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Series 7 is the seventh series of Casualty and aired between 12 September 1992 and 27 February 1993.

In this series, significant events included Rob's boat crash, Duffy's cancer scare, Andrew's marriage proposal, Charlie's depression and the arson attack on the department. Patients included a toddler having his stomach pumped after swallowing cannabis, a body builder who'd overdosed on steroids, a woman who had accidentally stabbed herself in the neck with a squash racket, a woman who had slashed her breasts and a rent boy who'd been gang-raped.



Episode Series Episode Centric character Original airdate
81 1 "Rates of Exchange" Charlie 12 September 1992
Two men are injured when their car overturns, swerving to avoid a lorry. The driver dies and his parents have different opinions about organ donation. Nervous new SHO Rob Khalefa nearly kills the injured passenger by failing to insert a second drip and misses his fractured pelvis. Ash takes pity on a homeless girl who has slit her wrists. Her mother turns out to be a well-known prostitute in Holby. New HCA Max falls foul of Duffy when she wears a bum bag and chews gum whilst on duty.

Note: First appearance of Kate Miller, Rob Khalefa and Maxine Price.

82 2 "Cry Wolf" Sandra 19 September 1992
Seconds after an accident involving a young land on a motorbike, off-duty paramedic Josh arrives at the scene. While Josh calls for help, an interfering GP removes the boy's crash helmet, putting his spinal cord at risk. Holby's general manager Kate Miller, shadows a shift in the department. A toddler needs his stomach pumped after swallowing cannabis which his father left lying around. Sandra believes she spots an attention seeker but Julian discovers the patient's real problem is an obstructed bowel. By then she has fled and is later brought back in after collapsing.
83 3 "Body Politic" Sandra 26 September 1992
A teenage girl is brought in by her anxious mother, unaware her daughter is pregnant. The girl confesses to Max that she has tried to end the pregnancy with a knitting needle. It becomes clear that the mother's boyfriend has been abusing her. An aristocrat is shot by a biker with a crossbow when he answers the front door. No surgeons are available and Julian is forced to operate in CRASH to remove the bolt. He saves the man. The attacker turns out to be the mother of a child the aristocrat killed on the road eight years before. A body builder, arrives with a sore throat. Norma dismisses him as not being serious. Max discovers him collapsed in the hospital grounds and he is rushed to CRASH but dies. Ash and Rob find steroids in his wallet. Norma worries about her mother who has Alzheimer's.
84 4 "Will You Still Love Me?" Charlie 3 October 1992
A young boy, frightened into silence by his mother's affair is brought in with a sore throat. He later collapses outside with his father and dies in CRASH. Julian mistakenly breaks the news to mother Julie and her lover, Mike. An unhappy old woman, Dorothy, claims staff at her nursing home have beaten her. She shows Duffy bruises on her leg which are found to be self-inflicted. Her son arrives to find she lied so she could live with him. A teenage girl, Rachel, is injured when she is hit by a car. While in a cubicle, a fake doctor assaults Rachel – and her overbearing father, Bob, makes matters worse and discharges her from the hospital. A middle-aged man, George comes in with his wife, suffering from chest pains. Julian diagnoses a minor condition and suggests a larger gardening jacket. Kate finds £8,000 discrepancies with the hospital budget – Charlie is not happy to spend the shift sorting it out only to find it was a written error. Julian is trying to find someone to play squash with him, after his partner drops out. Nikki comes to see Ash to say their electricity has been cut.
85 5 "Cherish" Charlie 10 October 1992
A young couple are brought in after a minor motorbike accident. The boy turns out to be a cross-dressing female, which "his" girlfriend was unaware of. A pregnant Asian woman throws herself down the stairs to try and cause a miscarriage, wrongly believing her husband won't want the child if it's a girl. She goes into labour in the hospital toilet and Julian and Sandra help her give birth to a healthy baby boy. A girl becomes frustrated at caring for her mother, who has ME, and accidentally cuts her mother's face with a kitchen knife. Norma is sympathetic towards the girl, especially when her own mother is brought in after being found wandering the streets and fails to recognize her.
86 6 "Profit and Loss" Sandra 17 October 1992
Maxine organises a karaoke as a fundraiser where Sandra convinces Julian to sing a duet with her. Ash takes Nikki along but she feels out of place. General manager Simon Eastman visits the department to take Kate to task for going over budget by letting Charlie hire agency nurses. The owner of a failing business sets fire to the premises for the insurance but, unknown to him, his son has returned to the building and is badly burned. A middle-aged couple, Lionel and Maria, attempt to gas themselves in their car in a suicide pact: Lionel has debilitating motor neuron disease. Josh and Jane save Maria but Lionel dies. Maria's sister thanks Josh but when he visits Maria she says she wishes he'd let her die.

