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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Something Borrowed, Something Blue" is the 27th episode of the 29th series of Casualty. It was preceded by "The Road Not Taken" and followed by "Under Pressure".


Cal has used Ethan's money to fund his girlfriends charity. However Ethan doesn't know that Cal has taken £15,000 out of his account. However when his bank phones Ethan is furious that someone has stolen from him. Cal later tells Ethan that it was him after Ethan talks about going to the police. Ethan refuses to talk to Cal and finds out that his girlfriends charity isn't real. When Cal goes to talk to her at her office it is empty and so is her flat. He still goes to dinner in hopes that she will turn up and explain everything but she never arrives.

When Connie's friend Alfred and Alfred's friend go on a drive instead of attending a meeting, a young women crashes into their car. she gets out to take there insurance details but when she realises that the driver isn't breathing, Alfred has to talk her through saving his life. The girl is revealed to have drove into the as an insurance scam to get a breast implant, both me comes out ok. But after Doctors think the girl is faking her symptoms for the scam, she starts to find it difficult to breathe they notice her leg has a rash. She reveals that she twisted her ankle and requested the put on a plaster cast. Though she kept it on for 3 weeks instead of 3 days for an insurance scam and has now caused a clot in the veins of her leg. she is given medication for the clot but whilst waiting for it she goes and talks to Alfred in hopes of explaining things and after she does she collapses, they do everything to bring her round but she dies.

A young man goes to meet his ex girlfriend but when he refuses to see her anymore she calls on 4 men to beat him up and he ends up in the ED. However after he has an anaphylactic shock the doctors notice that his medical notes don't match up to him. He reveals that he used a different name because he had been to jail, and when he got out he found his girlfriend and he didn't want her to know about his past. In the end he ends up telling her everything.