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Series 23 of Holby City will commence in April 2021.[1]


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Episode No. Series No. Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original airdate
1053 1 Episode 1053 Dean Byfield Patrick Homes 6 April 2021
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Sahira is adamant that her father is innocent, Louis discovers Vicky is trapped in a toxic relationship, and Lucky isn't sure if Kian is really clean.
1054 2 Episode 1054 Dean Byfield Lucia Haynes 13 April 2021
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Dominic pushes Sacha to make an illicit choice, Kian and Chloe make a shocking discovery in theatre, and are the McGerrys at breaking point?
1055 3 Episode 1055 David Innes Edwards Rebekah Harrison 20 April 2021
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Louis is trapped as Vicky’s blackmailing escalates, a desperate Dom tries to convince Ange to take his case on, and Kian leads Lucky on a merry dance as he tries to dodge a drugs test.
1056 4 Episode 1056 David Innes Edwards Joe Ainsworth 27 April 2021
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Hanssen worries that the upcoming court case will cause more harm than good. Sacha prepares to risk everything for Dom, but is Ange onto them? Fletch tries to get to grips with his new job.
1057 5 Episode 1057 Daikin Marsh Ciara Conway 4 May 2021
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png The cause of Reyhan’s death comes into question, putting Hanssen and Sahira’s relationship at breaking point. Dominic’s new found optimism might be too much too soon. Kian continues to lie to Lucky, but is she about to work out what’s really going on?
1058 6 Episode 1058 Daikin Marsh Tom Powell 11 May 2021
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png Donna leads the Holby nursing staff in a protest, but will Hanssen be moved by the nurses’ cause or are things about to get much worse for them? Lucky realises that Kian lied to her about where Andrei was staying, and an accidental encounter between Josh and Hanssen threatens to spill both their secrets.
1059 7 Episode 1059 Suri Krishnamma Davey Jones 18 May 2021
HolbyCitySeries18TitleCard.png When a majax strikes Holby – will self-harming Hanssen be heroic enough to ask for help? Secret addict Kian must choose between a young patient and Andrei – can he keep both safe? Thrust into the limelight, Jeong must diagnose a mystery condition – but will Dom help or hinder?
1060 8 Episode 1060 Suri Krishnamma Isla Gray 25 May 2021
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