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Series 28 is the twenty-eighth series of Casualty began airing on BBC One on 3 August 2013, two weeks after the end of the previous series. This series consisted of 48 episodes, the highest episode order since series 24. Midway through the series in February 2014, new titles were introduced.

This series saw the arrival of Lily Chao, Rita Freeman, Max Walker, Connie Beauchamp, Ethan Hardy, Caleb Knight and Ben "Lofty" Chiltern. It also featured the departures of Sam Nicholls, Tom Kent, Jamie Collier and Adrian Fletcher, as well as the temporary departures of Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon and Zoe Hanna.

Series 28 featured a major change in the main cast, with only 10 of them being in the series from start to finish, in comparison to series 29 where this number was 16.


For a listing of character appearances in this series, see Character appearances#Series 28.

Main characters

Recurring/Guest characters


Episode Centric character Original airdate
868 1 "Bedside Manners" Lily 3 August 2013
A man and his sister-in-law out on a drive together stop in a rural location, only to be set upon by masked robbers, and in their attempt to escape they crash their car. The pair try to keep their rendezvous a secret, but when they and one of their attackers all arrive separately at the ED, it doesn't take long for keen trainee doctor Lily to uncover the link between the patients. Meanwhile, Dixie helps a feisty elderly woman who is in serious pain after being knocked over by a cyclist.

Note: First appearance of Lily Chao (Crystal Yu).

869 2 "Once There Was a Way Home - Part One" Rita 10 August 2013
New ED nurse Rita Freeman is just about to leave for her first shift when the ceiling of her flat collapses. Heading upstairs she discovers her neighbour's hoarding has got out of control - and when she finds the woman trapped beneath a fallen wardrobe, she gets to meet some of her colleagues, paramedics Jeff and Dixie, sooner than she expected. Meanwhile, Jamie bonds with an asylum seeker too scared to tell the authorities he is gay and Ash discovers he has a lot to teach Lily about her bedside manner.

Note: First appearance of Rita Freeman (Chloe Howman).

870 3 "Once There Was a Way Home - Part Two" Jamie 17 August 2013
Zoe returns to find the ED in chaos, with a crane blocking the entrance, and when she reaches her office, Fletch is locked outside and Jamie is barricaded inside with asylum seeker Ramin. As the situation escalates, the nurse must put his training to the test. Meanwhile, Sam's colleagues see a different side to her when she helps rescues a baby from a car crash, and Tess considers handing in her resignation, while Zoe tries to convince her to do otherwise.
871 4 "What You Believe" Ash 24 August 2013
Two teenagers get themselves into a dangerous situation when they decide to jump into a stretch of water littered with debris, but Ash works quickly to save one of them, impressing trainee Lily in the process. Meanwhile, Fletch and Rita treat a young man claiming to be the reincarnation of an elderly woman's brother and Tess returns to work following her secret abortion, telling Fletch that their fling is over.
872 5 "Waiting for a Star to Fall" Lily 31 August 2013
As a car comes to a halt in a busy road, a bus filled with passengers swerves, clips a central reserve and crashes on its side. While most passengers get clear, a young girl named Lucy is pulled to safety as another passenger runs. With the paramedics on the scene, the injured are rushed to the ED. When a wounded man stumbles into the hospital's reception looking for treatment, Charlie soon realises that he must have been involved in the bus crash. But why was he not treated at the scene and picked up by the paramedics? Meanwhile, Lily is told to work alongside Rita in order to improve her cold bedside manner. Elsewhere, Tom asks Sam to move in with him.

Note: First appearance of Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson).

