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Series 23 of Holby City commenced in April 2021; it will comprise 50 episodes.

In June 2021, the BBC announced that Holby City would end following the conclusion of the series.[1]


Main characters

Recurring characters

  • Julia Deakin as Carole Copeland (until episode 36)
  • Jules Robertson as Jason Haynes
  • Phoebe French as Evie Fletcher (until episode 33)
  • Laila Rouass as Sahira Shah (until episode 5)
  • Ali Hadji-Heshmati as Abs Raza (until episode 16)
  • Raad Rawi as Reyhan Shah (until episode 5)
  • Juno Dawson as Vicky Turner (until episode 3)
  • Sonny Poon Tip as Andrei Tarpov (episodes 1 – 12)
  • Richard Pepper as Rich Peterson (episodes 14 – 24)
  • Carol Walton as Elaine Hudson (from episode 14)
  • Delroy Atkinson as Delroy Jones (episodes 1518)
  • Briana Shann as Mia Barron (from episode 18)
  • Naomi Preston-Low as Melissa "Mel" Dawson (episodes 1927)
  • Damian Quinn as Frazer Forbes (from episode 23)
  • Lucy Briggs-Owen as Amelia Ebrahimi (from episode 26)
  • James Anderson as Oliver Valentine (episodes 28 – 37)

Guest characters

  • Dona Croll as Sanya Morrison (episodes 1 – 3)
  • Philippa Stanton as Flo Gallagher (episode 2)
  • Polly Frame as Claire Reynolds (episode 5)
  • Annette McLaughlin as Mags Vernon (episode 5)
  • Amanda Wilkin as Jemima Thomas (episode 6)
  • Jon Robyns as Dan Phillips (episode 6)
  • Samuel Menhinick as Finn Kearney (episode 7)
  • Jacqui Dubois as Mary Trowler (episode 7)
  • Katie Wimpenny as Abbie Vicars (episode 7)
  • Karl Collins as Treve Harding (episodes 8 & 9)
  • Isaiah Bobb-Semple as Kyle Griffin (episode 8)
  • Dianne Pilkington as Shelley Wilder (episode 8)
  • Celia Robertson as Shona Uphill (episode 8)
  • Jessie Ross as Aleysa Bonner (episodes 9 & 22)
  • Rachel Tucker as Kathy Peters (episode 10)
  • Mark Jordon as Connor Coleman (episodes 10 – 12)
  • Kwami Odoom as Troy Christie (episodes 11 & 12)
  • Gina Gangar as Matilda Chibnall (episode 11)
  • Steve North as Len Chibnall (episode 11)
  • Rachel-Leah Hosker as Zoe Smith (episodes 11 & 12)
  • Jonno Davies as Leo Powell (episode 13)
  • Rachel Bright as Beth Miller (episode 13)
  • Richard Frame as Dannie Waites (episode 13)
  • Nicholas Shaw as Rory Lycett (episodes 13 & 14)
  • Karen Ascoe as Regina Marriot (episode 14)
  • Conor Joseph as Ashley Parry (episode 15)
  • Mark Arden as Martin Duffy (episode 17)
  • Emma Jay Thomas as obstetrician (episode 17)
  • Ameet Chana as Mohammed Jaziri (episodes 17 & 18)
  • Justina Kehinde as Omolola Yakubu (episode 19)
  • Victoria Hamnett as Sara Walton (episode 20)
  • Ryan Dean as Dayle Walton (episode 20)
  • James Bradwell as River Henderson (episode 20)
  • Nic Jackman as Cameron Dunn (episodes 2124)
  • Izabella Malewska as Cameron Dunn's accomplice (episodes 21 & 22)
  • Jemma Redgrave as Bernie Wolfe (episodes 22 – 24)
  • Billy Boyle as Lennie George (episode 22)
  • George Rainsford as Ethan Hardy (episode 24)
  • Michael Stevenson as Iain Dean (episode 24)
  • Amy Forest as Nicola Bates (episode 25)
  • Eloise Black as Jo Fields (episode 27)
  • Emily Stride as Susan Johnson (episode 27)
  • Greta Nayagam as Matilda Johnson (episode 27)
  • Cassie Bradley as Cassie Lockhart (episode 28)
