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Series 35 of Casualty ran between 2 January and 7 August 2021; it comprised 30 episodes. Filming for the series began in August 2020.


Cast changes and guest appearances

On 16 December 2020, a trailer was released promoting the upcoming series which revealed that Bobby Lockwood would be joining the cast as paramedic Leon Cook. A press release was subsequently issued regarding Lockwood's casting.[1] In addition to Lockwood's arrival, the trailer also confirmed the returns of Emily Carey and Adele James as Grace Beauchamp-Strachan and Christina "Tina" Mollett respectively.[2] The next day, it was announced that, following "secret" talks with the programme's bosses, Michael Stevenson had reprised his role as Iain Dean.[3]

In an interview with TV Times, Amanda Mealing confirmed a "much-loved" series regular would be killed off in the series opener. She stated that it would take some time for everyone to accept that they are gone "because they were always there, they were a permanent fixture".[4]


Main characters

Recurring characters

Guest characters

  • Tom Hanratty as Anthony O'Reiley (episode 1)
  • Rachael Spence as Karla Capelle (episode 1)
  • James Traherne as Derek Capelle (episode 1)
  • Olwen Burton-Spence as Ava Capelle (episode 1)
  • Jean Trend as Doris Parry (episode 1)
  • Edyta Budnik as Zofia Nowak (episode 1)
  • Maggie O'Neill as Cindy Cooper (episode 2)
  • Sam Newton as Shane Cooper (episode 2)
  • Rachel Nwokoro as Madison Jeffords (episode 3)
  • Clara Onyemere as Colette Jeffords (episode 3)
  • Andre Fyffe as Hunter Jeffords (episode 3)
  • Alice Hoskyns as Enalia Thakur (episode 3)
  • Sam Henderson as Anton Lewis (episode 3)
  • Janet Kumah as Marsha Christey (episode 4)
  • Asmara Gabrielle as Pravi Lakhani (episode 4)
  • Dafydd Thomas as Chester Blakeley (episode 4)
  • Alan Williams as Roy Scaddon (episode 5)
  • Miranda Nolan as Lucy Short (episode 5)
  • Anna Russell-Martin as Linda Aldridge (episode 6)
  • William Ash as Kevin Eccles (episode 6)
  • Alice Sykes as Amber Kensit (episode 7)
  • Aled Llyr Thomas as Scott Turner (episode 7)
  • Cat Simmons as Andrea Mills (episode 8)
  • Andrew Lancel as William "Bill" Wise (episode 8)
  • Gwydion Rhys as Shaun Butler (episode 8)
  • Rosie Jones as Paula Kettering (episode 9)
  • Mali O'Donnell as Olivia Wyatt (episode 9)
  • Yinka Awoni as Wallace Jamerson (episode 9)
  • Christine Pritchard as Edna Bryant (episode 10)
  • Cecilia Appiah as Cleo Sharpe (episode 10)
  • Georgia Landers as Elizabet "Libby" Sharpe (episode 10)
  • Leon Harrop as Jordan "Jordy" Holt (episode 11)
  • Lizzie Roper as Claire Holt (episode 11)
  • Eugene Collins as Lamar Lowell (episode 11)
  • Shaun Thomas as Bruno Wilding (episode 11)
  • Conrad McCroddan as Simon Tierney (episode 12)
  • Jacade Simpson as Kareem Dixon (episode 12)
  • Sharlene Whyte as Javine "Jay" Adams (episode 12)
  • Mark Stewart as Ant Campbell (episode 13)
  • Tasha Lim as Marika Hobart (episode 13)