873 6 "Scars" Jeff 14 September 2013
Brothers Carl and Kelvin fall out when the latter becomes mixed up with drug dealers. Things turn nasty when one of the gang ends up with a screwdriver in his side, and Jeff clashes with trainee paramedic Iain as they treat the injured. Meanwhile, Jamie realises that a patient is faking an illness to get his mother's attention, and Sam agrees that Tom can move in.
874 7 "Gloves Off" Rita 21 September 2013
A teenage couple end up in a tussle when he discovers she is hiding pills, and when they are almost hit by a car she faints, requiring the paramedics to take them to Holby. The ED, as well as the girls boyfriend, try to find out what the pills are. The two elderly sisters who almost ran into the youngsters are also injured in the incident, but they seem more interested in the kitten they were taking to the vet - and when Fletch notices one of then struggling to remember her words, he questions whether the ladies should even be living together, especially when the son wants his mother to live with him and his family.
875 8 "The Longest Day" Fletch 28 September 2013
Iain helps a teenager who was caught up in a fatal car crash as he struggles to face up to the truth that he was driving, even though he's not old enough, while Fletch decides to shoulder the blame for a near fatal mistake made by Tess, caused by Fletch's wife arriving in the ED and turning out to be pregnant.
876 9 "Love Hurts" Tess 5 October 2013
Tess has to confront her own problems when a pregnant woman is involved in a road accident, while Robyn and Jamie witness the effects of a batch of bad pills on the Holby nightlife and try to find out where the pills came from.

Note: First appearance of Max Walker (Jamie Davis).

877 10 "The Memory of Water" Tess 12 October 2013
Ash and Tess work together to discover why a mother and daughter are so at odds about how far the team should go to save the father's life, while Jamie accidentally helps crack open a love triangle. Elsewhere, Fletch must wait to hear what discipline he faces after covering for Tess's near fatal mistake, but he must also decide where his loyalties lie when he discovers her dark secret.
878 11 "Crush Syndrome" Rita 19 October 2013
Rita spends a day with the paramedics, only to let her personal feelings cloud her judgement when they are called to a suspected drug overdose, while Big Mac is able to make a difference to a destitute man by helping him get over his fears of confined spaces when he is told that he needs to have a CT Scan.
879 12 "Three's a Crowd" Jeff 26 October 2013
Plumber Graham and his son Jake are struggling to sort out a leaky water tank when they discover a hidden stash of cash - but the next thing they know they've crashed through the rotten floorboards into the bathroom below. And when they turn up at the ED, they are closely followed by home-owner Paul - who wants his money back. Meanwhile, Sam treats a bride on her wedding day, unaware Tom is intending to propose to her.
880 13 "Badge of Honour" Sam 2 November 2013
Iain and Norman pick up a patient acting erratically, but as he refuses treatment, Iain threatens to report him to the police. Back in the ED, an injured police officer is brought in requiring serious treatment. As her attacker is described, Iain soon finds the link between the two patients. As he jumps in to save the PC, his memories from his army days come to the forefront. Meanwhile, a young father tries to help his ill child, but without money for any medicine, he is left in trouble and it's a race against time to get the ill infant to hospital. Elsewhere, Robyn sends her stepbrother Max to a job interview, but when he spends his bus fare on a bet, she suggests that he take Big Mac's vacant post as porter.
881 14 "Rock and a Hard Place" Max 16 November 2013
As rugby coach Ricky encourages his son Simon to use dirty tactics against fellow player Clive, they come to blows during a scrum, leaving one injured on the ground and the other with a badly bruised hand. Once at the hospital, Simon's aggressive behaviour and bulky physique lead Lily to suspect he might be using anabolic steroids. PC Jack Drummond is brought in with a fractured leg after a confrontation at the funeral of his colleague, who died recently in the ED - but he is hotly pursued by the father of the deceased, desperate for the truth about what happened to his daughter.
882 15 "Between the Cracks" Lily 23 November 2013
Teenager George runs away from his care home and bumps into streetwise youth Skelly, who takes him home. But when it turns out the house isn't his, they make a quick escape through the window, George hurting his ankle as he falls. In the ED, Fletch's suspicions are raised, especially when it turns out the boys gave fake names to the paramedics - but his attempts to help are compromised when he is forced to deal with his own domestic responsibilities. Meanwhile, Lily discharges a distressed woman without taking her mental state into consideration, so Jamie gives her a lesson in patient care.
883 16 "There's No Place Like Home" Fletch 30 November 2013
The mother of runaway George arrives at the ED, only to be told her son has been released into the care of Tommy, a man in his 30s posing as the brother of the patient's homeless friend Skelly. As Fletch does what he can to trace their whereabouts, the boys themselves soon realise they made a big mistake going off with a man who is anything but a friend. By the end of the shift, Fletch makes the decision to come clean to his wife about his unfaithfulness. A 78-year-old woman breaks her leg in a futile attempt to prevent her home being bulldozed - although Sam is more interested in why her X-ray shows a bullet in her knee - and worried parents bring in their daughter, whose strange diet has led her to eat the remains of the family cat.
884 17 "What a Wonderful Life" Sam 7 December 2013
Two brothers argue during a car journey, causing the vehicle to swerve off the road and hit a concrete block - and when the medics arrive on the scene, one of the pair refuses to accept medication. Meanwhile, a man collapses in agony just as he and his partner are about to compete in a local dance competition, Big Mac struggles to overcome his nerves as he prepares for his first shift as an emergency care assistant and Fletch has to deal with the heartbreaking consequences of his unfaithfulness after his wife throws him out.
885 18 "Away in a Manger" Sam 14 December 2013
Just days before Christmas, farmer Tony brings his 16-year-old daughter Mia into the ED with stomach pains where Tess confirms that she is pregnant. Knowing her father will disapprove, Mia slips out of the ED. However, as she heads back to the farm, Mia soon finds herself in difficulty and calling on the help of Robyn and the team. Meanwhile, Tom and Sam's plans to get married are shattered when electrician Peter is brought in for help. As they miss their slot at the registry office, the couple might not be married for Christmas. Sam tries to convince Tom there's nothing between her and Iain but he's not going to be easy to persuade. Elsewhere, an old patient returns to the ED, leading to a devastating arrest for one of the team.

