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Stevie Nash is a consultant in emergency medicine who works in Holby City Hospital's emergency department.


Early life

At some point, Stevie worked and became close friends with Faith Cadogan, but Stevie stopped contacting Faith some time after the latter got married. (CAS: "Begin Again")

Emma's accident

In 2016, Stevie admitted to her sister Emma that she slept with her fiancé Marcus Fidel to facilitate a break-up. Furious, Emma left in her car and parked by a burger van. As Emma was leaving Stevie a scathing voicemail, a distracted driver caused a lorry to crash into the side of Emma's car.

After receiving the message, Stevie rushed to Holby City Hospital's emergency department and found Emma being treated by registrar Ethan Hardy. While apprising Stevie of the situation, Ethan neglected to unmute Emma's monitor which he had deafened while intubating her; it was soon discovered that Ethan had unintentionally inserted the tube into Emma's oesophagus and starved her brain of oxygen. Upon being informed of Emma's hypoxia, Stevie grew suspicious of Ethan's lack of communication, but Caleb Knight — Ethan's brother and a fellow registrar — lied and claimed that the hypoxia was a result of the accident. Realising that an error had been made, Stevie confronted Ethan who did not acknowledge his involvement and instead offered his condolences. (CAS: "Begin Again")

As a result of the hypoxia, Emma was left in a persistent vegetative state. (CAS: "Two Minutes") Heartbroken and angry, Stevie refused to put a DNR in place for Emma (CAS: "Blinded") and vowed to dedicate her medical career to the ultimate goal of exposing Ethan. (CAS: "Begin Again")

Employment at Holby City Hospital

In August 2021, Stevie was employed as a consultant in Holby City Hospital's emergency department. On her first day, Stevie left the hospital to search for Clive Delmore who was the father of her patient Lily and had dementia, and convinced a reluctant Faith, who worked in the ED as an advanced clinical practitioner, to join her. The pair found Clive at a funfair with a deep arm laceration and managed to control the bleeding with sanitary pads and by using Stevie's bra as a tourniquet. Later, at The Anchor, Stevie revealed to Faith that she was interested in securing the permanent clinical lead position in the ED. Later that month, Stevie was reintroduced to Ethan who had become a consultant since the incident involving Emma. (CAS: "Begin Again")

Framing Jade

In September, while working with staff nurse Jade Lovall, Stevie — not realising that Jade was deaf — told her to "toughen up" after the girlfriend of their patient took issue with Jade not hearing her and demanded to speak with a "proper" doctor. After Stevie apologised to Jade, the two began to develop a friendship. Stevie was shocked but grateful when Jade — not realising Stevie's relation to her — recalled saving Emma's life immediately after the accident and cited it as her inspiration to become a nurse. However, after learning that Jade was a passenger in the car that caused the crash and was partially responsible, (CAS: "No Harm Done") Stevie planted drugs in Jade's locker shortly before it was due to be inspected. Stevie quickly felt guilty about her actions and did not want Jade to be punished, but Jade ultimately decided to quit her job to pursue a career better suited to her. When Ethan commented on Jade finally being "on the right path", Stevie concurred and claimed that there were "no more distractions". (CAS: "The Road Less Travelled")

Conflict with Ethan

In October, Dylan Keogh — the ED's acting clinical lead — was forced to terminate a morbidity and mortality meeting when Stevie accused Ethan of ending a patient's treatment prematurely and attempted to discuss Ethan's past cases. Stevie became further convinced that Dylan was attempting to cover up Ethan's incompetence when she witnessed Dylan take over from Ethan during a lateral canthotomy. Realising that Stevie had a personal vendetta against Ethan and was the reserve candidate for the permanent clinical lead post, Dylan decided to continue serving as clinical lead and, much to her exasperation, forced Stevie to thank Ethan for advocating for her. (CAS: "Two Tribes")

The following month, even more determined to take Ethan down, Stevie accepted his offer to work with him in resus in order to catching him making mistakes. The two managed to work cordially together while treating a young man named Sol Mathes, but Stevie snapped at Ethan when he remarked about her decision not to reassess Sol when he complained of a headache, and asserted that Ethan would be responsible for any errors on account of him administering the sedative. Shortly after, Sol began displaying symptoms of an extradural haematoma and died. Stevie blamed herself for Sol's death and regretted prioritising her crusade against Ethan, and Ethan urged her to learn from her mistake and start again. Stevie began to see Ethan in a new light, and the pair agreed to start over as friends. As a trusting Ethan tried to tell her about his Huntington's diagnosis, Stevie was called to Farmead Lodge and was heartbroken to discover that Emma had died. (CAS: "Blinded")

Stevie confronts Ethan on the roof about his role in Emma's death. (CAS: "Two Minutes")

