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"Stitching the Surface" is the 144th episode of Casualty and the 16th episode of the 9th series.


A schoolgirl tries to run away from home but runs into a luggage trolley when a man spooks her. She refuses to go with her father when he comes to the hospital and tells Kate he is abusing her. Her mother reveals she made a similar claim before and the girl withdraws the allegation, but Kate realises she was telling the truth and the mother is forced to accept it. Matt decides not to give evidence in Ash's defence when his family get a brick through their window. An elderly woman is brought in after falling down some stairs but Eddie and Rachel discover old bruises. She admits her son hits her but doesn't want to report him because she doesn't want to be left alone; Eddie reports him anyway. A pensioner tries to gas himself in his garage and is saved by a neighbour. His daughter is unsympathetic, telling Charlie he beat her and her mother and feeling it is just a ploy: She is proved right when the neighbour reveals he was expecting him round earlier.

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