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Series 3 (Casualty) was the third series of Casualty and aired between 9 September and 4 November 1988.


Episode # Series # Episode Director Writer(s) Original airdate
31 1 Welcome to Casualty Michael Owen Morris David Ashton 9 September 1988
It's straight in the deep end for new faces David Rowe, who has to give some despairing news, and Valerie Sinclair, who has a difficult first meeting with Ewart.
32 2 Desperate Odds Graham Theakston Ginnie Hole 16 September 1988
A social worker is assaulted while investigating the abuse of a child, David mis-diagnoses a pickpocket and Duffy can't tell anyone why she's moody and withdrawn.
33 3 Drake's Drum Keith Washington Keith Dewhurst 23 September 1988
A gay vicar giving himself a false name arrives at A&E while one of his parishioners is brought in with a rare disorder that requires an operation.
34 4 Absolution Jeremy Silberston Wally Daly 30 September 1988
David and Charlie argue over patient confidentiality and a Priest refuses to reveal information after a suicide attempt in his church. Duffy discloses the cause of her grief.
35 5 Burn Out Michael Owen Morris

Jeremy Brock 7 October 1988
The team have to deal with a young pregnant squatter, Megan's friend suffering from septic-shock after plastic surgery and a staff emergency in the newly-saved Observation Ward.
36 6 A Quiet Night Graham Theakston David Ashton 14 October 1988
Megan is back at work and Valerie is shadowing the night shift but for Cyril and David the fun of ashtray hockey is soon forgotten when they are called out to a collision of two school minibuses, each packed with pupils.
37 7 A Wing And A Prayer Michael Owen Morris

Ginnie Hole 19 October 1988
There is no bed available for an elderly stroke victim brought to A&E and a foreign worker is brought in with hallucinations and a cut to his face.
38 8 Living Memories Keith Washington Sam Snape 21 October 1988
Valerie is doing a customer survey but the staff have to deal with 16-year-old hit and run victim, a 7-year-old with breathing difficulties and a giant, drunk rabbit.
39 9 Inferno Keith Washington Ginnie Hole 28 October 1988
Megan wants to resign, Kuba faces the sack and Valerie tells Charlie to make savings in the department. Meanwhile, it's Bonfire Night and they face burns victims, suicide and a young girl with meningitis.
40 10 Caring Tim Dowd Jeremy Brock 4 November 1988
Among the patients are an arthritic suffering from hemotemosis - side-effects from a drug prescribed by his GP; an old lady with scalding and a homeless punk with a chest infection. The staff find time for a wheelchair race and Charlie manages to ask Valerie out.
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