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Series 34 of Casualty ran between 17 August 2019 and 26 September 2020. Filming for the series' first episode took place in April 2019. It was originally set to comprise 46 episodes, but three episodes were not produced due to the suspension of the show's production in March 2020 in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst Simon Harper continued to serve as the show's executive producer, it was confirmed by the BBC in April 2019 that Lucy Rafferty had stepped down as series producer. In September 2019, it was announced that Loretta Preece would assume the role, with her being credited from episode 5 onwards.


Cast changes and guest appearances

In April 2019, it was announced that Amanda Mealing would be "taking a break" from her role as Connie Beauchamp and would return to filming in the autumn.[1] Prior to the announcement, Mealing had posted a video on Twitter of her leaving her dressing room with the caption, "The last out turns the lights off. @BBCCasualty it’s been emotional."[2] Mealing's returning scenes were shown in episode 18 which aired in January 2020.

In the first episode of the series, Neet Mohan reprised his role as junior doctor Rashid Masum. In April 2019, following Rash's exit from the show in episode 1124, it was confirmed that Mohan had taken a break from the series and had already returned to filming.[3] In July, a spokesperson confirmed that Rash's returning scenes would air in mid-August.[4]

In May, Michael Stevenson announced that he was "taking a break" from his role as paramedic Iain Dean; he thanked fans of the show for their support during Iain's mental health storyline and assured them that "Iain's journey will continue". executive producer Simon Harper [5] However, in September, new series producer Loretta Preece stated that there was "no plans at present" to write Iain back into the show, though "the door is wide open".[6] Stevenson's final scenes as Iain were featured in episode 5.

On 7 August, the BBC issued a press release stating that Jane Hazlegrove would be making two appearances as former series regular Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon in series 34. Simon Harper remarked, "Dixie was and remains a massively popular character with the audience who miss her to this day, and she and Iain are clearly going to have a lot to catch up on after his tumultuous year."[7] Hazlegrove appeared in episodes 4 and 5, facilitating Iain Dean's exit storyline.[8]

The following week, a BBC press release stated that Victor Oshin would be joining the show in series 34 as "overconfident" F1 Mason Reede. Simon Harper was impressed by Oshin's first audition for the character and stated, "He’s brilliant as Mason, layering the character with a deep vulnerability beneath the bravado of a junior Doctor." Oshin made his first appearance as Mason in the series' second episode on 24 August.[9] Oshin exited the show in December of the same year, with the beginning of episode 17 depicting Rashid Masum discovering Mason's dead body in a store cupboard; Oshin's departure from the show had not been announced prior to the episode's broadcast.[10]

Suspension of production

On 18 March 2020, the BBC issued a statement on the effect of the worsening COVID-19 outbreak on BBC Studios' continuing dramas, such as Casualty and Holby City, and announced that all filming would be postponed until further notice. It was explained that "the decision was made after the latest government update".[11] Shortly after the announcement was made, Jason Durr, who portrayed David Hide, explained that Casualty would continue airing new episodes "for a few more weeks ahead" on account of the show filming episodes three to four months in advance.[12]

By 24 March, the producers of Casualty and Holby City were in talks with local NHS services to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) "and other useful medical items to assist them". Simon Harper said, "Casualty and Holby City are all about celebrating NHS heroism, so we are only too happy to help out and do what we can for the courageous and selfless real-life medics battling this situation."[13]

On 2 May, immediately before the transmission of the series' 33rd episode, BBC One's continuity announcer introduced the episode by explaining that the episode that was originally scheduled to air had been skipped because it had been "considered inappropriate to show at the moment", but the most important moments of the episode would be shown in the catch-up section. The beginning of the rescheduled episode showed scenes of the main cast wearing full PPE, quarantine tents and patients being ventilated. On Twitter, Simon Norman, the writer of the dropped episode, explained that the decision to skip it was made due to its imagery and the symptoms portrayed in the episode such as breathing problems, but he clarified that the episode did not feature a virus outbreak.[14]

Following the broadcast of episode 35 on 30 May, the show took a month-long break to keep it on-air for as long as possible. On 2 July, it was announced that the transmission of new Casualty episodes would resume the following week.[15] On 6 August, a Digital Spy article stated that, as of the date the article was published, there were six episodes of the series remaining to be broadcast, meaning that the entire series had been filmed before lockdown.[16]

On 4 August, George Rainsford — the actor who portrays Ethan Hardy — posted a tweet announcing that filming of Casualty would resume in September;[17][18] the tweet was later deleted.


