patients waters break just as he is about to leave for a party. Adam and Alice then begin to take her up to the ward when the elevator breaks. After receiving a call from his girlfriend asking where he is, the sound of the woman in labour makes her think that Adam is cheating on her and she breaks up with him. The pair are forced to deliver the baby in the lift. Adam's claustrophobia begins to worsen forcing Alice to take the lead in helping to birth the baby. Tess warns Ruth and Nadia that one of them is lying and that she wants the truth by the end of the day or there will be a formal investigation of how the patient was injured in the hospital. With Harry's daughter still missing after the shooting, he snaps at Marilyn after she complains about missing pudding even with all of the injured patients who are also not here by choice. When Harry's daughter turns up, it transpires that Dean has hid his younger daughter in the car after he could not bring himself to kill her. Nadia decides to take full responsibility and hands in her resignation to Tess.

Note: Final appearance of Nadia Talianos (Daphne Alexander).

610 20 "Broken Homes" Abs 5 January 2008
New receptionist Noel he is quick at pulling pranks and joking with colleagues. A young hitchhiker, Joe, catches a lift from a lorry driver, after she brandishes a screwdriver on him they swerve off the road into a caravan. Abs calls for a nurse meeting after receiving a letter from the nurses union about Charlie's situation, the union decide not to support them and Abs decides that the nurses will do an unofficial work-to-rule where the nurses will do the bare minimum as stated in their contract. Ruth goes out to the accident scene as the response doctor after a prolonged entrapment. Ruth makes another careless mistake after not checking how much morphine Greg gave Claire before giving her more causing a morphine overdose. Ruth then begins to insinuate to the boyfriend that she knows that he is beating Claire and locking her in the caravan but it turns out that it is her that is neglecting him. Marilyn threatens Kelsey that if this work-to-rule continues then another nurse might lose their job. After the driver of the lorry dies Zoe blames Abs for his death, Abs then makes an inspirational speech about how he is not the issue and how hard nurses work and that they go above and beyond theur job description yet when they do what they're paid to do they are blamed for negligence.

Note: First appearance of Noel Garcia (Tony Marshall).

611 21 "Adrenaline Rush" Tess 12 January 2008
In a chocolate factory a man has fallen into a chocolate vat. Dixie jumps in to rescue him after he starts to drown, she then gets stuck and begins to sink with the patient but is rescued by the fire brigade. Meanwhile a woman's leg is amputated when a train runs over it and is brought into resus. New nurse Lewis is straight into resus but Tess quickly sends him out due to his lack of experience. Kelsey and Alice set up dating sites after Adam suggests it to them. The patient from the chocolate factory stops breathing for no reason while being treated by Lewis and is rushed into resus where Harry praises Lewis for his quick response. It turns out that the woman wanted the train to amputate her leg so Zoe diagnosed her with BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder, desire for elective impairment). After Maggie interferes with Zoe's patient, Zoe makes it clear to Maggie that she won't tolerate it. Her patient then begins to spasm while Lewis takes her up to theatre. Tess shares her suspicions about Lewis to Abs. While Tess is taking a patients body to the morgue she is ambushed by Lewis who injects her with the same substance he gave to the other patients. Big Mac finds her and races her into resus. The team begin to treat her and as she begins to regain consciousness she warns the team that it was Lewis and they seal off the hospital. Big Mac successfully manages to apprehend him. Lewis says that he did what he did, so that he could then save their lives in resus and impress other people. After the shift Adam goes out to an engagement party where he meets Jessica Harrison and they have a one night stand together.

Note: First appearance of Jessica Harrison (Gillian Kearney).

