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"Sons and Lovers" is the 547th episode of Casualty and the fifth episode of series 21. It was directed by Emma Bodger and written by Matthew Evans.


On his way to his first shift back in the emergency department as a locum, Sean Maddox encounters a woman named Sally whose infant son Daniel has stopped breathing. Despite the resus team's best efforts, Daniel dies. Comfort disputes Sean's suggestion that Daniel's injuries were non-accidental, but the police are called regardless. Sally is suspected of being directly responsible for Daniel's death, but his brother Jake admits to Charlie that he tried to soothe Daniel with a teddy bear.

A girl named Leah sets up a date between her friend Ben and his online friend Jude. Jude takes Ben to a gay nightclub, but Ben panicks when he is asked for ID and falls onto a glass table, damaging the tendons and nerves in his right arm. After hospital records show that Ben is only 14, he attempts to save face by accusing the bouncer of abusing him, but Jude soon finds out about Ben's age and fears that he will be seen as a paedophile. Ben lashes out at Leah for arranging the date and leaking his true age, prompting her to give the hospial staff his mother's contact details.

Tess complains to Harry about a new department initiative where referral patients will begin their treatment in the ED instead of on the wards; Harry quickly realises that Selena introduced the policy. With the nurses being forced to constantly move back and forth from the pharmacy, Tess announces that they will not be continuing with the policy. When Harry hears that Selena has not granted Guppy time off to attending a training course, he goes to confront her but finds her and Nathan kissing in their office. Harry begins to regret agreeing to share the clinical director position, but Selena reminds him that they have no choice but to work together.

Charlie returns from Cambodia and asks Maggie out for a drink, but he changes his mind upon finding out about her short fling with Somnang.


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