Note: Last appearance of Tom Kent (Oliver Coleman) and Sam Nicholls (Charlotte Salt). Casualty takes a Christmas break.

886 19 "For Auld Lang Syne" Fletch 4 January 2014
Fletch witnesses an explosion at a bar on New Years Eve and spots Peter Trenton, the man who accused him of assault, trapped inside the building. He quickly realises the structure is showing signs of collapse and finds the patient in a sorry state - and to make matters worse the man believes the nurse is only helping him so he will drop the charges. Meanwhile, Robyn helps a singer who seems to have lost his voice, and Charlie spends a frustrating evening trying to contact his son Louis. The episode ends with For Auld Lang Syne being sung at midnight.

Note: New version of the theme tune is introduced.

887 20 "Bad Timing" Ethan 11 January 2014
At the morning market, respectable and middle aged Alice is in a tussle with pregnant teenager Karen over a handbag. As she falls through a glass-fronted stall, Alice manages to keep hold of the bag. When Alice arrives in the ED, it's up to Ethan and Lily to take on her care, but she becomes agitated and the two doctors realise she has other unexplained symptoms and set about diagnosing what's really wrong with her. Meanwhile, new doctor Ethan struggles to give his full attention to work on his first day as his mother passes away in a hospice. Elsewhere, Dixie is surprised to discover that the lady she and Jeff have been called out to help is her on-off girlfriend Carol. Carol has broken her wrist slipping down some steps, but later in the ED, she takes a turn for the worse, leaving Zoe and Tess fighting to save her life.

Note: First appearance of Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford).

888 21 "Brothers at Arms" Cal 18 January 2014
New locum doctor Cal arrives and his skills are soon required when a girl with kidney trouble is trapped in a crashed limo hanging precariously off a bridge and he and Jeff attempt to get her out. Later, arriving in the ED, Cal attends to the treatment of Caitlin, whose sight has been endangered by flying glass. But as Ethan notices a flicker of recognition between Cal and Caitlin, he soon stirs up trouble for his brother.