  • Lloyd Meredith as Bradley Gibbins (episode 13)
  • Shobu Kapoor as Mona Nadkarni (episode 13)
  • Laurie Brett as Gail Donham (episode 14)
  • David Ganly as Trevor Donham (episode 14)
  • Bamshad Abedi-Amin as Dougie Whitehouse (episode 14)
  • Ashley Gerlach as Victor Clemens (episode 14)
  • Joey Phillips as James Kershaw (episode 15)
  • Vicky Myers as Marie Kershaw (episode 15)
  • Lily Knight as Tara Reynolds (episode 15)
  • Hilary Maclean as Hannah Watkinson (episode 16)
  • Gary Oliver as Eduardo Perella (episode 16)
  • Emily Redpath as Ashlee Watkinson (episode 16)
  • Clara Indrani as Yasmin Kirmani (episode 17)
  • Heather Forster as Keira Sutby (episode 17)
  • Katy Stephens as Shannon Sutby (episode 17)
  • Jay Saighal as Mahmoud Laghari (episode 17)
  • Gem Carmella as Tabitha Spicer (episode 18)
  • Neal Barry as Malcolm Duskley (episode 18)
  • Cameron Jack as Jimmy Barnett (episode 18)
  • Rick Warden as Ciaran Coulson (episodes 19 & 21)
  • Douglas Rankine as Mark Johnstone (episode 19)
  • Ben Allen as Avery Hicks (episode 19)
  • Rupert Vansittart as Kenneth Stair (episode 20)
    • Henry Nott as young Kenneth (episode 20)
  • Emma Vansittart as Roberta Stair (episode 20)
    • Zoe Watson as young Roberta (episode 20)
  • Raji James as Adil Saifi (episode 20)
  • Rebecca Hesketh-Smith as Millie Hayford (episode 20)
  • Grant Leat as Edward Marston (episode 20)
  • Dafydd Emyr as Chairperson (episode 20)
  • Caroline O'Neill as Jane Cormett (episode 21)
  • Mariah Louca as Becky Cormett (episode 21)
  • Sanna Kelly as Mary (episode 21)
  • Julie Barclay as Sandra Boen (episode 21)
  • Sam Hickman as singing harpist (episode 21)
  • Cecila Noble as Lucy Afolami (episode 22)
  • Geff Francis as Tony Afolami (episode 22)
  • Harri Rees-Jones as Sam Richards (episode 23)
  • Amelda Brown as Irene Richards (episode 23)
  • Kelly Clare as Nia Amberson (episode 23)
  • Ashley Margolis as Owen Robeson (episode 23)
  • Paul Popplewell as Paul Pegg (episode 24)
  • Oliver Hoare as Dean Marsh (episode 24)
  • Eleanor Yates as Maya Edwards (episode 24)
  • John Cording as Sid Thomas (episode 24)
  • Benedict Hurley as Terry Warp (episode 24)
  • Dan Emrys-Thomas as Dave Sweet (episode 24)
  • Caitlin Drabble as Rochelle Reigner (episode 25)
  • Ryan Kopel as Frank Polt (episode 25)
  • David Hounslow as Brian Kuller (episode 25)
  • Alexei Sayle as Anton Malinovsky (episode 26)
  • Leslie Ash as Vanessa Lytton (episode 26)
  • Harri Rees-Jones as Sam Richards (episode 26)
  • Bill Ward as Mike Sartwell (episode 26)
  • Dermot Canavan as Tom Burich (episode 26)
  • Huw Euron as Gerard Wilson (episode 26)
  • Brandon Fellows as Connor Elsworth (episode 27)
  • Luke Nunn as Neil Shotts (episode 27)
  • Shannon Hayes as Jeannie Cotler (episode 28)
  • Isla Merrick-Lawless as Ana Malinovsky (episode 29)
  • Jennifer Matter as Eliza "Liza" Henard (episode 29)
  • Matthew Lawrence as James "Jimmy" Ferris (episode 29)
  • Joseph Tweedale as Crosby (episode 30)