Note: First appearance of Simon Eastman.

87 7 "One Step Forward" Charlie 24 October 1992
A disagreement between two elderly men results in a bicycle accident, a mentally handicapped girl cuts her hand after an argument with Ash, Julian has to save a squash player whose neck is impaled on her racquet and a father asks the staff to replace his daughter's front tooth so she can appear in a play. Duffy worries when a smear test proves inconclusive and Julian admits to married Sandra that he is attracted to her.
88 8 "Body and Soul" Sandra 31 October 1992
Jane spends a shift in Casualty on a refresher course. Simon has Kate transferred away from the hospital and takes over the running of the department himself, overturning her decisions. A hunt saboteur is hit in the head by a horse and dies while the rider is hospitalised and the horse has to be put down. A woman who has been raped gets into trouble when she slashes a stranger's face with her keys and a teenage girl turns up after a homemade tattoo becomes septic. Duffy is booked in for a biopsy and Sandra convinces Julian to help her avoid the queue. Afterwards, Julian and Sandra kiss.

Note: Final appearance of Kate Miller.

89 9 "Tender Loving Care" Sandra 7 November 1992
A Jewish man collapses from angina during a synagogue service. He is given the all clear in hospital but as they are leaving his wife collapses from an aortic aneurysm and dies. A teenager falls ill from an overdose of sickle cell medication on a school trip after his teacher rejects his advances. A man named Adam suffers an asthma attack while threatening his estranged wife Catherine. He tells Maxine he is allergic to penicillin and she adds it to his notes. Rob sets up an IV drip without checking and gets Sandra to administer it against protocol when he is called away, causing Adam to fall ill. Catherine stops Adam making a complaint by threatening to report him for assault but Charlie orders an internal investigation.
90 10 "Money Talks" Sandra 14 November 1992
An electricity worker, Fred, is on his last day before retiring. He and his partner Alan find a man has electrocuted himself after climbing a pylon. Fred follows Alan up to retrieve the body without a harness and falls, being rushed to hospital in a bad way. Sandra is unhappy at being held responsible for the medication mistake and constantly questions Rob's instructions. A teenage girl is brought in after collapsing at a party but Rob thinks she is just drunk and ignores Sandra's concerns. Sandra calls Julian, who is off duty. Julian comes to the hospital and has the girl rushed into Crash, since she has actually taken ecstasy. He tears a strip off Rob but his credibility is damaged by his affair with Sandra.
91 11 "Making Waves" Sandra 21 November 1992
Rob goes on a boating trip with his girlfriend Natasha and her parents. Natasha's father Bart crashes the boat and Natasha is swept away, being found washed up on a beach some time later. Josh has to be rescued from quicksand while coming to their aid. A recovering drug addict collapses from septicemia from old needle marks. Charlie is furious when her boyfriend visits and persuades her to take another hit, especially since he is HIV positive and shared a needle. Duffy's biopsy results are negative.
92 12 "If It Isn't Hurting" Sandra 28 November 1992
A farmer facing bankruptcy initiates a siege during which he shoots both his children, killing one and injuring the other, and injures himself. A cantankerous wheelchair-bound man cuts his hand and his wife ends up abandoning him at the hospital. A traffic warden has her earring ripped out on her first day; the driver later apologises but she decides to quit anyway. Sandra gets a written warning for her mistake and is unable to seek comfort from Julian because her husband is in town. Julian is angry when Simon spends money on refurbishing conference rooms despite a lack of beds in ITU.
93 13 "Act of Faith" Sandra 5 December 1992
Julian takes Sandra's daughter Laura to the circus. While they are watching, a trapeze artist falls and badly injures himself and Julian is forced to step in to treat her; Josh and Jane see Laura with him. A pregnant woman named Annabel is brought in after being beaten up by her boyfriend Nick. A couple named Russel and Hettie accompany her: She is acting as a surrogate mother for them. Annabel reveals her own children were taken into care after she beat them and she now wants to keep the baby, prompting Hettie to lose interest in adopting her child. Julian is frustrated when Simon has deputy receptionist Jenny transferred and wants to cut the number of doctors in the department.
94 14 "Point of Principle" Charlie 19 December 1992
Two cyclists are brought in after being involved in a collision. A man turns up with severe gashes after trying to break up a dog fight in which his pet was killed; Duffy convinces him to reject the friends who organised the fight. A teenage girl is fed up of her father pressuring her to be an ice skater rather than study law so she deliberately lets a car run over her foot. The department loses a bid for a new trauma unit and Ash contacts the press. Julian makes a statement to the journalists in which he resigns. Simon tells him to leave immediately and he departs in front of the journalists after a farewell to Sandra.

