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Series 26 is the twenty-sixth series of Casualty and commenced airing on 13 August 2011. The series marked the end to filming the show in Bristol, with episodes airing in 2012 being filmed at BBC Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff.


For a listing of character appearances in this series, see Character appearances#Series 26.

Main characters

Recurring/Guest characters


Episode Centric character Original airdate
782 1 "Partners" Nick 13 August 2011
Dixie and Jeff face new competition in the form of new paramedics Omar Nasri and Tamzin Bayle and just when they think their day couldn't get any worse, they are called to a farmhouse and are met by a drugs baron and a pack of wild dogs. Jordan begins to panic that the symptoms of his previous tumour are returning.

Note: First appearance of Omar Nasri & Tamzin Bayle (Gemma Atkinson).

783 2 "Starting Out" Charlie 20 August 2011
Charlie welcomes two new nurses Lloyd Asike and Scarlett Conway and whilst Lloyd gets off to a good start, Scarlett is more interested in the hospital's anaesthetist rather than the patients. A teaching assistant gets beaten up in a fight between a senior colleague and a problematic student.

Note: First appearance of Lloyd Asike (Michael Obiora) and Scarlett Conway (Madeleine Mantock).

784 3 "Common Vector" Dylan 27 August 2011
Several patients are brought into the department suffering from strange but similar symptoms and their condition continues to deteriorate, Dylan faces a race against time to find the common link. Lloyd and Scarlett struggle with the demands of their duties. Linda is attacked by two drug addicts.
785 4 "Memory Games" Zoe 3 September 2011

Lloyd's refusal to break his moral code and lie to a patient leads to him clashing with Jay and then confiding in Tess about his grievances. A patient mistakenly believes she is being stalked. Zoe discovers that Dylan helps out the paramedics at accidents scenes on a voluntary basis.

786 5 "To Have And Have Not" Nick 17 September 2011
Young Jesse has fallen from a rope ladder and keeps blacking out. Ruth and Jay treat him but as his condition worsens, he needs urgent surgery to relieve the pressure in his brain. At the end of the shift, Ruth is grateful for Jay's support during the day. Her gesture of thanks seems to rekindle tenderness between them. Meanwhile, in CDU, Lloyd is responsible for observing the injured Seb, a cantankerous old man who's desperate to get home to his wife. Seb slips away and Lloyd races after him, making a horrifying discovery at his house. But Seb's life is at risk and Lloyd is desperate to save him.
787 6 "Fixed" Charlie 24 September 2011

A drug addict relapses leading to the future of Charlie's clinic being put on the line when a drug dealer turns up at the department. Jordan's "complacency" drive ends with Zoe getting an unexpected promotion. The re-appearance of an estranged brother at a funeral ends in a brawl and a shocking revelation.

788 7 "Wild Horses" Linda 1 October 2011
As a drug addict recovers from a beating, Linda blames Jordan for closing the drugs clinic which would have kept her safe and has to choice between breaking the law and saving the drug addict. Jeff and Omar clash over Omar's believe that targets should be put before the patient.

Note: First appearance of Louise Tyler (Azuka Oforka) and final appearance of Omar Nasri and Tamzin Bayle (Gemma Atkinson). First appearance: Louise Tyler (Azuka Oforka).

789 8 "Charlie's Angels" Scarlett 8 October 2011
During a traffic jam, Charlie discovers that a girl has fainted on a road bridge and has fallen into his car and the girl claims that he is the saviour of the earth! Zoe takes up the case and has to act quickly when she faints again. Scarlett doubts her abilities when she has the shift from hell.
790 9 "Mea Culpa" Sam 15 October 2011
Sam Nicholls an army medic joins the team on a secondment and begins by joining the paramedics for the day and has to act quickly when the ambulance is forced off the road. Noel wants to increase security around the hospital but a confrontation with a grieving mother soon changes his mind.

Note: First appearance of Sam Nicholls (Charlotte Salt).

