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Series 33 is the 33rd series of Casualty and aired from 11 August 2018 to 10 August 2019. Filming for the series' first episode likely took place in spring 2018. It was initially set to comprise 47 episodes, but the final two episodes were merged into one. In November 2018, new titles were introduced.

In February 2019, it was revealed that the 26th episode of the series would be the first part of a two-part crossover with sister show Holby City - the first since December 2005.[1]

The beginning of the series saw the departure of paramedic Sam Nicholls, portrayed by Charlotte Salt. In November, Gabriella Leon and Shaheen Jafargholi joined the main cast as student nurses Jade Lovall and Marty Kirkby respectively. Over three years after her first appearance on the show, Chelsea Halfpenny made her final appearance as registrar Alicia Munroe. Four episodes later, Azuka Oforka departed from her role as senior staff nurse Louise Tyler, over six years after her arrival during the show's 27th series. In February 2019, the show's spring trailer revealed that Genesis Lynea and Jack Nolan would join the cast as Archie Hudson and Will Noble respectively; they made their first appearances on the show the following month. In April, Neet Mohan, who portrayed junior doctor Rashid Masum, temporarily departed from the show, and it was announced that Amanda Mealing would take a break from portraying consultant Connie Beauchamp. In May, it was revealed that after three years on the show, Jaye Griffiths would make her final appearance as Elle Gardner later that month.[2]

Series guest appearances

The series opener saw the introduction of Max Parker as recovering drug addict Alasdair "Base" Newman. Di Botcher continued her role as senior paramedic Jan Jenning, a role she started in the previous series; Rebecca Ryan also continued her role as porter Gem Dean, who first appeared in the show's 31st series. Also continuing into series 33 was Blake Gardner, portrayed by Kai Thorne.

In June, it was announced that Sharon Gless would return as neurosurgeon Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson.[3] In August, it was revealed that Ellen Thomas would appear as Omo Masters, the mother of nurse Jacob Masters.[4] Later that month, a trailer was released, revealing that Brian Carroll, portrayed by Matthew Marsh, would make another appearance on the show; his last appearance was during the show's 30th series in 2016.[5]

Episode 2 saw Belinda Stewart-Wilson reprise her role as Ciara Cassidy; she had previously appeared earlier that year in March. The following episode saw the final appearance of Joe Gaminara as foundation doctor Eddie McAllister after a long storyline which saw his character rape registrar Alicia Munroe. In the same episode, Clive Wood made his first appearance as Bill Crowthers who would later become involved in a storyline surrounding Charlie Fairhead and Lisa "Duffy" Duffin. Buckso Dhillon-Woolley reappeared as Madia Masum; she would make an additional appearance in episode 9.

Episode 5 saw the first appearance of Ciara Cassidy's estranged husband Joel Dunns, portrayed by Gyuri Sarossy. Chris Gordon also joined the show as drug dealer Ross West. In episode 7, Sujaya Dasgupta and Jennifer Hulman made their first appearances as Jamila Vani and Rachael Crowthers respectively. Gareth David-Lloyd made his first appearance as Joshua Bowers in episode 12. In the subsequent episode, Paul Barber joined the show as homeless patient Ernest Maxwell.

In episode 22, Amy Noble reprised her role as DC Kate Wilkinson, a character who had appeared on-off since 2015. In February 2019, it was announced via a tweet from Charles Venn that Ellen Thomas would make reprise her role as Omo Masters later that year.[6] . In episode 23, Sacharissa Claxton made her first appearance as Lilley Maxwell. The following week, Siân Reeves returned as Kim Harrison; she last appeared in the series 31 episode "Binge Britain".

On 20 February, the full cast list for the first part of the crossover with Holby City was released, revealing that 14 characters from the show would make a guest appearance, including former Casualty regular Adrian Fletcher, portrayed by Alex Walkinshaw.[7]


For a listing of character appearances in this series, see Character appearances#Series 33.