612 22 "Take It Back" Ruth 19 January 2008
When Adam awakens from his one night stand he heads to work and finds out that she is the new nurse at the ED. The pressure builds for Tess after Harry is not fulfilling his promise of new nurses with a lot of patients breaching 4 hours. Meanwhile in a car workshop a man severs an artery in his leg with a power saw. Toby and Ruth treat him and Maggie is forced to tie off the artery out of theatre as no surgeons are available. Ruth and Zoe are treating an overdose patient who took the pills after realising he would never get out of his debt. Ruth becomes emotional after his death, blaming herself. Just as Toby and Maggie are leaving for a meal, Maggie's daughter turns up and tells her that she is pregnant. Tess tells Jessica that the agency have decided to keep her on in Holby.
613 23 "Where's the Art in Heartache?" Greg 26 January 2008
Maggie's daughter begins her contractions, Jeff is injured in a pub brawl making Greg consider whether he should resign after Dixie calls him a liability. While vandalising the underside of a bridge, the man slips and is left dangling down from the bridge. Greg is first on the scene. The rope snaps and he falls onto the road causing a car pile up. As Greg checks out the damage he finds that his patient from last week, Ruby, was involved in the crash. Chloe, the mother, has been impaled through the stomach and is trapped in the car. A chemical from a van begins to spread across the scene causing the fire brigade to tell the paramedics to retreat. Chloe passes away and Greg tells Ruby that her mother is just sleeping. Back in the hospital Ruth is treating the graffiti artist in cubicles while Adam treats Ruby, After Adam requests a blood gas for Ruby, Kelsey tells him that seen as she is on an agency shift she can not do them much to Adams disgust. Kelsey asks Adam to step outside where she tells him that she is not impressed with his attitude. Tess is forced to close the department as they can not cope with all the patients, even though Dixie and Jeff are literally minutes away they are forced to divert to St James, an extra 10 minutes away. It then transpires that the chemical was Carbon tetrachloride, Ruby dies after Adam, Kelsey and Zoe try desperately to resuscitate her for 30 minutes. Tess shouts at Abs blaming the work-to-rule in causing the death of the elderly man ,that Dixie had in the ambulance, and Ruby . The department gather outside to see themselves in graffiti as the graffiti artist from earlier made them a tribute.

Note: Final appearance of Greg Fallon (Kip Gamblin).

614 24 "Before a Fall" Ruth 2 February 2008
Abs once again decides to call another nurse meeting and says that the work-to-rule is being called off, Tess makes an inspirational speech to the nurses praising them as the reason the department operates as smoothly as it does. Marilyn blames Tess that the department should not have been closed where Tess tells her that if Charlie was still here then they would not have had to close the department. Ruth is tasked to deal with a 6 year old girl who fell while playing in a play area. Adam and Jessica treat an autistic child and Jessica contradicts all of Adam's decisions. Ruth is then given a drunk patient to deal with and she tells him that he needs to sleep it off. Adam is about to sedate the boy in order to suture his head injury when Jessica calls him out on his plan and tells him that she doesn't agree with it. It then transpires that the patient Ruth said was a drunk suffered a major brain bleed and his blood is not clotting. He dies in resus, Harry tries to ensure her that she is not to blame herself for what has happened. She then proceeds to tell the autistic child that Adam and Jess treated that his dad has died when they find a picture of the boy in the fathers wallet. Tess' emotions finally come to light after she exposes her true feelings to Harry about the stress on the department. Ruth apologies to the department for her mistake and Adam replies by telling her that it was okay as Toby kills patients everyday. She goes home to write in her diary. Abs and Toby decide to surprise her in order to cheer her up when they find Ruth hanging by her neck from the ceiling. She is rushed into resus where the team try desperately to save her.
615 25 "Sex and Death" Ruth 9 February 2008
Following Ruth's suicide attempt, Harry reads through her diary as the events of the past few months are revealed through the use of flashbacks. It begins with her arrival to the hospital and then about her family. It then shows that Adam set Ruth up to shadow the histology department much to Ruth's annoyance but she decided to stay there. Ruth's histology friend, Dominic, manages to secure her a slot in assisting Sarah Evans in surgery on Boxing Day. She then feels led on by Dominic which in turn adds to her depression when he turns her away. Ruth's suicide letter states that her life is summed up by 3 pieces of paper: a birthday card from a father that never loved her, a Christmas card from a man she thought did and a visiting order from her brother. After the incident the team go to the pub to drown their sorrows where Maggie feels bad after Ruth previously asked her for guidance to which she refused to help. Adam and Zoe share a kiss outside the pub where they decide that they are not compatible and to forgot about the incident. Adam then continues to flirt with Jessica and offers to walk her home. Harry tells Tess that the department has let Ruth down by not being there for her.
616 26 "Say Say My Playmate" Harry 16 February 2008
Toby calls off work sick and Harry is desperate to see him to check on how he is coping after Ruth's suicide attempt. He does not want the department to fail Toby as well as Ruth. Everyone is directed to Holby after St James deals with a major RTA. Meanwhile a group of 3 kids run through the woods after overdosing on antidepressant pills. After bumping into an estranged old man the boy ends up stabbing the man in the stomach. Marilyn tries to force Harry to sign off on a press report that says that Ruth could not cope and that it was her own fault. While attending the call to the woods, Dixie, Jeff and Snezana manage to get the ambulance stuck in the mud. Meanwhile at the pub Toby is forced to help deliver Maggie's daughters baby while he is under the influence of alcohol. Dixie and Jeff do not notice the girl in the woods and leave to assist Toby, presuming the call is a hoax, only to find the stabbed man in the middle of the road. Johanne's baby's cord is stuck and Toby calls Tess to try to get help as the ambulance has been delayed. When the paramedics arrive Snezana argues with Dixie over whether they should risk delivering the baby in the pub or attempt to transport her to the hospital. Toby is given the final decision and chooses to deliver the baby in the pub. The young girl who was in the woods with the boys collapses and is found by police and brought in. Adam, Harry and Kelsey treat her when she begins to deteriorate. They then discover that her friend was the one who stabbed the elderly man with dementia who is fighting for his life in resus. Harry refuses to let Maggie have a few hours off to see her daughter in maternity. Harry then gives Toby a week off for compassionate leave if he agrees to see a specialist. Marilyn threatens him that if he goes public with Ruth's diary then the board will ensure that he loses his job.