791 10 "Sanctuary" Linda 22 October 2011

Linda sticks her neck out to help a heroin addict and her baby daughter escape her violent pimp but she ends up risking Tess' wrath in the process. Zoe is highly amused when she discovers that Dylan and Sam have a history, especially when she mocks his attempts to be the Sherlock Holmes of the medical world! Guest appearance: Vicky Binns

792 11 "A Pound of Flesh" Dixie 29 October 2011
Jeff and Dixie accuse a patient of using their ambulance as a taxi service but they are forced to eat humble pie when Lloyd investigates further about the patient. When a 16 year old is released from prison, a revenge attack causes a hospital volunteer to be stabbed. Lenny receives some upsetting news from an old love.
793 12 "Natural Selection" Dixie 5 November 2011
Dixie's feud with an ambulance controller has tragic consequences when victims of a shooting are brought into the ED. Dylan tries to help a frightened young girl but it is clear that he has met her "mother" before who has taken a dislike to him.
794 13 "No Goodbyes" Ruth 19 November 2011

Sam helps a teenage mother come to terms with the fact that she isn't a bad mother. Ruth helps an elderly couple come to terms with a terminal illness. Ruth confides in Jordan that she is feeling weepy and distracted but she then makes a surprising discovery.

795 14 "The Ties That Bind" Nick 26 November 2011
Ruth's condition forces her to rethink her mental health medication but she is furious when both Jay and Jordan interfere. Dixie is depressed following the multiple shooting and ends risking her life by running into a burning shed and burns her arms in the process.
796 15 "Next of Kin - Part One" Linda 3 December 2011

Ruth and Jay's relationship seems stronger than ever until Ruth suffers a major wobble. Linda's enemy returns and plans to kidnap his baby daughter. As Jordan tries to address some fire hazards, a socket outlet overloads for the last time and soon the fire alarms begin sounding. Guest appearance: Sean Blowers

797 16 "Next of Kin - Part Two" Ruth 10 December 2011
Lenny and the fire officer alert everyone to a fire in the basement of the building and Jordan orders an evacuation. Jay confronts Ruth over why she dumped him but soon have bigger problems when the fire traps them in an office and as an explosion leaves Zoe and Dylan trapped in resus, will any of them make it out of the building alive?

Note: Final appearance of Jay Faldren (Ben Turner) and Ruth Winters (Georgia Taylor). Last episode filmed in Bristol.

798 17 "Duty of Care" Charlie 7 January 2012

The ED reopens to minor cases following the fire but the team are forced to change their plans when a traffic incident on the dual carriageway brings casualties flooding into Holby. The situation worsens when a related traffic incident causes a gas pipe to explode and poisonous gas engulfs the town. Despite the efforts of new Paediatric doctor Tom, the ED is at full stretch. Will the ED team cope with one of their most challenging days yet?

Note: First episode filmed from Cardiff, and shown in HD. First appearance of Tom Kent (Oliver Coleman).

799 18 "Death and Doughnuts" Nick 14 January 2012

Following his heroics during the explosion the previous day, Tom formally joins the team at the ED and his first case soon turns into a mystery when a family caught up in the explosion return to the ED with mysterious injuries. Big Mac turns into an unlikely hero when a young son from the family is then kidnapped. Dylan accuses Sam of meddling with a patient's home life but will it turn out to be for the better? Jordan's feathers are ruffled by a young attractive DCI. First appearance: DCI Yvonne Rippon

800 19 "Trust" Linda 21 January 2012

When a woman is rushed into the hospital with broken ribs and no memory of what took place, Lloyd insits that they investigate but has he unwittingly sent her back into the dangerous situation she was trying to escape from in the first place? Linda is horrified when her sister Denise and her children turn up at the ED and even more shocked when she finds out her sister is still a drug addict.

