Stan Villiers is a convicted fraudster incarcerated in HMP Stonehurst.


At some point, Stan started defrauding people out of their life-savings. With the money, he started attending regular checkups privately and was eventually diagnosed with lung cancer. After undergoing radio- and chemotherapy, his cancer went into remission. Later, he was caught and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

On 13 July 2019, after his cellmate Carl Jenkins stabbed prison officer Liz Gage for refusing to supply him with drugs, Stan pushed him onto the wire mesh net, and he and officer Matt Davies moved her into his cell for protection. A riot subsequently started, and Stan's asthma was exacerbated when smoke started entering the cell. Paramedics Jan Jenning and Iain Dean later arrived and transported Stan and Liz to Holby City Hospital's emergency department.

In cubicles, consultant Dylan Keogh decided to test Stan for pneumonitis, but he insisted on not being treated and returning to prison. After he returned from his X-ray, as he started vomiting, Lisa "Duffy" Duffin noticed that he had finger clubbing and alerted Dylan; he decided to chase the results of the X-ray. Once they came back, Stan admitted that he already knew that his lung cancer had returned. Dylan suggested taking him for a scan, but Stan refused; when Matt urged him to think of his family and assured him that he was a "good man", he reminded him of the severity of his crimes and called him a "joke".

After asking Matt if he had any of the photographs that Stan's family sent him, he and Duffy returned to his cubicle and showed them to him. She suggested reconsidering his refusal to undergo treatment, but Stan attested that he was of no use to anyone, and his family was better off without him. Duffy then told him about her dementia diagnosis and explained to him that the only thing that would get him through his struggles was the love and support of his family. He suddenly started coughing up blood and was rushed into resus. There, registrar Archie Hudson elected to perform a bronchoscopy, but Stan refused. However, when Duffy urged him to think of his family, he agreed to the procedure. (CAS: Episode 1135)

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