Note: First appearance of Snezana Lalovic (Ivana Basic).

617 27 "Silent All These Years" Harry 1 March 2008
Toby returns after his compassionate leave and tells Harry that he thought that him of all people would have supported Ruth after reading the newspaper article. Curtis and Jeff bring in a patient with a severe leg injury, Sean Anderson comes down to the department to assist Toby and Zoe in treating the patient. Dixie and Snezana bring in a young girl who has been impaled in the neck by a bracket, Harry tells Toby that the two of them will work together on the case. Toby manages to form a connection with the patient and successfully manages to treat her, Harry treats the mother and discovers that she has been burned by an iron on her back, she confides in Harry over how her husband has been beating her. After Toby's patient begins to deteriorate Tess suggest paging Harry, Toby then puts Martha to sleep in order to intubate her, when he can't fit the tube down her throat he is forced to perform a surgical airway, Adam tries to stop him as he has not been trained but Harry decides to let him try and encourages him. After he successfully manages the airway, he is praised by the team. Adam criticises Harry over leaving Toby by himself when Harry tells him that him flirting with Jessica wasn't exactly productive either, Adam then tells him that he had already offered his services earlier to which Harry refused. Noel breaks patient confidentiality after telling the woman's abusive partner that she is in cubicles. It then transpires that the husband is not only abusing the mother but also the daughter. A formal complaint is lodged against Jeff after he makes offensive and racist remarks towards a patient. Harry reaches out to the press and gives them Ruth's diary as he believes it will help hundreds of F2s like her.

Note: First appearance of Curtis Cooper (Abdul Salis)

618 28 "Thicker than Water" Harry 8 March 2008
With Ruth now off life support, she is beginning to recover but is still not awake, Adam braces the team that they will make one final attempt to take Ruth off of sedation and warns them that they should say their farewells. Harry is brandished by the press as part of the cover up, Marilyn tries to make a scapegoat out of Harry after the public cry for the boards resignation. The team applaud Harry for his actions when he then tells them that this will be his last day as consultant manager of the department. Meanwhile a construction worker falls from his site and is rendered unconscious, during his fall his building materials also land on other workers and on a car. Adam and Harry clash while treating the man who fell and argue over whether to intubate or not, their argument spills out of resus and into the corridors where Adam questions him as to why he waited so long to release the diary. Charlie is working in a Health Centre where he is treating a patient with whiplash. Marilyn makes an official press conference criticising Harry's actions, he then suggests to Adam that he should become the next Clinical lead which Adam declines. After Harry's departure, Toby finally manages to pluck up the courage to visit Ruth when after speaking to her, she begins to move. Harry decides to play one last ace-By inviting Charlie to return to the ED.