Main characters

Recurring characters

Guest characters

  • Lorraine Pilkington as Rosalene Hide (episodes 1 & 3)
  • Sam Callis as Albert "Big Al" Layne (episode 1)
  • Gary Shelford as Andy Grifith (episode 1)
  • Laura Meredith as Jenny Grifith (episode 1)
  • Andy Williams as Barry Needham (episode 1)
  • Ameen Mustapha as Zinedin Khalif (episode 1)
  • Leila Hoffman as Diane Part (episode 1)
  • Elinor Lawless as Hollie Sumner (episode 2)
  • Rosie Marcel as Jac Naylor (episode 3)
  • Rebecca Johnson as Sue Bainford (episode 3)
  • Sarah Hoare as Lucie Bennett (episode 3)
  • Alex Avery as Mark Eaves (episode 3)
  • Margaret Jackman as Maisie Bowe (episode 3)
  • Jane Hazlegrove as Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon (episodes 4 & 5)
  • David Newman as Seb Sanderson (episode 4)
  • Tim Woodward as Vincent Millbank (episodes 4 & 9)
  • Lisa Ellis as Tilly Gatlin (episode 4)
  • Darcy Isa as Sharmella Wilson (episode 4)
  • Tayler Marshall as Fred Gatlin (episode 4)
  • Nathan Sussex as Chris Albright (episode 4)
  • Lee Shepherd as Alfie Gatlin (episode 4)
  • Emma Davies as Anna Norman (episode 5)
  • Liam Smith as Gabriel Norman (episode 5)
  • Hannah Traylen as Hailey Dougan (episode 5)
  • Cesare Taurasi as Craig Halten (episode 5)
  • Colin Bennett as Stan Hawksley (episode 5)
  • James Thorne as Gerry Lamb (episode 5)
  • Joe McGann as Joe Fields (episode 6)
  • Marnie Baxter as Ceri Brown (episode 6)
  • Gavin Spokes as Nick Thorne (episode 6)
  • Julie Fernandez as Emma Thorne (episode 6)
  • Tafline Steen as Corina Samways (episode 7)
  • Ruth Madoc as Millie Faulkner (episode 7)
  • Michelle McTernan as Chloe Faulkner (episode 7)
  • Wendy Mae Brown as Angela Reede (episodes 7 & 17)
  • Michelle Collins as Lorna Rowle (episode 8)
  • Rupert Hill as Daryl Palmerston (episode 8)
  • Adrianna Bertola as Jessie Palmerston (episode 8)
  • Frazer Hadfield as Joshua Millbank (episode 9)
  • Tripti Tripuraneni as Leena Minhas (episode 9)
  • Sudha Bhuchar as Rupal Agrawal (episode 9)
  • Rachel Lin as Juliet Chen (episodes 9 & 11)
  • Matthew Flynn as Mickey Pratchett (episode 10)
  • Jamie Maclachlan as Ade Roger (episode 10)
  • Stacy Abalogun as Mel Tyler (episode 10)
  • Stephen Casey as Nigel Armstrong (episode 11)
  • Thomas Nelstrop as Danny McClair (episode 11)
  • Joanna Bending as Kate McClair (episode 11)
  • Sam Cox as Raymond McClair (episode 11)
  • Trystan Lennard as Stevie Godber (episode 11)
  • Emma Beattie as Miranda O'Brian (episode 12)
  • Daniel Kendrick as Eddy Colins (episode 12)
  • John MacKay as Aidan Durrell (episode 12)
  • Jimmy Yuill as Ron Davies (episode 13)
  • Ciaran Owens as Johnny Davies (episode 13)
  • Alex Eastwood as Freddy Davies (episode 13)
  • Molly Jackson-Shaw as Abigail Layne (episode 13)
  • Natacha Karam as Ambi Busnal (episode 14)
  • Emma Manton as Debbie Thomson (episode 14)
  • Moe Bar-El as Shah Busnal (episode 14)
