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Series 29 is the twenty-ninth series of Casualty which aired from 30 August 2014 to 23 August 2015. It contained the 915th to 960th episodes of the show. This series was originally scheduled to contain 48 episodes, but it was later cut down to 46, most likely to keep on schedule for the next series. This series saw the arrival of Jacob Masters and Honey Wright and the departure of Jeff Collier, Martin Ashford and Tess Bateman.

Besides the departures at the start and end of the series, series 29 remained relatively unchanged in terms of cast in comparison to other series. In total in this series, two characters joined the show and four left.


Main characters

Guest characters


Episode Centric character Original airdate
916 1 "Learning to Fly" Jeff 30 August 2014
Jeff discovers that Samantha has been keeping a big secret from him when her husband turns up at her house. Jeff is adamant that he never knew about their relationship. A fight develops with Samantha caught in the middle. Meanwhile Charlie returns from New Zealand and Connie raises her concerns that Charlie doesn't seem interested in his job anymore, but little does she know of his health problems. Charlie arranges an appointment with Elliot where he believes Charlie has a high possibility of angina. And Max helps a young couple to stand up to their families who don't want them to be together.

Note: Return of Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon (Jane Hazlegrove).

917 2 "Fallen Stars" Rita 6 September 2014

Rita loses her temper with a patient when she turns out to be dishonest about an alleged rape case. But then her day takes a turn for the worse as Tess notices how late she was to work, and Ash discovers her drinking in the staff room - sending her home with the difficult question of whether he will tell Connie about the drinking. Cal treats a HIV schoolgirl involved in a fight, while Max convinces a rock star to come clean. And Charlie becomes irritable towards Tess when she recommends a retirement care plan.

918 3 "Home" Connie 20 September 2014

Andrea returns to the ED at the same time that her young patient is admitted. When Andrea insists on operating on the young boy despite Connie's advice, her suspicions are raised. Rita does not turn up for her shift so Ash calls on her. When she eventually allows him in he agrees to keep her drinking secret from the rest of the staff. When an alcoholic dies later on in the day Ash is reminded that if Rita does not stop drinking she could be heading that way. Lofty treats a distressed young man with an abscess in his mouth.

919 4 "Go Out and Get Busy" Charlie 27 September 2014

Connie becomes irritated after she discovers that Robyn put false information in a patient's allergies notes, but then when a wedding ends in disaster after a floor collapses Charlie decides to send Robyn out with Ethan to assist. However things are not as simple first thought when it appears that the only way to get the bride out alive is to amputate a leg below the knee. Lofty uses some creative thinking to help a deaf woman to speak up about her abuse, and Max helps a teenager complaining of severe abdominal pains.

920 5 "Born Lucky" Jeff 4 October 2014

Connie is asked to take a few selected members of the team to motivate a failing hospital. Ethan, the driver, takes his eyes off the road for a minute too long and a Land Rover smashes into the minibus, throwing it to its side. Cal is embarrassed by a mother and daughter who tease him about a one night stand, before becoming emotionally distressed after learning about the severity of Ethan's condition from the impact of the crash. The day ends in turmoil when the minibus explodes - while Jeff is still inside.

Note: Death of Jeff Collier (Matt Bardock).

921 6 "The Last Call" Dixie 11 October 2014

As the ED staff prepare themselves for Jeff's funeral, Dixie struggles to cope with the day: rather than attend the funeral, she attends a rescue call where an alcoholic has been dumped on a landfill site after he slept in a wheelie bin on rubbish collection day. Iain joins her and after they save the man, he persuades her to pay her respects and they set off for the funeral. Lofty treats an OCD sufferer who has poured bleach on her hands. A few old faces return to say goodbye to Jeff on a thoroughly emotional day for everyone involved. Honey Wright joins ED as their new tea lady.

Note: First appearance of Honey Wright (Chelsee Healey), return of Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson) and final appearance of Tamzin Bayle (Gemma Atkinson).

922 7 "The Index Case" Connie 18 October 2014

Connie wonders if she missed something when a man dies in the ED, and the dead man's daughter accuses her of his death. Ash believes that Dixie blames him for Jeff's death. Cal works closely with Ash, Charlie and Ethan on a rare virus which connects two patients together.