  • Paul Chan as Mr McConnell (episode 28)
  • Madison Stock as Sara Cross (episode 29)
  • Ajay Chhabra as Bashir Khan (episode 29)
  • Mykel Williams as Alex Burton (episode 30)
  • Sara Stephens as Tina Hardacre (episode 30)
  • Kitty Cockram as Erica Hardacre (episode 30)
  • Delainey Hayles as Billie Faber (episode 31)
  • Oscar Wilkins as Sammy Carrington (episodes 31 & 32)
  • Alison Pargeter as Wendy Carrington (episodes 31 & 32)
  • Eileen Davies as Doreen Spicer (episodes 31 & 32)
  • Chris Packham as himself (episode 31)
  • Katherine Jack as Maisie Scarborough (episodes 32 – 34)
  • Francesca Lara Gordon as Roxy Ackland (episodes 32 & 34)
  • Margot Leicester as Charlotte Donaldson (episode 33)
  • Eileen Nicholas as Susannah Wetherley (episode 33)
  • Natasha Kamanga as Tianna Gabbidon (episode 34)
  • Anna Sari as Amber Richards (episode 34)
  • Kevin Wathen as Danny Jones (episode 34)
  • Curtis Kemlo as Roger Brierley (episode 36)
  • Gary McDonald as Thomas Abara (episode 35)
  • Laura Lake Adebisi as Yasmeen Abara (episode 35)
  • Lottie Tolhurst as Claudia Blaise (episodes 35 & 36)


Episode No. Series No. Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original airdate
1053 1 Episode 1053 Dean Byfield Patrick Homes 6 April 2021
Episode 1053 HC.jpg Sahira is adamant that her father is innocent, Louis discovers Vicky is trapped in a toxic relationship, and Lucky isn't sure if Kian is really clean.
1054 2 Episode 1054 Dean Byfield Lucia Haynes 13 April 2021
Episode 1054 HC.jpg Dominic pushes Sacha to make an illicit choice, Kian and Chloe make a shocking discovery in theatre, and are the McGerrys at breaking point?
1055 3 Episode 1055 David Innes Edwards Rebekah Harrison 20 April 2021
Episode 1055.jpg Louis is trapped as Vicky’s blackmailing escalates, a desperate Dom tries to convince Ange to take his case on, and Kian leads Lucky on a merry dance as he tries to dodge a drugs test.
1056 4 Episode 1056 David Innes Edwards Joe Ainsworth 27 April 2021
1056-HC.jpg Hanssen worries that the upcoming court case will cause more harm than good. Sacha prepares to risk everything for Dom, but is Ange onto them? Fletch tries to get to grips with his new job.
1057 5 Episode 1057 Daikin Marsh Ciara Conway 4 May 2021
1057-HC.jpg The cause of Reyhan’s death comes into question, putting Hanssen and Sahira’s relationship at breaking point. Dominic’s new found optimism might be too much too soon. Kian continues to lie to Lucky, but is she about to work out what’s really going on?
1058 6 Episode 1058 Daikin Marsh Tom Powell 11 May 2021
1058-HC.jpg Donna leads the Holby nursing staff in a protest, but will Hanssen be moved by the nurses’ cause or are things about to get much worse for them? Lucky realises that Kian lied to her about where Andrei was staying, and an accidental encounter between Josh and Hanssen threatens to spill both their secrets.
1059 7 Episode 1059 Suri Krishnamma Davey Jones 18 May 2021
1059-HC.jpg When a majax strikes Holby – will self-harming Hanssen be heroic enough to ask for help? Secret addict Kian must choose between a young patient and Andrei – can he keep both safe? Thrust into the limelight, Jeong must diagnose a mystery condition – but will Dom help or hinder?