First appearance: Britney Andrews & Joe Andrews

801 20 "Hero Syndrome" Dylan 28 January 2012
Linda is forced to bring her sister's children into work and they end up causing chaos when they try to abduct a baby just to get back at Linda and just when's Linda's day couldn't get any worse, she then finds out that Denise has been arrested and that the children may be taken into care. Dylan deals with a homeless alcoholic who gives him a run for his money.
802 21 "The Only One You Love" Linda 4 February 2012
Linda takes on her sister's children after their mum was arrested. A woman learns she cannot cope with the challenges of looking after her beloved mother, who has Alzheimer's.
803 22 "Confidences" Sam 11 February 2012
Sam throws herself into treating a patient she believes has been sexually assaulted as a way of distancing herself from her own problems with Keith Parr, much to the worry of Zoe and Dylan.
804 23 "Love Is" Jeff 18 February 2012
There's a new paramedic in Holby. Rossy works alone and is responding to all the shouts faster than Jeff and Dixie. He seems too good to be true, and soon Dixie finds out he might be just that. Meanwhile, 30-year-old Tara is getting ready for a special meal with her boyfriend. She thinks he may ask to make their relationship a little more formal. But younger sister Gemma is less than thrilled about the idea of them getting married.
805 24 "Grand Canyon" Linda 25 February 2012
Sam is told to keep her head down by Jordan after a formal complaint is made to the GMC, and Linda is distressed when Britney runs away from her foster home; will this make her rethink her decision to give up the children?
806 25 "How to Save a Life" Nick 3 March 2012
16-year-old Stevie is drawn into the Farmead Crew. Forced to prove his loyalty to the gang, he is persuaded by leader Anton to shoot at a rival drug dealer to warn him off their turf. But the shooting goes wrong and a small boy is caught in the crossfire. With Stevie violently punished by the gang for messing up, gang members spill into the ED, attracting the attention of Superintendent Yvonne Rippon. As Jordan and his team battle to save the young gun victim, Yvonne suspects gang-related violence and interrogates Stevie.
807 26 "Damage Control" Tess 10 March 2012
The ED reaps the fallout from the shooting of Jacob Broker when gunman Stevie's girlfriend Jade is brought in, injured and raped as the result of a Farmead Crew attempt to ensure Stevie's silence.
808 27 "What Goes Around Comes Around" Nick 17 March 2012
Tess and Jordan's decision not to tell the police the true nature of Jade's injuries leaves Yvonne furious and leads to more trouble in the ED when yet more violence breaks out. Can the staff restore order before things spiral out of control?
809 28 "Lest Ye Be Judged" Sam 24 March 2012
Sam throws herself into helping an old soldier and his son in an effort to distract herself from the GMC interviews. Meanwhile, Linda moonlights at a private clinic to earn extra money, but her exhaustion leads to potentially dangerous mistakes.
810 29 "Saturday Night Fever" Nick 31 March 2012
Jordan's date with Yvonne Rippon is put on hold when a patient collapses in prison after being arrested for assaulting Lloyd. The incident threatens the pair's blossoming relationship as it becomes apparent one of them may be held accountable for the unwell man being left in a cell. Meanwhile, Linda and Zoe enjoy a girls' night out, but are quickly sobered by an encounter with a teenager in need of help. While attending an emergency, a woman plants an unwanted baby in Dixie and Jeff's ambulance.
811 30 "When the Gloves Come Off" Sam 7 April 2012
Sam braves her fear of the dark to treat patients trapped in a cave system, but it soon becomes apparent that both are seriously injured and she needs support. Help arrives in the form of Dylan, but the couple start bickering about cowardice in their marriage. As both patients' conditions deteriorate, can Sam and Dylan put aside their differences to save them? Meanwhile, with Linda bracing herself for family court, niece Britney comes into the ED and tries to get her into trouble by stealing from a patient. Can Zoe make Britney see that living with Linda might not be such a bad option?