923 8 "Return to Sender" Zoe 25 October 2014

Zoe returns to the ED and is surprised that the staff had not been told she was coming back. Connie has a complaint lodged against her, despite efforts to talk sense to the woman. Dixie continues to cause ripples throughout the department and has a confrontation with Ash, who still feels guilty about Jeff's death. Lofty treats a youth who is constantly being stopped and searched, and suffers a stroke because he has sickle-cell anaemia.

Note: Return of Zoe Hanna (Sunetra Sarker) and Dylan Keogh (William Beck).

924 9 "Entrenched" Big Mac 1 November 2014

Rita is promoted to Senior Staff Nurse. Mac attends a war memorial service. A football fan riot starts and a young boy is caught up in the fight. A flare is set off in the ED and smoke alarms wail. Matthew protects everyone from the blast and Lofty stays in the middle of the smoke to rescue a young boy from cubicles and, despite the fact the boy dies anyway, is hailed a hero by his colleagues. Big Mac is still struggling to cope with Jeff's death and decides to transfer back to the ED.

925 10 "Deadfall" (non-canon) Lily 15 November 2014

Ethan takes charge of a night shift. Charlie, on the way to work, assists paramedics when a man and woman crash into the back of a lorry. On the way to ED the man arrests and later dies. Lily suspects he was murdered and decides to investigate further. The woman is then admitted, but confused and agitated and insistent she is being followed, which again makes Lily suspicious. The woman later dies in hospital. A policewoman detective sergeant is the murderer in a drugs-related drama. Lily proves that she is a detective herself and is responsible for saving another life and the arrest of the killer.

Note: This episode was dedicated to Rebekah Gibbs who portrayed Nina Farr.

926 11 "Asylum" Dixie 22 November 2014

Ash treats an asylum seeker who is admitted after falling. When she reveals that she will not have life-saving surgery because she is a Jehovah's Witness he loses control. Connie sends him to a counselling session. Dixie scatters Jeff's ashes. Dylan works with Ethan to treat a teenager worried about ovarian cancer.

927 12 "Losing Grip" Charlie 29 November 2014

Connie brings her daughter to work, unaware of the trouble she's capable of. Ash becomes angered by a patient's lifestyle choice when the patient is admitted after falling from a container. Ethan makes a breakthrough when a man is admitted after a failed robbery. Dixie apologises to Ash for her irrational behaviour. Honey is shocked when Ethan discovers her secret.

928 13 "Feeling Good" Ash 6 December 2014

Ash is partnered with Dylan by Connie. Together they work on a suspected overdosed 19-year-old, but disagree with how to treat the patient. Zoe becomes frustrated with Cal when he attempts to flirt with her patient. The paramedics receive a hamper basket addressed to Jeff, but are shocked by the contents.

929 14 "Solomon's Song" Ash 13 December 2014

Honey reveals a shocking secret which rocks Noel's world. Ash, Charlie, Dixie and Iain attend a call-out to a cathedral when a chandelier collapses leaving the congregation crushed under rubble. Lily treats a man who is insistent he is Jesus. Connie and Grace's relationship strains as Connie continues to prioritise patients over her own daughter.

Note: Last appearance of Martin "Ash" Ashford (Patrick Robinson).

930 15 "Next Year's Words" Charlie 3 January 2015

Connie continues to fail with coping with her daughter and her problems escalate when news of the video footage reaches her and she accuses Zoe. Charlie criticises Connie's manner with a struggling young mother and goes on to provide the help she needs. Honey and Noel make some progress in their fledgling relationship of daughter and father.

931 16 "Clinging On" Connie 10 January 2015

Tess hands in her resignation as clinical nurse manager, prompting Lofty to convince Rita to apply for the new position. Connie is shocked to discover that the video footage has leaked online. She faces further heartbreak as Grace reveals she wants to live with her grandmother instead. Zoe treats a male who has fallen through a shed roof, but his symptoms show he has scurvy.

932 17 "Muddling Through" Connie 17 January 2015

Connie struggles without Grace, and the day of Hailey Blake's court case arrives. Connie throws herself into work and treats a hallucinating patient who, upon taking LSD, jumped seven metres from a shopping centre into a ball pit below. As Ethan discovers a mysterious scar on her lower abdomen, he becomes suspicious and investigates further. Zoe treats Hailey after she suffers a panic attack outside the ED, and after later conversing with Connie, they reach the conclusion to not go any further with their court case. Robyn decides she needs to become more helpful, so sets up a food bank.

