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Series 32 is the thirty-second series of Casualty and will commence airing on 19 August 2017. Filming for the series' first episode began in April 2017. The series will contain 44 episodes, the same as the previous series.

The first major change in cast announced for the series was the news that Charlotte Salt would be returning as Sam Nicholls, following her departure almost four years earlier in the show's 28th series. In June, images and video clips of filming were posted, revealing that Sam would be returning as a paramedic, not a registrar. In July, Charlotte Salt revealed on Instagram that she'd be making her return to the show on 16 September.

Tom Chambers makes an off-screen exit as Sam Strachan in episode 1, making his finale appearance in episode 43 of the previous series. In addition, the series will feature the departure of one of the main cast members before Christmas.[1]

A new F1 doctor portrayed by Neet Mohan will be joining the show in episode 11; details of this arrival are still currently unknown.

The series was officially announced in August 2016, when executive producer of series 31, Oliver Kent, said that the storylines of series 31 were already known and the team knew exactly what they were going into series 32 with. Erika Hossington continues to serve as series producer, whilst Simon Harper takes on the role as interim executive producer following Oliver Kent's role change to Head of Continuing Drama.

It was announced on 30 July, after series 31 ended, that series 32 would begin with a two-part episode set in Calais at a refugee camp. It was also revealed that episode three of the series would be a special 70 minute feature length episode, revolving around the enquiry into Scott Ellisson's death.


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Main characters

Recurring/Guest characters


Episode Centric character Original airdate
1049 1 Episode One Dylan 19 August 2017
Dylan, David, Louise and Alicia set off to Calais to offer medical assistance at a refugee camp. There, Alicia takes a shine to British medic Cameron Hamilton, who has been on the scene for a while, helping the camp's women and children. Meanwhile, Dylan forms a bond with two children, Sanosi and Mariam, who have fallen prey to ruthless people-traffickers, and has to make a difficult decision about their future. Back at the hospital, Connie is shocked to learn Sam has resigned and seems to have disappeared - taking Grace with him.
1050 2 Episode Two Jez 26 August 2017
The team of Holby medics continue their efforts to help migrant refugees in need of medical attention on the French coast. However, Dylan is fast becoming frustrated with how little he can offer the camp, and makes a decision he may come to regret. Meanwhile, back in the UK, Jez faces the repercussions of crossing paths with the Ellissons, as an improvised explosive is thrown through the window of his home, placing both Robyn and baby Charlotte in jeopardy.
1051 3 Episode Three TBA; likely Ethan 2 September 2017
The results of the inquest into Scott Ellisson's death are made public.

Note: 70 minutes in length. Possible final appearance of Jez Andrews (Lloyd Everitt).[citation needed]

1052 4 Episode Four TBA; likely Jez 9 September 2017
Jez has a decision to make that could change his entire future.

Note: Possible final appearance of Jez Andrews (Lloyd Everitt).[citation needed]

1053 5 "Blues and Twos" TBA; likely Sam 16 September 2017
Note: Return of Sam Nicholls (Charlotte Salt).
1054 6 "Addicted to Love" TBA 23 September 2017
1059 11 Episode 11 TBA 28 October 2017
Note: First appearance of Rashid Mahsoon (Neet Mohan).


  1. Casualty Wiki aren't allowed to reveal who this is.
  3. Scott appears as a vision, after he was killed off in the previous series.

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