Note: Final appearance of Harry Harper (Simon MacCorkindale) and return of Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson).

619 29 "Diamond Dogs" Charlie 15 March 2008
Everyone prepares to Celebrate Charlie's return by decorating the department appropriately but are disrupted when Marilyn scolds them and forces them to take down the banners and balloons. Zoe is preparing for an interview for Harry's job, against Maggie who is also trying to become clinical lead. Ruth is now fully conscious and decides to discharge herself from the hospital. Meanwhile an unsuspecting woman is attacked by a dog (because of an irresponsible owner) in her own garden and is rushed into the ED. Abs receives a call and is told that his brother, Danny, has died after taking a drug overdose. Marilyn, Jane and Sean decide that the decision between Maggie and Zoe is too close and plans on shadowing both staff members around the department for the day. The rampaging dog continues by attacking 2 community police officers and 2 civilians. While attending to an emergency call, Jeff is assaulted by a group of gangsters throwing bottles and stones. Adam's patient is threatened by a large man and when Adam tries to intervene, in order to keep his patient safe, he is head butted and receives a broken nose. Charlie confronts Marilyn how the security at the hospital is atrocious and that she needs to put more safeguards in place for the safety of the staff. Maggie offers Ruth a room in her house until she is back on her feet. Marilyn offers Zoe the job as the new clinical lead after being unimpressed by Maggie running off to persuade Ruth to move in with her instead of treating her patients.
620 30 "Face the World" Abs 22 March 2008
Tess persuades Abs to go to his brothers funeral in order to comfort his mum. Curtis and Snezana attend an RTC where 2 women suffer possible spinal injuries. It transpires that the accident was staged in order to claim insurance. Alice manages to secure a date from her online dating site when she begins to have second thoughts. Big Mac uses a fake profile in order to get a date with Kelsey but then stands her up due to nerves. Tensions are heated when Abs tries to reconcile a relationship with his mum. A brawl erupts at Danny's wake when Abs best mate gets into a heated argument with his step-dad. After a trying day Abs manages to hold a conversation with his mum about his future plans of opening up an alcohol help clinic after promising his best mate that he would help him to get past his alcohol addiction.
621 31 "To Thine Own Self Be True" Zoe 29 March 2008
Today is Jessica's first day as a permanent nurse in Holby and also Zoe's first day as clinical lead. Meanwhile two jealous boys, Jake and Danny, fight over a girl, Karen, in the boxing ring when both of them wind their way into the ED after they brawl outside the ring. Jeff and Dixie attend a call out to a drag queen. Lou, who has collapsed after a performance and bring him into the hospital. Zoe and Maggie argue over budget cuts when Zoe tells Maggie that Ruth needs to come back into work as she is still being paid a full wage, which she would rather spend on a locum doctor. Toby was about to begin his orthopaedic rotation with Sean Anderson when it transpires that Maggie told Sean that Toby is not prepared for it. Maggie and Zoe treat Jake when they discover he has severe bruising on his back and he can no longer feel his legs. Zoe discovers the reason behind Lou's discomfort is that his liposuction site has become infected. Danny finally reveals to Jake that he has no interest in Karen as he is gay and the three friends reunite. Jessica is left distraught as Adam gets into a taxi with another woman.
622 32 "Bricks and Daughters" Toby 5 April 2008