Note: First appearance of Caleb Knight (Richard Winsor).

889 22 "Keeping Schtum" Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon 25 January 2014
A night out on the town for Dixie and Rita turns sour when they spot a woman running away from an alley in distress. As they approach one of the young men, he soon turns aggressive and steps forward to threaten Rita, who is protectively blocked by Dixie. Stumbling, the man falls, hits his head and ends up in the ED, blaming Dixie for his injuries. Meanwhile, a young patient is brought in to the ED with only a whisper of a voice, leaving Ethan and Cal puzzled.
890 23 "Blood is Thicker than Water" Zoe 1 February 2014
Following on from the previous episode, Gina is struggling to keep it together and when she comes face-to-face with her attackers, she flies in to a panic. Rita works to comfort and support Gina as she makes a decision on whether to reveal all to her husband and to press charges against John. Meanwhile, Madeline - a former tiller girl in her 70s - sneaks out of a private clinic where she's undergone a hip replacement. Accompanying her daughter to an ante-natal appointment, she stumbles, ending up in the ED. But when Madeline gets a visit from someone she didn't expect, her two worlds soon collide. Elsewhere, accused of not being in touch with her staff, Zoe spends the day with Max as a porter.
891 24 "Once in a Lifetime" Jamie 8 February 2014
A bike race between a father and son goes disastrously wrong. Later in the ED, the truth between the competitive pair is more alarming than first suspected. It's Jamie's last day in the ED and he helps Cal and Ethan to support the family in distress. Will Cal and Ethan be able to put their differences aside and work together to get the best for their patient? Meanwhile, as Pamela sets off from her house with a packed bag and passport, her husband Richard is left to look after the house and their dog. But when a dog walk leaves Richard stuck on some mud flats, Pamela gets a call to the ED, much to her annoyance. Elsewhere, Jamie makes a difficult decision as Robyn and Jeff give up their attempts to stop him from leaving.

Note: Last appearance of Jamie Collier (Daniel Anthony). New titles are introduced.

892 25 "Valentine's Day Mascara" Cal 15 February 2014
When a warehouse worker hears her boyfriend might be about to propose, she panics - accidentally starting a huge fire and unintentionally putting her soon-to-be fiancé in danger. Arriving on the scene, Iain ignores calls from the fire chiefs to keep back. Meanwhile, Yvonne and Douglas arrive at the ED in their most glamorous finery. They were about to perform a magic show, but Yvonne has been injured in her high heels. Stepping in to help, Lily soon turns magician's assistant. Elsewhere, in the ED, Zoe faces the financial pressures of needing to lose a member of the medical team.
893 26 "The Great Pretender" Fletch 22 February 2014
When Fletch arrives at his estranged wife's house to collect the kids for the weekend, he is met with an argument. When this proves too much for Fletch's eldest daughter Evie to listen to, she sneaks out the house. Evie doesn't realise the panic she causes for her mum and dad as a full-scale search begins, leading to a devastating event for one of the parents. Meanwhile, Georgina skips out on her violin lesson again, but as she takes refuge in a dilapidated old house, she finds something she didn't expect. Elsewhere, following Lily's drunken pass at the Valentine's party, Ash is surprised but grateful to find that she has decided to act as though nothing happened.
894 27 "The Last Chance Saloon" Lily 1 March 2014
When Sally is rushed into hospital in severe pain, Lily shows her softer side as she takes on her treatment after encouragement from Ash. However, when Ash finds out that she hasn't followed all of his instructions, he is disappointed by her ongoing defiance and decides to teach her a lesson. Meanwhile, Robyn returns home after forgetting her purse, only to find an intruder in the kitchen. As she gives chase she impales her foot, but will her intruder stop to help? Elsewhere, Max's lying comes to a head when he is caught out by someone playing him at his own game.

Note: First appearance of Ben "Lofty" Chiltern (Lee Mead).

