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Series 23 is the twenty-third series of Casualty. It began airing on 13 September 2008 and finished on 1 August 2009.



Episode Series Episode Centric character Original airdate
639 1 "Farmead Menace - Part One" Tess 13 September 2008
On the Farmead Estate, teenager Sammy Malone is causing havoc with some fireworks, with disastrous consequences. With a film crew in tow, Jeff, Dixie and Adam arrive at the scene and start to treat an injured resident. The site soon becomes unstable as the repercussions continue. Unbeknown to any of them, the rocket has caused a fire, which in turn causes an explosion. Soon the fire is out of control. Tess decides to track down the culprit herself, which puts her life in grave danger.
640 2 "Farmead Menace - Part Two" Charlie 14 September 2008
As the situation on the Farmead Estate escalates into a riot, Charlie leads a team hunting for Tess. Dixie is in shock after the accident and leaves Jeff to answer the police's questions, while Adam puts on a confident front as he tries to get over his disappointment at Jessica's decision to stay with Sean.
641 3 "Interventions" Abs 20 September 2008
Michael French joins the cast as former Holby surgeon Nick Jordan, who returns to his old hospital as the new clinical lead - and wastes no time exerting his authority over a bickering Zoe and Adam. Meanwhile, a girl is injured while helping a stranger in an underpass on the Farmead Estate, but Abs seems more concerned with the health of the woman who brought her in.

Note: First appearance of Nick Jordan (Michael French).

642 4 "Guilt Complex" Nick 27 September 2008
Adam continues to treat Nick Jordan with suspicion, but Ruth appears to be enjoying the heart surgeon's new leadership. A fight in a garage leads to a serious accident, Zoe receives her test results, and an elderly lady is brought in after a suspected overdose, which may have been assisted by one of her daughters.
643 5 "Face Up" Dixie 4 October 2008
Dixie faces her first day back at work after the accident, but struggles to cope when a call to a council estate ends in violence. Zoe deals with the results of her fertility tests by going out and getting drunk, before knocking herself out in the toilets of a club, while Alice learns more about Curtis.
644 6 "Hurt" Abs 11 October 2008
Dixie appears to be her old self again when she stands up to a mob, but is inwardly still struggling to rebuild her confidence. Abs refuses to go to Stacey's funeral, and his emotional state leads him to jump to conclusions about a patient. Adam spreads a rumour about Jordan, and an unwelcome face returns.
645 7 "There and Back Again" Abs 18 October 2008
Jeff tries to shield Dixie from the abuse she faces, clearly worried about his colleague. Abs spends his last day in a terrible mood, which is lifted only by a visit from Tess, while Adam is led astray by the woman he woke up in bed with and makes a mistake - for which Toby takes the blame.

Note: Final appearance of John "Abs" Denham (James Redmond).

646 8 "The Evil That Men Do" Dixie 25 October 2008
Dixie has a brick thrown through her window - and worse is to follow. After a patient's overdose, Jordan launches an investigation, but it only reveals how highly the team thinks of Adam. Charlie surprises Tess with his preferred choice to replace Abs.

Note: First appearance of Jay Faldren (Ben Turner).

647 9 "The Line of Fire" Dixie 1 November 2008
Tess is unhappy when Jordan allows Ruth to perform a tricky procedure. Dixie confronts the Malone family at their home, where she finds Sammy seriously ill - with what appear to be injection marks on her arm. Big Mac prepares for his date with Kelsey, but it becomes clear her attention is elsewhere.
648 10 "Impact" Toby 8 November 2008
A car crash uncovers an affair between a woman and her stepfather, and spurs Ruth and Toby to prove themselves to Jordan. Dixie discovers Jeff has split up with his wife, Jay frustrates Tess during his first day and Jess is caught with a pregnancy test.
649 11 "Own Personal Jesus" Nick 15 November 2008
Jordan tries to assert his authority over the department, but is not helped by chaotic building work, and is forced to break the rules to perform a risky operation. Jessica fears Zoe is getting too deeply involved with Sharice and Abby, while Curtis opens up to Alice about his past. Despite his disregard for the rules, Jay starts to fit in.

Note: Final appearance of Marilyn Fox (Caroline Langrishe).

