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Sins Of Omission was the tenth episode of Series 6 and the 75th episode of Casualty overall.

Plot Edit

The team are devastated by the news of Kelly's suicide, especially Duffy and Ash, who are shocked to learn she was on antidepressants. Duffy blames herself for being too critical. An elderly lady with a heart condition arrives in a cheery mood. Ash is on half hourly obs but it gets busy in the department. When he finally goes to see her, she's had a seizure and dies. Jimmy befriends a vagabond who is living in the hospital basement, posing as a porter at mealtimes. A kit-car designer with money problems takes an insurance man on a test run in his prototype car. It crashes. He suffers a broken leg but his passenger has multiple injuries. Duffy's babysitter calls in sick, leaving Paul to look after her son. They argue after her shift because he couldn't get any work done.

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