Shona Collins is a law intern who resides in Holby.


In April 2019, at Edwalton Courthouse, Shona improvised for lawyer Mina Bartram when she was late for a hearing about the case of Julie Barry, a woman who was fighting for custody of her children. Once Mina arrived, she took over, and, once the court was adjourned, Shona noticed her shortness of breath.

On the way to the bathroom, Mina apologised for being late. When Shona told Mina, who was visibly sick, that she could cover for her, Mina refused, claiming that Julie's case was too important to be used as a learning curve. As they continued to argue, Mina's vision became blurred, and she collapsed in a cubicle. When Shona noticed her blood flowing into her cubicle, she called for help.

Mina was taken to Holby City Hospital's emergency department, and she asked Shona to cover for her in court. However, she struggled as most of the notes Mina had given her did not pertain to the case. When she returned to the ED, she told Charlie Fairhead that Mina's bag was "like a chemist's" and that it was "full of pills"; this helped Rashid Masum in determining Mina's symptoms to be those of drug withdrawal.

Later, Shona informed Mina that the courts had issued a temporary care order for Julie's children's foster parents and told her that she was sick of hearing about her brilliance. Mina confronted her and posited that her career had not progressed due to her apathy towards the plights of her clients. Shona subsequently left. (CAS: Episode 1124)

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