650 12 "Reality Bites" Ruth 22 November 2008
Both F2s begin affairs with unlikely members of the hospital staff. Ruth and Jordan agree to keep things professional after spending the night together, but her new positive attitude leads to confrontation with Toby. Dixie braces herself for the broadcast of the documentary, certain it is going to show she is to blame for the accident. Zoe takes Sharice home after finding her wandering the hospital.
651 13 "A Slip in Time" Adam 29 November 2008
Adam experiences flashbacks to his childhood when he attends a car crash which has left two boys trapped. Jordan takes his frustrations out on Ruth, who lets Toby know what she witnessed the night before. Big Mac becomes the butt of Jay and Kelsey's jokes.
652 14 "Happiness" Jessica 6 December 2008
A stressed Jessica collapses, leading Tess to ask if she is pregnant. Ruth and Ben try to make Toby face up to his feelings, but he seems to be in a downward spiral. Meanwhile, a woman who feels insecure about her restricted growth causes an accident, but the relationship she forges with the injured man helps to restore her confidence.
653 15 "Doing the Right Thing" Adam 13 December 2008
Sean tells the entire department that Jessica is pregnant, while Toby is desperate nobody finds out he is the reason for Ben's suspension - but refuses to face up to Ruth's allegations. Adam introduces his brother Alex to his colleagues, and Jeff realises he is unable to live and work with Dixie.
654 16 "This Will Be Our Year" Jessica 20 December 2008
Jessica grows frustrated with controlling husband Sean when he announces he has a new job and that they are moving to Saudi. He hands in her notice at the hospital, puts their house on the market and fusses over her following a minor car accident - forcing her to take desperate measures. Ruth challenges Jordan over her unsuccessful interview and Toby's sexuality comes into question. Away from the hospital a small-time loan shark goes about his business, taking a family's Christmas savings and interrogating a priest who owes him money. Before the day is out, it seems he - or someone he comes into contact with - will be paying a visit to hospital.
655 17 "Took a Long Time to Come" Charlie 21 December 2008
Sean discovers Jessica after her fall and rushes her into resus, where she is anxious that she is unable to feel the baby move. As Adam reassures her, he learns she is five months pregnant, not 12 weeks as he thought, and immediately realises he could be the father. Jordan and his team are baffled by the lack of injuries sustained by Annie, the sister of loan shark Benny, despite her falling three floors onto concrete. She believes her brother's touch brought her round, but Benny refuses to believe in Christmas miracles. However, it does give him food for thought and he decides to pay another visit to his debtors.
656 18 "My Last Day - Part One" Toby 27 December 2008
Jessica is stunned when Sean confronts her about the affair with Adam. She confesses all and tells him the baby is definitely his, and is relieved when he forgives her - or so she thinks. At the hospital, a journalist arrives to talk about an old man found badly beaten in the street, but soon takes more of an interest in Toby's apparent incompetence in treating the patient. Meanwhile, Zoe gets to the bottom of the hit-and-run and Ruth refuses to treat a patient because he has bought a mail-order bride from Thailand.
657 19 "My Last Day - Part Two" Toby 3 January 2009
As the department reels from Toby's resignation, Ruth considers her own future following her role in his decision. An influx of patients from a train crash interrupts Jay's moment of triumph following his heroics on the river, and Zoe discovers who was responsible for the hit-and-run.

Note: Final appearance of Toby De Silva (Matthew Needham).