1060 8 Episode 1060 Suri Krishnamma Isla Gray 25 May 2021
1060-HC.jpg How far is wannabe consultant Dom willing to go to ensure his path to power? Burying her head in the sand over her BRCA1 diagnosis, can anyone get through to Max? Reeling from Andrei’s sacrifice, is Kian willing to betray Fletch's trust to get what he wants?
1061 9 Episode 1061 Jamie Annett Joe Ainsworth 1 June 2021
1061-HC.jpg Kian convinces Andrei to return to hospital to have the surgery he needs, so Fletch warns Lucky to call the social services. A nervous Max needs all the support she can get as the day of her operation arrives, and Ange and Josh risk being found out when Dom and Chloe catch them sneaking around together.
1062 10 Episode 1062 Jamie Annett Michelle Lipton 8 June 2021
HolbyCity2310Promo5.jpg Kian discovers that Lucky betrayed him by calling social services, and as plans begin to move Andrei away, a desperate and powerless Kian spirals out of control. Ange and Josh are questioned about their secret relationship by Hanssen, leaving them worrying about their future at Holby, and Dom feels rejected when a patient requests Sacha to be her consultant.
1063 11 Episode 1063 Steve Brett Phil Mulryne 15 June 2021
2311FletchKian.png Sparks fly between Kian and Fletch after Evie and Andrei disappear, Sacha and Dom compete for the top job, and Josh tries to win back Ange.
1064 12 Episode 1064 Steve Brett Andy Bayliss 22 June 2021
2312JeongKian.png Fletch's relationship with Evie grows strained as decisions are made about Andrei's future, and he finds himself forced to break her heart to protect his daughter. Ange and Josh try to avoid each other, but must learn to put personal issues aside when a patient's life hangs in the balance. Overwhelmed with guilt, Jeong confesses his mistake with the drugs cupboard to Dom.
1065 13 Episode 1065 Dean Byfield Katie Douglas 28 June 2021
2313LuckyAtKiansLocker.png Lucky tries to overcome her personal crisis by throwing herself into work. But in her eagerness to go above and beyond she oversteps the mark. A patient accuses Dominic of leaving an unwanted item in his body during an operation, and Kylie put her foot in it with her flatmates.
1066 14 Episode 1066 Dean Byfield Jenny Davis 7 July 2021
2314AngeDiscoversSheIsPregnant.png Josh’s mum is not impressed that her 20-something son is dating a woman in her forties. The hospital faces an emergency inspection by the CQC, and is a patient lying to the Dom and Jeong about being bitten by a dog?
1067 15 Episode 1067 Christopher McGill Patrick Homes 13 July 2021
HolbyCity2315Promo.jpg Dom’s mum Carole is admitted with a burnt arm, but is she hiding a more serious ailment? Kylie blurts out Ange’s secret to Josh, and Max tries to rally the troops after the disastrous CQC findings. To add to her woes, Sahira’s son turns up drunk, wounded and hiding a dark secret.
1068 16 Episode 1068 Christopher McGill Becky Prestwich 20 July 2021
1068-HC.jpg Dom's excitement at making a speech turns to shock when he discovers Carole’s secret. Hanssen is torn as to how to handle Abs’s secret. Will he do the right thing? Can Josh prove to Ange that he’s up to the role of being a father?
1069 17 Episode 1069 David Innes Edwards Joe Ainsworth 27 July 2021
2317Jac.png Two new members of staff arrive to help get the hospital out of special measures - Darwin Clinical Lead Eli Ebrahimi and AAU nurse Madge Britton - and it isn't long before they are ruffling feathers. Dom throws himself into finding ways to treat Carole, unaware what she really wants is for him to be her son and not her doctor.
1070 18 Episode 1070 David Innes Edwards Johnny McKnight 3 August 2021
2318JacLucky.png Hanssen tries to persuade Lucky to return to Holby, and a terminally ill patient advises Kylie to tell Louis how she really feels about him.
