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[[Category:Series 22]]
[[Category:Series 22]]
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[[Category:2007 episodes]]
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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Template:EpisodeBoxNew "Sliding Doors" is the 595th episode of Casualty and the 5th episode of the 22nd series


While Guppy awaits a train into Holby a young boy gets his arm stuck in a grate on the railway line, with a train approaching his only option is to break the boys arm and pull him free to save his life. Once in the hospital the mother threatens to sue Guppy about how he broke her sons arm. Guppy then fails to manoeuvre the bone into position to allow the blood to flow so Kelsey and Maggie are forced to intervene. Meanwhile an elderly lady from the train is brought in and Toby is assigned to deal with her. After attempting to treat her with Adam's guidance, he once again fails to successfully remove blood from her artery therefore Ruth decides to step in. The mother slaps Nathan after he tells her to take her domestic home with her, Nathan calls the police on her and gets her removed from the department even though her boy is deteriorating in Resus for reasons that Guppy can't seem to work out. Guppy then successfully comes to the conclusion that he is a hemophiliac and that the bruises are a symptom and not from his mother or bullies. The boys brain bleed needs a bore hole operation, the surgeons are busy and Maggie attempts her first ever bore hole with Guppy's guidance as Adam is out on a date and not available to come in. Guppy takes over from Maggie after one failed attempt and tells her she can't continue with her shaky hands. Josh's friends from the previous season, Davika and her daughter, are back for plastic surgery, Charlie comes across as implying that they shouldn't be in the country and won't pay Josh back which infuriates Josh. Guppy decides that he will still leave the ED even after having a successful day. Harry returns as the new Consultant manager much to everyone's, especially Nathan's, shock. Template:Series 22

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