  • Martin Herdman as Frank Hunter (episode 14)
  • Pierre Atri as Caden "CJ" Johnson (episode 14)
  • Lesley Harcourt as Gina "Gi" Jowilt (episode 15)
  • Steven Pinder as Mark Jowilt (episode 15)
  • Paul Albertson as Paul Stockton (episode 15)
  • Chris Leask as Garth Colins (episode 15)
  • Suzann McLean as Sian Edwards (episode 15)
  • Rachel Bavidge as Susan Kellmer (episode 16)
  • Cristina Catalina as Marina Kovac (episode 17)
  • Tom Hanratty as Anthony O'Reiley (episode 17)
  • Richard Hope as Joe O'Reiley (episode 17)
  • Sam Retford as Tyler Begbie (episode 17)
  • Will Bliss as Arlo Forrest (episodes 18 & 24)
  • Yemisi Oyinloye as Sheila Inghram (episode 18)
  • Glen Wallace as Mike Tyrell (episode 18)
  • Ruben Bainbridge as Barney Scotts (episode 18)
  • Iain Gordon as Ryan Gillcrest (episode 19)
  • Romani Wright as Casey Coopers (episode 19)
  • Micah Loubon as Dante Coopers (episode 19)
  • June Watson as Gloria Watson (episode 19)
  • Clive Wood as Bill Crowthers (episode 20)
  • Lois Chimimba as Aideen McFarlen (episode 20)
  • Cian Barry as Tom Harris (episode 20)
  • Amy Cudden as DS Pearson (episode 20)
  • Isla Merrick-Lawless as Ana Malinovsky (episode 20)
  • Lollie McKenzie as Natalia Malinovsky (episode 20)
  • Patrick Baladi as Liam Barnett (episode 21)
  • Jack Hardwick as Jack Ward (episode 21)
  • Lizzie Back as Alyssa Driscoll (episode 21)
  • Rosie Taylor-Ritson as Nerys Driscoll (episode 21)
  • James Sheldon as Adam Striker (episodes 21 & 40)
  • Hiftu Quasem as Sal Chadha (episode 21)
  • Kerry Fitzgerald as Erin Caterham (episode 22)
  • Finlay Robertson as Michael Caterham (episode 22)
  • Marilyn Le Conte as Sian Bowen (episodes 2 & 39)
  • Brochan Evans as Billy Caterham (episode 22)
  • Rebecca Knowles as PC Menzies (episode 22)
  • Andre Bullock as Gavin Marsh (episode 23)
  • Elizabeth Roberts as Taylor Addams (episode 23)
  • Jason Langley as Niall McCarthy (episode 23)
  • Marian McLoughlin as Lil Weakes (episode 23)
  • Adiza Shardow as Lara Stefano (episode 24)
  • Milo Twomey as Cristian Dimitrescu (episode 24)
  • Ossian Luke as Scott Perry (episode 24)
  • Polly Kilpatrick as Sandra Polder (episode 24)
  • Raphael Bishop as Benji Dimitrescu (episode 24)
  • Sharon Gless as Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson (episodes 25 & 26)
  • Sarah Beck Mather as Raquel Stevenson (episode 25)
  • Ross Waiton as Paul O'Conner (episode 25)
  • Laurence Howarth as Colin Kennedy (episode 25)
  • Nigel Betts as Henry Gabbot (episode 26)
  • Gemma Paige North as Ellie Gabbot (episode 26)
  • Emmanuella Cole as Sara Gabbot (episode 26)
  • Esh Alladi as Navin Cole (episode 26)
  • Sam Buchanan as Riley Bradburn (episode 26)
  • Tom Shaw as Jeffers (episode 26)
  • Danielle Saunders as Elodie Palmers (episode 27)
  • Emma Lowndes as Susan Caldwell (episode 27)
  • Shamail Ali as Arman Barakat (episode 27)
  • Tony Hirst as Dean Dunston (episode 27)