933 18 "The Last Goodbye" Rita 24 January 2015

Rita's first day as clinical nurse manager gets off to a bad start when her disgraced husband Mark turns up to talk to her, having been released from prison. When Connie's daughter Grace is reported missing, Connie accuses Mark of abduction. Honey hurts her ankle while re-auditioning at the pole-dancing club, and to keep things discreet she calls on Ethan to help, while Lofty deals with a patient who thinks her child is being abused.

934 19 "What a Difference a Day Makes" Connie 31 January 2015

Big Mac's increasing money troubles lead him to a pawn shop, where he encounters a window cleaner who has been stabbed in the leg. When they arrive at the hospital, Big Mac discovers he isn't the only one suffering money troubles, when the cleaner admits he was on his way to deliver debt money to his aggressive brother. A father and his two children crash their car into scaffolding, which results in them becoming trapped in their car, and a concrete block hangs precariously from above them. Connie struggles from the loss of her daughter, and jumps straight back into work. Honey is distraught when Ethan ignores her.

935 20 "Front Line" Connie 7 February 2015

It's inspection day at the ED and Connie is showing the strain. When two soldiers are brought in after they were injured in an explosion during a training exercise, Rita can't understand why one of them is lying about the accident. A computer hacker tries to make others happy by giving out stolen money, although he ends up in the ED after falling and hitting his head. As the doctors treat him, Robyn inadvertently spreads a virus from his memory stick to Holby's computer system. Honey catches Big Mac taking stock from the food bank after finding out he has more bills to pay. Zoe and Max get back together after Max impresses with his IT expertise.

936 21 "Sweetie" Dylan 14 February 2015

It's Valentine's Day, but the love is low when staff treat serial child killer Olive Russell, whose prison van has just been in an accident deliberately caused by Susie Reardon, the mother of one of Olive's victims. With both women in hospital, the staff have to call on all their professionalism to remain neutral - but it isn't easy and Rita ends up making a crucial error when she allows Susie to talk to Olive which then escalates, later resulting in a confrontation at when she demands Olive to tell Susie where her daughter is at knife-point in the resus area in her attempted revenge. Meanwhile, Connie asks for Cal's resignation following the inspection report but, after words from Charlie, tells Cal that he still has a place in the department. Connie also suggests Dylan should apply for the consultant's vacancy. Robyn gives Lofty an anonymous card and Ethan and Honey share a goodbye kiss before she leaves to look after her injured grandmother.

Note: Temporary departure of Honey Wright (Chelsee Healey)

937 22 "Sweet Little Lies" Connie 21 February 2015

Dylan and Lofty are introduced to a social worker who is admitted after suffering severe stomach cramps. Dylan becomes gravely concerned when he discovers the worker has only just overcome cancer, so he looks at her notes to ensure he's being careful - but him and Lofty receive a massive shock. Dixie is called out to a young girl suffering Tourette's who crashed her car, and back at the ED, Connie helps the girl see she's not alone and needs some support. Lily treats an elderly lady and her 'Psychic Dog', but later discovers the elder has ticks all over her back.

938 23 "Something to Live For" Dixie 28 February 2015

Dixie and Iain find themselves on a dangerous call-out when a caravan hangs loosely off a cliff. With an ex-drug addict Dave's son still inside the caravan, Iain risks his life, much to Dixie's anger. When the casualties arrive at hospital, Dave is confronted over drugs found in his caravan, although he's adamant he's never seen the drugs before. Connie befriends a retired Consultant Alfred Maxwell, suffering Motor Neurone Disease. She later makes a horrible discovery when Alfred reveals he doesn't want to live anymore. Max wants his and Zoe's relationship out in the open, but Zoe disagrees, so Max challenges her to give him a realistic excuse for them to keep silent.

939 24 "Excess Baggage" Lily 7 March 2015

Lily faints while on a shift, treating a man with an arrow stuck in his rear. Later, when Dylan offers to give Lily a taxi she denies the offer and decides to rides her moped home instead. Overtired, she falls asleep while driving. Meanwhile Amy Hills, an air hostess, is knocked unconscious by falling hand luggage on a plane. Amy's husband resorts to drug taking and collapses, sweaty, in the emergency department. Connie is furious at Rita after a meeting between the two results in Connie missing her farewell to Alfred.

