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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Silent All These Years" is the 617th episode of Casualty and the 27th episode of the 22nd series.


Toby returns after his compassionate leave and tells Harry that he thought that him of all people would have supported Ruth after reading the newspaper article. Curtis and Jeff bring in a patient with a severe leg injury, Sean Anderson comes down to the department to assist Toby and Zoe in treating the patient. Dixie and Snezana bring in a young girl who has been impaled in the neck by a bracket, Harry tells Toby that the two of them will work together on the case. Toby manages to form a connection with the patient and successfully manages to treat her, Harry treats the mother and discovers that she has been burned by an iron on her back, she confides in Harry over how her husband has been beating her. After Toby's patient begins to deteriorate Tess suggest paging Harry, Toby then puts Martha to sleep in order to intubate her, when he can't fit the tube down her throat he is forced to perform a surgical airway, Adam tries to stop him as he has not been trained but Harry decides to let him try and encourages him. After he successfully manages the airway, he is praised by the team. Adam criticises Harry over leaving Toby by himself when Harry tells him that him flirting with Jessica wasn't exactly productive either, Adam then tells him that he had already offered his services earlier to which Harry refused. Noel breaks patient confidentiality after telling the woman's abusive partner that she is in cubicles. It then transpires that the husband is not only abusing the mother but also the daughter. A formal complaint is lodged against Jeff after he makes offensive and racist remarks towards a patient. Harry reaches out to the press and gives them Ruth's diary as he believes it will help hundreds of F2s like her.