812 31 "Fools for Love" Tom 14 April 2012
Teenager Alicia is back in the ED after collapsing at school, and Tom is determined to get to the bottom of her symptoms. Linda believes that Alicia's problems are psychological and that she's developed an unhealthy fixation on Tom. Meanwhile, long-suffering Rosemary takes action on her nuisance neighbours by setting her house on fire, but is shocked to wake up at the ED to find that her neighbour's son Connor has rescued her. Lloyd and Scarlett disagree when Lloyd flares up after receiving a racist insult.
813 32 "Desperate Remedies" Charlie 21 April 2012
It's the week before Sam's GMC hearing and the tension is starting to show, especially when Zoe reveals that she's been called to testify against Sam. Sam takes her frustration out on Scarlett – much to Lloyd's annoyance, who is determined to get Scarlett to discuss their relationship. Meanwhile, a chance remark from Dylan about work relationships causes Lenny to look at Linda in a new light and he attempts to kiss her.
814 33 "Appropriate Force" Sam 28 April 2012
The Day of Sam's GMC hearing arrives and she is shocked when an old army colleauge is called to give evidence against her. But when she then sacks her defence team and is then confronted by damning evidence from Jordan, Scarlett and Dylan, things do not look like going her way but when Keith then collapses during the hearing, Zoe makes a revealation which could change the entire investigation- will she make it to the hearing in time?
815 34 "Happily Ever After" Sam 5 May 2012
Dixie and Jeff rush 9-year-old Luke into the ED with a suspected head injury. When he dies, Dixie is convinced that there are suspicious circumstances and calls the police. Jeff is furious as he knows the boy's father and is convinced that he had nothing to do with his son's death. Yvonne and D.I. Cook come to investigate the matter at the ED. Meanwhile, Dylan thinks that Sam wants to get back together with him and he books a table for them at a romantic restaurant. However, Zoe realises that Sam actually wants to serve him with divorce papers and she convinces Sam to finally tell Dylan the truth.
816 35 "Home Truths" Dylan 12 May 2012
Dylan is finding it impossible to work alongside Sam. Forced to liaise over a disabled patient and his over-protective daughter, Dylan and Sam come to an uneasy truce to get to the bottom of the case. But the tension proves too much for Sam and she makes an impulsive decision. Meanwhile, Lloyd is becoming increasingly possessive of Scarlett, irritating her and affecting his work. Tired of the bickering, Lloyd asks Scarlett if they can come 'out' and announce their relationship to their colleagues. Elsewhere, it's decision time for Lenny when he receives a tempting job offer from London.
817 36 "Teenage Dreams" Dixie 19 May 2012
When a high school roof collapses, Tom is reunited with a troubled teenage girl whom he has previously recommended for counselling. But the girl's jealous boyfriend claims she doesn't want Tom treating her, so Jordan pulls him off the case for his own safety. Meanwhile, Linda thinks that she's making progress with Joe and Britney and they're starting to behave like a real family, until a furious Britney delivers a mighty blow.
818 37 "All in a Day's Nightmare - Part One" Linda 2 June 2012
Father-of-two Clive is brought into the ED with serious injuries, but he lies to his family about how he received them. The mystery deepens when a strange woman claiming to be Clive's wife arrives at his bedside. Despite the presence of bickering police officers Chris and Preeya, it's left to the more experienced Charlie to work out that Clive is being harassed by loan sharks. Meanwhile, Linda is forced to bring a suspended Britney into work with her, but the teenager defies Linda's ban on using the ED wifi and wheedles the password out of Lenny. When Lenny discovers that she has arranged to meet someone she's been talking to in a chatroom, he chases her out of the ED. Panicked, Britney gets in a car with the stranger. Elsewhere, Scarlett's first meeting with Lloyd's family doesn't go according to plan when she turns down his mum's specially prepared dinner.
819 38 "All in a Day's Nightmare - Part Two" Lenny 8 June 2012