Note: Final appearance of Julian Chapman.

95 15 "Silent Night" Sandra 24 December 1992
A woman is brought in after taking an overdose at a Christmas party. She reveals she is pregnant but her boyfriend dumped her and gave her money for an abortion. She leaves the hospital against advice and goes back to the party only to see her ex having fun without her. Maxine asks Rob to give homeless teenage runaway Suzie a bed for Christmas but Charlie insists she is discharged. She runs away from the hospital just before her father turns up, and runs in front of an ambulance. Jane, who was driving, suffers whiplash and Suzie escapes with minor injuries. Rob and Maxine share a kiss. A violent pensioner, Arthur, is angry when his son refuses to bring his family for Christmas and beats his wife, who stabs him. He dies from his injuries meaning his wife will be charged with murder.
96 16 "The Ties That Bind" Charlie 2 January 1993
Nikki tells Ash she is pregnant. A divorced father kidnaps his daughter but has to take her to the hospital when she falls ill. A woman is brought in with a fractured wrist: When her husband arrives, he discovers the female colleague who accompanied her is actually her lover. Jerry is supposed to be getting married but his best man Don is hungover. While trying to sober him up, Jerry stops Don walking into the water but Don punches him, causing him to hit his head. At the hospital, Don admits to Jerry's fiancé Lynn that he is in love with her. Duffy is annoyed when Charlie tells her the locum consultant is Andrew Bower, her ex-boyfriend and the father of her son Peter.

Note: Return of Andrew Bower.

97 17 "Life in the Fast Lane" Sandra 9 January 1993
Drunk driver Paul drives through a red light and runs over three youngsters. Andrew heads to the scene but is unable to save one of the trio, Mark, a new father. Mark's sister Sara is angry with him. Paul is taken to hospital after claiming to be another victim but is arrested when Sara recognizes him. Depressed teenager Emily is brought in after taking an overdose of paracetomol and found to have terminal liver damage. A middle-aged black man gets into an altercation with a neighbour over parking spaces on their street in which they both suffer minor injuries and tries to get his daughter onside by claiming the woman was racist towards him. Andrew meets Peter for the first time when he picks him up in reception, not realising who he is until he sees Duffy looking at him.
98 18 "Everybody Needs Somebody" Sandra 16 January 1993
Kevin, a troubled man studying to be a barrister, attempts suicide by slitting his wrists and gassing himself in his front room. When Josh and Jane arrive on the scene, he tries to strangle Josh, who ends up needing medical attention. An elderly farmer, Harry, argues with his nephew, before having his legs shredded when he kicks a rock out of a blocked tractor blade. He dies in Crash. Nikki tells Ash she has had an abortion. Andrew tells the staff that a permanent consultant, Mike Barratt, has been appointed and thanks them for their support.
99 19 "Getting Involved" Sandra 23 January 1993
A woman arrives with knife wounds to her breasts. Her husband turns up and is aggressive, having to be restrained by Rob and newly arrived Mike. The staff believe she is being abused but in fact she inflicted the wounds herself, suffering from post natal depression. A busy couple leave their son home alone after school and he suffers an electric shock from a faulty kettle. Jane, who was neglected by her own parents, takes it upon herself to lecture them. Duffy and Andrew have dinner together after the shift and share a kiss.