Today is Ruth's first day back after her attempted suicide and she is placed on non-clinical duties, it is also Toby's first day of his orthopaedic rotation. Dixie and Jeff bring in an elderly man, Emanuel, suffering from suspected dementia. Ruth and Toby tend to the patient but Ruth is disappointed when she realises her role will only involve gown-changing and information gathering. Adam arrives into work late and is told by Zoe to get his act together. Toby struggles with his first dislocation and Maggie is forced to step in and assist. Meanwhile in an illegal hippy hostel, an arsonist blows up the building after the police arrive to stop the illegal rave, Anita went back in to collect her belongs when the blaze began causing burns and internal bleeding. Zoe treats Anita and requires an orthopaedic surgeon to come down and examine her, Sean sends Toby down much to Tess' disappointment. Maggie once again goes behind Toby's back and calls Sean Anderson down to intervene. It transpires that Toby did the band wrong and almost caused the patient to bleed to death. A shoplifter attempts to avoid the police by setting off the fire alarm and amid the distraction Maggie's granddaughter, Lana, is abducted out of Tess' office by the patient with suspected dementia. Maggie then finds Emanuel holding Lana over the rubbish shoot, Ruth successfully manages to talk the Doctor out of dropping the baby, successfully saving her life.
623 33 "Someone's Lucky Night" Adam 12 April 2008
The department is understaffed on a busy Friday night, Ruth is determined to help out but Charlie firmly puts her back in her place. To make matters worse there's a bug spreading round the hospital causing Tess and Kelsey to be sent home. Charlie and Abs work together to find the cause and begin to suspect the donuts that Noel has been giving out. Jessica treats a young girl of whom she suspects is being abused by her mother when Jess has to attend to another patient, Toby discharges the girl, leaving Jess devastated. Once Jess realises what has happened the young girl ends back up in the hospital, this time by ambulance. Meanwhile Sam Baxter is attacked on his stag night by a group of drunks after making remarks about their appearance. The mother of the frightened girl makes a complaint about Jessica to Charlie who promptly brushes her off to Ruth after discovering that it is not the donuts but instead, norovirus that is being spread through contact with vomit and diarrhoea. Adam finds himself in a difficult predicament after he discovers that Sam has been anally raped by the "mugger", he seeks guidance from Maggie as he begins to struggle. Charlie has Abs look into what equipment and cubicle was used for the patient with the norovirus but he ends up coming down with the bug himself along with the frightened girl. Ruth makes a brilliant diagnosis and discovers that the girl is not abused by her mother but in fact has brittle bones, Maggie lets Ruth start to treat patients again but she struggles keeping her cool when inserting needles. Adam convinces Sam to tell his girlfriend he was raped and when he does she makes him swear he will take it no further but when he sees one of his attackers in the ED he decides that he has to report it causing their engagement to shatter. Jessica tries to make amends with Adam but still pushes off his sexual advances, she then invites him out for breakfast only for the police to arrive and distract his attention while Jessica makes her exit. It transpires that she is married to Sean Anderson in this episode.
624 34 "Walk the Line" Jessica 19 April 2008
Zoe tries to turn over a new leaf, but ends up feeling stressed and reveals she cannot have children. Adam continues his attempts to impress Jessica, unaware she is married, and Abs confronts his friend Stacey over his drinking habits.
625 35 "The Great Pretenders" Ruth 26 April 2008
Ruth begins the morning in a good mood, but her confidence is knocked when Toby completes a medical procedure that eluded her, and she struggles to deal with her feelings. Curtis is troubled while tending a boy he appears to know and later lays flowers on a grave.
626 36 "Love Is..." Ruth 3 May 2008
Ruth feels suicidal again, but her spirits are raised after helping save a life following a motorbike accident. Adam is hurt to discover Jessica is married and Toby receives an ultimatum from an angry Sean, but a kiss from Joanne leaves him elated.
627 37 "Saturday Night Fever" Charlie 10 May 2008
Stacey and his son arrive in the ED with a broken ankle and a needle injury respectively, prompting Abs to confront his friend over his alcoholism once more. Meanwhile, Adam begins to regret ignoring Jessica.
628 38 "When Love Came to Town" Charlie 17 May 2008
Marilyn and Zoe try to convince Charlie of the benefits of opening a private clinic for minor injuries within the department. Ruth finds herself relaxing as she has a good day, but Toby's mind is elsewhere and he is slow to spot that his stethoscope is missing. Adam and Jessica snipe at each other.