Main characters

Recurring characters

Guest characters

  • Simona Zivkovska as Mia Bellis (episode 1)
  • Claire Lams as Kelly Shearwood (episode 1)
  • Elen Rhys as Jodie Salsmann (episode 1)
  • Leila Ayad as Shelly Collard (episode 1)
  • Alexander Newland as Jerome Coxley (episode 1)
  • Natalie Radmall-Quirke as Kimberley Simson (episode 1)
  • Daniel Attwell as Jake Salsmann (episode 1)
  • Luke Hornsby as Nathan Purcell (episode 2)
  • Joshua Sinclair-Evans as Sheridan Tayler (episode 2)
  • Alice Harding as Amy Mullar (episode 2)
  • Pauline Turner as Estelle Mullar (episode 2)
  • Paul Cawley as Reginald Keely (episode 2)
  • Harry Landis as Joseph Rogerson (episode 3)
  • Ram John Holder as Reggie Butters (episode 3)
  • Alison Pargeter as Theresa Jordons (episode 3)
  • Miranda Beinart-Smith as Luna Jordons (episode 3)
  • Connie-Kiss Mee as Rosa Jordons (episode 3)
  • Charlie Gallacher as Josh Jordons (episode 3)
  • Harley Gallacher as Tyler Jordons (episode 3)
  • Gareth John Bale as Henry McGuigen (episode 3)
  • David Alexander as Daniel Jordons (episode 3)
  • Rebekah Manning as Maureen "Mo" Lydon (episode 4)
  • Matthew Mellalieu as Neil Lydon (episode 4)
  • Esther McAuley as Rebekah Marsh (episode 4)
  • Joey Daniels as Leo Marsh (episode 4)
  • Jack Derges as Alan "Al" Marsh (episode 4)
  • Julian Forsyth as Maurice Battrick (episode 4)
  • Scarlett Saunders as Jessie Hearne (episode 5)
  • Asan N'Jie as Femi Grogan (episode 5)
  • Ross Grant as PC Carling (episode 5)
  • Eric Potts as Damian Montserrat (episode 6)
  • Dave Hart as Pete Southway (episode 6)
  • Pepter Lunkuse as Antoinette "Toni" Pendell (episode 6)
  • Miles Mitchell as Lewis Pendell (episode 6)
  • Michelle Asante as Lia Faulks (episode 7)
  • Jennifer Nicholas as Siobhan Elms (episode 7)
  • Jennifer Hulman as Rachael Crowthers (episodes 7 & 16)
  • Hainsley Lloyd Bennett as Sal Faulks (episode 7)
  • Zak Sutcliffe as DJ (episode 7)
  • Inathi Rozani as Elijah Faulks (episode 7)
  • Jake Lawson as Ade Terrent (episode 8)
  • John Lawson as Paul Terrent (episode 8)
  • Amanda Wright as Liar and Guilt (episode 8)
  • Daniel Betts as Fear (episode 8)
  • Sharon Gless as Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson (episode 9)
  • Matthew Marsh as Brian Carroll (episode 9)
  • Tom Shaw as Jeffers (episode 9)
  • Erin Shanagher as Tara Doyle (episode 10)
  • Gerard McDermott as Robert Weston (episode 10)
  • Frankie Fox as Lee Carruthers (episode 10)
  • Samson Cox-Vinell as Aaron Sims (episode 10)
  • Neerja Naik as Naima "Naims" Shamsi (episode 11)
  • Navinder Bhatti as Hamid Ali (episode 11)
  • Ross Cahill as Harry Covel (episode 11)
  • Sarah Lambie as Receptionist (episode 11)
  • Sennia Nanua as Keeley Arnolds (episode 12)
  • Rebecca Scroggs as Frankie Arnolds (episode 12)
  • Crystal Condie as Nikki Rawlin (episode 12)
  • Beatrice Curnew as Marnie Grayson (episode 12)
  • Lucas Hare as Tom Berton (episode 12)
  • Ania Marson as Beryl Withney (episode 12)
  • Rachel Atkins as Rose Daugherty (episode 13)
  • Severine Howell-Meri as PC Garril (episode 13)
  • Jamie Marie Leary as Harriet Brier (episodes 13 & 14)
  • Kriss Dillon as Rufus Addams (episode 14)
  • Lanre Malaolu as Lenny Barker (episode 14)
  • Sarah Durham as Emily Millard (episode 15)
  • Matt Slack as Sean Millard (episode 15)