Episode No. Series No. Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original airdate
1182 1 Episode 1182 Steve Hughes Kevin Rundle 2 January 2021
3501Team.png When the coronavirus pandemic hits Holby ED, Connie struggles to protect her team, Will becomes disillusioned with his work and Fenisha rushes to keep her baby safe.
1183 2 Episode 1183 Ruth Carney Oliver Frampton 9 January 2021
3502WillResigns.png Jacob wants more from Connie, but will she be able to make the time for their relationship with mounting pressures on the ED and an increasingly disillusioned Will.
1184 3 Episode 1184 Andy Newbery Colin Bytheway 16 January 2021
3503EthanFindsOutFenishaIsPregnant.png An exhausted Will tries to make peace with the ED on his last day, Robyn does everything she can to help a conflicted patient, and Rash plucks up the courage to get himself a date.
1185 4 Episode 1185 Andy Newbery Hilary Frankland 23 January 2021
3504Crash.png Faith and Dylan are brought closer together, but when Faith is in peril after her ambulance crashes, will Dylan be able to save her in time? Ethan reveals his deepest fears to Rash and realises he must trust his judgement. Leon learns that the ED always has his back.
1186 5 Episode 1186 Steve M Kelly Simon Norman 30 January 2021
3505JacobRoy.png Jacob’s life is thrown into peril when a suspected bomber enters the emergency department, and an exhausted Marty struggles to accept his father’s attempts at reconciliation.
1187 6 Episode 1187 Steve M Kelly Dana Fainaru 6 February 2021
3506FenishaJan.png A harrowing domestic abuse case brings things to a head between Fenisha and Jan, while Lev grapples with the truth that is tearing apart his family.
1188 7 Episode 1188 John Maidens Katerina Watson and Hilary Frankland 13 February 2021
3507EthanFenishaInForest.png With Fenisha’s life in danger, Ethan must race against time to try to save his family.
1189 8 Episode 1189 John Maidens Stephen McAteer 20 February 2021
3508Fenisha.png In her moment of crisis, can Fenisha let Ethan in? Grace turns out not to be the little girl Connie expected, and Rosa encourages Ollie to try his luck.
1190 9 Episode 1190 Julie Edwards Dana Fainaru 27 February 2021
3509JanPromisesRoss.png Can Jan make the ultimate sacrifice to save her son? Faith and Lev do everything they can to keep their marriage together, and Connie interferes in Grace’s love life.
1191 10 Episode 1191 Julie Edwards Philip Lawrence 6 March 2021
3510Jan.png Jan’s fear is tearing her apart as she desperately tries to keep her son safe. Connie takes out her frustrations on Jacob’s new relationship, and a bit of fun accidentally leads Charlie to create a betting ring.
1192 11 Episode 1192 Miranda Howard-Williams Colin Bytheway 13 March 2021
3511FaithVisitsDylan.png As paranoia eats away at her marriage, will Faith finally give in to temptation with Dylan?
1193 12 Episode 1193 Miranda Howard-Williams Emma Dennis-Edwards and Stephen McAteer 27 March 2021
3512Faith.png Faith's personal struggles end up putting her daughter in danger. Tina finds herself in Connie’s war path.
1194 13 Episode 1194 Andy Newbery Kevin Rundle and Adam Hughes 3 April 2021
3513ConnieGrace.png When Grace takes Ollie’s life into her own hands, it threatens to ruin Connie’s relationship with her daughter forever.
1195 14 Episode 1195 Andy Newbery Ed Sellek 10 April 2021
3514JanIain.png Dylan realises it’s best to move on, and David realises Rosa isn’t coping. Can an old friend save Jan from breaking point?
1196 15 Episode 1196 Nimer Rashed Sam Holdsworth 17 April 2021
Casualty3515Promo17.jpg Faith finally cracks as her family unit falls apart, Marty battles with his conscience, and Iain puts himself on the line to protect Jan.
1197 16 Episode 1197 Paul Riordan Debbie Owen 24 April 2021
