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Series 32 is the thirty-second series of Casualty and commenced airing on 19 August 2017. Filming for the series' first episode began in April 2017. The series contains 44 episodes, the same as the previous series.

The series opened with a two-parter special, set partly in Holby and partly in France. Despite this, filming for the France scenes took place in Wales.

This was the first series of Casualty not to have episode names for its episodes. This was later revealed to be because coming up with episode titles was "incredibly difficult" and made the show feel dated. The episode titles during production were known for episodes one, two, five and six of the series, but like the other episodes in the series, they were scrapped when the episodes aired.

The series titles stayed the same, with the modified theme tune, after first being introduced in the previous series. The series saw the departure of Jez Andrews, portrayed by Lloyd Everitt, Lily Chao, portrayed by Crystal Yu, and Max Walker portrayed by Jamie Davis. The series also saw the return of former character Sam Nicholls (Charlotte Salt) and the arrivals of F1 doctors Rashid Masum and Bea Kinsella, portrayed by Neet Mohan and Michelle Fox respectively. It also saw the arrival of paramedic Ruby, portrayed by Maddy Hill. In addition, Sunetra Sarker reprised her role as Zoe Hanna for one episode of the series.


Main characters

Recurring/Guest characters


Episode Centric character Original airdate
1049 1 "Episode One"[1] Dylan 19 August 2017
Dylan, David, Louise and Alicia set off to Calais to offer medical assistance at a refugee camp. There, Alicia takes a shine to British medic Cameron Hamilton, who has been on the scene for a while, helping the camp's women and children. Meanwhile, Dylan forms a bond with two children, Sanosi and Mariam, who have fallen prey to ruthless people-traffickers, and has to make a difficult decision about their future. Back at the hospital, Connie is shocked to learn Sam has resigned and seems to have disappeared - taking Grace with him.
1050 2 "Episode Two"[2] Jez 26 August 2017
The team of Holby medics continue their efforts to help migrant refugees in need of medical attention on the French coast. However, Dylan is fast becoming frustrated with how little he can offer the camp, and makes a decision he may come to regret. Meanwhile, back in the UK, Jez faces the repercussions of crossing paths with the Ellissons, as an improvised explosive is thrown through the window of his home, placing both Robyn and baby Charlotte in jeopardy.

Note: Final appearance of Jez Andrews (Lloyd Everitt).

1051 3 "Episode Three" Ethan 2 September 2017
The coroner's report into Scott Ellisson's death is due to arrive, and Ethan hopes that - whatever the outcome - the result will allow him to move on with his life. While a conflicted Ethan struggles with his guilt, Lily realises she needs to find a new date for her cousin's wedding, and Iain agrees to step in, but when the pair break down en route to the event, nothing can save them from the ire of Lily's domineering Aunt Ling. Elsewhere, Dylan intensifies his search for Sanosi's missing uncle, but finds himself in mortal danger after he pursues a thief onto a dilapidated boat.

Note: 70 minutes in length.

1052 4 "Episode Four" Dylan 16 September 2017
Dylan is finally successful in reuniting Sanosi with his uncle Kamal. However, the reunion of the two families proves far from successful when Kamal is rushed to hospital suffering from abdominal pains that turn out to have been caused by his swallowing bags of heroin. Alicia wants to learn to drive to improve her career prospects and Elle offers to give her a lesson - which ends in a collision.
1053 5 "Episode Five"[3] Sam 23 September 2017
Iain is stunned when former registrar Samantha Nicholls shows up the ambulance station ready for her first day as a paramedic. The pair struggle to adjust to their new working relationship, any questions Iain has are put out of mind when he and his new partner are called to rescue a shifty woman from a car crash. Meanwhile, back at the ED, Alicia decides to play matchmaker for Jacob and Elle as they work together to care for fun-loving elderly couple Iona and Margie.

