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Series 22 of Holby City ran between 7 January 2020 and 30 March 2021. This series comprised 44 episodes.

On 18 March 2020, the BBC announced that all filming for BBC Studios continuing dramas, including Holby City, had been postponed until further notice due to the spread of COVID-19. On 9 April, it was announced that the series would be going on an extended break, with the last episode airing on 14 April. The series recommenced on 2 June and ran until 11 August when it had exhausted all of its completed pre-suspension episodes. Following the news in July that production of the show had restarted, new episodes started being broadcast in November.


Suspension of production

On 18 March 2020, the BBC issued a statement on the effect of the worsening COVID-19 outbreak on BBC Studios' continuing dramas, such as Casualty and Holby City, and announced that all filming would be postponed until further notice. It was explained that "the decision was made after the latest government update".[1]

By 24 March, the producers of Casualty and Holby City were in talks with local NHS services to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) "and other useful medical items to assist them". Simon Harper said, "Casualty and Holby City are all about celebrating NHS heroism, so we are only too happy to help out and do what we can for the courageous and selfless real-life medics battling this situation."[2] Weeks prior to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK, the Holby City production team purchased two work anaesthetic machines with ventilators for use on the show, but the team requested that the machines be offered to the NHS when demand began to dramatically increase. On 10 April, BBC Studios received confirmation that the machines had been received by NHS Nightingale Hospital London.[3][4]

On 27 July, it was announced that filming of Holby City had recommenced that day. It was stated that the series would return with a special episode focusing on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the hospital, a theme that would be present in the series going forward. In order to produce the series in a "safe and responsible manner", the show's production team developed comprehensive production protocols and made sure that social distancing measures were adhered to in accordance to government guidelines. Consequently, the new episodes would only be 40 minutes long.[5][6]

On 29 October, a trailer promoting the return of the series and a press statement was released.[7]