Casualty3516Promo16.jpg Jade’s confidence is crushed when a night out turns to disaster, Fenisha discovers the painful truth about Ethan’s diagnosis, and Tina pushes her luck with Jacob.
1198 17 Episode 1198 Paul Riordan Kit Lambert 1 May 2021
3517JanAtPoliceStation.png Jan must decide between honesty or saving her marriage, Leon battles for his job, and Jacob and the team grapple with treating a white supremacist.
1199 18 Episode 1199 Katherine Churcher Rebecca Wojciechowski 8 May 2021
3518Lev.png Will Lev ever be able to trust his colleagues again?
1200 19 Episode 1200 Katherine Churcher Kellie Smith 8 May 2021
3519Jade.png Jade takes justice into her own hands, and Jan is moved to fight for a worthy cause.
1201 20 Episode 1201 Akaash Meeda Charlie Swinbourne and Dana Fainaru 15 May 2021
3520RobertaVision.png Rash’s past is revealed when an old friend arrives in the ED. Iain and Faith bond as they treat a dementia patient and her adoring husband. And Tina reminisces about her grief for Nat.
1202 21 Episode 1202 John Howlett Kellie Smith and Jayshree Patel 29 May 2021
3521MartyLearnsOfBibisOverdose.png Marty’s family life crashes around him as he confronts a familiar face, and Jacob realises the true extent of his feelings for Tina.
1203 22 Episode 1203 Jennie Paddon Toby Walton 29 May 2021
Casualty3522Promo6.jpg Fenisha’s life is thrown into disarray when a familiar face from her past appears. Rash fights to prove his competence, and Marty goes the extra mile to support women’s issues.
1204 23 Episode 1204 Jennie Paddon Katie Douglas 5 June 2021
Casualty3523Promo12.jpg Lev finally feels able to be open about his sexuality and his relationship with Xander, but a homophobic chance encounter leads him to destroy his own chance of happiness. Ethan is forced to consider the future of his family after he loses control of his own hand during surgery, and Charlie receives an unexpected visitor who claims to know him.
1205 24 Episode 1205 Piotr Szkopiak Joanna Quesnel 5 June 2021
Casualty3524Promo9.jpg Jacob admits that he does not feel ready to move in with Tina, so she responds to the rejection by flirting with Matthew in front of him in an attempt to make him jealous. Lev is facing an assault charge and hiding out at a hotel to avoid telling the kids the truth about himself. Faith turns to Xander for help in reaching out to him. Robyn is startled to find her old school friend Paul has started as the new receptionist temp in the ED.
1206 25 Episode 1206 Piotr Szkopiak Jess Green and Kit Lambert 12 June 2021
Casualty3525Promo.jpg A terrifying accusation throws David and Rosa’s family into disarray, and Fenisha discovers the truth about Ethan’s feelings for her.
1207 26 Episode 1207 John Maidens Stephen McAteer 10 July 2021
Casualty3526Promo10.jpg Lev finally admits the truth about his sexuality, Rash glimpses Tina’s manipulative side, and Charlie is left reeling when he’s accused of breaking up a marriage.
1208 27 Episode 1208 Michael Lacey Hilary Frankland 17 July 2021
3527EthanFenishaKiss.png Fenisha makes the ultimate choice to follow her heart, and David is distraught to realise he’s destroyed his family.
1209 28 Episode 1209 Michael Lacey Dana Fainaru 24 July 2021
Casualty3528Promo2.jpg Jacob struggles to find a safe path as tensions with Tina escalate.
1210 29 Episode 1210 Matt Hilton Kevin Rundle 31 July 2021
Casualty3529Promo.jpg As Fenisha and Ethan prepare for their big day, Matthew battles his emotions, Lev faces up to his sexuality once and for all, and Ollie’s mystery illness is finally diagnosed.
1211 30 Episode 1211 Matt Hilton Ed Sellek 7 August 2021
3530EthanFenishaDance.png Ethan and Fenisha are running late for their big day, and Tina’s manipulation of Jacob continues.


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