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"Somewhere Between Silences - Part Two" is the 1047th episode of Casualty and the 43rd episode of the 31st series. It was preceded by "Somewhere Between Silences - Part One" and followed by "One". The episode was directed by Fiona Walton and written by Jeff Povey. The events of this episode take place on 15 July, on the same day as part one.


Scott is taken through to resus immediately after his fall and Lily begins his treatment. It's not long before Denise arrives demanding answers from both Mickey and the rest of the staff. When it transpires that they were arguing because Mickey is gay, Denise is furious and tells him to leave them.

Elsewhere in a shopping centre, a con-man named Cooper accidentally pushes a woman named Maya into some industrial chemicals on a cleaning trolley. He later takes a nasty fall and they're both admitted to the ED. It soon comes to light that Cooper is suffering from problems at home and Maya has had a troubled past.

Connie delights in bringing Grace into the department, now walking fully unaided. However, the fiasco with Scott soon takes Connie's attention away from Grace. Grace finally accepts that she can't be her mum's priority all the time and accepts that living with Sam would be the best option.

Scott takes a turn for the worse and Ethan is the only doctor in resus at the time. He admits to killing Cal and taunts Ethan, but when he starts choking on his own vomit, Ethan is in shock. Not thinking, Ethan leaves him to choke and walks out of resus. A hysterical Denise soon finds him and Lily is unable to resuscitate him. Connie is informed of Scott's death and informs Lily to make sure all of her notes are up to scratch for the potential inquiry which could follow.

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