Note: First appearance of Mike Barratt.

100 20 "Dividing Loyalties" Sandra 30 January 1993
A runaway schoolboy is brought in after being injured and it transpires his teacher has been bullying him because he is obsessed with the boy's mother. An unemployed father is convinced by his brother-in-law to take part in a ram raid but his wife and daughter are visiting the electric shop they ram; seeing them, he swerves and crashes the van, killing the gang leader. His daughter dies of her injuries after being hit by falling rubble. Maxine is visited by her father who reveals he has a new girlfriend the same age as her. Ash is promoted to senior staff nurse but Charlie walks away from the celebratory drinks.
101 21 "Family Matters" Sandra 6 February 1993
A pre-teen girl is admitted with bleeding and it is discovered she has been sexually abused. Her father is suspected until the true culprit is revealed as her teenage brother, apparently copying the abuse he received from their father. Two tramps are mugged by a group of teens and, when one of them dies from his wounds, the teens are charged with murder. A woman fakes illness so her boyfriend can steal medical equipment. Norma attends her mother's funeral.
102 22 "Child's Play" Sandra 13 February 1993
A rent boy is gang raped. Rob is disappointed by Charlie's lack of sympathy and encourages the man to go to the police. A mentally ill man is reluctant to take his medication, despite his son's protests. A schoolgirl who is having an affair with her teacher is bullied by her dorm mates, who violently give her the birthday bumps and break her back, leaving her crippled. A disdainful Mike informs the teacher that she is pregnant with his child. Maxine meets her father's new young girlfriend, Shelley, and is unimpressed. At the end of the shift, Charlie, who has been diagnosed with depression, breaks down in front of Duffy.
103 23 "No Cause for Concern" Sandra 20 February 1993
Two overworked seamen are assigned a pair of Chinese ratings with little English. One of them misunderstands instructions and passes out in a hold full of toxic fumes; the first officer, Han, who has left a cut hand untreated because he is afraid to take time off, falls from a ladder while trying to rescue him. The rating dies in hospital and Han convinces his captain they are being overworked. Two youths unknowingly steal a van full of radioactive isotopes and crash it. The van explodes, killing one of them and showering the other with radioactive debris. He is taken to hospital before the truth is discovered and the staff who treated him, along with Josh and Jane who picked him up, have to go through decontamination. Sandra walks out mid-shift, unconvinced by assurances they are safe.
104 24 "Boiling Point" Charlie 27 February 1993
Duffy and Andrew are getting married in the morning, Maxine tells Charlie she is going to become a nurse and it's Rob's last shift before he takes up a surgical post in Southampton. A gang of youths burgle a house and beat up a pensioner, Ray. Ray's son Gordon contacts some neighbours who form a vigilante group: A violent clash with the youths results in Errol, a man whose son has joined the gang, being stabbed. Casualties from both sides are taken to hospital but when they are ejected for causing trouble the youths start a fire in the basement and blow up an ambulance in the main entrance. The staff and patients are successfully evacuated but Rob disobeys instructions and tries to get the body of Ray, who died earlier from a heart attack, out of the department; he is buried under rubble and his legs are crushed. Errol dies of his injuries in the car park. Charlie vows to rebuild the department.

Note: Final appearance of Simon Eastman, Andrew Bower, Rob Khalefa, Sandra Nicholl and Maxine Price.

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