Main characters

Recurring characters

Guest characters


Episode No. Series No. Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original airdate
1009 1 Episode 1009 Jan Bauer Patrick Homes 7 January 2020
2201JacKianInMountains.png When a defeated Kian finds himself in a dark place, will Jac be able to pull him back from the edge? Meanwhile, a past acquaintance puts Max in a compromising position.
1010 2 Episode 1010 David Innes Edwards Katie Douglas 15 January 2020
2202JacKianReturn.png Jac and Kian return to work, but can they support each other and conquer their demons? Demoted and back in the trenches, Serena must find a role for herself. And will Sacha's efforts to help with Essie's home life only push her into Ben's arms for good?
1011 3 Episode 1011 David Innes Edwards Katie Douglas 21 January 2020
2203SerenaProtests.png With Jason's job in jeopardy, can Serena afford to put her neck on the line for her nephew? Tracey McKendrick brings trouble to Holby. How far will Nicky go to protect her mum? And can Essie trust boyfriend Ben enough to share the secret of baby Isla’s illegal adoption?
1012 4 Episode 1012 Dermot Boyd Davey Jones 28 January 2020
2204SachaWithMaria.png On Holocaust Memorial Day, Sacha's beloved great-aunt - a Holocaust survivor - is admitted in very poor health. Meanwhile, Cameron sees red while dealing with a stabbing victim.
1013 5 Episode 1013 Dermot Boyd Nick Fisher 5 February 2020
2205SachaInsistsOnOperating.png It’s the day of Sacha's groundbreaking transplant operation. As he is still overcoming a bereavement, Max wonders whether Sacha is fit to carry out the procedure. Meanwhile, Nicky’s woes escalate when Max finds out that she’s been moonlighting, and Donna has stars in her eyes when she meets a patient who happens to be a casting director.
1014 6 Episode 1014 Daikin Marsh Claire Miller 11 February 2020
2206CameronThreatensSteve.png It’s Valentine’s Day, but will Cupid’s arrow hit the target for Chloe and Cameron? Will Nicky risk a life to pay off a debt? A troubled Sacha is guided by the faith of an old friend.
1015 7 Episode 1015 Daikin Marsh Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope 18 February 2020
2207ZavConfrontsCameron.png It’s the morning after the night before, but will Cameron and Chloe reconcile? A familiar face waltzes back into Holby and ruffles a few feathers, and when Jac’s plans with Emma fall through, a colourful character comes to the rescue.
1016 8 Episode 1016 Waris Islam Alex Straker 25 February 2020
2208SachaEssie.png A galvanised Ric clashes with Max as he goes above and beyond for a patient. Essie has to choose between Ben and Sacha, and Kian returns from Canada determined to push Jac out of her comfort zone.
1017 9 Episode 1017 Waris Islam Damian Mullen 26 February 2020
2209MaxResistsDrinking.png Max finds herself in a desolate place after receiving distressing news, but following her fallout with Ric has she lost her closest confidante? Jac and Kian must decide who will be Darwin’s next clinical lead, but neither is quite ready to make the call.
1018 10 Episode 1018 Jamie Annett Isla Gray 10 March 2020
2210CameronExplainsLiftIncident.png Xavier unearths a shocking secret, and Fletch struggles to handle the nursing shortage. Reeling from recent revelations, Sacha, Essie, Dom and Ben peform life-saving surgery on a vulnerable child.
1019 11 Episode 1019 Jamie Annett Ed Sellek 24 March 2020
2211ZavConfrontsCameron.png With Xavier hot on his trail, how far will Cameron go to keep Evan dead and buried? Roger Ffolkes forces Ben to own his secrets.
1020 12 Episode 1020 Steve Brett Ed Sellek 31 March 2020
2212MaxMeetsLouis.png Max is feeling nervous at the thought of seeing her daughter again after years of estrangement. ED nurse David Hide joins the Darwin crew for the day, but Jac deems him not worthy. Essie waits for her routine cancer check-up, while Sacha encourages her to bury the hatchet with Dom.
1021 13 Episode 1021 Steve Brett Simon Norman 7 April 2020
2213SachaEssieEngaged.png Max struggles to come to terms with an explosive revelation. Jac and Kian bond over pizza and wine, and Dom tries to reason with a distraught Essie.
1022 14 Episode 1022 Griff Rowland Joe Ainsworth 14 April 2020
2214NickyHoldsZavsHeart.png As his disciplinary hearing begins, Xav is determined to prove that Cameron killed Evan. Essie faces the fight of her life as she undergoes her first round of chemotherapy.
1023 15 Episode 1023 Griff Rowland Becky Prestwich 2 June 2020
2215GuyReturns.png Essie’s friends try to keep things normal as she continues her chemotherapy. Jac and Kian’s relationship takes an unexpected turn, and can Guy keep his relationship under wraps?
1024 16 Episode 1024 Jennie Darnell Phil Mulryne 9 June 2020
2216EssieFletchConfide.png Essie puts on a brave face, but the effects of chemo start to take a toll. Guy has a lot to prove as he faces a challenging case on his first day on AAU, and Jac tries to keep things professional with Kian on the ward, but he has other ideas.
1025 17 Episode 1025 Jennie Darnell Johnny Candon 16 June 2020
2217Kian.png As things with Jac heat up, Kian is thrown off balance when a patient causes painful memories to resurface. Tensions run high as Louis adjusts to life in his mum’s hospital, and Guy tries to make amends for last week. Fletch puts his foot in it when he receives an unwanted gift.
1026 18 Episode 1026 David Innes Edwards Katie Douglas 23 June 2020
2218FletchTellsEvieHeHasCancer.png Fletch and his daughter Evie reveal life-changing secrets they have both been keeping, and what will Max do when dangerous truths are exposed on the biggest day of her career?
1027 19 Episode 1027 David Innes Edwards Katie Douglas 30 June 2020
2219EssieCries.png Cameron is gutted when his performance review doesn’t go to plan, and Nicky’s attempts to find a life-saving treatment for Brenda put her at odds with Jac. While staff fuss over Fletch as he recovers from surgery, Essie may know something that will change life on Keller forever.
1028 20 Episode 1028 Dean Byfield Julie Parsons 7 July 2020
2220LouisNicky.png Nicky struggles to cope at work as her world collapses around her. Cameron takes his pent-up anger out on an innocent Louis.
1029 21 Episode 1029 Dean Byfield Ed Sellek 14 July 2020
