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The shared house is the former home of Robyn Miller and Max Walker. It is located opposite the Ambulance Station on Alexander Street.

Robyn originally lived in a council flat in an estate within Holby, but during 2016 moved to the house.

In August 2017, Denise Ellisson threw a Molotov cocktail through the living room window, causing a house fire. Robyn, Charlotte and Jez, who were inside the house at the time, escaped mostly unscathed but it was left temporarily uninhabitable. (CAS: Episode 1050) In December, the house was restored, (CAS: Episode 1064) but Robyn decided to live with Glen in his flat. (CAS: Episode 1065) In January 2018, Max left the house after leaving the country with Zoe. (CAS: Episode 1067) The following day, Alicia decided to move out, leaving the house unoccupied. (CAS: Episode 1068)