  • Kate Lassman Long as Katie Millard (episode 15)
  • Colin Bennett as Stan Hawksley (episode 15)
  • Isis Davis as Gillian Coles (episode 16)
  • Cody Ryan as Megan Cotter (episode 16)
  • Michael Starke as Joe Blake (episode 17)
  • Graham Seed as Alun Whiteford (episode 17)
  • Maya Grant as Amy Nugent (episode 17)
  • Ben-Ryan Davies as Laurie Gibbs (episode 17)
  • Devon Anderson as Robby Watts (episode 17)
  • Steven Hillman as George Stone (episode 17)
  • Kim Allan as Caitlin Wellings (episode 18)
  • Osi Okerafor as Gregor Chapple (episode 18)
  • Alexander Eliot as Dexter Lanchester (episode 18)
  • Matt Whitchurch as Jason "Jace" Dunridge (episode 18)
  • Akuc Bol as Hebe Adnán (episode 19)
  • Zachary Hart as Colin Bayley (episode 19)
  • Alex Starke as Jake Levin (episode 19)
  • Mary Doherty as Viv Levin (episode 19)
  • Emma Pallant as Isabel Roberts (episode 19)
  • Niky Wardley as Kate Herbert (episode 20)
  • Luka Petrovic as Donovan "Donnie" Herbert (episode 20)
  • Caolan Byrne as Mark Abbotsford (episode 21)
  • Hannah Steele as Tilly Abbotsford (episode 21)
  • Stewart Wright as Len Hartman (episode 21)
  • Adam Jackson-Smith as Andrew Ackroyd (episode 21)
  • Steph Dimmock as Anna Martin (episode 22)
  • Joy Richardson as Fiona Drury (episode 22)
  • Ian Drysdale as Harry Drury (episode 22)
  • Jo Herbert as Olivia Harcombe (episode 23)
  • Josh Taylor as Dom Harcombe (episode 23)
  • Sacharissa Claxton as Lilley Maxwell (episodes 23 & 24)
  • Siân Reeves as Kim Harrison (episodes 24 & 27)
  • Linda Armstrong as Ceri Kaplan (episode 24)
  • Ewan Baile as Rob Reeder (episode 24)
  • Christopher Ravenscroft as William Miller (episode 24)
  • Perveen Hussain as Isabella Broadgate (episode 24)
  • Alex Austin as Luke Reynolds (episode 25)
  • Shelley Rees as Steph Wilburn (episode 25)
  • Carol Starks as Amy Wakes (episode 25)
  • Holly Freeman as Leah Wakes (episode 25)
  • Ciaran McCourt as Stephen "Smiler" Miles (episode 25)
  • Eddie-Joe Robinson as Eddie Leighton (episode 25)
  • Bob Barrett as Sacha Levy (episode 26)
  • Francesca Barrett as Beka Levy (episode 26)
  • Naomi Katiyo as Darla Johnstone (episode 26)
  • Rosie Marcel as Jac Naylor (episode 26)
  • Hugh Quarshie as Ric Griffin (episode 26)
  • Catherine Russell as Serena Campbell (episode 26)
  • Alex Walkinshaw as Adrian Fletcher (episodes 26 & 31)
  • Kaye Wragg as Essie Di Lucca (episode 26)
  • Jaye Jacobs as Donna Jackson (episode 26)
  • Marcus Griffiths as Xavier "Zav" Duval (episode 26)
  • Nic Jackman as Cameron Dunn (episode 26)
  • Camilla Arfwedson as Zosia March (episode 26)
  • Belinda Owusu as Nicky McKendrick (episode 26)
  • Alan Williams as Les Grahams (episode 27)
  • McKell David as Jamie Wincham (episode 27)
  • Joel Morris as Damien Powell (episode 27)
  • Helen Clyro as Tracy Mallison (episode 27)
  • Amie Burns Walker as PC Lorne (episode 27)
  • Colin Parry as Shane Hatchman (episode 28)
  • Sadie Pickering as Denise Hatchman (episode 28)
  • Donnaleigh Bailey as Trina Frazier (episode 28)
  • Mim Shaikh as Ropey Elliott (episode 28)
  • Thom Jackson-Wood as Campbell Shortis (episode 28)
  • Andrew Paul as Kevin Elliott (episode 28)
  • Richard Sutton as Gregory Smith (episode 28)
  • Roger May as Corban Willis (episode 28)
  • Ellie Bindman as Cassie Weare (episodes 29 & 32)
  • Amanda Ryan as Kath Blakeney (episode 29)