940 25 "Toxic Relationships" Lily 14 March 2015

Due to having worked excessive hours, Lily falls asleep on her moped while driving home. In a blur, she crashes into a schoolgirl. When she is later interrogated by the schoolgirl's father she admits she was overtired, so the father angrily blames Connie and Lily. However, Lily is in the clear, as the schoolgirl later admits that she deliberately stepped out in front of Lily's moped to stop her father from going on a business trip abroad. When a staff member who has missed a meal break because of work load is told off for eating while working, Rita decides that enough is enough and tells the nurses to work to rule by doing only what is in their job descriptions instead of letting senior staff make them do porter's work and suchlike. A mother and baby are admitted, and when amphetamines are found in their blood the staff become concerned, but it is later found that a man was making methamphetamine in the flat below and letting drug vapour rise upstairs. He is later admitted to the hospital after his meth lab explodes.

941 26 "The Road Not Taken" (non-canon) Zoe 28 March 2015

Three alternate timelines for the same day:

1) Zoe's day starts with a video call from Maggie. Zoe is then torn between treating a six-year-old girl who was run over by her father or a pregnant woman fearing her baby is coming. She prioritises the six-year-old girl; but she dies. Then, on the way home the pregnant woman suffers contractions, causing her ex-boyfriend to be distracted resulting in a car crash. When they return to the hospital, Zoe must choose whether to perform a caesarian or REBOA - she picks the REBOA, however both the mother and baby die. However Zoe then wonders what the outcome would be if she retook her day.

2) Zoe retakes her day, this time prioritising the pregnant woman. The six-year-old girl dies. On the way home the pregnant woman is again involved in a car crash and is admitted again; however this time she performs a caesarian. The baby survives but the mother dies.

3) Zoe then gets up half an hour earlier: this time everything goes right - the six-year-old survives, and so does the mother and baby.

942 27 "Something Borrowed, Something Blue" Connie 4 April 2015

Connie continues to help her friend Alfred, who has motor neurone disease, and gives him special treatment. But as his condition deteriorates, she is placed in a quandary when he asks her to help him die. A former heroin addict lies about his past to protect his future wife, little realising the danger he is putting himself in, while a young woman is brought in after deliberately crashing her car to claim on the insurance. Ethan discovers that Cal stole his money, Taylor disappears and Iain applies for a new job.

943 28 "Under Pressure" Connie 11 April 2015

Connie goes to see Alfred in his care home, but she struggles to accept the severity of the situation he is in. When his carer reveals a new method of communication Connie gives it a go - but is horrified when Alfred asks her to help him die still. A schoolboy vengefully replaces a safe substance with a reactant in a Science experiment, and when his bully takes lead in the practical things go horribly wrong when the beaker explodes and shards of glass impale the teacher. It's Iain's last day as Paramedic, before he begins his new occupation as a Rapid Respondent. Connie steals benzodiazepines from the medical cabinet, what is she doing?

944 29 "The King's Crossing" Connie 18 April 2015

Connie is utterly distraught as her friend, Alfred finally dies peacefully in the ED. However her suspicious demanding attitude towards her staff concerns Rita greatly, particularly when she is reluctant to give him any medication and claims Alfred has a DNR, but cannot find it in his notes. Rita sneakily phones and asks for a basic toxicology screening on Alfred's body. When the results come through it appears that Alfred had traces of benzodiazepines in his body - did Connie euthanise her friend? A construction worker loses control of his digger and knocks his daughter into a hole before covering her in bricks. He then smashes part of the ED wall with the digger hand. It appears he is suffering a serious head injury and needs surgery immediately. Cal is stunned when he finds Taylor with a knife in her leg in a public toilet. He treats her there and then with Ethan, but when Taylor runs off again Cal is livid. Connie is arrested on suspicion of murder, with Rita calling them on her...

