Series 26 was the twenty-sixth series of Casualty and commenced airing on 13 August 2011. The series marked the end to filming the show in Bristol, with episodes airing in 2012 being filmed at BBC Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff.

Cast Changes

Due to the move of production to Cardiff, both Series 25 and Series 26 feature an unusual number of cast changes.

Unexpectedly for viewers, Series 25 episode "Thanks For Today" saw the final appearance of Hasina Haque as nurse Madiha Durrani. Mads' departure from the department went unexplained for several weeks, with only a casual reference by the characters. An explanation was finally given in "A Pound Of Flesh", in which former love Lenny Lyons and the rest of the ED receive a letter from Mads announcing her marriage in Pakistan.

Series premier "Partners" saw the arrival of two new paramedics: Tamzin Bayle, portrayed by Gemma Atkinson, and Omar Nasri, portrayed by Dhafer L'Abidine. The duo, however, did not remain on the show for long, making their final appearance in "Wild Horses".

"Starting Out" introduced junior nurses Lloyd Asike and Scarlett Conway, portrayed by Michael Obiora and Madeleine Mantock.

Army medic Sam Nicholls, portrayed by Charlotte Salt, first appeared in "Mea Culpa", on loan to the hospital.


Final Bristol-filmed episode "Next Of Kin - Part 2" saw the final appearance of Georgia Taylor and Ben Turner as Ruth Winters and Jay Faldren.


Series 26 marked the start of high-definition filming of the show. From "Next Of Kin - Part 1", the show was filmed in high-definition[1]. However, it was not until "Duty Of Care" that the show was broadcast in such a format.

The series also sees Oliver Kent step down as Series Producer of the show. From "Next Of Kin - Part 1", he is replaced by Nikki Wilson.

Move to Cardiff


Exterior of Roath Lock.

In October 2008, the BBC first announced proposals to move the production of Casualty from Bristol to Wales, as part of the BBC's plan to "achieve half of all network output outside London by 2016".[2] The move was met by great opposition by both fans of the show and the people of Bristol. Derek Thompson, who portrayed Charlie Fairhead, was also opposed to the move.[3]

In March 2009, it was announced that the show would move production to Cardiff in mid-2011. Although not finalised at the time, the BBC also announced plans to develop a "sustainable centre of excellence for drama" in Wales.[4]


Construction of the main building.

Work started on the new drama village in June 2010.[5] At the it's topping-out ceremony, it was announced that the site would be called Roath Lock.[6] Construction of the first phase, including the Casualty lot, was completed a few months later.[citation needed]

Production of the show moved to Cardiff in August 2011.[7] As filming was about four months ahead of airing, the first episodes filmed at Roath Lock commenced airing at the start of 2012. "Next Of Kin - Part 1" and "Next Of Kin - Part 2" served as transition episodes, with a fire destroying the ED. This allowed the change of set to be explained in-universe.


Map of Roath Lock.
(The Casualty lot is highlighted in blue)

The new set featured a larger, more open department interior, and, for the first time on the show, an integrated exterior entrance. Previously, interior scenes of the hospital were filmed in a warehouse, while exterior scenes of the ED entrance was filmed at a separate location. The new set allows for more dynamic shots, with the camera able to follow characters in an out of the hospital without cutting.


Unlike previous series, Series 26 aired straight after Series 25, with no break between the two. Instead, a mid-season break took place, between the final Bristol-filmed episode "Next Of Kin - Part 2" on 10 December 2011, and the first Cardiff-filmed episode "Duty Of Care" on 7 January 2012.

Due to the London Olympic Games being aired on the BBC, Series 26 only featured 41 episodes - the least number of episodes since Series 17.