2221JacConfrontsNicky.png Nicky wakes up in hospital to find her overbearing mother interfering in both her work and personal life. She takes the opportunity to reassess her priorities. Fletch and Essie befriend a cancer patient, but the relationship forces all three of them to confront some ugly truths about what the future holds.
1030 22 Episode 1030 Karl Neilson Davey Jones 21 July 2020
2222EssieSeesRaf.png Ric suspects Guy has fallen off the wagon and sets out to stop him working at Holby, once and for all. Kian returns to Darwin Ward, determined to make amends with Jac. But when forgiveness doesn't come easy, Kian goes into self-destruct – with almost fatal consequences.
1031 23 Episode 1031 Karl Neilson Nick Fisher 28 July 2020
2223Drew.png Cameron fears new locum Drew is out to expose him, Kian spends the day babysitting Emma in order to win back Jac's heart, and how low will Sacha stoop to convince Essie?
1032 24 Episode 1032 Tracey Rooney Lucia Haynes 4 August 2020
2224GuysHearing.png Ric clashes with Max when his determination to destroy Guy puts his health at risk. Distressed by Frankie’s disappearance, Essie’s suspicions are raised when Sacha avoids the subject. Chloe struggles to keep things professional when her dating life spills onto the ward.
1033 25 Episode 1033 Tracey Rooney Joe Ainsworth 11 August 2020
2225GoodbyeMyLove.png Finding Ric unconscious in theatre, Guy capitalises on the unexpected opportunity. Sacha tries to make things right with Essie, and Nicky receives a surprising offer.
1034 26 Episode 1034 Steve Brett Patrick Homes 10 November 2020
2226RicCollapses.png After brain surgery, Ric wakes to find that the world around him has completely changed and that Holby is gripped by a coronavirus pandemic.
1035 27 Episode 1035 Griff Rowland Joe Ainsworth 17 November 2020
2227JacClaytonOnRoof.png A mystery patient could be the undoing of Jac and Kian’s secret relationship, and the team are shocked when a new member of staff reveals that Sacha has been lying to them all.
1036 28 Episode 1036 Griff Rowland Ciara Conway 24 November 2020
2228MaxLucky.png The financial burdens of keeping the hospital doors open and the stresses of her relationship with Louis weigh heavily on Max. A surprise face starts work and stirs up Donna's memories of Xavier.
1037 29 Episode 1037 Paulette Randall Andy Bayliss 1 December 2020
2229CameronEyesSolomonsDrugs.png Sacha battles against the odds to keep going after Essie’s death. Cameron tries to win Chloe over, with dramatic consequences. Kian finds himself in a compromised position when Clayton calls him out.
1038 30 Episode 1038 Paulette Randall Ed Sellek 8 December 2020
2230CameronMax.png Chloe and Cameron become completely estranged when she finds out that they are competing for the same job. Sacha and Jodie continue to stick together against the naysayers.
1039 31 Episode 1039 Steve Brett Damian Mullen 15 December 2020
2231KianFightsHisAddiction.png Kian’s cold turkey is tested when Sarah Jane calls in a favour. Can Kian stand firm or will he crack under the pressure?
1040 32 Episode 1040 Steve Brett Katie Douglas 5 January 2021
2232SachaOpensUpToBeka.png Sacha buries his head in the sand when Beka is taken ill on New Year’s Eve. Will he figure out the truth before it’s too late?
1041 33 Episode 1041 Jamie Annett Rebekah Harrison 12 January 2021
2233Jac.png Skylar’s mistake has fatal consequences, but is she really the one to blame? Kian admits his addiction to Jac, and Donna tries to put Xavier's memory to rest.
1042 34 Episode 1042 Jamie Annett Patrick Homes 19 January 2021
2234CameronBurnsLetter.png It’s the day of the hearing, but who will the panel listen to, Cameron or Skylar? Jac can’t shake her worries about what Kian is getting up to.
1043 35 Episode 1043 Karl Neilson Joe Ainsworth 26 January 2021
2235JacDoesntBelieveKian.png A returning patient wreaks havoc for Jac, and Sacha fears for his daughter while Jodie is on the loose.
1044 36 Episode 1044 Karl Neilson Joe Ainsworth 2 February 2021
2236Gunman.png The hospital is locked down with a gunman on the loose. Trapped in theatre, Cameron needs Nicky's help if he is not to be exposed as being way out of his depth.
1045 37 Episode 1045 Dean Byfield Ciara Conway 10 February 2021
2237SachaDiscoversJodiesPregnancy.png Sacha gets the shock of his life when Jodie appears back on the scene. On her first day on Darwin, Jac's replacement, Sahira Shah, doesn't take kindly to Kian. And a bubbly new nurse, Kylie, arrives in acute admissions, but will she survive her first day?
1046 38 Episode 1046 Dean Byfield Ciara Conway 16 February 2021
2238DomImpaled.png Sacha and Hanssen battle to save Dom’s life in theatre, while Jodie is terrified that she might lose her baby. Sahira tries to steady the good ship Holby, up on Darwin.
1047 39 Episode 1047 David Innes Edwards Michelle Lipton 23 February 2021
2239CameronRecognisesBobby.png Ange blocks Dom's discharge, Alex makes a shocking discovery when a patient arouses his suspicions, and Nicky's health issues return.
1048 40 Episode 1048 David Innes Edwards Becky Prestwich 2 March 2021
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Hanssen is shaken when a figure from his past appears. Cameron is backed into a corner when Bobby arrives on the ward threatening to talk. Ange and Dom clash over his decision to sue the hospital.
1049 41 Episode 1049 Daikin Marsh Katie Douglas 9 March 2021
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Chloe tells Ange that she thinks Cameron was involved in a patient’s death. Hanssen tries to protect Sahira. Will Max ask Lucky to stay, when she proves her worth on her last day?
1050 42 Episode 1050 Daikin Marsh Andy Bayliss 16 March 2021
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png After learning from Sahira that he may not have been Reyhan's only victim, a distracted Hanssen makes a terrible mistake in theatre. Will it be life-ending for Reyhan?
1051 43 Episode 1051 Steve Brett Ed Sellek 23 March 2021
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Cameron holds Ange hostage as the truth of his crimes comes to light. Max needs to look out for Louis, but is she up to it? And Dom is back on the ward for the first time since he decided to sue the hospital.
1052 44 Episode 1052 Steve Brett Lydia Marchant 30 March 2021
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Reyhan challenges Hanssen to tell Sahira the truth, Nicky vents her frustrations on a shady patient, and the team rally to support Ange after her ordeal with Cameron.


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