Somnang Lim is a doctor who worked with Lisa "Duffy" Duffin in Cambodia. He traveled to Holby in 2006 to observe emergency medicine.

Somnang was shadowed by Maggie Coldwell and helped her treat a drunk patient. He was perplexed by the many differences between his culture and British culture, including how British police officers bring drunk detainees to hospital and how some patients disrespect doctors.

His more traditional views on death also led to clashes between him and Harry Harper, as the latter of whom was rigorously trying to revive a patient. (CAS: "Different Worlds - Part One") His tenuous grasp of the English language led to further trouble when he mistakenly called Harry a "useful tosser" and was thrown out of resus.

However, Somnang redeemed himself when he found footage of a fight on a bus which led to an accident and reported it to Harry and Maggie who subsequently praised him. Although Harry quickly forgave him, Maggie took issue with Somnang's generalisation of British people as ungrateful and ignorant of poverty. At the end of the day, they made amends and Kelsey Phillips witnessed the two share a passionate kiss in the staff room. (CAS: "Different Worlds - Part Two")

Behind the scenesEdit

Bounsy Luang Phinith portrayed Somnang for two episodes in 2006.


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