  • Michelle Holmes as Hazel Stacks (episode 27)
  • Sîan Webber as Lavender Spark (episodes 27 & 31)
  • Steven Pacey as George Welles (episode 28)
  • Faye Castelow as Sonya Hawker (episode 28)
  • Ciaran Griffiths as Peter Hawker (episode 28)
  • Sarah Belcher as Daisy Welles (episode 28)
  • Damian Quinn as Frazer Forbes (episode 28)
  • Rhian Blythe as Linda Kelly (episode 28)
  • Alex Walkinshaw as Adrian Fletcher (episode 29)
  • Marty Cruickshank as Cynthia Harborn (episode 29)
  • Penny Layden as Karen Harborn (episode 29)
  • Max Ferguson as Cameron Firby (episode 29)
  • Catherine Ayers as Nicola Curruthers (episodes 29 - 31)
  • Stephen Thompson as Howie Curruthers (episodes 29 - 31)
  • Ella Glendining as Chloe Sarsgaard (episode 29)
  • Anthony Selwyn as Danny Butler (episode 30)
  • Susan Jameson as Audrey Rinsler (episode 30)
  • Michael Elwyn as Eric Mann (episode 30)
  • Wanda Opalinska as Alison Butler (episode 30)
  • Laura Jane Matthewson as Hanna Bilson (episode 31)
  • Bryan Parry as Jono Bilson (episode 31)
  • Grant Burgin as Emlyn Jarvis (episode 31)
  • Esme Allen as Donna Winchmore (episode 32)
  • Hareet Deol as Ranjit Dewala (episode 32)
  • Rish Shah as Virat Dewala (episode 32)
  • Joe Tucker as Keith Winchmore (episode 32)
  • Fern Deacon as Lily "Bluebell" Matthews (episode 33)
  • Aneirin Hughes as Joseph Milner (episode 33)
  • Alex Childs as Sandi Matthews (episode 33)
  • Siobhan O'Kelly as Tamzin Woodson (episode 33)
  • Alice White as Amanda Phelps (episode 33)
  • Connor Bryson as Malc Deniston (episode 34)
  • Sapphire Joy as Lizzie Deniston (episode 34)
  • Neil Hurst as ring announcer (episode 34)
  • Owen Whitelaw as Mick Baxter (episode 35)
  • Lowri Palfrey as Ruth Wadsley (episode 35)
  • Gunnar Cauthery as Stuart Lafferty (episode 35)
  • Aaron Turner as Connor Baxter (episode 35)
  • Sophie Stone as Susie Ashby (episode 36)
  • Jill Baker as Theresa Ashby (episode 36)
  • Nav Sidhu as Hafiz Idrisi (episode 36)
  • Gethin Alderman as Mike Rodriguez (episode 36)
  • Eddie Toll as Evgeny Guskov (episode 37)
  • Angela Terence as Karen "Kaz" Brett (episode 37)
  • Shvorne Marks as Molly Marra (episode 37)
  • Steven Flynn as Ashley Nielson (episode 37)
  • Maxim Samartsev as young Lev Malinovsky (episode 37)
  • Samen Polischuk as Sergei Olenev (episode 37)
  • Nicholas Sturrock as Dimitri Malinovsky (episode 37)
  • Lydia Page as Caitlin Demby (episode 38)
  • Roderick Gilkison as Ryan Hargreaves (episode 38)
  • Russ Bain as Leigh Demby (episode 38)
  • Ifan Owens as Noah Clerk (episode 38)
  • Tigger Blaize as Marcus Faulgate (episode 39)
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  • Danny Szam as Xander Hayes (episodes 39 & 40)
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  • Tonya Smith as Dr Durham (episode 43)
  • Fay Barker as News reporter (episode 43)
  • Simon McCoy as BBC News reporter (episode 43)
  • Debbie Cameron as Naomi Johnson (episode 43)