629 39 "Opposing Forces" Charlie 31 May 2008
Charlie is unhappy when the new minor injuries unit opens and accuses its manager of `canvassing for customers'. The additional filing causes problems for Noel, but Ruth comes to his aid when he makes a mistake that could have devastating consequences. Jessica and Adam spend the day flirting.
630 40 "Have a Go, Hero" Maggie 7 June 2008
Charlie suspects Simon has been bribed by an equipment supplier, increasing the tension between the two to dangerous levels. A girl is brought in after being found wandering alone wearing only a nightie, and her confused comments lead to a desperate search by Dixie and Maggie, placing the latter's life in danger.
631 41 "Is She Really Going Out with Him?" Maggie 14 June 2008
A barbecue ends in a fight, leaving a man suffering a stroke and a pregnant woman with burns - but the violence does not stop there, and Maggie finds herself dragged into the conflict. Kelsey is thrilled at the prospect of seeing her soldier suitor James, Dixie shares her suspicions about Zana, and Toby is caught in bed with Joanne.
632 42 "They May Not Mean To but They Do" Maggie 28 June 2008
Zana is visibly upset when she is unable to save a man and Jeff worries she may be on drugs, prompting him to persuade Curtis to give her a blood test. Kelsey is devastated when Big Mac ends his charade with an e-mail informing her the soldier has died. The man who attacked Jo is brought into the MIU.
633 43 "I Can Hear the Grass Grow" Abs 5 July 2008
An inquest is convened to decide whether Maggie's actions caused Kris Kemp's death, and with no evidence to support her claim that it was Simon's fault, it looks like she will face a criminal prosecution. Stacey suffers paranoid hallucinations after going cold turkey and is involved in a car accident.
634 44 "Salt and Sugar" Adam 12 July 2008
Toby ignores Sean's advice and operates on a woman's broken leg without help, only to realise later he has made a dreadful mistake. Kelsey is devastated to learn the truth about Internet boyfriend James, and Adam bonds with Jessica's children, and Alice acts out of character at her party.
635 45 "Paradise Lost" Jessica 19 July 2008
Jessica and Sean's son is involved in a car accident and rushed to hospital while both his parents are with their secret lovers. Charlie puts his job on the line to protect Maggie, and Jeff finds evidence that Snezana is the department's medicine thief when her friend's daughter has an asthma attack.
636 46 "The Things We Do For..." Jeff 26 July 2008
Marilyn coerces Zoe into lying under oath in court, first by offering to help her career, then by threatening to expose her affair with Sean. Jeff is shocked to learn Snezana has been treating a community of Serbian illegal immigrants. He agrees to keep a secret she has revealed to him - as long as she destroys the medical supplies she's using.
637 47 "This Mess We're In - Part One" Maggie 2 August 2008
Maggie's career hangs in the balance as the court case begins, with Marilyn forcing both Simon and Zoe to lie under oath - but Charlie spots a weakness in their case. Big Mac impresses Kelsey with a surprising skill, and Toby's mother visits the department with a journalist in tow.
638 48 "This Mess We're In - Part Two" Maggie 9 August 2008
Maggie is cleared at the coroners court as Zoe tells the truth about Simon's duplicate notes about the patient who Maggie was accused of killing. Maggie later decides to leave the Emergency Department, asking Charlie to come with her to travel. He declines and says he has a son to look after but it is the best invitation he has ever had. Elsewhere the paramedics are caught in a landslide at a quarry where illegal Kosovan immigrants have been working. One worker, a friend of Snezana, dies, and Maggie promises Snezana she will take the worker's daughter back to her family in Serbia. Toby and Ruth have a heart-to-heart and Ruth tells Toby to admit the medical mistake he has made to Sean. Abs is caught kissing his friend Stacey's wife. The court case is taken to the police. As the episode closes, Maggie and Charlie share a kiss.

Note: Final appearance of Maggie Coldwell (Susan Cookson).

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