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"Staying Alive - Part Two" is the ninth episode of Holby City and the ninth and final episode of series 1. The episode was directed by Nigel Douglas and written by Jeff Povey.


  • George Irving as Anton Meyer
  • Michael French as Nick Jordan
  • Lisa Faulkner as Victoria Merrick
  • Phyllis Logan as Muriel McKendrick
  • Dawn McDaniel as Kirstie Collins
  • Sarah Preston as Karen Newburn
  • Angela Griffin as Jasmine Hopkins
  • Nicola Stephenson as Julie Fitzjohn
  • Ian Curtis as Ray Sykes
  • Julie Saunders as Ellie Sharpe
  • Ken Farrington as Ralph (Staying Alive)
  • Gwen Taylor as Geraldine (Staying Alive)
  • Sean Maguire as Darren Ingram
  • Barbara Thorn as Carole (Staying Alive)
  • Marian McLoughlin as Dr Shelley
  • Stephanie Putson as WPC Gorse
  • Tony Osoba as WPC Kennedy
  • Alex Avery as Carl
  • Vince Pellegrino as Derek "Sunny" Sunderland
  • Rita Davies as Madge (Staying Alive)
  • Manjinder Virk as Junior nurse
  • Susan Cookson as Julie Day
  • Lyndi Oliver as ITU nurse
  • John-Joe Thacker as Taxi driver