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|firstarrival=[[The Raid]]
|firstarrival=[[The Raid]]

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Shirley Franklin is a paramedic who worked for the Holby Ambulance Service from 1987 to 1988.

Time in the ambulance service (1987-88)

Shirley was teamed up with Keith Cotterill from October 1987, responding to those injured in riots between the police and residents on her own estate. On returning home the next day, Shirley found her own son had been wrongly arrested, locked in a cell overnight and subjected to a police search.[1]

In September 1988, student nurse Alison McGrellis spends a night shift with Shirley and Keith and helps carry equipment when they have to abandon the ambulance and respond on foot to a patient having a stroke due to poor parking and narrow streets.[2]

One night in October 1988, Shirley is in a foul mood stating she has problems at home as her kids are playing up and her mortgage payments have increased. She gets annoyed with Keith’s permanent happy outlook. Later in the shift they make up after delivering a teenage girls baby in the back of the ambulance.[3]

At the end of a busy shift in November 1988, the staff and paramedics have a wheelchair race around the department - Shirley wins.[4]

Behind the scenes

Ella Wilder portrayed Shirley Franklin in Casualty from 1987 to 1988.


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