Note: Return of Sam Nicholls (Charlotte Salt)

1054 6 "Episode Six"[4] Connie 30 September 2017
Connie tries to get to the bottom of her health problems, and while she waits for the results of a scan, she pours her attention into helping Ethan improve his teaching abilities. However, when the news finally arrives, it is not good. Meanwhile, Charlie and Josh face the unpleasant consequences of a heavy night out, but refuse to admit their partying days may be behind them, forcing Duffy to intervene. Plus, Elle is given cause to regret swearing off men when she realises she has great chemistry with a young patient's father.
1055 7 "Episode Seven" Connie 7 October 2017
Dylan is forced to bring Sanosi into the Emergency Department, much to David's dismay, and Lily grows ever more jealous of the bond forming between Iain and Sam. Meanwhile, Connie struggles to deal with the severity of her diagnosis, and tries to come to terms with what it means for her future.
1056 8 "Episode Eight" Connie 14 October 2017
The truth finally catches up with Connie, as her symptoms begin to manifest, and Ethan realises she is the mystery `heart patient' she has been quizzing him about. Determined to keep her illness under wraps, Connie blackmails Ethan into performing an urgent surgical procedure on her himself. Meanwhile, the day of Alicia's driving test arrives, but nerves get the better of her when she accidentally runs over her instructor's foot during one last lesson.
1057 9 "Episode Nine" Dylan 21 October 2017
Connie distracts herself from her personal problems by trying to get to the bottom of the squabbles between Dylan, David and Louise, who have been in conflict over Dylan's decision to smuggle Sanosi into the UK. Meanwhile, Lily is made uneasy by the natural chemistry between Sam and Iain, who she discovers have a romantic history together, and Max tries to deliver bad news to mortuary assistant Tara, whose new squeeze seems to have a troubling secret.
1058 10 "Episode Ten" Dylan 28 October 2017
Dylan helps a patient who was placed into foster care to protect her from her mother's abusive partner, and the encounter makes him realise that he must do what it right for Sanosi - even if it isn't always the easy thing. Meanwhile, Elle's new beau Marty receives a rude awakening when her sons catch them together in bed, and what was already a tense situation becomes even more awkward when he turns up at the hospital seeking help with a particularly sensitive problem.
1059 11 "Episode Eleven" Lily 4 November 2017

Rash, a new junior doctor, prepares to begin work in Holby's emergency department, but his first day gets off to a bad start when his mother nearly runs over Connie while dropping him off at the hospital. Meanwhile, Lily faces the tough decision of whether to stay put at Holby - where she can continue to pursue romance with Iain - or take the research position in Hong Kong.

Note: First appearance of Rashid Masum (Neet Mohan) and final appearance of Lily Chao (Crystal Yu).

1060 12 "Episode Twelve" Connie 11 November 2017
Ethan realises someone knows he let Scott Ellisson die after a sinister note is left in his locker. His first suspect is Connie, but when he discovers she has resigned herself to meeting an early demise, he turns his attention away from his own problems and tries to change her mind. Meanwhile, a vigilante and the suspected paedophile she was `bringing to justice' are both admitted to the ED, David tries to help Rash overcome his nerves, and Robyn plans a christening for baby Charlotte.
1061 13 "Episode Thirteen" Dylan 18 November 2017
The day of Charlotte's christening arrives, and when a flustered Robyn steps into the ED staff room, she finds herself face-to-face with Glen - the terminally ill fiance who jilted her at the altar - very much alive. Naturally, Robyn has a few questions, and Dylan fills in the blanks by flashing back to the morning after Charlie's stag do, when he found a depressed Glen drinking away his woes in a rough karaoke bar. Determined to convince him not to give up on life, Dylan enlists the aid of his feisty old university tutor Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson - an eminent brain surgeon in the US - to assess Glen's case. She reveals that pioneering surgery could save Glen, but the risks are high. However, with Dylan's help, Glen realises the birth of his daughter has given him a new purpose in life and a fresh dream to chase.
1062 14 "Episode Fourteen" Ethan 25 November 2017
Connie attends her first day of chemotherapy, and in her absence, she places Ethan in charge of the ED. However, his overly thorough approach causes delays, and when the situation gets on top of him, it is up to Duffy to give him a tough love pep talk. Meanwhile, Robyn is dismayed to learn Glen has taken a job as a porter in the department, but he manages to prove his worth dealing with an injured priest with a suspicious fixation on antibiotics.
1063 15 "Episode Fifteen" Connie 2 December 2017
Connie's illness has a noticeable effect on her work, and even as she continues to brush away help from Charlie, her presence in the ED places her at greater risk of infection. Meanwhile, Ethan shows up late for his practical consultancy exam, and the arrival of new coffee shop worker Polly looks set to signal an improvement in Max's love-life, until he makes an excruciating faux pas while trying to flirt.
1064 16 "Episode Sixteen" Elle 9 December 2017
Elle begins to realise the extent of her son Blake's unruly behaviour when he reacts badly to the suggestion that the family spends Christmas with her new boyfriend Marty. Worse still, he ditches school, and spends the day drinking with his teenage buddies, and their drunken troublemaking takes a dangerous turn when they convince him to help them rob an off-licence. Meanwhile, Max continues to make a bad impression on Polly, and house-sharing arrangements are finalised for Alicia, Max and Robyn, but not everyone is keen on the new plans.
1065 17 "Episode Seventeen" Connie 23 December 2017
Chemotherapy is taking its toll on Connie, but she remains determined to fly to America to spend Christmas with Grace. However, when she is unexpectedly called into the ED by Hanssen due to a sudden staff shortage, her efforts to battle through the shift place her festive plans - and her life - in danger. Meanwhile, a lonely Sally Hodge returns to the hospital to find an unexpected partner in crime on the ward.
1066 18 "Episode Eighteen" Connie 6 January 2018
The truth about Connie's illness is out, following her dramatic collapse while at work. As she recovers, she is devastated to hear that her colleagues are aware of her terminal diagnosis. Worse still is the news that her tumour has grown, and complications now mean that her consultant refuses to operate. Discharging herself, Connie persuades Ethan to drive her to London for a second opinion, but when she loses consciousness en route and is rushed into emergency surgery, her put-upon protege faces an agonising wait for news. Meanwhile, back at the ED, Dylan struggles to hold the fort, in the absence of more experienced hands.
1067 19 "Episode Nineteen" Max 13 January 2018
Max is reunited with James, and old friend from medical school, who enters the ED with his fiancee Aisha after she falls victim to a seemingly spontaneous acid attack. The encounter also gives him cause to re-evaluate his relationship with his estranged wife Zoe, who has arrived at the hospital seeking a reconciliation. Meanwhile, Elle reveals she wants to tell Blake that Jacob is his father, and when the lad is admitted to the department with a compass stuck through his hand, now seems as good a time as any.

