Shelle Jones is a drug baroness who threatened Mercedes Christie into selling drugs in February 2016. A drug baroness, Shelle had been onto Mercedes to get her the money she owed for months. However, when she was unable to, Mercedes' son and partner were soon dragged into it. She was ultimately arrested in May 2016 after a violent confrontation.


In February 2016, she parked in an empty car park and told Mercedes she had to make the drugs deal, despite her not wanting to. Mercedes eventually ended up in the ED when she fell and injured herself whilst escaping from police officer Kate Wilkinson who was on her trail. When in the ED, Mercedes explained to Big Mac that Shelle had threatened to hurt her son, Connor.

In April, Shelle turned up at Mercedes' house to get money that she owed her. Towards the end of the month, she took Connor back to her house after Mercedes and Vince had left him in their car in the ED's car park. Max and Vince went to help him, and Shelle's bodyguard soon chased Vince away. Shelle had an argument with Max and later left when Max became trapped in her secret room with Connor who had got injured from a fall. They were ultimately saved by Zoe but by the time she got there Shelle was nowhere to be seen.

The following week, Shelle threatened to go to the ED to get Mercedes, but she alerted Vince and forewarned him about Shelle's threats. Vince was hit by Elle Gardner in her car whilst on her way to work, but when he arrived at the ED in the ambulance he saw Shelle waiting on the other side of the car park. Shelle took him into The Hope & Anchor, but Zoe and Elle soon followed. Shelle ended up injuring Vince's arm with a knife and bashing his head against a slot machine, and then took them all hostage in another room of the empty pub. She refused to let them leave, but Max eventually found them and in the chaos Shelle ended up stabbing Zoe in the hand. Shelle was arrested and Zoe and Elle were able to get Vince into the ED for treatment.

Behind the scenes

Kelli Hollis portrayed Shelle for four episodes of Casualty in 2016.

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