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"Silent Night" is the 95th episode of Casualty and the 15th episode of the 7th series.


A woman is brought in after taking an overdose at a Christmas party. She reveals she is pregnant but her boyfriend dumped her and gave her money for an abortion. She leaves the hospital against advice and goes back to the party only to see her ex having fun without her. Maxine asks Rob to give homeless teenage runaway Suzie a bed for Christmas but Charlie insists she is discharged. She runs away from the hospital just before her father turns up, and runs in front of an ambulance. Jane, who was driving, suffers whiplash and Suzie escapes with minor injuries. Rob and Maxine share a kiss. A violent pensioner, Arthur, is angry when his son refuses to bring his family for Christmas and beats his wife, who stabs him. He dies from his injuries meaning his wife will be charged with murder.

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