Note: Guest appearance of Zoe Hanna (Sunetra Sarker) and final appearance of Max Walker (Jamie Davis).

1068 20 "Episode Twenty" Dylan 20 January 2018
Elle panics when she wakes one morning to find Blake has not been home, and an already tense situation is made worse when he arrives in the ED with his friend Miles, who has been beaten unconscious. The teen claims burglars broke into Miles's flat and attacked him, but Jacob - already aware that Miles had been bullying Blake - smells a rat. Meanwhile, Connie makes a surprise return to the department ahead of Ethan's consultancy exam, and Robyn, David and Glen rally round to cheer up Noel, who is missing Max.
1069 21 "Episode Twenty-One" Dylan 27 January 2018
Dylan struggles to keep his alcoholism under control, as staff on the ED deal with what is suspected to be a case of domestic abuse. Meanwhile, Ethan's first day as Clinical Lead fails to go according to plan, as he finds himself veering wildly from one disaster to another, and he starts to understand the real pressure of leading a team.
1070 22 "Episode Twenty-Two" Ethan 3 February 2018
New COO Avis Baxter arrives to find Holby in chaos. The hospital is at capacity, and a queue of ambulances laden with deteriorating patients is only making matters worse. Alicia is horrified when Ethan tows the management line, stating no more locums or nurses will be made available, and when his decisions result in a serious case of sepsis being missed, and breaks the rules to get the patient - an injured chef - into resus. Meanwhile, eager new F1 Bea faces a trial by fire in the ED after offloading her `uninteresting' patients on old medical school pal Rash, and Charlie's plans to wine and dine Duffy on their anniversary fall short of the mark.

Note: First appearance of Bea Kinsella (Michelle Fox).

1071 23 "Episode Twenty-Three" TBA 2018
1072 24 "Episode Twenty-Four" TBA 2018
1073 25 "Episode Twenty-Five" TBA 2018
1074 26 "Episode Twenty-Six" TBA TBC
1075 27 "Episode Twenty-Seven" TBA TBC
1076 28 "Episode Twenty-Eight" TBA TBC
1077 29 "Episode Twenty-Nine" TBA TBC
1078 30 "Episode Thirty" TBA TBC

References and notes

  1. Episode title "Dr Dylan" during production.
  2. Episode title "All My Sins" during production.
  3. Episode title "Blues and Twos" during production.
  4. Episode title "Addicted to Love" during production.

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