895 28 "Survivor's Guilt" Iain 8 March 2014
As Iain and Big Mac reach a hotel call-out for a burns case, they are greeted by Kenny, Iain's old army friend, and his wife Beth. Pleased to see his old mate, Kenny confides in Iain that his relationship is under strain. What was supposed to be a romantic break soon goes from bad to worse as his paranoia reaches a climax. Meanwhile, Daniel meets up with some old acquaintances for the first time since leaving prison, with his younger brother Ryan in tow. As one of the group suggests getting into some trouble, it soon becomes clear this group are less than best friends. Elsewhere, in the ED, Ethan is frustrated when Cal flirts with Jenny, the nurse who took care of their dying mother. Rita is also unimpressed with Cal's behaviour and encourages Ethan to escape from under his brother's shadow, leading him to take drastic action.
896 29 "Gravity" Fletch 15 March 2014
Following on from last week's episode, Big Mac tries to calm down Iain's old mate Kenny, who is convinced that Iain has been having an affair with his wife. When Kenny gets in his face, Big Mac trips and bangs his head, leaving him groggy on the floor. The situation soon escalates when Iain arrives at the station and Kenny blockades the door. Meanwhile, a house party rages late into the night, leading to one vocal neighbour storming the property. But as she tries to stop the music, she plummets from the balcony. Heading into the ED, no-one from the party admits to knowing her, and as the patient struggles to communicate, her young son is left home alone. Elsewhere, when Fletch's wife Natalie arrives in the ED in the early stages of labour, Fletch admits that he still loves her and wants to come home. Will she take him back?
897 30 "The Lies We Tell" Lily 22 March 2014
A group of activists set a trap in a road as they hope to wreck the tyres of passing motorists, but their efforts go horribly wrong when a lorry crashes. One of the group races to help the driver but ends up being injured himself. Later at the ED, Ethan's conscience is tested when the activist asks him to hide his secrets... Meanwhile, Rita and Zoe help a desperate prisoner repair his relationship with his mother. Elsewhere, Lily goes head-to-head with Ash as she continues to pursue her complaint against him in the presence of the new hospital director Guy Self.

Note: Temporary departure of Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson).

898 31 "Valves to Vagrants" Connie 29 March 2014
Connie Beauchamp storms into the ED on her first day and soon makes an impression. Ignoring Zoe's instructions, she heads out with paramedics Jeff and Big Mac and is quickly climbing up a ladder to save a fugitive on the run from prison. But when the rescue attempt goes wrong, will Connie be able to hold her nerve? Meanwhile, aware that his daughter has gotten into trouble yet again, Ash decides to take control of the situation by arranging for Ella to come and live with him. Elsewhere, in the ED it soon becomes clear that the pressure of exams has led to a brother and sister taking to extreme measures to deliver the results their father wants.

Note: First appearance of Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing).