945 30 "The Rita Supremacy" Connie 25 April 2015

Connie is forced to fight her corner as she is interrogated over the murder of Alfred Maxwell. However, when Connie realises she only gave Alfred two benzodiazepines she demands the police search her office and drawer for the evidence which may just set her free. But then, just minutes before the police arrive at her office Rita sees the medication, and hides the evidence, resulting in Connie being charged over his murder. Robyn and Ethan treat a young school couple after they are saved from a house fire. Robyn soon becomes suspicious that the fire was the result of arson. Her suspicions are later confirmed as the young girl's mother admits to starting the potentially deadly fire. Lofty treats a woman with an infected tattoo, but when Robyn discovers the pair sharing a kiss she makes her feelings crystal clear towards the later dejected nurse.

946 31 "The Department of Secrets" Connie 2 May 2015

Connie is suspended by the board over the severity of the allegations made against her. She is remanded in prison with no chance of bail, much to Charlie's despair. When Charlie arrives back at the hospital he battles it out with Rita, doing everything he can to make her hand over the medication in order to set Connie free. Later, a guilty Rita hands over the drugs to Charlie, where he then takes the evidence down to the police station, allowing Connie to be freed. As the pair arrive back outside the ED, Charlie receives a call from Sofia, Louie's girlfriend. He has been viciously attacked by druggies in Bucharest, Romania and needs urgent medical help. Connie agrees to travel with Charlie and they head off. Elsewhere, a 15-year-old girl slashes her wrists. When she arrives in hospital Rita discovers she is in an underage sex scandal with one of her carers. Making the young fragile girl see the severity of the situation, she helps her to get justice. Lily treats an elder with dementia who catches hypothermia after running and swimming in the sea. Big Mac also helps repair the broken bond between the elder and her daughter, who is struggling to cope with looking after her mother.

947 32 "Exile" Charlie 16 May 2015

Charlie and Connie go to a risky part of Bucharest, Romania to save Charlie’s son Louis. Charlie arrives at the hospital in Bucharest and finds that Louis is a heroin addict and has got involved in gang activities. Louis escapes from hospital in a car driven by drug dealer Cristian. Charlie finds that Louis is planning to sell a kidney to pay his debts, but by the time Charlie gets to the hospital Louis is already in theatre. Charlie stops Louis from selling his kidney. A gang member tries to stop the escape. Connie finds comfort with Alex, a Romanian doctor who is looking after Louis. Sofia, Louis's girlfriend, finds refuge with Connie. Charlie and Louis get back to Holby.

948 33 "Against the Odds" Charlie 30 May 2015

Charlie returns from Bucharest, struggling to come to terms with the previous week's events. Dylan is appointed the role of Clinical Lead in Connie's absence as Zoe refuses to keep hold of the status. Marcus, a skateboarder, steals from Keong, the possessor of an arcade. However, Keong's belligerent behaviour causes him to become embroiled in a fight with a skate-shop owner and Marcus to fly off his skateboard and down a flight of steps. Lily treats one of Keong's employees, and helps her escape a menacing situation.

949 34 "Fix You" Dylan 6 June 2015

Cal and Ethan attempt to persuade a young lad not to go to Finland for his adoptive mother, Julia, who is suffering from terminal cancer to take part in a potentially life-saving clinical trial. However, as tensions build between the brothers and Julia's health deteriorating rapidly, Cal and Ethan are forced to abandon the journey to Finland and make the pair say their final farewells. Dylan's successes as clinical lead are cut short as Connie makes an abrupt return and asserts her status once again. Zoe helps a young boy speak up after he is involved in a car crash.

950 35 "The Way Home" Charlie 13 June 2015

Zoe and Dylan take on an awkward case when two friends are admitted after they both become entangled in barbed wire when a team-building exercise goes horrifically wrong. However, it appears the exercise is botched when Paolo's friend is also admitted after her leg becomes locked in an animal trap. Louis is attacked by a pair of junkies - resulting in his heroin addiction floating back to the surface and becoming well-known by colleagues. Big Mac finds a 'lucky' talisman in the road, which he believes saved his life after narrowly avoiding being crushed to death by an electronic box.

