Shanti Gudgeon (born 2000/2001) is a homeless woman who lives in Holby.


During her childhood, Shanti found joy in building LEGO sets. However, in July 2017, she ran away from her Manchester home.

On 28 July 2019, whilst former nurse Lisa "Duffy" Duffin reversed her car out of a parking space, Shanti ran out behind her and pretended to have been hit. She claimed that she had a broken arm, but Duffy insisted on her been seen by a medic and drove her to Holby City Hospital's emergency department. Staff nurse Robyn Miller triaged Shanti and found no bone tenderness, suggesting that she did not sustain a fracture, but Duffy decided to humour Shanti's request for a second opinion and got consultant Will Noble to assess her.

After learning of Shanti's disappearance, Duffy offered her a cup of tea and asked why she ran away from home, but Shanti panicked and tried to run away. However, Duffy intercepted her and told her that she knew that she faked her injuries. Shanti asserted that she had no idea about her decision to run away, but Duffy managed to convince her to have a proper conversation with her. In the relatives room, Shanti lamented on her childhood and believed that she lost her chance of a good life, but Duffy assured her that people can "rebuild". On her way out of the department, Duffy gave Shanti the details for some local women's shelters, and she hugged and thanked her; she posited that she "must have been a really good nurse". (CAS: Episode 1138)

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