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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Someone's Lucky Night" is the 623rd episode of Casualty and the 33rd episode of the 22nd series.


The department is understaffed on a busy Friday night, Ruth is determined to help out but Charlie firmly puts her back in her place. To make matters worse there's a bug spreading round the hospital causing Tess and Kelsey to be sent home. Charlie and Abs work together to find the cause and begin to suspect the donuts that Noel has been giving out. Jessica treats a young girl of whom she suspects is being abused by her mother when Jess has to attend to another patient, Toby discharges the girl, leaving Jess devastated. Once Jess realises what has happened the young girl ends back up in the hospital, this time by ambulance. Meanwhile Sam Baxter is attacked on his stag night by a group of drunks after making remarks about their appearance. The mother of the frightened girl makes a complaint about Jessica to Charlie who promptly brushes her off to Ruth after discovering that it is not the donuts but instead, norovirus that is being spread through contact with vomit and diarrhoea. Adam finds himself in a difficult predicament after he discovers that Sam has been anally raped by the "mugger", he seeks guidance from Maggie as he begins to struggle. Charlie has Abs look into what equipment and cubicle was used for the patient with the norovirus but he ends up coming down with the bug himself along with the frightened girl. Ruth makes a brilliant diagnosis and discovers that the girl is not abused by her mother but in fact has brittle bones, Maggie lets Ruth start to treat patients again but she struggles keeping her cool when inserting needles. Adam convinces Sam to tell his girlfriend he was raped and when he does she makes him swear he will take it no further but when he sees one of his attackers in the ED he decides that he has to report it causing their engagement to shatter. Jessica tries to make amends with Adam but still pushes off his sexual advances, she then invites him out for breakfast only for the police to arrive and distract his attention while Jessica makes her exit. It transpires that she is married to Sean Anderson in this episode.