899 32 "The Quiet Man" Zoe 5 April 2014
Jack's day starts badly. He hasn't got the job he was hoping for and he is struggling to look after his 10-year old daughter Phoebe. On the drive to school, Jack begins to hallucinate. Screeching to a halt, he runs from the car, ending up impaled on a metal spike. Connie, Zoe and Lily pull together to treat him, but what has caused the hallucinations? Meanwhile, Rob gets a shock when returns to his home to find his wife Rosie dazed and confused in the garden and being treated by Dixie. It soon becomes apparent that Rob has been struggling to care for his wife, as she hits out at her husband and the staff. Elsewhere, Zoe and Connie clash over how the ED should be run.
900 33 "Only the Lonely" Zoe 12 April 2014
When a prank by a group of girls goes wrong, the paramedics are called out to treat Martha, who is found semi-conscious with a bloody head wound, and Jim who is struggling to breathe. In the ED, the team try to find out the truth of what happened as Martha points the blame at Jim. Meanwhile, as Dixie and Jeff are driving back from dropping off a patient, they witness a motorcyclist fleeing from the scene of a crime with the victim in pursuit. When the bike skids, he is left in the care of the paramedics, who are on hand to treat his badly broken leg. Elsewhere, in the ED, Robyn is flattered by Cal's support during her assessment, only to have her hopes dashed at the pub.
901 34 "When Nothing Else Matters" Fletch 19 April 2014
When two brothers go for a drive, giving one the chance to get some much needed practice before his big test, the car crashes and both are left in the ED. As their father arrives, it soon becomes clear that the family is less than harmonious. Will Fletch be able to bring them together? Meanwhile, a self-diagnosed patient is brought into the ED after falling unconscious. Convinced he has a brain tumor, it's up to Cal and Lily to work out the truth after tests reveal it's not what the patient suspected. Elsewhere, Jeff agrees to cover for Ash's daughter Ella after she is brought into the ED following an allergic reaction to some drugs taken at a house party.
902 35 "Carrot Not Stick" Zoe 26 April 2014
Dixie tells injured motorbike rider and new friend Leo that his mother is in a hospice and that if he doesn't visit her soon, it may be too late. When Leo refuses to make the journey in an ambulance, Dixie has to think creatively and hatches a plan to sneak him out. Zoe tries to find out the history of Ginny, a middle-aged woman who collapsed at her birthday party - and when the reason for her illness eventually comes out, everyone is stunned into silence. Fletch is desperate for cash, forcing him to ask for extra shifts, while Cal tries to flirt with Lily.
903 36 "Who Cares?" Dixie 3 May 2014
When a patient is rushed to the ED after falling on to a large metal spike, Connie goes behind Zoe's back, raising concerns with Ash about her methods. But as she takes Zoe for a friendly after work drink following the tough day, is Connie playing a game? Meanwhile, Dixie is given three months' suspension by the Ambulance Trust. Elsewhere, as family of three Pauline, Eva and Blake sit down to an unusual breakfast of pizza, they start making plans for what they hope to be the best day ever. But the trip to the park soon ends in disaster. Also today, Fletch's moonlighting as a taxi driver catches up with him.

Note: Temporary departure of Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon (Jane Hazlegrove).

904 37 "Games for the Boys" Ash 17 May 2014
Fletch requires assistance from Ash when just minutes before a wedding the bride reveals a huge secret, which causes the newly-wed couple and their son to plummet through a building site. However as Ash tries to administer ketamine to the injured, he discovers it missing from his medical bag. Back at Ash's house, Ella invites a few friends round for a treat, and as she reveals the ketamine stolen from her dad's bag she unfolds devastating consequences not only for herself, but also for her friends and her father.
905 38 "The Family Way" Zoe 24 May 2014

Jeff is stunned by the return of Tamzin when two warring sisters and their father end up in the ED after a horrific accident. However when the father shows more interest in one daughter than the other the sibling rivalry reaches boiling point. A bodybuilder's choice of underwear raises a few eyebrows while Tess helps a pregnant teenager stand up to her controlling father after being clipped by a car. Ash and Zoe realise Connie has been playing them off against one another.

906 39 "To Yourself Be True" Zoe 31 May 2014

Connie deals with an overbearing father who struggles to accept his son's sexuality. Barrister Anna is furious to learn she's been replaced on a case by a colleague, and as she storms out of court she collides with a cyclist. But as Jeff and Tamzin treat Anna they discover her problems are more mental than physical.

907 40 "The Dying Game" Rita 7 June 2014

Rita finds herself in a quandary after a fire breaks out at a care home and she believes the elderly aren't being treated with the respect they deserve. Especially when she gains access to a terminally ill patient whose ongoing medical treatment raises a number of concerns. Lily treats a male complaining of toothache; but when she learns he's abusing the drugs he's supposed to be taking by drinking alcohol she soon reveals why his pain isn't getting any better. Lofty returns to the ED and Connie raises her concern with CEO Guy Self about Zoe's competence.

