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Simon Feathering is a cardiothoracic consultant who works at Dellbridge Park Private Hospital.

In September 2017, he performed several scans on Connie Beauchamp after she began to experience fatigue and shortness of breath. After the scans showed the presence of a cardiac tumour, Connie, doubtful, ordered him to organise a PET scan. (CAS: Episode 1054) The results of the scan also showed a tumour and Simon told her that she needed surgery. Later, after Connie received an email from Grace begging her to spend Christmas with her, she called Simon to tell him that she wouldn't be going ahead with treatment. (CAS: Episode 1055)

In January 2018, after Connie's collapse the previous month, Simon informed her that her tumour had grown. When she asked him when theatre was booked, he told her that she was not fit for surgery. He planned to keep her in for a few days to treat her infection with antibiotics, but Connie decided to go to St. Eugene's Hospital to ask for a second opinion. (CAS: Episode 1066)

Behind the scenes

Nicholas Boulton portrayed Simon on Casualty from September 2017 to January 2018.