Episode No. Series No. Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original airdate
1139 1 Episode 1139 Steve Brett Mark Catley 17 August 2019
3401BombExplodes.jpg Rash returns to the ED and is immediately thrown into dealing with an attack at a market in Holby, while Ethan attends the scene. And David’s son Ollie arrives at the ED out of the blue.
1140 2 Episode 1140 Steve Brett Rebecca Wojciechowski 24 August 2019
3402TheoUrgesEffieToAcceptTreatment.jpg Rash helps a patient through a terrible loss, Ethan is brought a case by a friend from the past, and Duffy struggles with being left home alone while Charlie is at work.
1141 3 Episode 1141 Fiona Walton Debbie Owen 31 August 2019
3403DavidTriesToResuscitateOllie.jpg David is devastated when his ex-wife Rosalene calls him because their son has run away. Needing to feel useful, Duffy volunteers at a care home, where she learns how overlooked some residents can be.
1142 4 Episode 1142 Fiona Walton Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope 7 September 2019
3404IainReunitesWithDixie.jpg Archie takes justice into her own hands to support a wronged patient, a friend from Iain’s past helps him think about his future, and Rash struggles to cope as pressure mounts.
1143 5 Episode 1143 Paul Riordan Dana Fainaru and Hamish Wright 21 September 2019
3405IainTalksToAnna.jpg Rash’s career is threatened when he is blamed for Mason’s mistake. Iain’s confidence is knocked by Jan and Ruby’s surprised reaction when they hear he’ll be going for the HEMS job. Effie gets onto the CF trial thanks to Ethan’s lies.
1144 6 Episode 1144 Paul Riordan Mark Catley and Julie Dixon 28 September 2019
3406DavidOllieReconcile.jpg David and Ollie continue to butt heads, Rash decides to fight to stay in Holby, and a new member joins the paramedic team.
1145 7 Episode 1145 Matt Hilton Rachel Paterson 5 October 2019
3407MasonAfterPunch.jpg Mason struggles to ask for help in his most difficult week as a junior doctor, David’s bubble is burst when Rosalene starts to fight for custody, and Ethan struggles to convince Effie to go through with the trial.
1146 8 Episode 1146 Matt Hilton Colin Bytheway 12 October 2019
3408LornaThreatensToKillJessie.png Ethan struggles to keep his personal life from distracting him at work, while Duffy fights to reclaim her confidence despite some devastating news.
1147 9 Episode 1147 Steve Hughes Sumerah Srivastav and Colin Bytheway 19 October 2019
3409ArchiePersuadesVincentToAcceptTreatment.jpg Rash and Mason finally make peace, and Archie is reunited with guilt when the abusive ex-teacher she had taken vengeance on returns to the ED.
1148 10 Episode 1148 Laura Smith Pete Lawson 26 October 2019
3410EthanRashArgue.png Tension rises between Ethan and Rash, while Rosa opens up to David about her past.
1149 11 Episode 1149 Eric Styles Gerard Sampaio 2 November 2019
3411EthanTellsEffieHeHasHuntingtons.png Ethan regrets his actions when Effie’s trial goes wrong, Jade faces a dilemma, and Danny’s impromptu visit to his childhood home isn’t quite the family reunion he hoped for.
1150 12 Episode 1150 Eric Styles Katie Douglas 16 November 2019
3412RobynLosesCharlotte.png During a routine CQC investigation, Robyn is devastated to realise she can’t rely on Duffy. Ethan stifles his feelings and turns his back on Effie, and Rash protects Mason from Dylan.
1151 13 Episode 1151 David Innes Edwards Kim Millar, Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope 23 November 2019
3413LevConfrontsJohnny.png Ruby tells Jan that she no longer wants to work with Lev after she learns about his shady past. Rosa and David put their fake relationship into action, and the terror attack continues to haunt Ethan.