The next day, Stevie was furious to learn that Ethan had forgotten to give her a note about Emma's condition, and the pair clashed in resus. Dylan decided to take over and assigned Stevie to cubicles where she agreed to treat Luke Reynolds — a frequent flyer with psychosis. Stevie told Luke about Ethan's involvement in Emma's death and opened up about her occasional homicidal ideation, but she rejected Luke's offer of a haemostat to stab Ethan with and decided to get Luke help with his suicidal thoughts. However, Ethan ignorantly discharged Luke before the latter could be referred to mental health professionals. While looking for Luke on the hospital roof, Stevie prevented Ethan from leaving and threatened him with the haemostat. After Stevie reminded him of the incident with Emma, Ethan insisted that he made a mistake and explained that his conversations with Dylan were about him having Huntington's disease. When Ethan maintained that making mistakes was part of their jobs and dared Stevie to stab him, claiming that he had little else left to lose following the death of his fiancée, Stevie threw the haemostat away in frustration only for it to be picked up by Luke. Stevie urged Luke not to harm Ethan, but Luke stabbed Ethan in the abdomen. Stevie applied pressure to the wound, and Ethan was rushed into resus. Dylan assured Stevie that her actions saved Ethan's life. (CAS: "Two Minutes")

Two days later, Stevie feared that her career would be over as soon as Ethan regained consciousness. When Ethan woke up, Stevie offered to resign and work elsewhere as long as Ethan kept quiet about the incident, but Ethan was unwilling to bargain and told Stevie that Emma did not love her. Ethan intended to tell Dylan about Stevie's culpability for his stabbing, but, when Faith asserted the department could not afford to lose a doctor of Stevie's calibre, Ethan observed Stevie's performance in resus and vouchered for her in front of Dylan. Privately, Ethan empathised with Stevie's grief and apologised for letting Emma down. Stevie admitted that she needed help with her grief, but the two were still distrustful of each other and announced their intentions to keep their eyes on one another. (CAS: "Gasping for Air")

Brief falling-out with Faith

In January 2022, Stevie and Faith started visiting bars together. Stevie encouraged Faith, whose husband Lev had recently died, to start seeing other men, prompting Faith to pursue one-night stands. (CAS: "Handcuffs") One night, Faith was approached by a shady man named Angus and took him back to her house. When Angus became aggressive when Faith changed her mind about sleeping with him, Faith alerted Stevie who, as Faith and Angus were coming to an understanding, tried to force Angus out and hit her head after being pushed. At the ED, Stevie expressed her concerns to Faith about her recent behaviour, but Faith assured her that she was fine. Nevertheless, Faith invited Angus back to her house to sleep with him, and Angus later left with her purse. (CAS: "Close Encounters")

The following day, Stevie took exception with Faith when the latter accused a man of pressuring his fiancée into sex and triggering an instance of penis captivus, but Stevie was later sympathetic when Faith explained that she allowed Angus back into her home out of desperation and loneliness. Stevie told Dylan about Faith's problems and later the police about the burgulary, but Faith accused Stevie of judging her and bluntly told her to save her concern. (CAS: "Delayed Reaction") In February, Faith's son Luka was involved in a car accident after Faith failed to arrange for his collection from football practice. Stevie was immediately suspicious of Darren who had Luka in his car and was claiming to be his coach, and she soon correctly concluded that Darren had attempted to abduct Luka. After the driver of the other car involved in the crash died, Stevie assured Faith that she was not to blame for what happened, told her that she needed to let herself grieve for Lev, and urged her to be there for Luka. Faith appreciated Stevie's support and returned to her son. (CAS: "On the Edge")

Matthew's post-traumatic stress

In October 2021, Stevie began flirting with paediatric registrar Matthew Afolami, and after meeting up and having sex, (CAS: "Warning Signs") the pair entered a sexual relationship. (CAS: "Two Tribes") As their relationship continued into the new year, Stevie frequently witnessed Matthew experiencing "full-body nightmares" which he refused to discuss, but Stevie did not inquire further on account of their lack of emotional commitment. (CAS: "Close Encounters")

In February, Matthew and Stevie broke up after Matthew struck her during a nightmare and branded her "selfish". After Matthew successfully performed a thoracotomy while battling his own trauma, Stevie praised his work and offered him emotional support, but Matthew coldly turned her away. (CAS: "Balancing the Books") The following month, Stevie criticised Matthew for attempting a risky popliteal artery repair to impress his peers. Following an incident in resus where Matthew refused to give up resuscitating a patient, Stevie recommended that Matthew take some leave; Matthew refused. (CAS: "Balancing the Scales")

Dylan orders Stevie to leave the department following Matthew's accusations. (CAS: "Trigger")

Later in March, Stevie found a notebook belonging to Matthew and took it hoping that it would explain his behaviour. After learning from Rash that it contained the names of patients Matthew had lost, Stevie confronted Matthew. Matthew explained that his notebook was a reckoning to make up for the deaths he had caused with his mistakes; Stevie told him that his methods were dangerous, but she empathised with him and offered him her support before kissing him. After intervening in a stand-off between Matthew and Curtis Hinch over Michelle Savini's test results, Stevie gently encouraged Matthew to speak to Dylan about his problems, but Matthew instead reported Stevie for stealing his notebook and sexually harassing him, leading to her suspension. When confronted, Matthew stood firmly by his accusations, prompting Stevie to ensure him that she would make all of his colleagues aware that he was not fit to practise. Stevie followed Matthew into resus and ordered him to stand down as he attempted to treat a fitting Michelle, but Dylan ordered Stevie out of the department. (CAS: "Trigger")

Behind the scenes

Elinor Lawless has portrayed Stevie in Casualty since August 2021.