  • Joanna van Kampen as Mel Blakeney (episode 29)
  • Susie Blake as Belle Radnor (episode 30)
  • Ben Caplan as Colin Radnor (episode 30)
  • Teresa Zaylor as Lyn Starr (episode 30)
  • Sophie Austin as Susie Amphlett (episode 30)
  • David Sterne as Bill Danes (episode 31)
  • Melanie Kilburn as Maureen McLeod (episode 31)
  • Grace Hogg-Robinson as Angeline Crewe (episode 31)
  • Zora Bishop as Mina Bartram (episode 32)
  • Gabrielle Creevy as Shona Collins (episode 32)
  • Dewi Rhys Williams as Marcus Kingscote (episode 32)
  • Frances Barber as Claire Wakelins (episode 33)
  • Katie West as Rox Adams (episode 33)
  • Amanda Hadingue as Laura Whiting (episode 33)
  • Rochelle James as Katie Langdon (episode 33)
  • Nancy Surridge as Frankie Harper (episodes 33 & 42)
  • Kate O'Flynn as Lou Briggs (episode 33)
  • Fiona Skinner as Jodie Harvey (episode 33)
  • Conor Boru as Lee Harper (episodes 33 & 42)
  • Claire Rafferty as Maggie McKiernan (episode 34)
  • Ty Tennant as Aaron McKiernan (episode 34)
  • El Anthony as Andy Hibbard (episode 34)
  • Shanay Neusum-James as Katy Hibbard (episode 34)
  • Ria Lopez as Callie Timmens (episode 35)
  • Paul Hawkyard as Derek Waits (episode 35)
  • Simon Meacock as Terry Poole (episode 36)
  • Jemima Woolnough as Georgy Poole (episode 36)
  • Tom Follows as Marc Forster (episode 36)
  • Reis Bruce as Aidan Forster (episode 36)
  • Simone Ashley as Shai Anderton (episode 37)
  • Idriss Kargbo as Tejan Francis (episode 37)
  • Elander Moore as Jarrod Morran (episode 37)
  • Leena Dhingra as Ushma Patel (episode 37)
  • Naomi Sheldon as Magdalena Spellbinder (episode 38)
  • William Grint as Jason Nicol (episode 38)
  • Brandon Plummer as Chris Nicol (episode 38)
  • Caroline Guthrie as Barbara Cassano (episode 38)
  • Matt Reed as Brandon Nott (episode 38)
  • Jâms Thomas as Hari Asher (episode 38)
  • Leah Whitaker as Kat Hollis (episode 39)
  • Branwell Donaghey as Luke Hollis (episode 39)
  • Cora Tsang as Carrie Procter (episode 40)
  • Rebecca Charles as Emma Willson (episode 40)
  • Peter Bray as Logan Morley (episode 40)
  • Nathalie Buscombe as Sofie Barker (episode 41)
  • Toyah Frantzen as Bo Nuanji (episode 41)
  • Mark Strepan as Adam Sands (episode 41)
  • Barbara Smith as Kailey Clark (episode 42)
  • Roy Hudd as Ken Jeffords (episode 42)
  • Isla Blair as Alice Jones (episode 42)
  • Ian Gelder as Stan Villiers (episode 43)
  • Claire-Louise Cordwell as Liz Gage (episodes 43 & 44)
  • Robbie O'Neill as Carl Jenkins (episode 43)
  • Simon Bubb as Stephen Gage (episode 43)
  • Jack James Ryan as Matt Davies (episode 43)
  • Rhodri Meilir as Edward "Slim" Cobb (episode 44)
  • Keith Bartlett as Ted Cobb (episode 44)
  • Anthony Aje as Ben Carrow (episode 44)
  • Michelle Greenidge as Gail Carrow (episode 44)
  • Halle Cassell as Primrose Carrow (episode 44)
  • Badria Timimi as Bibi Kirkby (episode 45)
  • Perdita Avery as Fiona Nyeman (episode 45)
  • Edalia Day as Jules Nyeman (episode 45)
  • Kathleen Cranham as Siobhan Daley (episode 46)
  • Jason Baughan as Stuart Daley (episode 46)
  • Sandra Teles as Aliya Ghali (episode 46)
  • Akbar Kurtha as Sunny Ghali (episode 46)
  • Sade Malone as Shanti Gudgeon (episode 46)
  • Charlotte Bate as Michelle Gibson (episode 46)
  • Daniel Cerqueira as Kostas Anatoly (episode 46)
  • Morgan Philpott as Leslie Waters (episode 46)