1152 14 Episode 1152 David Innes Edwards Isla Gray 30 November 2019
3414DuffyRealisesShesHallucinating.png Rash can’t stand it when Mason saves the day, Charlie is shocked to learn that Duffy can't look after herself, and Rosa realises her mum has lied to David.
1153 15 Episode 1153 Piotr Szkopiak Mark Catley and Colin Bytheway 7 December 2019
3415CharlieBreaksDown.png Charlie learns to get by with a little help from his ED family. Rash feels isolated and left behind as Mason flies ever higher. Will and Archie take on a tough patient together, cementing their friendship in the process.
1154 16 Episode 1154 Piotr Szkopiak Hilary Frankland 21 December 2019
3416DavidRosaWedding.png Ruby comes to terms with her pregnant sister's arrival, David and Rosa celebrate a Christmas wedding, and Charlie’s Christmas optimism is put to the test.
1155 17 Episode 1155 Jordan Hogg Dana Fainaru 28 December 2019
3417MasonDead.png It's an emotional rollercoaster of a day for Rash as events take their toll on staff and patients alike. Dylan struggles in his role as clinical lead, and Archie is desperate to impress Dylan but instead accepts friendship from Will.
1156 18 Episode 1156 Jordan Hogg Debbie Owen 4 January 2020
3418ConnieReturns.png Connie returns to the ED, and Ruby makes a life-changing decision.
1157 19 Episode 1157 Roberto Bangura Jillian Mannion 11 January 2020
3419JacobDante.png Jacob attempts to make a difference in two patients' lives, while Ruby helps Archie get to the bottom of an ED mystery.
1158 20 Episode 1158 Roberto Bangura Rachel Paterson 18 January 2020
3420CharlieBill.png A desperate Charlie seeks help from an old foe, whilst Faith and Lev find themselves living through their worst nightmare.
1159 21 Episode 1159 Eric Styles Philip Lawrence 25 January 2020
3421CharlieReassuresDuffy.png Marty suffers a betrayal, a guilt-ridden Charlie questions his decision to put Duffy in a care home, and Archie and Connie bond over their work.
1160 22 Episode 1160 Eric Styles Katie Douglas 1 February 2020
3422CharlieWarmsDuffy.png An anxious Charlie searches for Duffy, who is missing in hostile weather conditions. Meanwhile, Lev is unable to accept the severity of Luka's prognosis.
1161 23 Episode 1161 Diana Patrick Oliver Frampton 8 February 2020
3423TeamClapsForDuffy.png The ED pulls together in Charlie’s time of need, and Connie struggles to conceal her guilt from Archie.
1162 24 Episode 1162 Diana Patrick Dan Berlinka 15 February 2020
3424RubyChallengesVioletteForCustody.png Ruby and Violette’s relationship is pushed to the limit when Violette betrays Ruby’s trust and puts baby Harmony’s life in danger. Ethan returns to an ED and gets a less than warm welcome from Rash, and Will learns not to mix romance and work.
1163 25 Episode 1163 Steve Hughes Johanne McAndrew, Elliot Hope and Dana Fainaru 22 February 2020
3425RubyVioletteAtSession.png Violette tries to get clean in rehab and prepares to fight Ruby for custody of baby Harmony. Faith struggles to cope with Luka’s diagnosis and considers joining a support group.
1164 26 Episode 1164 Steve Hughes Adam Hughes 29 February 2020
3426FaithLevWatchSurgery.png Faith and Lev prepare for Luka’s surgery. Charlie returns to work earlier than expected, throwing himself into work as a distraction from his grief, but soon becomes agitated when he realises a few things in the ED have changed in his absence.
1165 27 Episode 1165 Andy Newbery Colin Bytheway 7 March 2020
3427RubyGivesUpHarmony.png Ruby fails to juggle Harmony and work, and Marty pushes Jade to the limit.