1071 19 Episode 1071 Katherine Churcher Ciara Conway 10 August 2021
2319Jac.png Holby's new Director of Improvement is furious when Hanssen attempts to block their plans for AAU, and the two prepare for battle in the boardroom. But there can only be one winner. Evie confides her concerns to Jeni about bringing Mia to Rich's adult parties, and Chloe is under pressure as Eli pushes her to find a suitable candidate for his pioneering medical trial.
1072 20 Episode 1072 Katherine Churcher Katerina Watson 17 August 2021
2320EvieDrugged.png Evie struggles to cope as she is drawn deeper into Jeni’s world. Dom has doubts about mum Carole joining Darwin’s stent trial, and Kylie must overcome her issues with new nurse Mel for the sake of a desperate young patient.
1073 21 Episode 1073 Karl Neilson Saneh Ali and Matt Naylor 24 August 2021
2321Cameron.png As Carole's dementia worsens, Dominic struggles to cope with her weakening grip on reality - so Jeong offers to help. Chloe's agreement to assist in Eli's experimental stent trial proves to be the hardest professional challenge of her life, and Donna's teenage daughter Mia arrives drunk on the Holby doorstep after a party with Jeni's dodgy clients. As Jeni's grip on the girls tightens, will Evie be able to keep Mia safe?
1074 22 Episode 1074 Karl Neilson Davey Jones 31 August 2021
2322CameronHanssenSeeBernie.png Hanssen trawls the hospital CCTV, hoping to put together the clues and save Holby from a potential threat. In AAU, Chloe is still reeling from the fallout of Eli's trial but tries to focus on her work - as danger lurks around the corner. Evie sees an even darker side to Jeni when another one of her girls is admitted with a suspicious cut on her arm, and as Carole's dementia worsens, will Jac come clean to Dom about the risks of the stent trial?
1075 23 Episode 1075 Dean Byfield Andy Bayliss 7 September 2021
2323Explosion.png Eli's experimental stent trial looks like it will be over before it has begun when his patient takes a turn for the worse. Josh and Chloe try to allay Ange's fears as she prepares for the life-saving transfusion on her unborn baby, and Lucky feels vindicated when she finds evidence against Jeni - but her triumph is short-lived. How far will Jeni go to protect her secret?
1076 24 Episode 1076 Dean Byfield Isla Gray 14 September 2021
2324AAUDestroyed.png Not only was Hanssen right about the danger to Holby, he is now himself in a perilous situation. Will he be rescued in time? Ange’s fate is now in the hands of Josh and Chloe. Will they overcome their fears and save both her and the unborn babies? Kylie and Dom won’t be put off by the dangers at Holby when they suspect an elderly patient may be in peril. Louis fears for Kylie and makes a surprising declaration.
1077 25 Episode 1077 Steve Brett Katie Douglas 21 September 2021
2325DonnaFindsOutMiaIsPregnant.png As Jeni starts making plans to send Evie away, will Fletch and Donna find out the dark truth about what she did to their daughters before it’s too late? Jac refuses to listen to Max, who insists she starts looking into alternative treatment options for her tumour, and is new dad Josh really coping as well as Ange thinks he is?
1078 26 Episode 1078 Steve Brett Kellie Smith 28 September 2021
2326FletchThreatensToHurtJeni.png An angry Fletch confronts Jeni about what she did to Evie but in typical style she tries to sweet-talk her way out of trouble. Eli's wife Amelia has an awkward surprise for him, just as they are due to begin the latest round of IVF treatment, and Josh receives a visit from his mum Elaine, who is worried that he is pushing himself too much in a bid to be a good father.
1079 27 Episode 1079 Jean Stewart Jess Green 5 October 2021
2327LuckyWakesUp.png After the devastating news about Mia's abuse, Donna struggles to connect with her adopted daughter. Things go from bad to worse when Donna allows her personal life to affect her work and neglects Lucky. Jac fails to impress in her quest to win Holby a place on a cutting-edge therapy study, so Josh steps in to help. Sparks fly on AAU when Kylie discovers that Louis and Mel are still together.