Episode # Series # Episode Original Airdate
778 1 "Partners" 13 August 2011
Dixie and Jeff come up against stiff competition when they are introduced to two new gorgeous paramedics, and Jordan's brain tumour rears its ugly head - is this the beginning of the end?
779 2 "Starting Out" 20 August 2011
Lloyd and Scarlett are Holby's newest nurses - with so much to prove on their first shift, will Lloyd's confidence and Scarlett's nervousness be a help or a hindrance?
780 3 "Common Vector" 27 August 2011
When several seemingly-unrelated patients are admitted, all displaying similar symptoms, Dylan is faced with a race against time to find the common link. Is the ED up to the challenge?
781 4 "Memory Games" 3 September 2011
Lloyd puts his life in serious peril after he refuses to break his moral code to lie to a patient. A terrified woman believes she's being pursued.
782 5 "To Have And Have Not" 17 September 2011
Lloyd has to make a choice between his morals and the life of his patient. Can he give an old man his wish and allow him to die?
783 6 "Fixed" 24 September 2011
After a punch-up at a wake, a huge family secret comes to light. Will the truth come out? And can Charlie justify the existence of the drugs clinic?
784 7 "Wild Horses" 1 October 2011
Jeff and Omar butt heads over what makes a good paramedic, while Linda is forced to choose between breaking the law and saving Annie.
785 8 "Charlie's Angels" 8 October 2011
Scarlett doubts her nursing abilities, and her resolve is tested during her shift. When faced with a stab victim, does she have what it takes to save their life?
786 9 "Mea Culpa" 15 October 2011
New ED doctor Sam Nicholls arrives at Holby, on loan from the army and dead set on bringing her battlefield attitude to the hospital. Meanwhile, Noel feels the angry public are getting too close for comfort.
787 10 "Sanctuary" 22 October 2011
Linda is faced with a moral dilemma: will she help a drug-addicted prostitute in a war against her abusive pimp, or should she simply walk away?
788 11 "A Pound Of Flesh" 29 October 2011
A young boy is seriously hurt after being caught in the cross-fire between two warring families, and Lloyd's perseverance pays off when he discovers that an elderly timewaster has real health problems.
789 12 "Natural Selection" 5 November 2011
Dixie is forced to take a call during her break, only to become frustrated by what appears to be a hoax. Unhappy with her working conditions, she complains to ambulance controller Louise, but their feud has fatal consequences.
790 13 "No Goodbyes" 19 November 2011
Sam helps a teenager realise she is not a terrible mum and Ruth enables a woman to come to terms with her husband's terminal illness.
791 14 "The Ties That Bind" 26 November 2011
Dixie gets her mojo back by rescuing a man from a garage fire, and a drunken gambler with cancer reunites with his sister after seven years apart.
792 15 "Next Of Kin - Part 1" 3 December 2011
Ruth finishes with Jay just as they are looking forward to having a baby, Linda comes face to face with an old adversary who threatens her job and the ED catches fire.
793 16 "Next Of Kin - Part 2" 10 December 2011
As fire ravages the ED, the team pulls together and surprising truths are revealed. Zoe, Dylan, Ruth and Jay are trapped in the hospital - will they make it out alive?
794 17 "Duty Of Care" 7 January 2012
The doors open at the brand new emergency department, but are the team ready to respond when an explosion rocks Holby?
795 18 "Death And Doughnuts" 14 January 2012
In the aftermath of the Silverton explosion, Sam tries to reconcile a dying Marston with his ex-wife and Tom finds himself investigating a mystery on his first day in the ED.
796 19 "Trust" 21 January 2012
Linda's sister Denise, on the run from social services, arrives at Holby ED with her teenage daughter Britney and young son Joe, and turns her sibling's life upside down.
797 20 "Hero Syndrome" 28 January 2012
Linda is faced with a problem when Denise fails to return for Britney and Joe, and Dylan meets his match when he treats an acerbic homeless man involved in a traffic accident.
798 21 "The Only One You Love" 4 February 2012
A woman learns she cannot cope with the challenges of looking after her beloved mother, who has Alzheimer's.
799 22 "Confidences" 11 February 2012
Sam throws herself into treating a patient she believes has been sexually assaulted as a way of distancing herself from her own problems with Keith Parr, much to the worry of Zoe and Dylan.
800 23 "Love Is" 18 February 2012
When a mysterious new paramedic turns up in Holby, Dixie thinks he seems too good to be true. Could there be more to this wonder-paramedic than meets the eye?
801 24 "Grand Canyon" 25 February 2012
Sam is told to keep her head down by Jordan after a formal complaint is made to the GMC, and Linda is distressed when Britney runs away from her foster home.
802 25 "Ricochet - How To Save A Life" 3 March 2012
A five year old boy is accidentally caught in the crossfire in a drugs shooting.
803 26 "Ricochet - Damage Control" 10 March 2012
The ED reaps the fallout from the shooting of Jacob Broker when Stevie's girlfriend Jade is brought in, injured as the result of a Farmead Crew attempt to ensure Stevie's silence.
804 27 "Ricochet - What Goes Around Comes Around" 17 March 2012
Tensions reach boiling point when Anton's Farmead Crew run riot in the ED. Can Jordan and Yvonne restore order to the chaos?
805 28 "Lest Ye Be Judged" 24 March 2012
Sam throws herself into helping an old soldier and his son in an effort to distract herself from the GMC interviews.
806 29 "Saturday Night Fever" 31 March 2012
Jordan's date with Yvonne is put on hold when a former ED patient nearly dies in the cells, but who is at fault, and can Jordan and Yvonne's relationship survive the investigation?
807 30 "When The Gloves Come Off" 7 April 2012
Dylan and Sam are forced to confront the problems in their relationship when they are both sent to assist at a dramatic cave rescue.
808 31 "Fools For Love" 14 April 2012
A woman takes extreme action after living next door to nightmare neighbours for years.
809 32 "Desperate Remedies" 21 April 2012
Sam attempts to treat an injured young woman and her drug addict sister, but is the looming GMC hearing putting her off her game?
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