1166 28 Episode 1166 Andy Newbury Stephen McAteer 14 March 2020
3428WillTreatsFenisha.png New paramedic Fenisha makes a big impact, and Jacob is forced to go behind Charlie’s back.
1167 29 Episode 1167 Julie Edwards Hilary Frankland 28 March 2020
3429CharlieQuits.png A heartbroken Lev struggles with Luka’s chemotherapy, and grieving Charlie finally snaps.
1168 30 Episode 1168 Emma Wilkinson Hilary Frankland and David Semple 4 April 2020
3430JadeConsolesMarty.png Marty faces the consequences of his wild lifestyle, and Ethan realises what he really wants.
1169 31 Episode 1169 Roberto Bangura Michelle Lipton 18 April 2020
3431RubyTakesHarmony.png Rash defies Connie while dealing with a complex case, and Ruby makes a life-changing decision.
1170 32 Episode 1170 Roberto Bangura Jeff Povey and Stephen McAteer 25 April 2020
3432CharlieConnie.png Fenisha’s happiness comes crashing down, and a familiar face is brought into the ED.
1171 33 Episode 1171 John Maidens Rebecca Wojciechowski 2 May 2020
3433NoelLearnsTruth.png Noel’s suspicions are proved right when he catches a predator, and Fenisha battles with a difficult decision.
1172 34 Episode 1172 Alex Jacob Rachel Aird 23 May 2020
3434JadeCallsNigel.png Fenisha pushes Jan too far, Jade must confront her past, and Jacob makes an unexpected friend.
1173 35 Episode 1173 Alex Jacob Dana Fainaru 30 May 2020
3435ConnieCharlie.png When Charlie inadvertently gets caught up in a hostage situation at the ED, he must decide where his loyalties lie. Dylan does everything he can to keep Faith safe, putting his life on the line in the process.
1174 36 Episode 1174 John Maidens Charlie Swinbourne and Sophie Woolley 11 July 2020
3436JadeSusie.png Jade is nervous to meet her birth mother. Will she find out the truth behind her life in care? Charlie is reminded of Duffy's selfless legacy when he treats a heart transplant patient. There’s palpable tension between Faith and Dylan.
1175 37 Episode 1175 Michael Lacey Jillian Mannion and Dana Fainaru 18 July 2020
3437LevRemembersSergei.png Lev reflects on a traumatic childhood after connecting with a patient of similar heritage, and Jan struggles to prioritise her marriage over her work.
1176 38 Episode 1176 Michael Lacey Tim Stimpson 25 July 2020
3438DylanComfortsFaith.png Ethan is forced into action after a dangerous accident at Holby Comic Con. Can he push past his lingering PTSD and save the day? Jacob betrays Nate's trust, jeopardising their friendship. Faith turns to Dylan for comfort in a crisis.
1177 39 Episode 1177 Paul Riordan Philip Lawrence 1 August 2020
3439DylanCatchesLev.png Jacob is concerned when Nate is brought into the ED struggling to breathe, and temptation gets the better of Lev.
1178 40 Episode 1178 Paul Riordan Debbie Owen 8 August 2020
3440DavidRecallsMania.png David struggles to manage his bipolar symptoms as his past comes back to haunt him, and Dylan’s morals are pushed to their limit.
1179 41 Episode 1179 Ruth Carney Katie Douglas 15 August 2020
3441DylanTellsFaith.png An utterly conflicted Dylan struggles to contain his fury at Lev, and Fenisha steps up to help in Jan’s hour of need.
1180 42 Episode 1180 Katherine Churcher Hamish Wright 22 August 2020
3442ConnieJacob.png Jacob betrays Connie’s trust, Noel makes a heartbreaking mistake, and opinions in the ED are divided when an illegal stowaway falls from the sky.
1181 43 "Code Orange" Steve Hughes Simon Norman 26 September 2020
3432.5MartyConfrontsGraham.png Marty reconnects with his homophobic father, and Rash is forced to intervene as disaster strikes the ED and the team are thrown into chaos.


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