908 41 "Unhinged" Zoe 14 June 2014

The ED begins to struggle with increasing numbers as St. James's closes its doors and casualties are coming in from across the region. A man with Dementia falls back and smashes his head on a light and after wandering off out of the ED Connie is forced to save him... but is it too late? Jeff and Tamzin attend a boiler explosion. Ethan and Rita suspect a partygoer of being bulimic and a frustrated father leaves the ED without his son being treated.
Note: Next week's episode is on Sunday.

909 42 "Falling - Part One" Zoe 22 June 2014

A horrific helicopter accident involving a family results in Zoe attending the scene of the accident. After the area is deemed unsafe, Zoe is left trapped in the helicopter with one of the patients. When both are rescued, the female patient dies when Zoe defends the ED to the press and media, who are present due to last week's events. Distraught, Zoe steps down from Clinical lead leading to Connie's promotion. Connie takes the position of Clinical lead and vows to make changes, although insisting that Zoe remains as a consultant. Meanwhile, Lily overhears Cal badmouthing her to Fletch, leading to Ethan punching Cal outside the ED.

910 43 "Falling - Part Two" Fletch 29 June 2014

Metal thieves attempt to steal copper from a railway line, only for one of them to be injured and taken to the ED - leaving the other two to cause an accident that derails a train. Among the passengers is a boy being packed off to boarding school and Tess, who must fight to save the youngster's life. But when she becomes trapped herself, Fletch makes a massive sacrifice to save her. Back at the hospital, Connie spends her first day as clinical lead, Ethan and Lily make up, and Cal is still in the doghouse.

Note: Last appearance of Adrian Fletcher (Alex Walkinshaw).

911 44 "In the Name of Love" Zoe 6 July 2014

A highly competitive man ignores Ethan's advice to take it easy after a car accident, putting himself and his son in danger when they take part in a cross-country race - although it does bring Jeff a new love interest in the shape of race organiser Samantha, who is also injured along the way. A pregnant woman and her builder are trapped by a collapse on the site of her house build, while back at the hospital, Connie begins to assert her authority over the department.

912 45 "First Impressions" Ethan 12 July 2014

Terry, a drugs counsellor, enlists the help of Charlotte, a former addict, to carry out a carjacking. A police chase causes Terry to cough up blood and the car crashes. Connie helps Terry come clean to his wife about recent events. Tess helps a leukaemia survivor realise she is not fit to be a mother. When Rita takes a phone call outside The Hope and Anchor, she reveals that she wants a divorce from her husband, to whom she had previously referred as being dead.

913 46 "The Love You Take" Rita 9 August 2014

Rita receives a visit from her past which jeopardises her future, and Lofty and Cal bring a family back together with a bit of creative thinking.

914 47 "The Sicilian Defence" Rita 16 August 2014
Cal and Ethan pull together to work on a fascinating medical mystery involving a male suffering numerous undiagnosed illnesses. Rita helps a patient come to terms with a secret after a male is targeted and run down by a taxi driver, but as the staff continue to struggle to come to terms with Rita's shock revelation Rita decides to turn to alcohol. Tamzin becomes increasingly aggressive over Jeff and Samantha's relationship.
915 48 "A Life Less Lived" Zoe 23 August 2014
Zoe feels dissatisfied with life as her fortieth birthday arrives and a check-up provides negative feedback. However Zoe's day is about to get worse when she is offered a four-week holiday form from Connie. However when scaffolding collapses at a builders' yard and a son is crushed beneath the metal poles Zoe once again defies orders and heads out to treat her patients. After returning to the ED Zoe and Connie have a heated argument, and with some wise words from Molly Drover, whom Zoe previously treated with a recurring alcohol problem Zoe sees sense and decides to hand in her resignation form... but this won't stop the doctor from ever returning. Meanwhile, Cal steals Ethan's proposal idea of cost-cutting and blood transfusions but with some help from Lily Cal is soon exposed. Rita's drinking becomes obvious as the staff pick her up on her scent.

Note: Temporary departure of Zoe Hanna (Sunetra Sarker).


  1. Sarker returned in the eighth episode of series 29.
  2. Hazlegrove returned in the first episode of series 29.
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