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Series 36 of Casualty commenced on 14 August 2021.


Main characters

Recurring characters

Guest characters

  • Paul Popplewell as Paul Pegg (episode 1)
  • Richard Winsor as Caleb Knight (episodes 1 & 2)
  • Tony Marshall as Noel Garcia (episode 1)
  • Charles Dale as MacKenzie "Big Mac" Chalker (episode 1)
  • Adam Sina as Marcus Fidel (episode 1)
  • Brendan Charleson as Clive Delmore (episode 1)
  • Jaimi Barbakoff as Emma Nash (episode 1)
  • Alex Zur as Toby Damron (episode 1)
  • Nancy Farino as Lily Delmore (episode 1)
  • Joshua McCord as Frank Delmore (episode 1)
  • Elizabeth Rider as Josephine O'Bryan (episode 2)
  • Nohail Mohammed as Amir Bashar (episode 2)
  • Olwen Rees as Bridget Nyman (episode 2)
  • Rhian Morgan as Molly Torrell (episode 2)
  • Jack Stewart as Eli Kenton (episode 3)
  • Saskia Ashdown as Nicole "Nikki" Merrow (episode 3)
  • Stevie Raine as Alan "Al" Shepton (episode 4)
  • Kate Brayben as Lisa Fernham (episode 4)
  • Harry Long as George Corsham (episode 4)
  • Bianca Bardoe as Kat Dunlay (episode 4)
  • Sophie Stone as Susie Ashby (episode 5)
  • Charmaine Parsons as Mrs Coles (episode 5)
  • Steph Parry as Bea Hosser (episode 5)
  • James Barriscale as Brian[1]


Episode No. Series No. Title Director(s) Writer(s) Original airdate
1212 1 "Begin Again" Piotr Szkopiak Hilary Frankland and Ed Sellek 14 August 2021
Casualty3601Promo.jpg Ethan is rushed into hospital suffering hallucinations of his dead brother, and reliving an incident when he made a disastrous mistake while treating a patient. Faith is reunited with an old friend, and encounters a woman trying to smuggle her father out of a nursing home for his birthday. Charlie is devastated to discover that Robyn and Paul are behind his online catfishing situation, and a new paramedic joins the team.
1213 2 "Same Old, Same Old" Judith Dine Toby Walton 21 August 2021
3602TinaTreatsJacobsLeg.png Jacob is reflecting on where he stands after his latest fight with Tina when he sees someone attempt suicide by throwing themselves off a sea wall, and dives in to save them. Ethan struggles to balance work, grief, and being a single parent, and continues to be haunted by visions of his dead brother, while Teddy discovers that Jan has been sleeping in the ambulance station.
1214 3 "Short Fuses" Judith Dine Rachel Harper 28 August 2021
CasualtySeries33TitleCard.png Ffion is treated for a shoulder injury, but while examining her, Dylan discovers signs of something far worse. A delivery to the paramedic crew gives Jan the wrong idea. Tensions between Matthew and Ethan come to a head as news of Bodhi being given up spreads, resulting in Ethan throwing away his medication and a physical confrontation between them.
1215 4 "No Harm Done" George C Siougas Hilary Frankland 4 September 2021
CasualtySeries33TitleCard.png Tensions escalate between Tina and Jacob as outsider Iain gets an insight into their issues, and Jade lets Stevie in on an awful secret.
1216 5 "The Road Less Travelled " George C Siougas Katie Douglas 18 September 2021
CasualtySeries33TitleCard.png When a minivan carrying hearing-impaired passengers gets into an accident, Jade is asked to help interpret for the patients, one of whom she discovers is Susie, her estranged mother. Her day then goes from bad to worse when Dylan finds a small bag of drugs in her locker - planted there by Stevie.
1217 6 "Warning Signs" Michael Lacey David Bowker 2 October 2021
CasualtySeries33TitleCard.png Matthew’s memories of his time in Africa begin to impact his work, while a chance encounter from his past forces Rash into a very difficult situation.
1218 7 Episode 1218 TBA TBA TBA
CasualtySeries33TitleCard.png Coming soon
1219 8 Episode 1219 TBA TBA TBA
CasualtySeries33TitleCard.png Coming soon
1220 9 Episode 1220 TBA TBA TBA
CasualtySeries33TitleCard.png Coming soon
1221 10 Episode 1221 TBA TBA TBA
CasualtySeries33TitleCard.png Coming soon


  1. James Barriscale [@jamesbarriscale] "So long Brian. I’m gonna miss you. And the wonderful cast and crew. #casualty #covidsafefilming @BBCCasualty" (Tweet) — via Twitter [Accessed 03 July 2021]