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"Somewhere Between Silences - Part One" is the 1046th episode of Casualty and the 42nd episode of the 31st series. It was preceded by "Man Up" and followed by "Somewhere Between Silences - Part Two". The episode was directed by Fiona Walton and written by Paul Matthew Thompson.


During a robbery, Scott viciously attacks a shopkeeper with a bat and flees the scene with one of his friends and Mickey. Whilst escaping from the police on their motorbikes, Mickey falls off and injures himself. He calls for Jez to help, and he soon arrives with Iain to take Mickey into the ED.

It's not long before Scott arrives after having escaped from the police, and is instantly suspicious of the amount of time Jez is spending with Mickey. The shopkeeper, Armen, arrived in the ED with a severe head injury, accompanied by his wife, Asma. Asma recognises Mickey's face from the incident, but because she didn't actually see him hit her husband, has reservations about reporting him to the police. Duffy convinces her to make a statement, but before she has chance to do so, is confronted by Scott, who threatens her into not reporting them.

Meanwhile, the speed-dating goes ahead at The Hope & Anchor across the road. Dylan is unimpressed with his match, but Max is really into Tara, a woman who's just started working in the hospital's mortuary. However, she's admitted to the ED when she collapses in the pub toilets and it transpires that she was born a male, and is taking estrogen tablets as part of her transition. Max discovers this but still holds up his offer for a drink, but she refuses, saying that she was matched with another man.

Ethan is furious when he discovers that Scott isn't getting any kind of punishment for what he did to the shopkeeper, and decides to take matters into his own hands. In a fit of anger, he reveals to Scott that Mickey is in a relationship with Jez. Scott angrily storms upstairs to confront Jez, but Mickey gets in the way, preventing Scott from hurting him. Scott is pushed to breaking point when Mickey kisses Jez, and lunges at him with a knife. In the commotion, Scott falls over the first floor balcony, landing in the ED below. Jez, Alicia, Charlie and Mickey all watch on horrified, as blood begins to collect under his head.