951 36 "The Golden Hours" Dixie 20 June 2015

Dixie and Iain treat a mother who is found in her car which is mangled in greenery. When they get her to the hospital, they discover that Suzy, a mother grieving for the loss of her own child, may have abducted the mother's son after the car had crashed. The situation later dramatically escalates when Dixie finds Suzy on the edge of Holby pier with the child in her hands. Charlie gives Louis a nasty wake-up call when he takes him to see a dead drug addict. Charlie later locks Louis in the attic of his house. Cal helps raise money for a leukaemia patient by doing a nude calendar shoot, however as he uncovers his last bit of dignity he is greeted from behind the hospital curtain by his colleagues.

952 37 "A Moment of Clarity" Charlie 27 June 2015

Cal is stunned to find a beauty pageant had unknowingly took part in the 'tapeworm diet' after she is brought in following a car accident, and is soon forced to get the mother to come clean about her deception. An elderly couple, who also were involved in the accident, are rushed in to ED where Dylan takes charge of the elderly lady, only to makes a diagnosis which shocks everyone. When the elderly lady dies soon after, Dylan is left devastated, convinced more could have been done to save her. Dixie and Iain soon find themselves racing to save her son from the same fate, with her husband, suffering from dementia, the only one who knows his location. Max and Zoe argue over money, resulting in Max sleeping in his car for the night.

953 38 "Heart Over Head" Zoe 4 July 2015

Dylan's day is full of surprises when Morris, a retired elderly male, is admitted complaining of abdominal cramps. When out of nowhere Morris's friend turns up and begins waving his hands over Morris, Dylan queries the man's objective, to which he claims he's using holistic therapy to treat the pain. Morris is later rushed into Resus, where his friend demands he not be placed in Resus Bay 4, later mentioning a myth about the number four representing death, to which Dylan looks back at his recent dead patient's notes and notice they all died in Bay 4. A teenager falls down a flight of steps, and later learns she's pregnant, forcing her mother to make a decision. Robyn breaks up with Zach. Zoe makes up with Max.

954 39 "Holby Sin City" (non-canon) Ethan 11 July 2015

The episode opens in a dark, horror style way, with Ethan dressed as a detective. He goes to the Police station to report murder, but this case is complex. In a timeline of events, Bonnie, a tattoo stylist married to Clyde, calls the paramedics after a reported shooting. She claims he's left a suicide note, and shot himself. But things soon take a sinister turn when, at the hospital, Robyn finds a gun in the bin. Hanssen arrives at the department to give a pep talk about night shifts, while Iain begins to wonder how different his life can be.

955 40 "If You Could Bottle It" Jacob 18 July 2015

Jacob Masters, a Band Six nurse, bursts into the ED with a young mother, also a recovering junkie, hurled over his shoulder, who feel through his garage roof, and is barely conscious. However, he later begins to see a connection between the mother and a suspected drunk man who was admitted earlier - both of whom have a chemical smell to them, leading to the diagnosis of methanol poisoning from illegal alcohol. When Jacob decides to visit the person making it, the lab explodes just as he is about to break-in. When Rita treats a man involved in a work accident, she discover he needs professional help when his past medical history reveals something about the compensation he received for previous incidents. Cal tries to revise to become a consultant but finds himself needing help. Dylan struggles when another patient is placed in Resus Bay 4.

Note: First appearance of Jacob Masters (Charles Venn).

956 41 "The Next Step" Jacob 25 July 2015

Jacob starts his first shift in the ED, but immediately finds himself using his charms and power of persuasion when a young girl consumes an unknown substance given to her by her best friend, before falling off the school roof. Dylan's compulsive obsession in Resus Bay 4 continues, and he soon finds himself becoming more agitated than ever. Zoe has a disastrous dinner date with Max and his mother, Greta. Truths are soon exposed when Zoe reveals to Max she is unable to have children - but it's Max that drops the bombshell when he proposes to Zoe, who responds with a yes. Honey surprises Noel when she returns unexpectedly.

Note: Return of Honey Wright (Chelsee Healey)

957 42 "Dark Horses" Dylan 1 August 2015

Charlie helps a father see sense for his teenage daughter when the pair collide during a car rally, just minutes after his boss gives him an ultimatum. Rita discovers Dylan's OCD when he tampers with a cardiogram in order to avoid treating a patient in bay 4 in Resus; when she later confides in Zoe, Dylan is left unimpressed. Lily grabs Ethan when a bride-to-be is bitten by a snake, causing Honey to become jealous over the pair's growing relationship, and admit to Noel she fancies Ethan. Tess overhears the news of Max and Zoe's engagement, and when Robyn catches wind of the secret it isn't long before the news spreads throughout the department. Jacob and Louise know each other somehow.