1080 28 Episode 1080 Jean Stewart Patrick Homes 12 October 2021
2328JoshHasPanicAttack.png Lucky awakes from surgery to receive life-changing news from Max, while tempers flare on Darwin when Josh struggles to balance work and fatherhood - leaving Jac unimpressed and Eli concerned. Hanssen is thrown by the arrival of his old friend Russ, who dupes him into mentoring a ghost from the past.
1081 29 Episode 1081 Martin Smith Rebekah Harrison 19 October 2021
2329OliverAtMemorial.png Hanssen reluctantly agrees to take on a new protege, despite their shared and painful history. All is well until a run-in with a vandal on AAU proves that the scars of the past have not healed. Lucky asks Max for an impossible favour, while Josh is feeling the pressure - will Ange notice he is not coping before it is too late?
1082 30 Episode 1082 Martin Smith Ed Sellek 26 October 2021
2330LuckyOverdose.png A surprise celebration for Josh's birthday backfires when he ends up falling back into dangerous habits. Can he find the strength to ask for help? Kylie tries a bold strategy to help Lucky, the AAU doctors face a diagnostic challenge and Russ and Hanssen find themselves locked in a store cupboard together.
1083 31 Episode 1083 Tania Diez Rebecca Wojciechowski 2 November 2021
2331OliverWarnsRuss.png Ollie is keen to step up when his mentor's 16-year-old daughter is rushed into theatre. But can he overcome his deep-seated fears? Eli feels the burden of Josh's secret and tries to help his colleague, only for different approaches to a terminal case to create a rift between the two of them. Team Keller are keen to rise to the hospital's eco challenge, which proves easier said than done with Jeong side-lined and Max and Kylie at loggerheads over Lucky.
1084 32 Episode 1084 Tania Diez Emma Dennis-Edwards 9 November 2021
2332OliverAdmitsHavingBlackouts.png With all eyes on Eli's surgery, how will Amelia break her devastating news to her oblivious husband? Ollie is shocked to see a blast from his shady past on AAU, and Jeong feels like he is treading water while the lives of his friends rush on. Despite his becoming an F2 doctor, no one seems interested in celebrating.
1085 33 Episode 1085 David Innes Edwards Emily Groves 16 November 2021
2333LuckyLeaves.png Lucky is readmitted to Holby and Louis learns the truth about her suicidal thoughts. Can he persuade her that life is worth living? Anxious Jac falters just as she is about to start the proton beam therapy, so Eli comes to her aid, while Josh busies himself with work in a bid to avoid Ange - but eventually he is forced to tell her about his bulimia.
1086 34 Episode 1086 David Innes Edwards Ciara Conway 23 November 2021
2334OlliesPTSD.png Russ learns the truth about Ollie's relationship with Maisie, but will he get to him in time before anyone else gets hurt? Ange promises not to mother Josh any more, while he vows not to shut her out, and Max and Dom disagree over his diagnosis of a patient.
1087 35 Episode 1087 Emma Lindley Philip Lawrence 30 November 2021
2335JoshAtGroupTherapy.png Eli is on edge when Amelia makes an unexpected visit to the hospital. Is her tumour worse than they first thought? Josh has promised Ange he will start therapy for his eating disorder, but with a busy day ahead, he keeps finding excuses to put it off. Russ tries to apologise to Hanssen, only to be constantly thwarted in his attempt.
1088 36 Episode 1088 Emma Lindley Joe Ainsworth 7 December 2021
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Dom is in denial about how little time mum Carole has left, while Hanssen has his doubts about allowing Ollie to return to work. Will a chance encounter with a familiar face help change his mind? Eli and Amelia reel from their bombshell news and the impossible decision they face - a dilemma that could bring them closer together or tear them apart.
1089 37 Episode 1089 Christopher McGill Kat Rose-Martin 14 December 2021
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png A young cancer patient returns to go under the knife on AAU, Amelia struggles to cope with yet another devastating setback, and Kylie makes a mortifying Secret Santa faux pas.
1090 38 Episode 1090 Christopher McGill TBA TBA
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Coming soon


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