Episode No. Series No. Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original airdate
1093 1 Episode 1093 Steve Brett Simon Norman 11 August 2018
3301Explosion.jpg Iain's mistake with a patient has serious repercussions, putting many lives in danger.
1094 2 Episode 1094 Steve Brett Patrick Holmes 18 August 2018
3302IainVisitsSamsBody.jpg Ciara comes back into Dylan's life, while the fallout from the crash affects the whole department.
1095 3 Episode 1095 Thomas Hescott Marissa Lestrade and Steve Bailie 25 August 2018
3303EddieInCourt.jpg After recent traumatic events, how will Alicia cope with returning to work earlier than expected?
1096 4 Episode 1096 Thomas Hescott Jeff Povey 1 September 2018
3304DylanBlamesIain.jpg Tensions run high on the day of Sam's funeral, as a grieving Iain faces his tribunal hearing.
1097 5 Episode 1097 Judith Dine Jerome Bucchan-Nelson and Dana Fainaru 15 September 2018
3305IainTreatsBase.jpg David and Ciara fight over Dylan - who will he choose? Iain returns to work, trying to make up for Mia's death.
1098 6 Episode 1098 Judith Dine Chris Murray 22 September 2018
3306DylanAndCiara.jpg When Ciara comes into the hospital, Dylan faces a personal tragedy. Will he be able to stay on the wagon? Iain secures Base a place in rehab. Blake hears an anecdote about Jacob's mother Omo and becomes determined to find her.
1099 7 Episode 1099 Alex Jacob Jon Sen 29 September 2018
3307RubyTalksToJan.jpg Ruby and Iain are together for a shift, neither keen on the idea, and it gets worse when they find out they have been pranked by kids. A pregnant woman is involved in a car crash, and Duffy confides in an old flame.
1100 8 Episode 1100 Alex Jacob Rachel Paterson 6 October 2018
3308JacobRestrainsOmo.jpg Jacob is faced with his past. Will Iain's heroics stop him spiralling out of control?
1101 9 Episode 1101 Jordan Hogg Dana Fainaru 13 October 2018
3309DylanConfrontsBrian.jpg Zsa Zsa returns to save Dylan, but can even she help him? Rash reels from his break-up with Gem.
1102 10 Episode 1102 Jordan Hogg Oliver Frampton 20 October 2018
3310DylanSmiling.jpg It is judgement day for the ED, as the inspectors descend. Dylan has to face Ciara. Louise's management style frustrates the nursing team.
1103 11 Episode 1103 James Bryce Jason Sutton 27 October 2018
3311IainInFire.jpg Duffy wakes to find she has made a huge mistake. Is Iain really coping as well as he claims?
1104 12 Episode 1104 James Bryce Rob Gittins 3 November 2018
3312LouiseMeetsJade.jpg Louise takes a chance on a young nurse, and Iain finally reaches out for help.
1105 13 Episode 1105 Julie Edwards Dana Fainaru 17 November 2018
3313DylanHoldsCiara.jpg Dylan and Ciara make their escape. Will they finally get their happily ever after?
1106 14 Episode 1106 Julie Edwards Steve Bailie 24 November 2018
3314DylanAndCiara.jpg It's crunch time for Dylan and Ciara, while Jade and Marty start to get along.
1107 15 Episode 1107 Eric Styles Dana Fainaru 1 December 2018
3315IainOnRoof.jpg After a hard day, Iain seeks comfort in the wrong place. Duffy makes a shocking diagnosis.
1108 16 Episode 1108 Eric Styles Katie Douglas 8 December 2018
3316DuffyAdmitsInfidelity.png Tension runs high when Bill is admitted to the ED - will Charlie find out about Duffy's affair? Alicia learns to trust her instincts.
1109 17 Episode 1109 Paul Riordan Oliver Frampton 22 December 2018
3317DavidReadsCiarasLetter.jpg Dylan faces a traumatic Christmas in Resus. Noel is delighted to have met his Christmas fundraising goal, but can't quite decide on a charity to give the money to.
1110 18 Episode 1110 Matthew Evans Katie Douglas 5 January 2019
3318IainBeaten.jpg Iain gets beaten up, and Marty chooses his career over friendship with Jade.
1111 19 Episode 1111 Matthew Evans Julie Dixon 12 January 2019
3319AliciaArguesWithEthan.jpg Alicia saves a baby, and the reality of Duffy's diagnosis starts to sink in.