658 20 "Crush" Zoe 10 January 2009
Zoe races to locate a missing Sharice when the child's parents are brought into the department with serious injuries. Jessica finds herself homeless and alone as a result of Sean's scheming, and Alex is unsure he wants to go through with his operation. Jordan has concerns over Ruth's priorities.
659 21 "No Going Back" Nick 17 January 2009
Jessica's hopes of a reunion with her children are undermined by the reality of her situation. Zoe breaks the news to Sharice that her parents are dead, Alex's grim prognosis after his operation leads to Jordan making a confession about his own health, and Jay admits his insecurities to a patient.
660 22 "Price of Life" Adam 24 January 2009
Zoe tries to persuade social services to let her foster Sharice, but knows how tough she will find getting through to the girl. Curtis's date with Alice is ruined by an urgent phone call from the Farmead Estate, and Adam struggles to deal with the ramifications of Alex's condition.
661 23 "Midday Sun" Adam 31 January 2009
Zoe nervously prepares to tell Sharice she plans to foster her. Alex conspires to get Adam out of the way when he comes to a momentous decision that tests the department's entire staff, while Curtis and Alice's romantic picnic is interrupted by a frantic father whose son has been injured.
662 24 "Watershed" Adam 7 February 2009
A message from beyond the grave leads a grief-stricken Adam to finally speak with Jordan about his boss's decision not to resuscitate Alex. Sharice is discharged from hospital and reunited with Zoe, while Jessica is offered a house on the notorious Farmead Estate. A brain-damaged woman is brought in after injuring herself and her husband.
663 25 "Stand by Me" Adam 14 February 2009
The threats against Curtis and Alice get more serious and the paramedic feels his only option is to cancel their date. Adam and Jordan begin to bond as they prepare to scatter Alex's ashes, and a man suffers severe injuries while trying to put some excitement back into his relationship.
664 26 "Blood" Nick 21 February 2009
Curtis hopes that distancing himself from Alice will protect her from Tony's thugs, only to find himself on the wrong side of Tess as a result. Zoe tells Sharice she has taken a week off work while she settles into her new surroundings, but ends up coming into the ED bored after a morning at home. Dixie and Jeff bicker about their domestic arrangements.
665 27 "Could We Be Heroes?" Nick 28 February 2009
Adam is furious when Jordan suggests he is too emotionally unstable to work in a high-pressure environment, and retaliates by telling Henry about his boss freezing while treating a patient. Kelsey thinks she has won £50,000 on a scratchcard and delivers a few home truths to her colleagues as she hands in her notice - little realising she has been tricked by Jay. When Zana's daughter visits Holby, the paramedic is forced to reveal the sacrifices she has made.
666 28 "Before a Fall" Adam 7 March 2009
Kelsey's colleagues snub her efforts to make amends and she has difficulty retracting her resignation, but a patient's story inspires her to make a decision about the future. Adam is forced to re-evaluate his treatment methods when a drug addict in his care threatens to throw herself from the hospital roof, and Jay hopes his skill for connecting with people will ensure he keeps his job. Alice discovers there may be a sinister reason for Curtis's behaviour.
667 29 "Shields" Ruth 14 March 2009
Jessica receives DVD footage of her children, but it is bittersweet because she still has no evidence of their location. Ruth tries in vain to improve her social skills, Alice attempts to understand Curtis's reasons for shutting her out, while Dixie and Jeff are bemused by a new colleague's enthusiasm.

Note: First appearance of Polly Emmerson (Sophia Di Martino).

668 30 "Lie Low" Big Mac 21 March 2009
Flashbacks reveal the events preceding Big Mac's arrest, as violence and intimidation on the Farmead Estate entangled the porter in gang warfare. As the threats against him escalate, he realises his friendship with Jessica puts the nurse at risk as his past returns to haunt him.
669 31 "All You Need Is Love" Kelsey 28 March 2009
Sharice's grandparents pay a visit and voice their displeasure with Zoe's care for the child. The girls struggle to keep Kelsey sober ahead of her surprise leaving party, and Adam breaks Jordan's ban on entering resus and sneaks in to treat a patient. Meanwhile, Snezana makes a major decision.

Note: Final appearance of Kelsey Phillips (Janine Mellor) and Snezana Lalovic (Ivana Basic) and guest appearance of Maggie Coldwell (Susan Cookson).

