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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Slipping Under" is the 1028th episode of Casualty and the 24th episode of the 31st series. It was preceded by "Binge Britain" and followed by "It Starts With the Shoes". The episode was directed by Paul Riordan and written by Jason Sutton.


Connie visits Steph in prison, and tries to persuade her to plead guilty to spare Grace the stress of the trial. Steph insists that it was an accident, and later lashes out at Connie when she threatens that she'll never see Carmel again. Later that day, Steph is admitted to the ED after a suicide attempt.

Meanwhile, Iain attempts to reconnect with Gem, but she makes little effort and even attempts to run away and steal from him. However, Iain tries to get her a job at the ED's coffee shop by asking the manager, Patsy, but she informs him that she'll have to go through the official procedures just like any other candidate. Later that day, Patsy is out on a dog walk with her husband Nick when she falls down a hill into a bog. Iain and Jez rush her into the ED where Iain ensures that she receives the best care.

Steph refuses to tell the medics what she's taken, wanting to be dead if she can't see her daughter again. Her husband Phil arrives and is just as brutal towards her. Sam soon intervenes with Steph's treatment when he announces that he could try a procedure on her that he'd seen done before. The procedure is a success, but Connie is still bitter that he helped save her after what she did to them the previous year. When Connie is left alone with Steph and she begins to choke, she hesitates to intervene until Charlie steps in to save her. He's furious with Connie and tells her that she needs to take a step back.

Elsewhere, Patsy agrees to take Gemma on, but she almost ruins it when she refuses to fill out the application form. Her rudeness nearly costs her the job, but Iain is able to convince Patsy to give it to her anyway. Patsy was also having trouble of her own when it transpired that her husband had been slipping dog medication into her food in an attempt to get her to be more lively.

At the end of a stressful shift, Connie and Sam decide to take Grace home. However, just as they're about to leave, Grace shows Connie her tablet, with the words written on it: "this is all your fault".


  • Steph had the same cell that Connie did when in prison in 2015.
  • In various trailer clips, Steph was seen flat-lining as Connie stood and watched but in the episode she never did.
  • Although Phil Sims initially appeared in "Sticks and Stones", Gideon Turner didn't portray him and the actor's appearance was an uncredited cameo.