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"Signed, Sealed, Delivered" is the 125th episode of Casualty and the 21st episode of the 8th series.


Two paramedics, Eric and Chris, try to pick up Joy, a girl who has overdosed on drugs but she panics and runs off. A deaf man is unhappy that his deaf sister is becoming dependent on sign language rather than learning to speak; while they are arguing, she steps in front of a van and suffers minor injuries. Josh and Lucy find Joy collapsed in the street and take her in. Eric and Chris go to pick up a pensioner who has collapsed in his house and Eric is bitten by a vicious dog in the process. The man is paranoid about burglars since his wife died after being confronted by one and is more worried about his house being left open than his condition. Joy claims a paramedic assaulted here and it is assumed she meant Josh until she makes it clear she was talking about Eric. Jane is unhappy with having to supervise cutbacks. Template:Series 8

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