In the second episode of this two-parter, Linda's niece Britney faces serious danger from an internet predator, while on Lenny's last day in Holby, his medical skills are put to the test. Britney has arranged to meet someone she met chatting online, but the man is not 19 years old as he claimed to be. When the man takes Britney back to his flat, she soon finds herself in an extremely threatening situation. Can Lenny and Linda track her down in time?. Meanwhile, the Chilcot family are back in the ED after a fight breaks out in a nightclub and eldest son Matthew collapses. Dylan diagnoses that Matthew is a sickle cell sufferer and that he will urgently need a bone marrow transplant. What more family secrets will be revealed as they search for a perfect tissue match?. Elsewhere, Scarlett and Lloyd fall out over her treatment of his family, and the team bids farewell to a prickly but popular colleague.

Final appearance: Lenny Lyons

820 39 "Zero Sum Game" Sam 7 July 2012

Sam has high hopes of returning to Afghanistan, but when she falters during a training exercise, she is forced to question whether she will ever be ready to face a war zone again. On her way home she comes across Captain Morrison, a former army colleague, who is slumped in a crashed vehicle. Suspecting that he has had an epileptic fit, she is torn over whether she should tell the army the truth of her suspicions, which could end his military career. Meanwhile, new nurse Fletch joins the ED team. He makes a favourable impression with everyone - except for Lloyd. The pair are forced to work together to help Amy, whose initial joy at discovering she is pregnant turns to horror when the true diagnosis is made.

First appearance: Adrian Fletcher

Note: This episode was originally due to air on 30 June, but was rescheduled due to extended coverage of the 2012 Wimbledon Championships. Despite this, the episode was temporarily available (in HD only) on BBC iPlayer from 30 June.

821 40 "Do the Right Thing" Dylan 14 July 2012
Newly released from prison and determined to turn his life around, Wesley is devastated to discover that his wife Faith still dealing drugs. When police are alerted to a violent argument at Wesley’s home they come prepared for trouble and end up using a stun gun on Wesley, not realizing that Faith has already given him a blow to the head. When Wesley suffers serious complications in the ED, Jordan and the team question the police involvement, straining relations between Jordan and his police officer partner Yvonne. Dylan and Sam are still at loggerheads, with Dylan refusing to sign the divorce papers if Sam persists in her plan to stay at Holby. Tensions reach a dangerous pitch and almost threaten the survival of a teenager, who is implicated in the persecution of a vulnerable man living on the estate.
822 41 "#HolbyRiot - Part One" Nick 21 July 2012
In the first of a two-part series finale, Jordan and Yvonne are called to give evidence about Wesley Royce, the man who died in the ED after being Tasered by police, and end up arguing when she claims he is refusing to support her case. Scarlett accompanies Lloyd to a vigil for the dead man, and when what should be a peaceful ceremony descends into violence, she finds herself swept up in the moment and does something she could live to regret.Jeff and Dixie are also caught up in the violence when they try to treat a young mother who’s suffering from anaphylactic shock. As the baying crowd try to stop the ambulance getting through, Jeff and Dixie have to use all their experience to get the dying Amber to ED.
823 42 "#HolbyRiot - Part Two" Nick 22 July 2012
In the Concluding episode to both this tense two-parter and the series, A vigil for Wesley Royce blows up into a full-scale riot, and Scarlett is swept along with the rioters. In a face-off with the police she finds herself on the wrong side of the law. Unsure of which way to turn, she is pressured into helping a severely injured rioter. Picking up the pieces, Lloyd comes to the horrible realisation that he really doesn’t know his girlfriend. Dixie and Jeff are dispatched to pick up the gravely injured Yvonne, after she was stabbed by a panicked shopkeeper, who mistook her for a rioter. She appears to have sustained a really bad stab wound and critical head and spinal injury after she fell down the stairs when she was stabbed. They realise she needs immediate critical care and request a doctor. Jordan goes, but can he keep his emotions in check and do the job? In the ambulance on the way to ED, Yvonne stops breathing. Jordan is forced to perform a dangerous life saving operation in the ambulance, as the riots block their way.

Final appearance: Scarlett Conway

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