1112 20 Episode 1112 Paul Riordan Rebecca Wojciechowski 19 January 2019
3320AliciaKissesEthanGoodbye.jpg Alicia gets a coveted fellowship in Manchester. Will she choose Ethan or her career? Meanwhile, Marty's lies come back to bite him.
1113 21 Episode 1113 David Innes Edwards Pete Lawson 26 January 2019
3321IainAtGunPoint.jpg Iain walks into the firing line to protect his team. Will he be able to talk the gunman down? Meanwhile, Louise kicks up a fuss to save Ernest.
1114 22 Episode 1114 David Innes Edwards Rachel Paterson 2 February 2019
3322IainInPrisonCell.jpg Iain faces time behind bars for attacking Ross. Will anyone believe his version of events? Ethan starts to move on from Alicia, and Louise vows to protect her nurses.
1115 23 Episode 1115 James Bryce Debbie Owen 9 February 2019
3323ConnieAttacked.png Louise pulls out all the stops to get Ernest his surgery, but will it be enough to save his life? Connie alienates the team just when she needs them the most.
1116 24 Episode 1116 James Bryce Chris Murray 16 February 2019
3324LouiseAndLilleyWithErnest.jpg Connie's attack strikes fear in the ED. Meanwhile, Louise takes a stand and, as a last resort, Iain reaches out to someone from his past.
1117 25 Episode 1117 Fiona Walton Simon Norman 23 February 2019
3325IainAttemptsSuicide.jpg Iain and Ruby get called to a difficult case of a little girl who has been involved in a hit and run accident, and Marty plays counsellor to a female couple who have been bottled by some men who saw them kissing.
1118 26 Episode 1118 Steve Brett Michelle Lipton 2 March 2019
3326ElleSachaJanAtCrash.jpg A cyber-attack rocks Holby hospital at the worst possible time. Meanwhile, Ruby learns to trust her instincts as Iain’s life hangs in the balance.
1119 27 Episode 1119 Andy Newbery Oliver Frampton 9 March 2019
3327GemFindsSuicideNotes.jpg The aftermath of Iain’s attempted suicide ripples its way through the ED. Will Gem learn to come to terms with Iain’s pain? Full of guilt, Ruby goes out of her way for a patient.
1120 28 Episode 1120 Andy Newbery Hamish Wright 23 March 2019
3328ConnieWarnsArchie.jpg New registrar Archie Hudson has a baptism of fire in the Holby ED, while Duffy finally lets Charlie in on her big secret.
1121 29 Episode 1121 Paul Riordan Chris Lindsay and Nick Fisher 30 March 2019
3329ArchieConfrontsWill.jpg Locum registrar Will Noble makes quite the impression in the ED, reconnecting with Ethan, an old uni friend, and ingratiating himself with the staff by treating them to coffees. Archie is not fooled by this charm offensive and keeps a close eye on Will. Meanwhile, Charlie keeps Duffy off cases and working on admin, despite the nursing staff struggling with the number of patients.
1122 30 Episode 1122 Kate Saxon Kim Millar 6 April 2019
3330CharlieBeratesDavid.jpg Charlie snaps under the pressure of keeping Duffy’s secret, putting David’s career on the line when he gets too close to the truth. Rash chooses Gem over travelling the world, and Connie is shocked when a paramedic is attacked by an unknown assailant.
1123 31 Episode 1123 Kate Saxon Jeff Povey 13 April 2019
3331BillConfrontsConnie.png Connie comes face to face with her attacker in the ED, and Duffy finally comes clean about her dementia diagnosis. Ruby starts to get uncomfortable when Dani keeps turning up out of the blue, Jan and Ruby discuss Iain’s return, and Jade’s nursing registration comes through.
1124 32 Episode 1124 Dafydd Palfrey Avril E Russell and Mark Catley 20 April 2019
3332WillHugsToby.jpg With Gem’s help, Rash makes the choice to follow his dream of travelling. Will risks Connie’s wrath to help a patient, Charlie realises that he has underestimated Duffy, and Jade is excited to finally be a registered nurse.
1125 33 Episode 1125 Paul Riordan Barbara Machin 27 April 2019
3333IainUrgingRoxNotToJump.jpg Working as a 999 call handler helps Iain learn to open up, though he feels frustrated not to be out in the field.