670 32 "True Lies" Nick 4 April 2009
Jordan finds it increasingly difficult to hide his condition, causing him to launch into an uncharacteristic tirade against a stroppy patient. Tess senses the change in Alice and Curtis's relationship as the couple agree to meet in secret, and Adam remains frustrated that he is restricted to working in cubicles.
671 33 "Someone to Watch Over Me" Nick 11 April 2009
Despite being in shock after finally receiving a diagnosis of his illness, Jordan fights to maintain his grip on the department. Ruth asks Jay to be her date at a formal dinner, while trouble with Sharice's childminder highlights Zoe's problems as a working mum - not least to the girl's grandmother.
672 34 "The Trap" Nick 18 April 2009
Jordan schemes to convince Henry that Adam should be suspended by withholding the news that Jessica has gone into labour. Zoe is forced to bring Sharice into work, making her face the reality that she cannot combine her job with motherhood, and the team is tested by an explosion at a restaurant.
673 35 "Better Drowned" Nick 25 April 2009
When Adam tries to resign he is shocked at how desperate Jordan is to preserve his reputation. Alice hopes to have more success than the police in persuading Curtis to testify against Tony, Jessica's mother-in-law reappears after she is allowed to take her baby home, and Zoe hands Sharice to her grandparents.
674 36 "The Price We Pay" Adam 2 May 2009
Adam's world is rocked when Jordan finally admits the truth about his condition and Jessica confesses baby Harry might be his son. Tess's indiscretion puts Alice and Curtis in danger as the news that they have resumed their relationship reaches Tony, while Jeff asks Zoe if he can move into her spare room. As politician Margaret's health deteriorates journalist John Sergeant arrives to cover the story.
675 37 "Hostile Takeover" Nick 9 May 2009
Jordan is unable to stick to the terms of his secret arrangement with Adam when Henry brings a group of students into the department. Alice makes plans to join Curtis in fleeing Tony's wrath, but is unaware a patient threatens their happiness, and Dixie tries to help Jeff reconcile with his wife.
676 38 "With This Ring" Curtis 23 May 2009
A badly beaten Alice is rushed into the department - but when the police admit they cannot link Tony to the assault, Curtis takes the law into his own hands and confronts her attacker himself. Adam is so busy treating his colleague, he is unable to join Jessica at the registration of Harry's birth, while Zoe asks Jordan for more responsibility in a bid to prove her commitment.
677 39 "Who Do You Think You Are?" Adam 30 May 2009
Alice returns to work to find Tony lying in wait for her, prompting Curtis to take action to end her attacker's campaign of intimidation once and for all. With Adam unwilling to take on Jordan's administrative duties, his boss continues to overwork. However, despite her bad mood Zoe may be on hand to help - in more ways than one.
678 40 "Palimpsest" Jeff 6 June 2009
When Jeff learns his estranged wife plans to remarry and move away with the children, his bad mood is made worse by paramedic staffing shortages. As he and Polly respond to a variety of hoax calls and genuine emergencies - including a heart attack and an explosion - he takes it out on his colleague.
679 41 "Fight or Flight" Nick 13 June 2009
Ruth tries to impress a surgeon who is shadowing her, but she remains awkward and unable to relax - even at a social event with Jay. Jordan considers sharing his secret with Zoe in an attempt to quell Adam's fears about his blossoming relationship with her, Jessica's desperation to be reunited with her children clouds her judgement, and Big Mac rescues an injured pigeon fancier.
680 42 "Parent Trap" Jeff 20 June 2009
Jeff decides to fight his estranged wife for custody of their children, but his plans may not be realistic. Ruth starts seeing the benefits of Jay's advice about connecting with patients, and Alice is annoyed by her mother and Tess's interference in her wedding plans. Gillian Taylforth guest stars as an alcoholic struggling to keep her family together after her sons are taken into care.
681 43 "Not Over 'til the Fat Lady Sings" Nick 27 June 2009
Jordan is no longer able to hide his illness from his colleagues when he has a fit, but Zoe is hurt to discover he has known about his condition for weeks and not told her. Adam tries to persuade a resolute Jessica not to go to Saudi Arabia and meet up with Sean, but she is desperate to be reunited with her children, while Ruth tries to resist her feelings for Jay.
682 44 "Ask Me No Questions" Nick 4 July 2009
Ruth panics when she learns her surgical rotation depends on her relationship with Jay. Jordan agrees to have treatment but worries about the effect of his absence, while Big Mac is shaken after receiving a threatening letter, and it is clear his actions on the Farmead Estate have upset the wrong people.
683 45 "Ashes" Nick 11 July 2009
Jordan is offered potentially life-saving surgery as his deteriorating health starts to become a distraction for his colleagues. Jessica's return from Saudi Arabia presents Adam with a decision about their future as a family, Curtis's plea that Jeff be his best man gets an unenthusiastic response, and Dixie tries to take Polly's mind off her blood tests.
684 46 "Great Expectations" Adam 18 July 2009
Jordan is suspended after taking the blame for Zoe's mistake, but Adam realises the truth and threatens to inform the board. Jay reassures Ruth when she is called to her first accident scene and has to amputate a man's leg, Polly receives her blood test results, and Curtis's preparations for his stag night are unsettled by thoughts of Tony.
685 47 "No Fjords in Finland - Part Two" Curtis 25 July 2009
Tony's body is discovered on Alice and Curtis's wedding day - and police soon find a witness who saw the groom fleeing the scene. Jessica gets a shock when Sean returns from Saudi Arabia, while Jordan accidentally reveals to Henry that Adam knew his secret diagnosis all along after tending to victims of a car accident involving a student and his fiancée.

Note: Final appearance of Sean Anderson (Richard Dillane).

686 48 "No Fjords in Finland - Part Two" Alice 1 August 2009
As her wedding day descends into chaos, Alice grows increasingly certain Curtis is innocent of Tony's murder. Tess's realisation that the Malones were involved with the crime leads to a riot in the department, which provides Adam with an opportunity to demonstrate his leadership skills. When Callum's aggression peaks as he holds Alice at gunpoint on a rooftop, Curtis intervenes, sacrificing his own life to save hers.

Note: Death of Curtis Cooper (Abdul Salis).

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