958 43 "The Long Haul" Dylan 8 August 2015

Dylan's father and his girlfriend, Hazel, are admitted when Brian crashes his lorry into a metal barrier. When the pair arrive at the ED, Dylan is mortified, but continues to treat Brian's girlfriend. Both Dylan and Brian later receive a shock when Hazel reveals she's fifteen weeks pregnant. Brian is diagnosed with narcolepsy, and later tells Dylan he's the son he never wanted, and he doesn't want him in his life anymore. Heartbroken, Dylan lashes out at Dervla, causing the dog to run away. Louie is admitted with Deep Vein Thrombosis, and when he flails, causing Ethan to stick the contaminated needle in him, he is forced to get a HIV test, which fortunately comes back negative. Louie later admits he sold Tess's crucifix necklace in order to get a fix. Tired of helping the drug addict, Charlie sends his son to rehabilitation. Big Mac and Dixie work together to help an elderly female couple get married, fifty years after their engagement.

959 44 "Knock Knock Who's There?" Tess 15 August 2015
Tess is surprised by Sam's arrival. She receives another shock when Sam introduces his new son, Charlie, to her. Sam asks Tess to move up north with him, but, unprepared to give up her job and leave her friends behind, she makes a sacrifice which shocks everyone. A security guard and a homeless teenager fall onto some crates, but when one of the two tell Jacob that illegal immigrants are harboured in a metal container, it is a race against time to save the immigrants from suffocation in there. Dylan walks out on his staff after a difficult day at work. Ethan asks Honey out on a date, while Max asks Lofty to be his best man.
960 45 "Forsaking All Others - Part One" Lily 22 August 2015

The team help a daughter and father at a difficult time, and Ethan convinces a man to come clean to his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Louise discovers a casualty on her way to work and does a great job of treating her. Elsewhere, Ethan and Cal find out that they've both failed their exams, but Lily has been promoted to registrar. She calls her parents who aren't as impressed as she had hoped, so she begins a desperate quest for approval. Also today, Zoe visits Dylan and convinces him to seek help for his OCD. Finally, while Louis refuses to see Charlie at rehab, Jacob talks to Connie about some gunshot policies he'd like to implement.

Note: Final appearance of Tess Bateman (Suzanne Packer).

961 46 "Forsaking All Others - Part Two" Charlie 23 August 2015
It's Max and Zoe's wedding day, and someone's got cold feet. Later, Louis is out of rehab and ready to move on. He asks Charlie for deposit money for a flat, but Charlie hesitates and Louis notices his reluctance. Drunk and angry, Louis gets in a fight with Max. Charlie and Lofty try to break it up and a flame heater is knocked over. The marquee goes up in flames. Meanwhile, Dylan gets a diagnosis of OCD and tries to rid himself of his compulsions, but he struggles more than he expected. Elsewhere, Louise tries to put her demons behind her and meet the patient whose baby died when she was a nurse.


A special episode aired as part of Series 29 on the Casualty website. This episode and a future second part focus on Noel Garcia as the DJ of the hospital's then-defunct Holby Hospital Radio service. A third special will be released on 22 August 2015 involving an awkward encounter between Zoe and Greta, Max's mother.

Episode Original airdate
1 "Radio Holby - Part One" 18 October 2014
Noel has always dreamt of being a radio DJ. Is now the time to give his dreams flight?
2 "Radio Holby - Part Two" 25 October 2014
Noel needs an Agony Aunt for his show - and there’s only one person for the job... Louise.
3 "Mrs Walker-To-Be" 22 August 2015
On the night before their wedding, Zoe and Max head out to celebrate their final night of freedom. Zoe heads out on a hen night with Rita, Robyn, Dixie and Honey, but will Greta’s unexpected appearance reawakens Zoe’s doubts. Later in the night, a man at the club asks Zoe to stay for another drink, and as she is already drunk she accepts, but later kisses him. Meanwhile, Max and Lofty’s night takes a surprising turn when they end up back in the ED. Max is then scared that his mishap will prevent him from getting to the registry office on time.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Made first appearance in episode 31, but appeared credited in episode 32.
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