1126 34 Episode 1126 Daikin Marsh Dana Fainaru 4 May 2019
3334IainHelpsAaron.jpg Iain goes above and beyond on his first day back as a paramedic, Charlie steps on Duffy’s toes trying to defend her right to work, Connie offers Will another interview, and Elle is hurt that Connie doesn’t react to her choosing to take a new job.
1127 35 Episode 1127 Daikin Marsh Oliver Frampton 11 May 2019
3335WillHelpsTobyDie.jpg Will faces the biggest medical dilemma of his career when Toby returns to the ED. Ruby continues to keep Dani a secret, allowing her to get even closer. Charlie and Duffy renew their vows, and Marty returns to the ED from secondment to find Jade miffed that he didn’t keep in touch.
1128 36 Episode 1128 Eric Styles Rob Gittins 25 May 2019
3336ElleConfrontsConnie.jpg Elle discovers the truth about her new job and turns her back on Connie and Holby forever. Ruby continues to hide the truth about Dani from her team, while Jacob discovers Omo is out of psychiatric care.
1129 37 Episode 1129 Eric Styles Pete Lawson 1 June 2019
3337ConnieAndCiaran.jpg With the arrival of brash troubleshooter Ciaran, Connie is shocked to discover she's no longer the boss in her own department. Jacob decides to fight to protect his mum and Iain steps up to support Jan.
1130 38 Episode 1130 Fiona Walton Chris Murray 8 June 2019
3338RubyConvincesDaniToOpenDoor.jpg Ruby plucks up the courage to confess about Dani, Jade finds someone who believes in her and starts to believe in herself, Ciaran is tested by the team and discovers he’s got a battle on his hands, and Archie and Will bond over making fun of Ciaran’s productivity charts.
1131 39 Episode 1131 Fiona Walton Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope 15 June 2019
3339ConnieCatchesVessel.png Connie’s worst fears are realised when she comes back from her conference to find Ciaran has taken over her ED and her office. Everything important to her is slipping away. Meanwhile, Jacob uncovers the truth about his mother and vows to protect her.
1132 40 Episode 1132 Nimer Rashed Johanne McAndrew and Claire Miller 22 June 2019
3340DuffyHangsUpUniform.jpg Duffy makes the tough decision to hang up her uniform. Jacob discovers a truth from his past. Connie is furious with Ciaran when she finds out that Duffy has stepped down.
1133 41 Episode 1133 Julie Edwards Rachel Paterson 29 June 2019
3341JacobBurnsFathersName.jpg Jacob says a final goodbye to Omo, and a desperate Archie turns to Ciaran for help.
1134 42 Episode 1134 Julie Edwards Isla Gray 13 July 2019
3342IainBeratesLee.jpg Iain gets embroiled in a tricky case with a familiar face, while Jade gets more than she bargained for with Marty.
1135 43 Episode 1135 Piotr Szkopiak Dana Fainaru 20 July 2019
3343ConnieRealisesHerMistake.jpg Connie takes the opportunity to prove herself, but it ends in disaster. Duffy proves her worth in the ED but gets caught up in Connie’s mistake, and after a tough day, Iain plucks up the courage to talk about how he’s feeling and realises just how far he’s come.
1136 44 Episode 1136 Piotr Szkopiak Nick Fisher and Dana Fainaru 27 July 2019
3344CiaranAccusesConnie.jpg Connie manipulates and schemes to save herself, while new porter Rosa makes quite the first impression in the ED.
1137 45 Episode 1137 James Bryce Colin Bytheway 3 August 2019
3345GrahamDisownsMarty.jpg Marty comes out to his parents with devastating consequences, Ciaran struggles to contain his suspicions about Connie, and Charlie struggles to cope but finds solace from David.
1138 46 Episode 1138 Alex Jacob Hilary Frankland, Patrick Homes and Katie Douglas 10 August 2019
3346CharlieTellsConnieToGo.jpg Connie is forced to choose between her addiction and her career, Duffy has a hard day and finds herself back in the ED, and Iain takes new emergency care assistant Siobhan under his wing.


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